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  • To honor her lifetime of contributions to the field of library science, the Alumni Student Paper Award has now been renamed to the "Dr. Frances Laverne Carroll Student Paper Award".
  • Congratulations to OU SLIS Alum Lenore St. John on being featured in the latest edition of American Libraries, an American Library Association Publication, as one of the Emerging Leaders in the library field! Ms. St. John is the Children's Services Coordinator at the Tulsa City-County Public Library.

Lenore St. John - ALA Emerging LeaderLenore St. John - ALA Emerging Leader

  • IGI Global has chosen to sponsor one librarian, throughthe award of a $500 stipend for attendance, per each of the following major Conferences: ALA Midwinter 2013, ACRL 2013, and ALA Annual Conference. The deadline to apply for sponsorship for ACRL 2013 (April 10-13 in Indianapolis) is March 25th. The submission form can be found here.
  • Information Studies Alumn prepares to graduate from the OU College of Law - congratulations Christopher Staine!
  • Doug Valentine has been named 2009 Texas Computer Education Association Librarian of the Year, and the winner 2009 DEMCO "Express Yourself" video competition with video entitled CARTS
  • Ann Fessenden (MLIS '77) served as president of the American Association of Law Libraries in 2007-2008.
  • Congratulations to Toni Hoberecht, a (MLIS '07) who has been selected as one of the 2009 Emerging Leaders by ALA.
  • Congratulations to Martha Stalker, director of the Sapulpa Public Library, recently voted "Woman of the Year" by the Sapulpa Business and Professional Women's Organization
  • Nelson Dent (MLIS '05) was recently featured in the Norman Transcript.
  • Congratulations to Lisa Wells (MLIS ' 03), Moore Public Library for being recognized by Library Journal as a "Mover and Shaker for 2008."
  • Congratulations to Mandy Godfrey (MLIS '06), for being named Deer Creek Public School’s District Teacher of the Year.
  • Congratulations to John Allen (MLIS '04) for being named as a finalist for Teacher of the Year in the Oklahoma City Public School District.
  • Congratulations to the Norman Oklahoma Public Schools, awarded School Library Media Program of the Year from the American Library Association. The award recognizes school districts for exemplary school library media programs that are fully integrated into the school's curriculum. Winners receive a crystal obelisk and $10,000 each. This program is directed by Katherine Lewis (MLIS '91).

Alumni Updates

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2008 - Graduates

Michelle Farabough

  • Occupation: Technical Writer/Knowledge and Information Management, University of Oklahoma-Tulsa School of Community Medicine
  • Email: Michelle-Farabough at ouhsc dot edu
  • Website: www.kmrm.com
  • Recent Events: Primary research examining the benefits and barriers to “Using Web 2.0 Social Technology to Build A Cyber-infrastructure for an Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Community of Practice.” A presentation was made at the 2010 CDC National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing and Media in Atlanta, GA, and a subsequent invitation to submit an article came from The George Washington School of Public Health "Cases in Health Communication and Marketing."
  • Great stuff about OU SLIS: Practical experience in and theoretical foundation of the BROAD range of skills required for 21st century information professionals.
  • Message to fellow alumni/students: KM and LIS are closely linked and getting moree so all the time!

2007 - Graduates

Jamie Hale (MLIS '07)

  • Occupation - Information Services Librarian/Norman Public Library
  • Email - jamie dot l dot hale at gmail dot com

Joshua Peck (MLIS '07)

  • Occupation - Collections Manager/Tulsa Historical Society and Museum
  • Email - unpavedroad at yahoo dot com
  • Recent Events - Organizing Brothers of the Brush Beard Growing Competition of 2007, establishing the Twin Peaks Viewing Society of Tulsa, organizing the Tulsa Vintage Baseball Association, managing the time capsule portion of the Plymouth Belvedere that will be dug up in Tulsa in June, playing shows and recording songs for electronic band Buildings.
  • Message to fellow alumni/students - Technology is important but so is traditional, time tested skills and strategies.

Amy Wharton (MLIS '07)

  • Occupation - Reference and Electronic Services Librarian, University of Virginia Law School, Charlottesville, VA (Starting June '08)
  • Email - amyannwharton at yahoo dot com
  • Favorite memories of SLIS - The faculty's remarkable dedication to teaching.

