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Box 46: Invitations - Navy: Normal Naval Base Closing

F1a: Invitations: Regretted, July-October 1960.

F1b: Invitations: Regretted, November-December 1960.

F2: "J" - General, 1959-1960.

Catholic president, defense spending, Cuba, Landrum-Griffin Act, Forand Bill, wheat storage, and cooperatives.

F3a: Jobs: A-E, 1959-1960.

F3b: Jobs: F-P, 1959-1960.

F3c: Jobs: Q-P, 1959-1960.

F4: Job Recommendations, 1959-1960.

F5a: Judiciary - Legislative, 1959-1960.

Wild horses, protection of, congressmen, cabaret tax, family support, drug costs, sports blackouts, American Indian Day, Youth Appreciation Week, Transportation Week, Day of Prayer for cure for cancer, and national flower: rose.

F5b: Judiciary - Legislative 1959-1960.

Agency hearings, patents, fair bidding on public works, milk co-ops, and interstate business tax.

F5c: Judiciary - Legislative, 1959-1960.

Defense Facilities Protection Act, federal judges, Supreme Court, probation officers, and legal aid.

F5d: Judiciary - Legislative, 1959-1960.

Bricker Amendment, Connally Amendment, gun control, and Equal Rights Amendment.

F5e: Judiciary - Legislative, 1959-1960.

Price fixing, Robinson-Patman Act amendments, functional discounts, mergers, and auto companies in insurance and financing.

F5f: Judiciary - Legislative - Repeal of Income Tax and Budget Balancing Resolution, 1960.

F6: Judiciary - Legislative - Civil Rights, 1959-1960.

F7: Judiciary - Legislative - Dirksen Bill on Strikes, 1960.

F8: Judiciary - Legislative - Immigration Matters and the McCarren-Walter Act, 1959-1960.

F10: Judiciary - Legislative - States Rights, 1959.

F11: Justice - Departmental - F.B.I., 1957, 1959-1960.

F12: Justice - Departmental - Bureau of Prisons Cases, 1958-1960.

F13: Justice - Departmental - Immigration and Naturalization Service Cases and Personnel, 1956-1960.

F14: Justice - Departmental - Pawnee Indian Judgment, 1958-1959.

F15: "K" - General, 1959-1960.

Foreign aid, Thompson labor bill, oil anti-trust case, gasoline tax, U.S.O., pornography, and oil exploration.

F16: Khrushchev's Visit, 1959.

F17: "L" - General, 1959-1960.

Labor unions, Landrum-Griffin Act, U-2, Caryl Chessman, social security, integration, national debt, and aid to education.

F18a: Labor and Public Welfare - Legislative - Minimum Wage, 1959-1960.

F18b: Labor and Public Welfare - Legislative, 1959-1960.

Kennedy-Ervin, Landrum-Griffin, et al., Labor Bills.

F18c: Labor and Public Welfare - Legislative, 1959-1960.

Humane treatment of lab animals, veterans benefits, loyalty oath, Youth Conservation Corps, tobacco-alcohol education, nursing education, and teachers for the deaf.

F19a: Labor - Departmental - Minimum Wage in Fabricated Steel Industry, 1959-1960.

F19b: Labor - Departmental, 1959-1960.

Apprenticeship programs, cost of living, agricultural labor, and department policies and personnel.

F20: Labor - Departmental - Bureau of Employee Compensation Cases, 1959-1960.

F21: Labor - Departmental - Bureau of Employment Security Cases, 1960.

F22a-b: Labor Unions - General, 1959-1960.

Racketeering, teamsters, legislation, etc.

F23a: "M" - General, 1959-1960.

Aid to education, housing subsidies, U.F.O.'s, wheat bill, U-2 incident, juvenile delinquency, Tibet, foreign aid, R.E.A., nepotism, and Billy Graham.

F23b: "M" - General, 1959-1960.

Labor legislation, civil rights, U-2, Panama, telephone excise tax, unemployment compensation, and territorial sales bill.

F24: "Mc" - General, 1959-1960.

Berlin, co-operatives, Cuba, wheat bill, Marine Corps, farm program, and national health program.

