Boxes 93-101

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Box 93

  •  Trophy: National Association of Manufacturers. “NAM Award for Manufacturing Legislative Excellence: Representative Richard K. Armey (R-TX-26) 106th Congress, 100% Club.”  (in two pieces).
  • Trophy: “Watchdogs of the Treasury, Inc. The Honorable Dick Armey, 103rd Congress.”
  • Trophies: National Federation of Independent Business “NFIB, the Guardian of Small Business. The Honorable Dick Armey,103rd Congress.” “NFIB, the Guardian of Small Business. The Honorable Dick Armey,
    106th Congress.”
  • Trophy: S.I.R. “Dick Armey 1987 S.I.R. Dallas Chapter. Associated General Contractors.” (in two pieces)
  • Trophy: “Dallas Delegation Days, 1993, Greater Dallas Chamber.”
  • Trophy: “The Jefferson Award. Citizens for a Sound Economy. Representative Richard K. Armey 105th Congress.”
  • Trophy: “The Jefferson Award Presented by Citizens for a Sound Economy for Dedicated and Consistent Support of Policies that Promote Economic Freedom and Opportunity for All People. Representative Dick Armey 102nd Congress.”

Box 94        

  • Trophies:  Spirit of Enterprise Award. “The Spirit of Enterprise: U.S. Chamber of Commerce.” (awarded to Richard K. Armey for the 105th Congress—both sessions; 106th Congress, second session).
  • Trophies: “Food Distributors International Thomas Jefferson Award Presented to the Honorable Richard K. Armey.” (awarded in 1992, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002).     
  • Trophy: “Champion of the Merit Shop. 101st Congress. Richard K. Armey. Presented by Associated Builders and Contractors.”  
  • Trophy: “Advocate of Freedom Award. Presented to Congressman Dick Armey for nearly 20 years of outstanding leadership in defense of liberty. 2002. YCT Convention. Dallas, Texas. Young Conservatives of Texas.”
  • Trophy: “Rotary International Richardson Rotary. Dick Armey.” (in two pieces, plus three flags).             
  • Plaque: “TABCC. 75. Diamond Anniversary 1922-1997. In Appreciation of Outstanding Leadership in the U.S. Congress. Texas Association of Business and Chambers of Commerce Recognizes House Majority Leader Dick Armey.”   

Box 95

  • Trophy: “NFIB: The Voice of Small Business National Federation of Independent Business. ‘Guardian of Small Business’ The Honorable Dick Armey 105th Congress.”     
  • Trophy: “Champion of the Merit Shop 104th Congress. Dick Armey Presented by Associated Builders and Contractors.”
  • Trophies: “U.S. Oncology Is Proud to Present the United States Oncology Medal of Honor Award to a Valued Leader in the War on Cancer. The Honorable Dick Armey.”   (awarded in 1999 and in 2000).
  • Plaque: “In Appreciation to the Honorable Dick Armey, United States Congress for Your Friendship. Dallas Chinese Community. October 10, 1985.”       
  • Plaque: “100 YMCA 100. Denton, TX. Century Club 1976.” 
  • Plaque: “American Shareholders Association Presents to Representative Richard K. Armey This 2000 Friend of the Shareholder Award in Recognition of Your Leadership on Behalf on Investors.”     
  • Plaques:  “Americans for Tax Reform Presents to Majority Leader Richard Armey This Hero of the Taxpayer Award in Recognition of Your Leadership on Behalf of Taxpayers. [Signed by] Grover G. Norquist, President.” (awarded in 1999 and in 2000).
  • Plaque: “In Recognition of Representative Richard K. Armey Small Business Champion in Appreciation of Your Exemplary Voting Record Supporting America’s Entrepreneurs and Their Workforce. Presented by Small Business Survival Committee. National Small Business Week. May 24-28, 1999.”    
  • Plaque: “Tyler Young Republicans ‘1st Annual Victor J. Rogers Republican Courage and Commitment Award.’ Presented to the Honorable Richard K. Armey House Majority Leader 1995.”    

