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Box 141: Humble Oil and Refining - Interstate and Foreign Commerce: Medical Facilities Bill

F1: Humble Oil and Refining, 1963, 1965.

F2: Hunt, H. L., 1967-1970.

F3: "I" - General, 1969-1970.

F4a: Independent Petroleum Association of America, 1956-1960.

Oil and Gas industry, oil imports, and depletion allowance.

F4b: Independent Petroleum Association of America, 1963-1965, 1969.

F5: Indian Claims Commission - Departmental - Delaware and Seminole Claims, 1969-1970.

F6a: Interior and Insular Affairs - Legislative, 1969-1970.

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, Lincoln Back Country and Scapegoat Mountain, Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Sleeping Bear Dunes, and Buffalo and other national/scenic/wild rivers.

F6b: Interior and Insular Affairs - Legislative, 1969-1970.

Interstate Oil Compact, mines policy, historical and archaeological preservation, Water Resources Institute, mine safety, public lands, and Cape Canaveral.

F6c: Interior and Insular Affairs - Legislative - Golden Eagle Passport, 1969-1970.

F6d: Interior and Insular Affairs - Legislative, 1969-1970.

Indian Claims Commission, Five Civilized Tribes chiefs election procedure, Kickapoo Bill, Choctaw Termination Act, Peoria roll, Cherokee tracts, and Osage claim.

F6e: Interior and Insular Affairs - Legislative, 1969-1970.

Alaskan Native Claims Bill, Osage, Blue Lake land to Taos, and Sac and Fox judgement.

F7: Interior - Departmental, 1969.

Walter Hickel, oil and gas industry, water resource projects, natural gas pipelines, Golden Eagle passports, and mine safety.

F8a: Interior - Departmental - Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1969-1970.

Re: Johnson-O'Malley program, Concho School, education, foster grandparents, Job Corps, and drug/alcohol control.

F8b: Interior - Departmental - Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1969-1970.

Re: partitionment legislation, public lands, Shawnee Agency, Indian health, projects, and general.

F8c: Interior - Departmental - Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1969-1970.

Commissioner, Indian as commissioner, investigation of, restructuring, and personnel.

F8d: Interior - Departmental - Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1969-1970.

Re: Osage, Kaw, Peoria, Klamath, Ponca, Cheyenne-Arapaho, and Indian census.

F8e: Interior - Departmental - Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1969-1970.

Re: Choctaw-Chickasaw, Creek, emigrant New York, Miami, and Delaware tribes.

F8f: Interior - Departmental - Bureau of Indian Affairs: Peyote, 1969.

F8g-h: Interior - Departmental - Bureau of Indian Affairs: Cases, 1968-1970.

F9: Interior - Departmental - Bureau of Indian Affairs: Chilocco Indian School, 1969.

F10a-b: Interior - Departmental - Bureau of Indian Affairs: Pawnee Agency, 1958.

F10c: Interior - Departmental - Bureau of Indian Affairs: Pawnee Agency, 1959-1960, 1969.

F11: Interior - Departmental - Bureau of Indian Affairs: Yuchi Memorial Claim, 1959-1960.

F12: Interior - Departmental - Bureau of Land Management, 1969-1970.

Re: homesteads, patents, and Cherokee lands.

F13: Interior - Departmental - Bureau of Mines, 1969-1970.

Re: mine safety and reclamation of strip-mined lands.

F14: Interior - Departmental - Bureau of Outdoor Recreation: Golden Eagle passport and projects, 1969.

F15: Interior - Departmental - Bureau of Reclamation: Alva Reservoir, 1969-1970.

F16: Interior - Departmental - Fish and Wildlife Service: Wichita Refuge and Projects, 1969-1970.

F17: Interior - Departmental - Geological Survey: Rules and Mapping, 1969-1970

F18: Interior - Departmental - National Park Service, 1969-1970.

Re: employment, Platt Park expansion and renaming, Salt Plains of Alfalfa County, Davis Gun Museum, Everglades airport, Honey Springs site, and bus regulations.

F19: Interior - Departmental - Oil Import Control Administration, 1969-1970.

