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Box 171: Judiciary - Labor: Cases

F1a: Judiciary - Legislative, 1971-1972.

Law Enforcement Officer Bill of Rights, magistrate salaries, aid to victims of crime, habeas corpus, death penalty, judicial and criminal code reform, parole, and penalty for killing a policeman.

F1b: Judiciary - Legislative, 1971-1972.

Immigration, Family Farm Act, polygraph tests, federal pay raise, record piracy, and black powder.

F1c: Judiciary - Legislative, 1971-1972.

Budget balancing, Genocide Treaty, Controlled Substance Act, federal charter to T.I.A.A.-C.R.E.F., congressional absenteeism, copyrights, and protection of reporters sources.

F1d: Judiciary - Legislative, 1971-1972.

Anti-trust, Clayton Act, conglomerates, and bankruptcy.

F1e: Judiciary - Legislative, 1971-1972.

Electoral College, election reform, and voting age.

F1f: Judiciary - Legislative, 1971-1972.

Arthritis Month, Flag Day, Hunting and Fishing Day, American Indian Day, National Engineering Technicians Week, Accountants Day, German Shepherd Dog Week, and square dance as national folk dance.

F2: Judiciary - Legislative - Busing: Hearings on a Constitutional Amendment, 1972.

F3a: Judiciary - Legislative - Busing, Student Transportation Moratorium: A-G, 1972.

F3b: Judiciary - Legislative - Busing, Student Transportation Moratorium: H-O, 1972.

F3c: Judiciary - Legislative - Busing, Student Transportation Moratorium: P-Z and petition, 1972.

F4: Judiciary - Legislative - Cyclamate Indemnification Bill, 1971-1972.

F5: Judiciary - Legislative - Equal Rights Amendment, 1971-1972.

F6a: Judiciary - Legislative - Gun Control: A-D, 1971-1972.

F6b: Judiciary - Legislative - Gun Control: E-L, 1971-1972.

F6c: Judiciary - Legislative - Gun Control: M-S, 1971-1972.

F6d: Judiciary - Legislative - Gun Control: T - Y and petitions, 1971-1972.

F7: Judiciary - Legislative - Obscenity/Pornography, 1972.

F8a: Judiciary - Legislative - Prayer Amendment. A-J, 1971-1972.

F8b: Judiciary - Legislative - Prayer Amendment. K - W, 1971-1972.

F9: Junior Chamber of Commerce - General, 1971-1972.

Campus unrest and fraud case.

F10a: Justice - Departmental, 1971-1972.

Sedition, Kenyon Ballew, bank stock financing, community fund coercion, Ernest Mendel, J. Edgar Hoover, Okmulgee Rural Water District, Krylon, and Tulsa school desegregation.

F10b: Justice - Departmental, 1971.

Sharon Tate and Sirhan Sirhan trials, and "Anarchist Cookbook."

F11: Justice - Departmental - Board of Parole: Cases, 1971-1972.

F12: Justice - Departmental - Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, 1971-1972.

Re: licenses, amphetamine and other prescriptions, and drug schedules.

F13: Justice - Departmental - Bureau of Prisons: Reform and Cases, 1970-1972.

F14: Justice - Departmental - Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1971-1972.

Vietnam protests, F.B.I. files, and J. Edgar Hoover.

F15a: Justice - Departmental - Immigration and Naturalization Service: Illegal Aliens, 1971.

F15b-d: Justice - Departmental - Immigration and Naturalization Service: Cases, 1971-1972.

F16: Justice - Departmental - Law Enforcement Assistance Administration: Program and Grants, 1971-1972.

F17: Justice - Departmental - Office of the Pardon Attorney: Cases, 1971-1972.

F18: "K" - General, 1971-1972.

Seniority, volunteerism, P.O.W.'s, Alaska Native Claims bill, homosexuals at O.U., abortion, Hatch Act, and violence.

F19: "L" - General, 1971-1972.

Strikes, amnesty, U.N., cable TV, and general.

F20: Labor and Public Welfare - Legislative, 1971-1972.