Caydee (Stalcup) Womack (MLIS '07)

  • Occupation - Nathan Hale High School Librarian
  • Email - caydee at gmail dot com

Lisa Wood (MLIS '07)

  • Occupation - Children's Services Coordinator/Metropolitan Library System
  • Email - elwood.webb at gmail dot com
  • Favorite memories of SLIS - Dr. Wallace and Dr. Van Fleet. They are the best!

Stacy Zemke (MSKM '07)

  • Occupation - Instructor at the University of Oklahoma SLIS
  • Email - szemke at ou dot edu
  • Website - http://faculty-staff.ou.edu/Z/Stacy.L.Zemke-1
  • Recent Events - Traveled to Morocco in the summer of 2009
  • Message to fellow alumni/students - Stay focused on your goals. School is fun! Think of your degree as a whole, not just a bunch of nonrelated parts.
  • Favorite memories of SLIS - I love the faculty and the ladies in the office - wouldn't have graduated without them!

2006 - Graduates

Christine Bassett (MLIS '06)

  • Occupation - Librarian Belle Isle Library
  • Email - bassettC at alumni dot ou dot edu

Fernando Este (MLIS '06) is now the head librarian at the Claremore, Oklahoma, Will Rogers Public Library.  He is featured (with photo) in the Claremore Daily Press Online.

William Gaskill (MLIS '06)

  • Occupation - Librarian, Charleston School of Law in South Carolina
  • Email - willbox25 at yahoo dot com
  • Recent Events - In addition to reference duties in Charleston, I will be teaching advanced legal research and may pick up a section of legal writing next fall.
  • Message to fellow alumni/students - While very excited and nervous about starting my first professional job, I will miss the SLIS family in Oklahoma. It has been a great two years in Norman.
  • Favorite Memories of SLIS: Dr. Wallace's arbitrary grading, Dr. Van Fleet losing control of her reference class, Dr. Taylor's in class exercises, Dr. Lester's unbounded irritation with my inability to use a spell checker and Maggie Ryan pushing us to complete our degrees. Plus the outstanding students all committed to helping people find information they need to improve their lives.

Amanda Lemon (MLIS '06)

  • Occupation - Reference and Instructional Services Librarian at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, OK
  • Email - alemon2 at ucok dot edu
  • Recent Events - Presented at the Summer 2007 COIL Workshop at NSU-BA.

2005 - Graduates

Image of Nelson Dent Nelson at work - click on the picture for a larger image.
Nelson Dent (MLIS '05)
  • Occupation - Information Services Librarian, Norman Public Library
  • Email - ndent at pls.lib.ok.us
  • Website - http://www.pioneer.lib.ok.us
  • Message to fellow alumni/students - Please stay ahead with the technology. Life moves faster than you think.
  • Favorite memories of SLIS - The professors are wonderful and they extend their knowledge and expertise out into the workplace after you graduate.

Elizabeth Jones (MLIS '05)

  • Occupation - Access Services & Systems Librarian / Oklahoma City University
  • Email - ejones at okcu dot edu
  • Favorite memories of SLIS - The professors!

2004 - Graduates

Kristie Boucher (MLIS '04)

  • Occupation - Associate Director-Crawford County Library System, Van Buren, AR
  • Email - saloluist at sbcglobal dot net
  • Favorite memories of SLIS - Meeting fellow freedom of information fighters. :) And going out to The Library bar. ;)
Image of Chad Harding Chad Harding (MLIS '04) has been promoted from library director at the Osan Air Force Base in Korea to Command Librarian for the Air Force in the Pacific Region. The position is in Hawaii.

He sends a hello to everyone.

Tracy Keeley (MLIS '04)

  • Occupation - Media Specialist/ Union 8th Grade Center
  • Email - keeley.trac at unionps
  • Favorite memories of SLIS - I received a great education and I am still in touch with many of professors as they continue to advise me throughout my career path in the area of Library and Information Sciences.