F20: Interior - Departmental - Southwestern Power Administration: Rates, Power Pooling, etc., 1963 1966-1970

F21: Interior - Departmental - Water Pollution Control Administration: Water Quality and Detergents, 1969-1970.

F22: Internal Security - Legislative, 1970.

Communists, campus unrest, S.D.S., and Weathermen.

F23a: Interstate and Foreign Commerce - Legislative, 1969-1970.

Standards, warranties, fish refrigeration, strip mining, Delta Queen, auto engineering, and auto safety.

F23b: Interstate and Foreign Commerce - Legislative, 1969-1970.

Fluoridation, weather modification, Tennessee walking horse, trading stamps, and Clean Air Act.

F23c: Interstate and Foreign Commerce - Legislative, 1969-1970.

Investors protection, trucking, attorneys fees in carriers cases, and Interstate Taxation Act.

F23d: Interstate and Foreign Commerce - Legislative, 1969-1970.

Communicable Disease Control, cancer research, drug exemptions, national health insurance, Nation Lung Institute, family health services, and medical grants.

F24: Interstate and Foreign Commerce - Legislative - Airlines and Airports, 1969-1970.

Re: construction, supersonic transport, youth fares, and air traffic controllers.

F25: Interstate and Foreign Commerce - Legislative - Alcoholic Beverage Advertising, 1969-1970.

F26: Interstate and Foreign Commerce - Legislative - Cigarettes and Tobacco, 1969-1970.

Re: advertising, smoking bans, etc.

F27: Interstate and Foreign Commerce - Legislative - Consumer Protection, 1970.

F28: Interstate and Foreign Commerce - Legislative - Drug Legislation, 1969-1970.

Re: control of, drugs by mail, addiction, amphetamines, and laetrile.

F29: Interstate and Foreign Commerce - Legislative - Family Planning and Population Control, 1969-1970.

F30: Interstate and Foreign Commerce - Legislative - Food Supplements, 1969-1970.

F31: Interstate and Foreign Commerce - Legislative - Humane Treatment of Laboratory Animals, 1969-1970.

F32: Interstate and Foreign Commerce - Legislative - Medical Facilities Bill ( Hill-Burton Amendments), 1969-1970.

Box 142: Interstate and Foreign Commerce: Mutual Funds - Job Recommendations

F1: Interstate and Foreign Commerce - Legislative - Mutual Funds, 1969-1970.

F2: Interstate and Foreign Commerce - Legislative - Railroads, 1969-1970.

Re: strike, passenger train subsidies, and freight car supply.

F3: Interstate and Foreign Commerce - Legislative - Railroad Retirement Legislation, 1969-1970.

F4: Interstate and Foreign Commerce - Legislative - Television, 1969-1970.

TV news, pay TV, and political broadcasts.

F5: Interstate and Foreign Commerce - Legislative - Transportation strike control, 1970.

F6: Interstate and Foreign Commerce - Legislative - Water Carrier Mixing Rule, 1969-1970.

F7a: Interstate Commerce Commission - Departmental, 1968-1970.

Freight cars, railroad freight rates, rail abandonment, Nationwide Trailer Rental, and other work of the commission.

F7b: Interstate Commerce Commission - Departmental - Motor Carriers, 1967-1970.

F7c: Interstate Commerce Commission - Departmental - United Parcel Service, 1969-1970.

F8a: Invitations: Accepted, January-March 1969.

F8b: Invitations: Accepted, April-June 1969.

F8c: Invitations: Accepted, July-December 1969.

F8d: Invitations: Accepted, January-March 1970.

F8e: Invitations: Accepted, April-June 1970.

F8f: Invitations: Accepted, July-December 1970.

F9a: Invitations: Regretted, January-March 1969.

F9b: Invitations: Regretted, April-June 1969.

F9c: Invitations: Regretted, July-December 1969.

F9d: Invitations: Regretted, January-March 1970.

F9e: Invitations: Regretted, April-May 1970.

F9f: Invitations: Regretted, June-December 1970.

F10: "J" - General, 1969-1970.

A.B.M., alcoholic beverage advertising, and Chicago 7.

F11a: Job Recommendations: A-Bl, 1968-1970.