Labor-management bills, health manpower, Children's Dental Health Act, longshoreman strike, N.D.E.A. loans, Child Development Act, and pensions.

F21a: Labor - Departmental, 1971-1972.

Operation Mainstream, E.D.A., rail strike, apprenticeship programs, equal employment opportunity, and labor-management problems.

F21b: Labor - Departmental, 1971-1972.

Steel industry, labor bills, Labor-Management Disclosure Act, Green Thumb project, Call-a-Teen, and pensions.

F21c: Labor - Departmental - Cases, 1971.

Box 172: Labor: Cases - Navy/Marine Corps: Cases

F1: Labor - Departmental - Cases, 1971-1972.

F2: Labor - Departmental - Concentrated Employment Program Tulsa, 1971.

F3: Labor - Departmental - Construction Industry, 1971.

F4: Labor - Departmental - Emergency Employment Act, 1971.

F5: Labor - Departmental - Neighborhood Youth Corps, 1971.

F6: Labor - Departmental - Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1971-1972.

F7: Labor - Departmental - Spartan Aviation Move to Texas, 1970-1971.

F8: Labor - Departmental - Unemployment: Technology Mobilization and Reemployment Program, 1971-1972

F9: Labor - Departmental - Veterans Employment, 1971-1972.

F10: Labor - Departmental - Wages, 1971-1972.

Minimum wage, Wage Board Bill, wage demands.

F11a: Labor Unions - General, 1971.

Federal employees, regulations, pensions, Davis-Bacon Act.

F11b: Labor Unions - General, 1971-1972.

Right-to-work, trade, mass transit, Occupational Health and Safety Act, railroad and longshoreman strikes, George Meany, anti-trust laws.

F12: League of Women Voters - General 1971-1972. Red China, welfare reform, and governmental reorganization.

F13: Libraries - General - Revenue Sharing, 1971.

F14: Library of Congress - Departmental - Copyrights and Requests, 1971-1972.

F15a: "M" - General, 1971-1972.

Pornography, Moore hospital, NBC., Vietnam, and requests.

F15b: "M" - General, 1970-1971.

F16: "Mc" - General, 1971-1972.

National Foundation on the Arts/Humanities, Livestock Certification Month, minimum wage, League of Senior Citizens, Amchitka nuclear test, Cherokee Strip National Park, Gemco, and William O. Douglas.

F17: McDonald-Douglas, 1971.

F18: Merchant Marine and Fisheries - Legislative, 1971-1972.

Humane treatment of animals, fur-bearing mammals, hunting from aircraft, hawks and owls, migratory waterfowl stamps, dolphins, San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, salmon, Federal Animal Damage Control Act. endangered species, Environment Policy Act, and tax on bows and arrows.

F19a-c: Mid-Continent Environmental Center Association - General 1970-1972

F20: Mid-East Situation, 1971.

F21a-b: Mingo Creek Watershed Association, 1970-1972.

F22: "N" - General, 1971-1972.

Whales and Order of Ahepa.

F23: National Aeronautics and Space Administration - Departmental, 1971-1972.

Space program, space shuttle, and expenditures.

F24: National Associated Businessmen, 1972.

Government spending.

F25: National Council of Churches, 1971.

United Methodist release on Kent State and Jackson State shootings.

F26: National Education Association, 1971-1972.

Department of Education proposal, Vietnam, appropriations, etc.

F27: National Federation of Independent Businesses, 1971-1972.

Busing, investment credit, tuition tax credit, pollution, strikes, food stamps for strikers, no-return containers, 235 housing, imports, campus unrest, consumer protection, right-to-work, minimum wage, health tax credit, wage and price controls, Social Security, P.O.W.'s, revenue sharing, item veto, etc.

F28: National Foundation for the Arts and Humanities - Departmental - Appropriation, 1971.

F29: National Guard Bureau - Departmental, 1971-1972.

Personnel, Oklahoma National Guard, airlift group, and case.

F30: National Labor Relations Board - Departmental - Cases, 1971-1972.

F31: Naturalized Citizens - General - Congratulations, 1971-1972.

F32a: Navy - Departmental, 1967-1968, 1971-1972.