F25: Merchant Marine and Fisheries - Legislative, 1959-1960.

Shipbuilding contracts, pesticides research and control, and Great Lakes pilots.

F26: Morford, L. L. - General, 1958.

F27: "N" - General, 1959-1960.

Tax loopholes, surplus commodities, foreign aid, electoral college reform, Russia, and Newell Experiment Station S. Dakota.

F28: National Labor Relations Board - Departmental, 1959.

Longshoremen and hotel industry disputes.

F29: National Mediation Board - Departmental, 1960.


F30: National Science Foundation - Departmental - University of Oklahoma Grants, 1960.

F31a: Navy - Departmental, 1959-1960.

Surplus property, "Haifa Clause" in shipping to Israel, and bids.

F31b: Navy - Departmental - Cases, 1958-1960.

F31c: Navy - Departmental - Marine Corps Cases, 1959-1960.

F32: Navy - Departmental - Norman Naval Base Closing, 1958-1959.

Box 47: N.A.T.O. - Questionnaires

F1: N.A.T.O. - General - Atlantic Congress, 1959.

F2: "O" - General, 1959-1960.

Nursing homes, foreign aid, maritime industry, Benny Owen, and farm situation.

F3: Office of Defense Mobilization - Departmental, 1959-1960.

Civil defense and oil imports.

F4: Oil Imports, 1960.

F5: Oklahoma State A.F.L.-C.I.O. - General, 1960.

Radioactive materials, surplus food, and labor-management relations.

F6: Oklahoma State Legislature - General, 1959.

Resolutions re: Markham Ferry Dam, road construction, excise tax on telephone and telegraph, veterans benefits, foreign investment, Joe B. Hunt, Indian hospitals, Lyndon Johnson and Sam Rayburn, Canton irrigation project, Charles Curtis, N.D.E.A., gasoline tax, and State Constitution.

F7: Oklahoma State Matters - General, 1959-1960.

O.S.U., civil defense, Berlin, prohibition, and freight rates.

F8a: "P" - General, 1959-1960.

U-2 incident, labor unions, unemployment compensation, federal aid to education, medicare, minimum wage, secondary boycotts, aid to Latin America, and foreign aid.

F8b: "P" - General, 1959-1960.

Military affairs, West German rearmament, coal, Hawaii, China policy, item veto, sex discrimination, national debt, U-2, and wheat storage.

F9a: Post Office - Departmental, 1959-1960.

Postal Service questions and complaints.

F9b: Post Office - Departmental, 1959-1960.

Obscene literature, postal rates, junk mail, and air freight service.

F9c: Post Office - Departmental - Commemorative Stamps, 1959-1960.

F9d: Post Office - Departmental - Personnel and Claims Cases, 1959-1960.

F10a: Post Office and Civil Service - Legislative - Pay Raise for Government Employees, 1959-1960.

F10b: Post Office and Civil Service - Legislative - Retirement Benefits, 1959-1960.

F10c: Post Office and Civil Service - Legislative - Health Insurance Act, 1959.

F10d: Post Office and Civil Service - Legislative - Work Performance Standards for Postal Employees, 1960.

F10e: Post Office and Civil Service - Legislative - Postal Rate Increase, 1960.

F10f: Post Office and Civil Service - Legislative - Saturday Holidays, 1959.

F10g: Post Office and Civil Service - Legislative, 1959-1960.

Parcel post, prescription postal rates, airmail, star routes, and sick leave.

F11: Questionnaires - General - Wheat Questionnaire by P.B., 1959.

F12a: Questionnaire: A, 1959.

F12b: Questionnaire: B, 1959.

F12c: Questionnaire: C, 1959.

F12d: Questionnaire: D, 1959.

F12e: Questionnaire: E-F, 1959.

F12f: Questionnaire: G, 1959.

F12g: Questionnaire: H, 1959.

F12h: Questionnaire: I-K, 1959.

F12i: Questionnaire: L, 1959.

F12j: Questionnaire: M. 1959.

F12k: Questionnaire: Mc, 1959.

F12l: Questionnaire: N-O, 1959.

F12m: Questionnaire: P, 1959.

F12n: Questionnaire: Q-R, 1959.