Peter Nardin (MLIS '04)

  • Email - peternardin at hotmail dot com

Sara Rose (MLIS '04)

  • Occupation - Librarian, Austin American-Statesman, Austin TX

Aiden Street (MLIS '04)

  • Occupation - Children's Services Manager Moore Public Library, Pioneer Library System
  • Email - astreet at pls.lib.ok.us
  • Website - http://www.pioneer.lib.ok.us
  • Recent Events - Current secretary of OLA 07-08
    Member OLA, PLA, ALA
    Rotary International Group Study Exchange to France May 07
    VP Moore Area Arts and Humanities Council
    Chair, Leadership Moore Board
  • Message to fellow alumni/students - Hi to all my fellow class mates, we need a reunion!
  • Favorite memories of SLIS - I enjoyed every aspect! Meeting people who shared your interests from all over the state and learning from professors who were knowledgeable and truly cared about your success.

2003 - Graduates

Kristen Gettys (MLIS '03)

  • Occupation - Youth Services Librarian/ South Broken Arrow Branch, Tulsa City County Library
  • Email - literarylion at yahoo dot com

2002 - Graduates

Karen Antell (MLIS '02), has recently taken the position as Head of the Reference Department at Bizzell Library. She as also been named as an Emerging Leader for 2007 by the American Library Association.

Image of Doug Valentine

Doug Valentine, (MLIS '02) - UPDATED

  • Occupation - Elementary librarian, McKillop Elementary, Melissa Texas
  • Email - sottovoce7 at aol dot com
  • Webpage - http://doctorloopy.blogspot.com/
  • Recent Events -
    • 2009 Texas Computer Education Association Librarian of the Year.
    • Winner 2009 DEMCO "Express Yourself" video competition with video entitled CARTS
    • Won the National Librareo video contest. The video can be seen along with some of my other work on Teachertube.
    • This year (2007) I was named teacher of the month and teacher of the year at my school. I was also named as one of only five elementary STAR teachers in the district for 2007. I was a finalist for district teacher of the year and the kids at my school nominated me (on their own!) and I won Richardson Wal-mart Teacher of the Year. I am blessed to have such wonderful support of my library program.
  • Favorite Memories - It obviously prepared me for a variety of experiences.
  • Message to fellow alumni/students - Never underestimate the importance of each and every course. Find what you love and work it into your job position.

Melissa Weathers, (MLIS '02)

  • Occupation - Manager of Library Operations, Metropolitan Library System, Del City Library
  • Recent Events - Promoted from Young Adult Services Library in Midwest City to Manager of Operations in December 2005. Expecting first child in July of 2007 with husband Bruce.

2001 - Graduates

Jeanne Gaunce (MLIS '01)

  • Occupation - University Archivist/Reference Librarian, Cameron University, Lawton, OK
  • Email - jgaunce at cameron dot edu
  • I have received Faculty Development Grant monies to attend the Image Permanence Institute in Rochester, NY August 17-24, 2007. This is a great opportunity for me to learn more about the characteristics of photographs, how to preserve them, and the digitization of collections. I look forward to sharing my experience with my colleagues.

Leslie Jones (MLIS '01)

Image of Leslie JonesClick on the picture for a larger image. Leslie Jones (MLIS '01)
  • Occupation - Collection Services Coordinator (Oversee Acquisitions and Bibliographic Services) at Pasco County Library System, Florida.
  • Email - straydogbooks at yahoo dot com
  • Recent Events - I was nominated and won a position on the 2007 Movers & Shakers list, sponsored by the American Library Association. This annual honor is presented to emerging leaders in the library world.
    I won spot by being the prime-mover behind the acquisition of an educational database called Games on Demand, making the Pasco County Library System the first library in the nation to provide this service to its customers. This database provides the best in "edutainment," offering over 200 educational games online through Pasco County Library's computers.
    The project tooks eight months of perseverance to work out the technical details and to negotiate licensing and pricing.
  • Message to fellow alumni/students - Be open to new ideas. Be a creative and innovative thinker. You have to create an environment where risk-taking is okay. You have to be willing to take risks yourself, and you have to encourage your staff to take risks as well. You have to let them know that if it doesn't work out, it's okay. You learn, you try to make it better and you move on.
  • Favorite memories of SLIS - I attended classes at the Tulsa campus where we watched the professors on a television. Out of necessity, the Tulsa students banded together to work through questions and issues. This had the interesting side effect of creating a very collegial, "we're in this together" atmosphere.