Project Sanguine, Patrick J. Hurley, oceanography, regulations, beer and rock music in barracks, La Plata naval base, and submarines.

F32b: Navy/Marine Corps - Departmental - Cases: A-Co, 1970-1972.

F32c: Navy/Marine Corps - Departmental - Cases: Cr-E, 1970-1972.

Box 173: Navy/Marine Corps Cases - Oklahoma Department of Health

F1a: Navy/Marine Corps - Departmental - Cases: F-I, 1970-1972.

F1b: Navy/Marine Corps - Departmental - Cases: J-M, 1970-1972.

F1c: Navy/Marine Corps - Departmental - Cases: N-R, 1970-1972.

F1d: Navy/Marine Corps - Departmental - Cases: S, 1969-1972.

F1e: Navy/Marine Corps - Departmental - Cases: T-Z, 1970-1972.

F2: Newspapers - General - My Lai, 1970-1972.

F3a: News Releases: Office of Emergency Preparedness, Post Office, Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, and General, 1971-1972.

F3b: News Releases: Small Business Administration, Labor, Civil Aeronautics Board, Federal Information Center, and Transportation, 1970-1972.

F4: News Releases: Agriculture, 1971-1972.

F5: News Releases: Commerce, 1971-1972.

F6: News Releases: Defense, 1971-1972.

F7: News Releases: Environmental Protection Agency, 1971-1972.

F8: News Releases: General Services Administration, 1971-1972.

F9: News Releases:. H.E.W, 1971-1972.

F10: News Releases: H.U.D, 1971-1972.

F11: News Releases: Interior, 1971-1972.

F12: News Releases : National Endowment for the Arts/Humanities, 1971-1972.

F13: News Releases : O.E.O., 1971-1972.

F14: News Releases by Belcher, 1971-1972.

F15: "O" - General, 1972.

Wage/price freeze.

F16: O'Brien, Jack, 1971.

Comprehensive Employment Program, youth, mass transit, and other Tulsa programs.

F17a: Office of Economic Opportunity - Departmental, 1971-1972.

Indian programs, Oklahomans for Indian Opportunity, and Dinebeiina Nahiilna Be Agaditahe.

F17b: Office of Economic Opportunity - Departmental, 1971-1972.

Oklahoma Plan, legal programs, manpower programs, Tulsa Area Action Group.

F18: Office of Emergency Preparedness - Departmental, 1970-1972.

Import controls, economy, postal rates, and disaster relief.

F19: Office of Emergency Preparedness - Departmental - Empire Roofing and Insulation Company Employees Case, 1972.

F20a: Office of Emergency Preparedness - Departmental -Wage/price Controls: A-G, 1971-1972.

F20b: Office of Emergency Preparedness - Departmental -Wage/price Controls: H-N, 1971-1972.

F20c: Office of Emergency Preparedness - Departmental -Wage/price Controls: P-W, 1971-1972.

F21: Office of Management and Budget - Departmental, 1971-1972.

O.E.O., welfare, rehabilitation, National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke, R.E.A., Rural Environmental Assistance Program, V.A. hospitals, Bankhead-Jones Act, crude oil prices, public housing, cattle hides, arbitrage bonds, etc.

F22: Oklahoma Blue Cross and Blue Shield - General - Health Care and National Health Insurance, 1967-1971.

F23: Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association, 1965-1966, 1969-1972.

Hoof and mouth disease, imports, screw worm eradication, Platt National Park, public lands, hide exports, soil conservation, national recreational water course systems, farm labor, pollution, and brush control.

F24: Oklahoma Coal Gasification, 1971.

F25: Oklahoma Committee for the Re-election of the President, 1972.

F26: Oklahoma Committee on Household Employment, n.d.

F27: Oklahoma Conservation Commission, 1971.

F28: Oklahoma Crime Commission - General - Case, 1970-1972.

F29: Oklahoma Department of Agriculture - General, 1970-1971.

Marketing service program and animal waste research.

F30: Oklahoma Department of Corrections - General - Cases, 1970-1971.