Box 96

  • Plaque: “Presented to Dick Armey in Recognition of Twenty Years of Faithfully Serving the People of North Texas in the United States House of Representatives Given by Your Friends at Temple Christian Academy in Lewisville, Texas. Presented by the Senior Class of 2002.”   
  • Plaque: “Presented to Congressman Dick Armey in Grateful Appreciation for Your Guidance and Leadership in Making Possible the Dedication of this Facility Wildcat Station U.S. Postal Service in Plano, TX. December 14, 1985. The Plano Chamber of Commerce.”   
  • Plaque: “In Appreciation of the Honorable Dick Armey for his Service and Commitment to the Preservation of Our God-given Liberties We Thank you for the Armey Home School/Private School Freedom Amendment. May God Bless You. Home Schoolers of Texas. March 5th 1994.”    
  • Plaque: “The National Association of Student Employment Administrators Recognizes with Appreciation Congressman Dick Armey for Supporting Student Employment Programs Nationwide.” 1985.   
  • Plaque: “Benjamin Franklin Award. Presented to Congressman Dick Armey in Appreciation for Your Continued Support for Individual Liberty and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Presented by the North Texas Arms Rights Coalition. ‘They That Can Give Up Essential Liberty to Obtain a Little Temporary Safety Deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.’ -Benjamin Franklin.”    
  • Plaque: “Crime Stoppers International, Inc. Presented to U.S. Congressman Dick Armey (R) TX, in Appreciation of His Many Hours of Perseverance in Securing Sweeping IRS Reforms on Crime Stoppers Reward Payments within the U.S. and for Your Continuing Support of Crime Stoppers. Ninth Annual CSI Conference. October 12, 1988.”
  • Plaque: “The Honorable Dick Armey for Your Outstanding Leadership in Championing the Cause of Resident Management and Homeownership. February 2, 1988. National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise.”   
  • Plaque: “Dallas Delegation Days. Washington, D.C. April 24-25, 1991. Congressman Dick Armey. Greater Dallas Chamber.”
  • Plaque: “Dallas Delegation Days. Washington, D.C. May 19-20, 1992. Congressman Dick Armey. Greater Dallas Chamber.”  
  • Plaque: “The George Herbert Walker Bush Award for Dedicated Service in Promoting the Ideals and Philosophies of the Republican Party. Presented by the Texas Young Republican Federation to Dick Armey. 1995.”   
  • Plaque: “Vietnamese Community of Texas and Boat People S.O.S. Presented to the Honorable Dick Armey the ‘Congressman of the Year’ Award in Appreciation of Outstanding Support to the Vietnamese Community of Texas.”
  • Plaque: “U.S. Chamber of Commerce Spirit of Enterprise Award. Presented to Representative Richard K. Armey in Recognition of Outstanding Support for Free    Enterprise in America.” (plaque has a separate entry showing that Armey won the year each year from 1988 through 1996).              
  • Plaque: “Home School Legal Defense Association. The National Center For Home Education. To the Honorable Dick Armey. Your Leadership and Your Love of Freedom Is Greatly Appreciated by America’s Home Schooling Community.”
  • Plaque: “Government Should Encourage and Foster a Private and Self-reliant Non-profit Sector. Since His 1st day in Office Congressman Dick Armey Has Been an Advocate for Our Ministry. He Has Encouraged Our Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Spirit. For 10 Faithful Years by Support and Position, He Has Proven Himself a Friend to the Poor. Christian Community Action. 1996.”   

Box 97

  • Plaque: “Presented to the Honorable Richard Armey in Appreciation for Outstanding Effort on Behalf of the State of Texas and the Superconducting Supercollider. Texas National Research Laboratory Commission. 1988.”   
  • Plaque: “On the Occasion of Its ‘Inaugural Season of Speed’ the Texas Motor Speedway Takes This Opportunity to Express Its Appreciation for Your Support of Our Efforts. Without Teamwork, Nothing Can Be Accomplished. April 1997.”              
  • Plaque: “Citizens Against Government Waste ‘Legislator of the Year’ Dick Armey. 1988.”
  • Plaque: “1987 National Security Leadership Award. Presented to Honorable Richard Armey in Recognition of Outstanding Service as a Member of the Congressional Caucus on National Security by the United States Congressional Advisory Board of the American Security Council Foundation.”    
  • Plaque: “Sound Dollar Award. 1992. Richard K. Armey.” (dollar missing).
  • Plaque: “Fujifilm Photo Pals from Carrollton Elementary School Officially Declare Congressman Dick Armey an Honorary Photo Pal in Appreciation of his Participation in the March 26, 1997 Junior Journalist Press Conference.”   
  • Plaque: “Mid-Cities Kiwanis. In Appreciation to Representative Dick Armey for Your Time with Us December 14, 1989.”
  • Plaque: “In Grateful Appreciation of Your Outstanding Support: The Honorable Dick Armey. Bea’s Kids. Presented October 18, 1996.”   
  • Plaque: “Champion of Competitive Enterprise. 1992. The Honorable Richard K. Armey Awarded by the Competitive Enterprise Institute.”
  • Plaque: “Presented to the Honorable Dick Armey. Thanks to Folks Like You the GOP Lives On. Your Contribution to the Party in York County Will Last Long into the Future and Will Keep the Fires of the GOP on High. York County GOP club. 30 July 1994.”   
  • Plaque: “Christian Coalition Friend of the Family Award Presented the Honorable Richard Armey in Recognition of Your Outstanding Record in Support of Family Values. 105th Congress. 1998.”  