F11b: Job Recommendations: Bo-By, 1968-1970.

F11c: Job Recommendations: C-Cob. 1968-1970.

F11d: Job Recommendations: Cole, 1968-1970.

F11e: Job Recommendations: Coll-D, 1968-1970.

F11f: Job Recommendations: F-Ham, 1966, 1968-1970

F11g: Job Recommendations: Han-Hu, 1968-1970.

F11h: Job Recommendations: J-K 1966, 1968-1970.

F11i: Job Recommendations: L-Mie, 1968-1970.

F11j: Job Recommendations: Mil-Mu, 1968-1971.

F11k: Job Recommendations: N-R, 1968-1970.

F11l: Job Recommendations: S, 1968-1970.

Box 143: Job Recommendations - Justice: Law Enforcement Assistance Administration

F1a: Job Recommendations: T, 1968-1970.

F1b: Job Recommendations: V-Z, 1968-1970.

F2a: Jobs: A-B, 1969-1970.

F2b: Jobs: C-G, 1969-1970.

F2c: Jobs: H-M, 1969-1970.

F2d: Jobs: N-Se, 1969-1970.

F2e: Jobs: Sh-W, 1969-1970.

F3a: Judiciary - Legislative, 1969-1970.

National River Academy, Explosives Act, use of names of Vietnam war dead, and private bills.

F3b: Judiciary - Legislative, 1969-1970.

Abortions, health insurance, four-year term for representatives, marigold as national flower, and school control amendments.

F3c: Judiciary - Legislative, 1969-1970.

Fourteenth amendment, vice-presidential vacancy, Genocide Treaty, American History Month, National Day of Fasting and Prayer, and national holiday for Dr. King's birthday.

F3d: Judiciary - Legislative, 1969-1970.

Immigration status of tailors, crimes in gas stations, baseball reserve clause, inventions, anti-trust laws, and conglomerates.

F3e: Judiciary - Legislative, 1969-1970.

Law Enforcement Act, Carswell nomination, Douglas investigation, judicial reform, court recorders, and habeas corpus petitions.

F3f: Judiciary - Legislative, 1969-1970.

Campus violence, F.B.I. directorship, Internal Security Act, protection of government informants, threats against the President, and Defense Facilities and Industrial Security Act.

F3g: Judiciary - Legislative, 1969-1970.

College benefits, Interstate Taxation Bill, customs, insurance, examiners, and labor courts.

F4: Judiciary - Legislative, 1969-1970.

Auto warranties and repairs.

F5: Judiciary - Legislative, 1969.

Bible reading and prayer in schools and in space.

F6: Judiciary - Legislative - Crime Legislation, 1969-1970.

F7: Judiciary - Legislative - Drug Legislation, 1969-1970.

F8: Judiciary - Legislative - Eighteen-year-old Vote, 1969-1970.

F9: Judiciary - Legislative - Electoral College Reform, 1969-1970.

F10: Judiciary - Legislative - Freedom of Choice in Schools Bill, 1970.

F11: Judiciary - Legislative - Gun Control, 1969-1970.

F12: Judiciary - Legislative - Immigration, 1970.

F13: Judiciary - Legislative - Immigration: Guzman Bill, 1960.

F14: Judiciary - Legislative - Pornography, 1969-1970.

F15: Judiciary - Legislative - Voting Rights Bill, 1969.

F16a: Junior Chamber of Commerce, 1956, 1958-59, 1961, 1963-1964.

F16b: Junior Chamber of Commerce, 1965-1970.

F17a: Justice - Departmental, 1969-1970.

Stokley Carmichael, Cassius Clay, Black Panthers, Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman, and Chicago Seven.

F17b: Justice - Departmental, 1969-1970.

Campus unrest, radical speakers, flag desecration, "Hair," rock concerts, movie ratings, and Julius Hobson.

F17c: Justice - Departmental, 1969-1970.

Mergers, labor violence, school integration, civil disorders, crime control, marijuana, court security, open housing, and Benjamin Holman.

F17d: Justice - Departmental, 1969-1970.