F31a: Oklahoma Department of Education - General - Head Start, 1971.

F31b: Oklahoma Department of Education - General - Vocational-technical Education and Applications, 1971-1972.

F31c: Oklahoma Department of Education - General, 1969-1972.

Student aid, data, school lunch program, impact area aid, and request.

F32a: Oklahoma Department of Health - General - Home Health Care Provider Appeal Case, 1971.

F32b: Oklahoma Department of Health - General - Rural Dental Care Proposal, 1972.

F32c: Oklahoma Department of Health - General - Hill-Burton Program in Oklahoma 1946-1971, 1971.

F32d: Oklahoma Department of Health - General, 1971-1972.

Report, self-help training, personnel needs, and Health Planning Associate Program.

Box 174: Oklahoma Department of Highways - Oklahoma State Society

F1: Oklahoma Department of Highways/Highway Commission - General, 1971-1972.

Condemnation-relocation problems, funding, and reorganization.

F2: Oklahoma Department of Public Safety - General - Case, 1972.

F3a: Oklahoma Department of Public Welfare - General, 1971-1972.

Commodity distribution, Medicaid rules, and Lloyd Rader.

F3b: Oklahoma Department of Public Welfare - General - Cases: A-H, 1971-1972.

F3c: Oklahoma Department of Public Welfare - General - Cases: J-R, 1970-1972.

F3d: Oklahoma Department of Public Welfare - General - Cases: S-Z, 1970-1972.

F4: Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation - General, 1971-1972.

School Land Commission, commercial fisheries, public land policy, and case.

F5: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission - General - Procedures and Cases, 1971-1972.

F6: Oklahoma Human Rights Commission - General - Case, 1971.

F7: Oklahoma Industrial Development and Park Department - General, 1971-1972.

Tourism, industrial development bonds, and coal gasification.

F8: Oklahoma Insurance Commission - General - Cases, 1971-1972.

F9a-b: Oklahoma Legislative Council - General - Committee on Interstate Cooperation Reports, 1971.

F10: Oklahoma State Legislature - General, 1971-1972.

Coal gasification, taxes, voting age, health insurance, oil and gas, busing, and other bills.

F11a: Oklahoma State Legislature - General, 1971-1972.

House Resolutions on truck driver regulations, Altus-Lugert spillway, highway trust fund, Arcadia Reservoir, Vietnam, drought relief, daylight saving time, equine encephalomyelitis, busing, scabies, retired military pay, and water resource development.

F11b: Oklahoma State Legislature - General, 1971-1972.

Senate Resolutions on beef and pork imports, Davis-Bacon Act, Central Oklahoma Project, passenger train service, panhandle national park, Vietnam, William Calley, set-aside acreages, truck driver regulations, water transfers, P.O.W.'s, upstream flood control, highway funds, Wilbur Mills, ambulance service wages, congressional delegation, turnpikes, education, Indian employment, agricultural price controls, and weather modification.

F12a: Oklahoma State Matters: A-D, 1971-1972.

Operation Mainstream, taxes, vo-tech education, Communicable Disease Act, G.S.A., abortions, coal gasification, disabled veterans, and cases.

F12b: Oklahoma State Matters: E-K, 1971-1972.

Banking laws, mental health, daylight saving time, taxes, wellhead tax on natural gas, revenue sharing, Indian Health Service, Telex-I.B.M. suit, abortions, and cases.

F12c: Oklahoma State Matters: L-R, 1971-1972.

C.P.A.'s, taxes, rural electric co-ops, airports, Oklahoma City, Interstate Oil Compact Commission, natural gas tax, coal land reclamation, Amtrak, daylight saving time, liquor ads, and cases.

F12d: Oklahoma State Matters: S-W, 1971-1972.

School land leasing, natural gas tax, nursing homes, taxes, sexism, Cherokee Nation, Bicentennial, illegal aliens, daylight saving time, and cases.

F13: Oklahoma State Matters - Blackwell Zinc Smelter, 1972.

F14: Oklahoma State Matters - Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped, 1971.

F15: Oklahoma State Matters - Governor's Executive Weather Modification Study Committee, 1971-1972.