Box 48: Questionnaires - Small Business Administration

F1a: Questionnaire: S, 1959.

F1b: Questionnaire: T-V, 1959.

F1c: Questionnaire: W, 1959.

F1d: Questionnaire: Y-Z, 1959.

F2a: Questionnaire: A, 1960.

F2b: Questionnaire: B, 1960.

F2c: Questionnaire: C, 1960.

F2d: Questionnaire: D-E, 1960.

F2e: Questionnaire: F-G, 1960.

F2f: Questionnaire: H, 1960.

F2g: Questionnaire: I-K, 1960.

F2h: Questionnaire: L, 1960.

F2i: Questionnaire: M, 1960.

F2j: Questionnaire: Mc, 1960.

F2k: Questionnaire: N-O, 1960.

F2l: Questionnaire: P, 1960.

F2m: Questionnaire: Q-R, 1960.

F2n: Questionnaire: S, 1960.

F2o: Questionnaire: T-V, 1960.

F2p: Questionnaire: W, 1960.

F2q: Questionnaire: Y-Z, 1960.

F3a: "R" - General, 1959-1960.

Cuba, missile program, U-2, Jefferson Davis, and labor.

F3b: "R" - General, 1959-1960.

Arkansas Basin project, soil conservation, labor unions, oil imports, natural gas bill, U-2, and airline subsidies.

F4: Railroad Retirement Board - Departmental, 1959.

F5: Republican National Convention - General, 1960.

F6: Rules Committee - Legislative, 1960.

F7a: "S" - General, 1959-1960.

Merchant marine, oil imports, Forand Bill, U-2 incident, foreign aid, labor bills, gasoline tax, postage rates, minimum wage, revenue sharing, Cuba, and aid to education.

F7b: "S" - General, 1959-1960.

Tariffs, inflation, birth control, Forand Bill, oil imports, labor bills, and minimum wage.

F7c: "S" - General, 1959-1960.

Connally Amendment, soil bank, labor bills, Supreme Court, excise taxes, foreign aid, and R.E.A.

F8: Sayre, Pearl - General, 1959.

Mung beans.

F9: Science and Astronautics - Legislative - Missile Program, 1960.

F10: Selective Service System - Departmental, 1959-1960.

Pay raise for personnel and draft cases.

F11: Small Business Administration - Departmental, 1959-1960.

Grants, loans, and Small Business Investment Act of 1958.

Box 49: Space Agency: N.A.S.A. - Unanswerable Mail

F1: Space Agency - Departmental - N.A.S.A., 1959.

F2: Sparks, Reuben, 1958.

Republican National Committeeman from Oklahoma.

F3a: Speakers, 1956-1958.

F3b: Speakers, 1959-1960.

F4a: State - Departmental 1959-1960.

Hindsley case, Fulbright grants, and personnel.

F4b: State - Departmental, 1959-1960.

Chessman case, Mutual Security Program, foreign aid to Cuba, communists, Russia, and Eastern Europe.

F4c: State - Departmental, 1959-1960.

Adoption procedures, Vatican representative, American Indians, undersea minerals, Iran, World's Fair, and Panama.

F5: State - Departmental - Passport Office Cases, 1958-1961.

F6: State - Departmental - Visa Office Cases, 1959-1960.

F7: Steel Strike, 1959-1960.

F8: Supreme Court - General - Prayer in School, 1959-1960.

F9: "T" - General, 1959-1960.

Oil industry, steel strike, labor unions, unemployment compensation, oil imports, U-2, conservation, and juvenile delinquency.

F10: Tariff Commission - Departmental, 1960.

Steel, valve, beef, lamb, mutton, and typewriter imports, and tariff rates.

F11: Teacher of the Year: National Winner from Alva, 1959.

F12: Telephone Correspondence, 1959.

F13a: Television and Radio Correspondence, 1958-1959.

F13b: Television and Radio Correspondence, 1959.

F13c: Television and Radio Correspondence, 1960.

F13d: Television and Radio Correspondence, 1959-1960.

Nixon and farm program materials.

F14a: Thank-you Letters, 1958-1959.

F14b: Thank-you Letters, 1959.

F14c: Thank-you Letters, 1959-1960.