Cylinda Richardson-Martin (MLIS '01)

  • Occupation - Circulation Manger, Pioneer library Systems, Moore Public Library
  • Recent Events - Since graduating from OU SLIS I have worked at the Moore Public Library in the Information Services Department, as a public computer class trainer, and in outreach services. I have served as an intern branch manager. I currently continue to work in the Pioneer Library System as the Circulation Manager at the Moore Branch. I have attended Leadership Moore and the MPLA Ghost Ranch Leadership Institute along with numerous other trainings and conferences. My most exciting project was a joint venture with my husband. Our Daughter Olivia was born October 19, 2004.
  • Message to fellow alumni/students - "I always wanted to work in Libraries. I never knew the opportunities for training and travel the profession would bring."
  • Favorite memories of SLIS - The School of Library and Information Studies was wonderful because I was able to accomplish my goals, to meet friends, and make long term library world connections. I only wish that I had spent more time in student lead activities to get to know even more people.

2000 - Graduates

Catherine "Cat" Bark (MLIS '00)

  • Occupation - Librarian II, OU Gaylord College of Journalism & Mass Communication
  • Webpage - http://librarystories.blogspot.com
  • Favorite memories of SLIS - Making so many friends and acquaintances that I'm still in touch with.
  • Message to fellow alumni/students - Lean on each other. They are in the same boat.

1999 - Graduates

Shonda Brisco (MLIS '99)

  • Occupation - District Librarian
  • Email - sbrisco at gmail dot com
  • Webpages -
  • Current Projects - "Digital Resources" columnist for School Library Journal; "Technology" columnist for Library Sparks.
  • Message to fellow alumni/students - Be assured that the SLIS program at the University of Oklahoma provides the MASTER key to opening any door within the profession!
  • Favorite memories of SLIS - The greatest thing about the OU School of Library and Information Studies was the depth of instructional content that was provided. I credit this program for creating a strong foundation from which I have been able to build my professional career.

Adriana Edwards-Johnson (MLIS '99)

  • Occupation - Virtual Library Manager, Pioneer Library System, Norman OK
  • Webpage - http://librarystories.blogspot.com
  • Current Projects - working on http://www.bigreadok.com
  • Message to fellow alumni/students - "Technology is your friend"
  • Favorite memories of SLIS - "Friends I made that became spectacular colleagues."

Lynn Yeager (MLIS '99)

  • Occupation - Coordinator of Education and Outreach, University of Oklahoma - Tulsa, Schusterman Center OU-Tulsa Library Assistant Professor
  • Email - lynn-yeager at ouhsc dot edu
  • Webpage - http://tulsa.ou.edu/library
  • Recent Events - We are getting a new library building in the spring of 2011!
  • Message to fellow alumni/students - I hope everyone is doing well.

1998 - Graduates

Jean Bielke-Rodenbiker (MLIS '98)

  • Occupation - Adult Services Librarian - Hennepin County Library
  • Email - Jbielke-r at hclib dot org

Jerrie Hall (MLIS '98)

  • Occupation - Associate Director & Head of Technical Services, OSU-Tulsa Library
  • Email - jerrie.hall at okstate dot edu
  • Webpage - http://www.osu-tulsa.okstate.edu/library/
  • Message to fellow alumni/students - "Learn that technology!! "
  • Favorite memories of SLIS - "The interaction with the professors."

Susan Smith (Byerly) (MLIS '98)

  • Occupation - Started new position at Hodges University Library March 2008. In charge of small campus library, web design and library 2.0 technology, and working with distance students
  • Email - smithsusanl at gmail dot com
  • Webpages - http://susan259.livejournal.com/
  • Recent Events - Hopefully will finish PhD in public administration August 2008. Dissertation topic: Working Librarians' Perceptions of the Role of the Public Library in the 21st Century

Michael Strickland (MLIS '98)

  • Occupation - Coordinator of State Library Services/Arkansas State Library
  • Email - mstrickland at asl dot lib dot ar dot us
  • Webpage - http://www.asl.lib.ar.us/
  • Recent Events - Promoted on April 6, 2008 to Coordinator of State Library Services
  • Message to fellow alumni/students - Greetings from Little Rock, Arkansas and hope all is well with you.
  • Favorite memories of SLIS - OU LIS classes were informative and useful and the friendships I made with students and faculty were awesome too.