F16: Oklahoma State Matters - Governor's Office, 1971-1972.

Space shuttle, economic opportunity, Interstate Oil Compact Commission, national guard, employment, Camp Gruber site, and Tulsa Area Action Group. S.

F17: Oklahoma State Matters - Health Care, 1971.

F18: Oklahoma State Matters - Oklahoma Economic Development Foundation, 1972.

Western Oklahoma railroads.

F19: Oklahoma State Matters - Oklahomans for Indian Opportunity, 1971-1972.

F20: Oklahoma State Matters - R.A.D.I.U.S, 1969-1970..

F21: Oklahoma State Matters - South Oklahoma City Junior College, 1972.

F22: Oklahoma State Matters - State Legislative Council, 1971.

F23: Oklahoma State Medical Association - Case, 1969.

F24a: Oklahoma State Society, 1960-1967, 1969, 1971.

F24b: Oklahoma State Society: Mailing Lists, n.d.

Box 175: Oklahoma State Tech - Questionnaires

F1: Oklahoma State Tech, 1972.

F2: Oklahoma State University, 1971-1972.

Drug abuse, agriculture, Will Rogers papers, and other programs.

F3: Oklahoma Tax Commission - General - Cases, 1971-1972.

F4: Oklahoma University, 1971-1972.

Energy resources center, medical center, and W.H.C.

F5: Oklahoma Water Resources Board - General, 1971-1972.

Land use, waste treatment, water plan, Lukfata project, and general.

F6: Opinion Ballots, 1971-1972.

Busing, gun control, Vietnam, Panama Canal, prayer in school, Peace Corps, P.L. 480, wage/price controls, welfare, U.N., right-to-work, national health insurance, F.B.I., draft laws, food stamps, Supreme Court, and crime.

F7: Oral Roberts University, 1971-1972.

F8: "P" - General, 1970-1972.

Energy crisis, pollution, absenteeism in Congress, Monday holidays, George Wallace shooting, Child Nutrition Act, and general.

F9: Page School, 1971-1972.

F10: Phillips Petroleum Company, 1965-1967, 1969-1970, 1972.

F11: Pollution - General, 1971-1972.

F12: Pollution, Air, 1971.


F13: Pollution, Solid Waste, 1971.

Aluminum recycling and waste paper.

F14a: Post Office - Departmental, 1971-1972.

Postmarks, magazines, handicapped, and obscene materials.

F14b: Post Office - Departmental - Postage Rates, 1971-1972.

F14c: Post Office - Departmental - Service, 1971-1972.

F14d: Post Office - Departmental - Personnel, 1971-1972.

F14e: Post Office - Departmental - Cases, 1971-1972.

F15a-c: Post Office - Departmental - Commemorative Stamps, 1969-1972.

F16a: Post Office and Civil Service - Legislative, 1971-1972.

Hatch Act, pornography, commemorative stamps, contracts, federal employee unions, and postage rates.

F16b: Post Office and Civil Service - Legislative - Pay and Pensions, 1971-1972.

Re: freeze, coverage for various groups, wage board, double-dipping.

F17: Post Office and Civil Service - Legislative - Presidential Pensions, 1971.

F18: Public Works - Legislative, 1971-1972.

Auto emissions, economic development, Motor Vehicle Disposal Act, subsurface disposal of liquid wastes, emergency health care, Bicentennial Civil Center, busing, bus widths, and Uniform Relocation Assistance Act.

F19: Public Works - Legislative - Highways, 1972.

Highway Trust Fund, mass transit, beautification, and interstate system.

F20: Public Works - Legislative - Pollution, 1971-1972.

Water Pollution Control Act, noise, etc.

F21a: Questionnaire: A, 1971.

F21b: Questionnaire: B, 1971.

F21c: Questionnaire: C, 1971.

F21d: Questionnaire: D-E, 1971.

F21e: Questionnaire: F-G, 1971.

F21f: Questionnaire: H-I, 1971.

F21g: Questionnaire: J-L, 1971.

F21h: Questionnaire: M, 1971.

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