F14d-e: Thank-you Letters, 1960.

F15a: Treasury - Departmental - Banks and Banking Questions, 1959-1960.

F15b: Treasury - Departmental, 1959-1960.

Liquor stamps, firearms, Coast Guard, savings bonds, gold reserves, and tax-exempt municipal bonds.

F16: Treasury - Departmental - Bureau of Customs, 1960.

F17b: Treasury - Departmental - Bureau of Internal Revenue Cases, 1959-1960.

F17c: Treasury - Departmental - Bureau of Internal Revenue Cases, 1960.

F18: "U" - General, 1959-1960.

F19: Un-American Activities - General, 1959-1960.

H.U.A.C. and National Council of Churches.

F20: Un-American Activities Committee - Legislative, 1959-1960.

Herlong-Judd Bill, Supreme Court, and abolition of the committee.

F21: Unanswerable and Undeliverable Mail, 1959-1960.

Box 50: United Nations: Russia and Red China - Ways and Means: Gasoline Tax

F1: United Nations - General - Russia and Red China, 1960.

F2: United States Information Agency - Departmental, 1959.

F3: United States Olympic Committee - General, 1959.

F4: "V" - General, 1959-1960.

Minimum wage, co-ops, credit, and Russia.

F5a: Veterans Administration - Departmental - Cases, 1958-1960.

F5b: Veterans Administration - Departmental - Cases, 1959-1960.

F5c: Veterans Administration - Departmental - Cases, 1960.

F6a: Veterans Affairs - Legislative - G.I. Bill, 1959-1960.

F6b: Veterans Affairs - Legislative - Pensions, 1959-1960.

F6c: Veterans Affairs - Legislative, 1959-1960.

Pensions, loans, etc.

F7a: "W" - General, 1959-1960.

Oil depletion allowance, Indian hospital, labor unions, U-2, steel strike, farm problems, Congo, United Nations, and inflation.

F7b: "W" - General, 1959-1960.

Labor unions, grain storage, communism, social security, integration, Forand Bill, and U-2.

F8a: Ways and Means - Legislative, 1959-1960.

Foreign Investment Incentive Tax, imports, and tariffs.

F8b: Ways and Means - Legislative, 1959-1960.

U.S. Bonds, municipal bonds, interest rates, tax liens, and stock insurance.

F8c: Ways and Means - Legislative, 1959-1960.

Aid to blind, G.M.-DuPont, national lottery, revenue sharing, life insurance, gun control, national debt, Fiscal Responsibility Act, F.N.M.A., and financing and insuring of cars by auto companies.

F8d: Ways and Means - Legislative - Taxes and Government Spending, 1959-1960.

F8e: Ways and Means - Legislative, 1959-1960.

Tax deductions for education, storms, medical costs, child support, et al.

F9: Ways and Means - Legislative - Boggs Bill, 1959-1960.

Institutional advertising on legislation as a business expense.

F10: Ways and Means - Legislative - Dividends Tax, 1959-1960.

F11: Ways and Means - Legislative - Excise Taxes, 1959-1960.

F12a: Ways and Means - Legislative - Excise Tax on Telephones: B-F, 1959-1960.

F12b: Ways and Means - Legislative - Excise Tax on Telephones: G-P, 1959-1960.

F12c: Ways and Means - Legislative - Excise Tax on Telephones: R-Y, 1959-1960.

F13: Ways and Means - Legislative - Excise tax on Transportation, 1960.

F14a: Ways and Means - Legislative - Forand Bill: A-B, 1959-1960.

F14b: Ways and Means - Legislative - Forand Bill: C-E, 1959-1960.

F14c: Ways and Means - Legislative - Forand Bill: F-H, 1959-1960.

F14d: Ways and Means - Legislative - Forand Bill: I-L, 1959-1960.

F14e: Ways and Means - Legislative - Forand Bill: M-O, 1959-1960.

F14f: Ways and Means - Legislative - Forand Bill: P-S, 1959-1960.

F14g: Ways and Means - Legislative - Forand Bill: T-Z, 1959-1960.

F15: Ways and Means - Legislative - Gasoline Tax: A-B, 1959.

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