Box 98

  • Plaque: “Presented to Representative Dick Armey. Concerned Women for America Honors Representative Dick Armey for His Many Years of Service to the People of America and the State of Texas over the Past 18 Years. He Has Consistently Stood as a Guardian of Conservative Values and Principles. February 28, 2002.”  
  • Plaque: “Christian Coalition of America. ‘For Such a Time as This,’ Esther 4:14. Lifetime Champion for Family Values Congressman Dick Armey. Presented by Roberta Combs, President CCA. God Bless America, One Nation Under God. Road to Victory 2002 Conference. October 11, 2002. Washington, D.C.”
  • Plaque: “Dallas Eagle Forum Proudly Presents the 1991 Award of Distinction to Congressman Dick Armey for his Exemplary Service and Tireless Dedication to Conservative Causes. ‘Less Government Is Best Government.” March 26, 1991. Dallas, Texas.”  
  • Plaques: Christian Coalition of America. “Friend of the Family Award Presented to the Honorable Richard K. Armey in Recognition of Your Outstanding Record in Support of Family Values.  (awarded in 1995 and in 2000).
  • Plaque: “Independent Electrical Contractors Presents the Distinguished Legislator Award to Congressman Dick Armey for his Commitment to the Free Enterprise System as an Extremely Effective Spokesman for the Community and the Construction Industry. September 17, 1988. IEC National Convention. Nashville, Tennessee.”  
  • Paperweight: “Salesmanship Club of Dallas.”
  • Plaque: “The Honorable Horst G. Denk Congressional Award Presented to U.S. Representative Dick Armey by the Independent Bakers Association for  Distinguished Service to the Independent Baker. June 10, 1992.”             
  • TRE Inaugural Ceremony memento. November 30, 2001.             
  • Certificate: “The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. Dick Armey Is Hereby Named a Paul Harris Fellow, in Appreciation of Tangible and Significant Assistance Given for the Furtherance of Better Understanding and Friendly Relations among Peoples of the World.”
  • Certificate: “From the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Commemoration of the Dedication of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing Western Currency Production Facility. Fort Worth, TX.” 1987.  
  • Certificate: District Manager of the Dallas Customer Service and Sales, United States Postal Service, Carl T. January in Appreciation of Assistance and Support in the Aftermath of the September 11th Attacks.
  • Miscellaneous paperweights.  

Box 99

  • Plaque: “Presented to the Honorable Dick Armey in Recognition of Your Longstanding Commitment to Fight Drunk Driving and Underage Drinking” from the Century Council (Dedicated to Fighting Alcohol Abuse).  2001.  
  • Trophy with Eagle:  “Oak Cliff Conservative Club Presents to the Honorable Dick Armey Our Mr. Conservative 1988 Title for Saving the Taxpayers Two to Five Billion Dollars Per Year with the Passage of the “Obsolete Military Base Closing Bill.”  

Box 100 (located in Oversize)

  • Plaque: “The Honorable Dick Armey, U.S. Congress and House Majority Leader Representing the 26th Congressional District of Texas since 1985. Prestonwood Action Team Breakfast.” February 19, 2002.  
  • Plaque: “Young Republican National Federation Presents the Americanism Award to Representative Richard K. ‘Dick’ Armey, U.S House Majority Leader. 40th Annual Young Republican Leadership Conference. May 16, 1998.”
  • Invitation to Dick Armey Roast. November 13, 1993.  
  • Proclamation re Sesquicentennial of Texas Statehood.  February 1, 1996.
  • Resolution commending the work of Richard K. Armey; signed by Jerry Madden, state representative of Texas.  [2001]. 
  • Framed clipping of Richard K. Armey riding a motorcycle in a Fourth of July parade.

Box 101 (located in Oversize)

  • Plaque with Clock: “National Tooling and Machining Association. North, Texas. Richard E. Armey. October 1986.”
  • Plaque:  Resolution Inducting Richard K. Armey into the Jamestown College Alumni Association Hall of Fame. Jamestown, North Dakota. May 21, 1988.
  • “Read Armey’s Lips” button.



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