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F 1-4: Subject, Abortion, Ad Hoc Committee in Defense of Life, Inc., and Alternatives to Abortion International, 1975 Feb. - 1977 Feb.

Topics include abortifacients, abortions finance, and pro-life movement. Correspondents include Ad Hoc Committee in Defense of Life, Inc. and Alternatives to Abortion International (newsletters).

F 5-6: Subject, Abortion Articles and Newsclippings, 1974 - 1977.

F 7-11: Subject, Abortion, Center for Disease Control; Congressional Record Clippings; Constitutional Amendment; and Correspondence, 1973 Jan. - 1977 Jan.

Topics include abortion law and legislation, and human life amendments. Correspondents include Jake Garn, Center for Disease Control reports, and Ad Hoc Committee in Defense of Life, Inc.

F 12-20: Subject, Abortion, Health, Education, and Welfare Appropriations Bill, Amendments Proposed by Dewey Bartlett, Henry Hyde, and Ted Kennedy, 1974 May - 1977 Oct.

Topics include abortion finance law and legislation, alternatives to abortion legislation, and Labor-HEW Appropriation Act. Correspondents include Lloyd Bentsen, Edward William Brooke, James Lane Buckley, Dale Bumpers, Quentin Northrop Burdick, Robert C. Byrd, Jesse Helms, Henry J. Hyde, Edward Moore Kennedy, Warren Grant Magnuson, Charles McC. Mathias, Bob Packwood, Harrison A. Williams, National Right to Life Committee (U.S.) reports, and Ad Hoc Committee in Defense of Life, Inc.

F 21-23: Subject, Abortion, Kennedy Institute; National Committee for a Human Life Amendment; National Right to Life Committee, 1974 Dec. - 1977 Nov.

Correspondents include National Right to Life Committee (U.S.) newspapers, Joseph and Rose Kennedy Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction and Bioethics, and National Committee for a Human Life Amendment, Inc. fact sheets.

F 24-25: Subject, Abortion, Speeches, Statements, and Correspondence by Dewey Bartlett, 1973 May - 1976 Apr.

Topics include abortion finance, abortion services, and HEW appropriation bill.

F 26-28: Subject, Abortion, Supreme Court Cases; Technical Data and Statistics; and Testimony and Reports, 1973 - 1976.

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