1997 - Graduates

Xiaotian Chen (MLIS '97) UPDATED,

  • Occupation - Electronic Services Librarian/Associate Professor, Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois.
  • Email - ousooners97 at gmail dot com
  • Recent Events - Published Refereed Articles.
    • Chen, Xiaotian. "Web-Exclusive Articles in Traditionally Print Periodicals." Serials Review, 33 (4). 2007.
    • Chen, Xiaotian. "Overlap between Traditional Periodical Indexes and Newer Mega Indexes." Serials Review, 32 (4). 2006.
    • Chen, Xiaotian. "MetaLib, WebFeat, and Google: The Strengths and Weaknesses of Federated Search Engines Compared with Google." Online Information Review, 30 (4). 2006.
    • Chen, Xiaotian. "Figures and Tables Omitted from Online Periodical Articles: A Comparison of Vendors and Information Missing from Full-text Databases." Internet Reference Services Quarterly, 10 (2). 2005.
    • Chen, Xiaotian. "Assessment of Full-Text Sources Used by Serials Management Systems, OpenURL Link Resolvers, and Imported E-journal MARC Records." Online Information Review, 28 (6). 2004.

Of these articles, the one published at Internet Reference Services Quarterly was selected as one of the best items in information technology literature around the world by the April 2005 issue of Current Cites (http://lists.webjunction.org/currentcites/).

Jennifer England (MLIS '97)

  • Occupation - Lower School Librarian/Heritage Hall School
  • Email - jlengland at earthlin dot net
  • Message to fellow alumni/students - EMBRACE THE COMPREHENSIVE!!!! It makes you think and put all the bits and pieces from different classes together just as you will do in the real world. The comprehensive is truly to be valued.
  • Favorite memories of SLIS - The close community. Soon-to-be friends at every turn and I'm not the gregarious type.

Jim Teliha (MLIS '97)

  • Occupation - Associate University Librarian for Public Services
    Eli M. Oboler Library
    Idaho State University
  • Email - teliha at isu dot edu
  • Recent events - Started my new job as an AUL on June 16, 2008, moving to Idaho from Rhode Island.
  • Message to fellow alumni/students - Find me on Facebook - Administrators need all the friends they can get.
  • Favorite memories of SLIS - good colleagues.

1994 - Graduates

Sharon Bastel (MLIS 1994)

  • Occupation - Currently seeking a librarian position
  • Email - sbastel at yahoo dot com

1986 - Graduates

Cathy Van Hoy (MLIS '86) - UPDATED

  • Occupation - Public Library Consultant at the OK Dept of Libraries responsible for Certification and public library statistics
  • Email - ccvhh at swbell dot net
  • Recent Events - OU SLIS Alumni Association Treasurer
  • Favorite memories of SLIS - Individual attention from faculty

1977 - Graduates

Ann Fressenden (MLIS '77)

  • Occupation - Circuit Librarian, U.S. Courts 8th Circuit, St. Louis, MO
  • Email - ann_fessenden at ca8 dot uscourts dot gov
  • Recent Events - Ann T. Fessenden is currently serving as president of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL). AALL is the oldest and largest law library association in the world. It was founded in 1906 to promote and enhance the value of law libraries to the legal and public communities, to foster the profession of law librarianship, and to provide leadership in the field of legal information. Today, with over 5,000 members, the Association represents law librarians and related professionals who are affiliated with a wide range of institutions: law firms; law schools; corporate legal departments; courts; and local, state and federal government agencies. For more information about AALL, see www.aallnet.org .

    Ann received her BA in journalism in 1974 and her MLS in 1977 from OU. From 1974-77 she was employed in the OU law school library as a library assistant. She received her law degree from the University of Mississippi in 1984, graduating first in her class while working full time at the law school library as technical services librarian. Since 1984 she has been circuit librarian for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit in St. Louis. She has also taught law library administration at the University of Missouri School of Information Science and Learning Technologies. She served as a member of AALL’s Executive Board from 2002-2005, and as Vice President/President-Elect in 2006-2007.