Group Hospitalization corporation, James Buchanan estate, severance damages, U. S. Gypsum, restraint of trade, Louis Wolfson, and congressional crimes.

F18: Justice - Departmental - Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, 1968-1969.

Re: drug abuse, especially in Tulsa.

F19a: Justice - Departmental - Bureau of Prisons: Case, 1968-1970.

F19b: Justice - Departmental - Bureau of Prisons: Cases, 1968-1970.

F20: Justice - Departmental - F.B.I.: Personnel and Cases, 1969-1970.

F21a: Justice - Departmental - Immigration and Naturalization Service: Cases, 1968-1969.

F21b: Justice - Departmental - Immigration and Naturalization Service: Cases, 1969-1970.

F21c: Justice - Departmental - Immigration and Naturalization Service: Cases, 1958-1959, 1967, 1969-1970.

F22: Justice - Departmental - Law Enforcement Assistance Administration: Grants, Education, and Campus Police, 1969-1970.

Box 144 Justice: Ling-Tempco-Vaught Anti-Trust Suit - National Federation of Republican Women

F1: Justice - Departmental - Ling- Tempco-Vaught Anti-trust Suit, 1969.

F2: Justice - Departmental - Tulsa School Integration, 1969-1970.

F3: "K" - General, 1969-1970.

Bartlett re-election campaign, construction industry, welfare reform, reporter biases, and mergers.

F4: Kay County Electric Co-operative, 1959-1960, 1967.

F5: "L" - General, 1969-1970.

Middle East peace, natural gas supply, and seal hunts.

F6a: Labor and Public Welfare - Legislative - Abortions and Family Planning, 1970.

F6b: Labor and Public Welfare - Legislative, 1969-1970.

Emergency Public Protection Act, welfare, National Guard technicians, kidney research, H.U.D. loans, railroad strikes, mental health, Indian schools, guaranteed annual income, and legal services program.

F7a: Labor - Departmental, 1969-1970.

Featherbedding, Teamsters strike, railroad strike, strikers and food stamps, executive order 11491, and unlawful strikes.

F7b: Labor - Departmental, 1969-1970.

Work Incentive Program, Professional Home Skills Program, Job Corps, training and employment programs, and immigration of certain skilled persons.

F7c: Labor - Departmental - Wage and Hour Questions, 1969-1970.

F7d: Labor - Departmental, 1969-1970.

Oil imports, right-to-work laws, postal service training, Walsh-Healey regulations, pensions, age discrimination, and general.

F8: Labor - Departmental - Bureau of Employees Compensation: Cases, 1969-1970.

F9: Labor - Departmental - Bureau of Employment Security: Case, 1968-1969.

F10: Labor - Departmental - Manpower Development and Training, 1969-1970.

F11: Labor - Departmental - Neighborhood Youth Corps, 1969-1970.

F12: Labor Unions - General, 1969-1970.

Wage demands, Hoffa parole, apprenticeship program, Teamsters strike, Yablonski murders, longshoremen's strike, grape boycott, and right-to-work laws.

F13: Lane, R. K., 1958, 1961-1962.

Public Service Company of Oklahoma and Federal Power Commission.

F14: Langston University, 1967-1970.

F15: League of Women Voters, 1960-1966, 1968-1970.

F16: Liberty Lobby, 1961, 1963, 1965, 1967.

F17: Libraries - Requests, 1966-1970.

F18: Library of Congress - Departmental - Requests, 1963-1970.

F19: Life Underwriters Political Action Committee, 1967.

F20a: Lists, 1956-1961, 1963-1964.

F20b: Lists, 1965-1970.

F21: Little Association of Arabs and Jews, 1969.

F22: "M" - General, 1969-1970.

My Lai, G.I. Bill, Smothers Brothers, draft bills, Howard Baker, Spiro Agnew, pornography, Middle East, drugs, and voting age.

F23: "Mc" - General, 1969-1970.

Free trade and marijuana.

F24a: McDonald-Douglas Corporation, 1957-58.

F24b: McDonald-Douglas Corporation, 1959-1963.

F24c: McDonald-Douglas Corporation, 1964-1967, 1969-1970.

F25: Mailing Lists, 1969.

