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F 1-4: Campaign: Bartlett for Senate Committee (The Oklahoma Committee); Coffee Letters; Second Term Campaign Material; Oklahoma Senatorial Election Report (1976), 1971-1977.

Folder 3 originally contained lists of several hundred names, addresses, and phone numbers of possible supporters for Bartlett's second senatorial campaign. These lists were discarded. Topics include: Ed Edmondson (F 4) and contested elections in Oklahoma. Correspondents include: Robert P Griffin - report (F 4), Mark O. Hatfield - report (F 4), and Hugh Scott - report (F 4).

F 5-8: Governor Files: Articles, Bartlett, Dewey; Articles, Bartlett, Ann; Oklahoma Courier; Correspondence, Ann Bartlett, 1963-1974.

Folder 5 contains articles about Governor Bartlett from various newspapers and a few magazines, a gubernatorial campaign leaflet (donated to the Carl Albert Center in 2011 by Brenda Cottrell),and one open letter from Bartlett to constituents. Folder 6 contains articles on Ann Bartlett. Topics include: Bud Wilkinson (F 8), University of Oklahoma (F 8), education in Oklahoma, litter in Oklahoma, mentally handicapped in Oklahoma, and strikes and lockouts in Oklahoma. Correspondents include: William Wayne Keeler (F 8), Cherokee Nation (F 8), Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce (F 8), Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (F 8), Oklahoma Dept. of Education (F 8), Oklahoma Dept. of Public Welfare (F 8), Republican Party (Okla.) State Committee (F 8), United States Jaycees (F 8), Ann Bartlett (F 6, 8), and Oklahoma Jaycees (F 8).

F 9-15: Governor Files: Governor's House: Permanent Collection; Tour, Speeches and Publicity; History; Inventory; Library; Maintenance and Furnishings; Study-Nationwide, 1967-1971.

Folder 9 has information on many items belonging to previous governors or their families donated to the Permanent Collection at the governor's house. Folder 15 has brochures from many states about their governor's mansion. Topics include: remodeling dwellings in Oklahoma, governors dwellings in Oklahoma, interior decoration in Oklahoma, private security services in Oklahoma, Oklahoma capital and capitol. Correspondents include: Henry Bellmon (F 15), Oklahoma Historical Society (F 13), Oklahoma Library Association (F 13), Tulsa City-County Library (F 13), and Ann Bartlett (F 9, 10).

F 16-21: Governor's Files: Governor's Office Memos; Guatemala; History of Oklahoma; Indian Crafts (Ann Bartlett); Indian Affairs; Indian Trade Fair, 1967-1977.

Topics include: Edward S. Curtis (F 20), Bill Pickett (F 16), Will Rogers (F 18), National Congress of American Indians (F 20), United National Indian Tribal Youth (F 19), history of Afro-Americans in Oklahoma, traffic safety, governors in Oklahoma, maps of trails in Texas, Indians of North America, Indian craft, Indian artists in Oklahoma, Indian missions, Chickasaw Indians in Oklahoma, Indian baskets in North America, Yuchi Indians, orchestra in Oklahoma City (Okla.), Cherokee Indians in Tahlequah (Okla.), Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889, Platt National Park (Okla.), and John Frank (F 20). Correspondents include: Fred R. Harris (F 20), Muriel H. Wright (F 18, 19), Arizona Dept. of Transportation publication (F 20), Inter-Tribal Council of the Five Civilized Tribes of Oklahoma (F 21), North American Indian Women's Association (F 20), Thomas Gilcrease Institute of American History and Art (F 19), United States Bureau of Indian Affairs (F 20), United States Dept. of the Interior (F 21), Ann Bartlett (F 17, 18, 19), Huston Huffman (F 19), Oklahoma Indian Trade Fair (F 21), Oklahoma Malt Beverage Association (F 16).

F 22-30: Governor Files: League of Women Voters; National Governor's Conference: National Library Week; Press Releases-Bills; Press Releases; Speeches; State of the State Address; Telegrams, 1968-1976.

Folder 26 contains news releases describing bills signed by Governor Bartlett in 1968, 1969 and 1970. Folder 27 contains press releases from 1969-1970. Folder 30 contains telegrams on various subjects sent and received by Governor Bartlett. Topics include: American Library Association (F 25), Oklahoma National Guard (F 28), Tulsa Junior College (F 28), United Nations (F 23), University of Tulsa (F 28), environmental quality, governors in the United States, irrigation in Texas County (Okla.), public welfare, abandonment of railroads in Oklahoma, recycling, roads in Oklahoma, Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975, Oklahoma politics and government, Ardmore (Okla.), Oklahoma City (Okla.), and Okie program. Correspondents include: Nelson A. Rockefeller (F 24), Democratic Party (Okla.), .League of Women Voters of Oklahoma (F 22, 23), League of Women Voters (U.S.) (F 22, 23), National Book Committee (F 25), National Governors' Conference (F 24), Oklahoma Dept. of Libraries (F 25), Oklahoma State University (F 25), J. C. Kennedy, and Council of Former Governors (F 24).

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