    Ann will complete her term as AALL president by presiding over AALL’s annual meeting in Portland, Oregon, July 12-15, 2008. She will then continue as a member of AALL’s Executive Board until July, 2009.

In Memoriam:

Howard Clayton, Ph.D., former professor of library science at Oklahoma University, died in Norman on March 5, 2009, three days before his 80th birthday.
He was born March 8, 1929, in Leonardville KS to Rev. C.W. Clayton and Minnie Bell Vandiver Clayton, the youngest of six brothers.Dr. Clayton was awarded his doctorate in General Administration in 1965 from the University of Oklahoma. He was previously awarded degrees in education from Emporia State University, Emporia KS and in music from the American Conservatory of Music, Chicago IL.
Following his early ambition to become a musician, Dr. Clayton studied piano in Chicago and held positions teaching music in Illinois before switching his emphasis to library science. His first post-doctorate position was at the College at Brockport, State University of New York, from 1965-1968, after which he returned to Norman to teach at the School of Library Science at OU, a position he held until 1980. Dr. Clayton also held positions at King Faisal University in Dammam, Saudi Arabia and at Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg KS.Dr. Clayton was editor of Learning Today, an educational journal that he co-founded and published from 1968-1985. He also expressed his passionate love of music through performances as a pianist and organist throughout his life. At the time of his death he was serving as organist at St. John Nepomuk Catholic Church in Yukon, OK.
He was a member of Miriam chapter 14, O.E.S., Emporia KS; Lodge 12, AF--AM, of the Emporia Masonic Bodies; Ford chapter 113, R.A.M., of the Paxton York Rite Masonry, Paxton IL; Cyrene-Monroe Commandery 12, K.T., Rochester NY; and the American Guild of Organists, Oklahoma City chapter .
He is survived by his wife of 59 years, Wilma Jeanne (Pennington) Clayton; his daughter Caren Jean (Clayton) Halinkowski and her husband Walter, of Knoxville TN; his son Curtiss Howard Clayton and his wife Nhien Diem La, of Los Angeles CA; his brother Paul Kynette Clayton, of Glenwood IL; his granddaughter Jennifer Marie Halinkowski, of Knoxville TN; and numerous nieces, nephews and loving friends.He was preceded in death by four of his brothers and by his grandson, Jon Walter Halinkowski.
Dr. Clayton will be interred at Maplewood Memorial Lawn Cemetery in Emporia KS. A memorial service is pending and will be held at Trinity Lutheran Church in Oklahoma City, where he served as church organist from 1999-2004.

William Meister Cook, 66, a retired librarian fro the U.S. Department of Transportation, died of leukemia in March. He lived in Columbia, Maryland. He was born in Muskogee, Okla., and graduated from the University of Oklahoma (class of 1963). He worked as a librarian at the Muskogee Public Library before moving to Washington, DC in 1968 to join the Transportation Department. Retired in 1995, Mr. Cook continued his interest in his native state through membership in the Oklahoma Historical Society and volunteered for the American Red Cross.

Glenda Lamb, 73, died February 27th, 2007. She started her library career with Pioneer Library System and served several positions within the system including as branch manager of Noble and Purcell Public Libraries. During that time she received her Master of Library and Information Studies degree (class of 1996). Then she worked as the Director of Public Library of Enid and Garfield County in 1996 until she retired in 2003. Surviving are her husband, Fred of the home; one son, Perry Bassett Lamb of Kennesaw, Ga.; one daughter, Holly Whitfield Lamb of Enid; and one sister, Joan Stallings of Smithville, Va. Glenda was an active member of Oklahoma Library Association, Public Library Association, and the American Library Association. The family requested that memorials may be made in the form of books to be accepted and donated to the Public Library of Enid and Garfield County Oklahoma.

Wendy Mahsetky-Poolaw, 37, an alumna of the University of Oklahoma, School of Library of Information Studies (class of 2000) died in a car accident on Saturday, January 28th, 2006. She is survived by her husband and her son. Most recently, she was employed by the Oklahoma City Museum of Arts as the museum librarian. Services were held at McFarlin memorial Methodist Church in Norman, Oklahoma.


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