F26: Mansion House, 1970.

Tulsa apartment house.

F27: Mayhue, Dorothy L., 1968-1969.

F28: Merchant Marine and Fisheries - Legislative, 1969-1970.

Delta Queen, Water Bank bill, archery gear excise tax, environmental protection, fish and wildlife control, endangered species, hunter safety, pollution, predatory mammals, and U. S. merchant marine.

F29: Mid-East Situation, 1969-1970.

Plane hijackings, arms to Israel, peace talks, etc.

F30: Moral Re-Armament, 1965-1966.

"Sing-Out" group.

F31: Moren, John, 1955-1961.

Post Office matters.

F32: "N" - General, 1969-1970.

O.E.O., pay TV, busing, retirement pay in military, and Nation Student Association.

F33: National Aeronautics and Space Administration - Departmental, 1969-1970.

Communications satellites, Bible reading by astronauts, Earth Resources Technology System, biosatellite missions, Treaty on Outer Space, and space program expenditures.

F34: National Coal Policy Conference, 1963-1965, 1968.

Oil imports, nuclear energy, and coal usage.

F35: National Commission on Product Safety, 1969.

Good Housekeeping, commission extension, and case.

F36: National Council of Indian Opportunity, 1970.

F37: National Education Association, 1967.

Federal aid to education.

F38: National Federation of Republican Women, 1961, 1965, 1967, 1969-1970.

Box 145: National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities - News Releases

F1: National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities - Departmental, 1969-1970.

Orchestras and other projects.

F2: National Guard Bureau - Departmental, 1969-1970.

BB guns and cases.

F3: National Indian Hall of Fame, 1959.

F4: National Labor Relations Board - Departmental, 1968-1969.

Union dues, grape boycott, and personnel.

F5: National Safety Council, 1967.

F6: National Science Foundation - Departmental - Grants and Programs, 1965, 1967, 1969-1970.

F7: Naturalized Citizens, 1969-1970.

F8a: Navy - Departmental, 1969-1970.

Nuclear submarines, Apollo and Zeus Soucek, marine biology, Minoru Genda, and Pueblo inquiry.

F8b: Navy - Departmental - Contracts, 1969-1970.

F8c: Navy - Departmental - Cases: A-B, 1968-1970.

F8d: Navy - Departmental - Cases: C-D, 1968-1970.

F8e: Navy - Departmental - Cases: E-H, 1968-1970.

F8f: Navy - Departmental - Cases: I-L, 1968-1970.

F8g: Navy - Departmental - Cases: M-O, 1968-1970.

F8h: Navy - Departmental - Cases: P-St, 1968-1970.

F8i: Navy - Departmental - Cases: Su-Wal, 1968-1970.

F8j: Navy - Departmental - Cases: Wat-Wo, 1969-1970.

F8k: Navy - Departmental - Marine Corps Cases: A-C, 1969-1970.

F8l: Navy - Departmental - Marine Corps Cases: D-F, 1968-1970.

F8m: Navy - Departmental - Marine Corps Cases: G-L, 1968-1970.

F8n: Navy - Departmental - Marine Corps Cases: M-O, 1968-1970.

F8o: Navy - Departmental - Marine Corps Cases: P-S, 1968-1970.

F8p: Navy - Departmental - Marine Corps Cases: T-Y, 1969-1970.

F9a: News Releases: Agriculture, 1969-1970.

F9b: News Releases: Commerce, 1969-1970.

F9c: News Releases: Defense, 1969-1970.

F9d: News Releases: H.E.W, 1969-1970.

F9e: News Releases: H.U.D., 1969-1970.

F9f: News Releases: Interior, 1969-1970.

F9g: News Releases: Justice, 1969-1970.

F9h: News Releases: Labor, 1969-1970.

F9i: News Releases: Office of Economic Opportunity, 1969-1970.

F9j: News Releases: Transportation, 1969-1970.

F9k: News Releases: Arts and Humanities, Post Office, G.S.A., Environmental Protection Agency, V.A., and National Science Foundation, 1969-1970.

F91: News Releases: By Page Belcher, 1969-1970.

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