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Box 176: Questionnaires - State Department

F1a: Questionnaire: N-R, 1971.

F1b: Questionnaire: S, 1971.

F1c: Questionnaire: T-V, 1971.

F1d: Questionnaire: W-Z, 1971.

F2a: Questionnaire: A-B, 1972.

F2b: Questionnaire: C-F, 1972.

F2c: Questionnaire: G-K, 1972.

F2d: Questionnaire: L-N, 1972.

F2e: Questionnaire: O-W, 1972.

F3: Questionnaire: Belcher Retirement, 1972.

F4: "R" - General, 1971-1972.

Railroad strike, Community Action Program, Family Assistance Plan, Occupational Health and Safety Act, and oil and gas.

F5: Railroad Retirement Board - Cases, 1970-1972.

F6: Redistricting - General - Oklahoma, 1971-1972.

F7: Renegotiation Board - Case, 1971.

F8a: Reorganization Executive Branch - General, 1971.

U.S.D.A., Aging, and Education.

F8b: Reorganization Executive Branch - General, 1971.

Releases, etc.

F9: Right-to-Work Committee - Farm Labor, 1971.

F10: Riots/Crime - General, 1971.

Attica, revolutionaries, and campus unrest.

F11: Robo Letters, 1956-1967, 1970.

F12: Rules - Legislative, 1971-1972.

Housing, U.S.D.A. reorganization, budget, privacy, Higher Education Act, campaign contributions, and aging.

F13: "S" - General, 1970-1972.

Crime, F.N.M.A., William Scott, F.B.I., community development, G.O.P. energy crisis, marijuana, and Tellico Project on the Little Tennessee River.

F14: Securities and Exchange Commission - Departmental - Personnel and Cases, 1970-1972.

F15a: Selective Service System - Departmental - Cases: A-E, 1970-1972.

F15b: Selective Service System - Departmental - Cases: H-W, 1971-1972.

F16: Seward's Success - Great Northern Corporation Newtown Development near Anchorage, 1970-1971.

F17a-b: Small Business Administration - Departmental - Cases, 1971-1972.

F18: Smithsonian Institution - Joseph H. Hirshhorn Museum, 1971.

F19: Speakers, 1970-1972.

F20: Speaking Engagements for P.B., 1971-1972.

F21a: State - Departmental - Cases and Requests, 1971-1972.

F21b: State - Departmental, 1971-1972.

China, Korea, Philippines, Okinawa, India, Cambodia, Israel and Nigeria.

F21c: State - Departmental, 1971-1972.

Haiti, Venezuela, Panama Canal, Ecuador, Chile, U.S.S.R., and Crown of St. Stephen.

Box 177: State Department - Treasury: Lockheed Loans

F1: State - Departmental, 1971-1972.

Steel imports, Robert F. Williams, Claude L. Fly, U.N., drugs, foreign aid, foreign debts, and mutual security pacts.

F2: State - Departmental - Agency for International Development, 1969-1972.

F3: State - Departmental - Briefings, 1971-1972.

F4: State - Departmental - Passport Office: Cases, 1970-1972.

F5: State - Departmental - Peace Corps: Personnel, 1971-1972.

F6: State - Departmental - Visa Office: Cases, 1969-1972.

F7: Student Riots, 1971.

F8: Supreme Court - General, 1971-1972.

Capital punishment, abortion, busing, Bible reading, woman justice, Robert Byrd, and the Pentagon Papers.

F9: Surveys, 1971-1972.

F10: "T" - General, 1971-1972.

Evangelists in Israel and P.O.W.'s.

F11: Tariff Commission - Departmental - Steel and Report, 1971-1972.

F12: Teen-Age Republicans T.A.R.S., 1969-1970.

F13: Television and Radio, 1971-1972.

F14: Television and Radio Biographies, 1971-1972.

F15: Tennessee Valley Authority - General - Coal, 1971.

F16a: Thank-You Letters: January-July 1971.

F16b: Thank-You Letters: August-December 1971.

F16c: Thank-You Letters: December 1971-December 1972.

F17: Thank-You Reports, 1971-1972.

O.G.S., urban renewal, Oklahoma Archaeological Survey, steel, and experiment station.

F18a-b: Tours, 1971.

F18c-d: Tours, 1972.

F19: Transportation - Departmental, 1971-1972.

Mass transit, pipeline safety, plane hijacking, and auto repairs.

F20: Transportation - Departmental - Bureau of Motor Carrier Safety: Regulations and the Farm Driver, 1971.

F21: Transportation - Departmental - Coast Guard: Polar Icebreakers and Personnel, 1970-1971.

F22: Transportation - Departmental - Federal Aviation Administration: Skyjackings and Requests, 1970-1972.

F23: Transportation - Departmental - Federal Highway Administration/Bureau of Public Roads, 1971-1972.

Mass transit, highway funds, and beautification.

F24: Transportation - Departmental - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 1971-1972.

Seat belts, air bags, tires, insurance, speed limits, car safety, and employment.

F25: Transportation - Departmental - National Transportation Safety Board: Train Accident, 1971.

F26: Treasury - Departmental, 1971-1972.

Countervailing duties on dairy products, import duties, Eisenhower dollar, Kenyon Ballew, Bureau of Prisons, coin sets, wage/price freeze, and cases.

F27: Treasury - Departmental - Lockheed Loans, 1971.

Box 178: Treasury: Bureau of Customs - United Nations

F1: Treasury - Departmental - Bureau of Customs: Cases, 1971-1972.

F2: Treasury - Departmental - Internal Revenue Service, 1971-1972.

Campaign spending, wage/price controls, propane prices, handguns, Liberty Lobby, and regulations.

F3: Treasury - Departmental - Internal Revenue Service: Osborn Foundation, 1971.

F4: Treasury - Departmental - Internal Revenue Service: Billy James Hargis, 1971.

F5a: Treasury - Departmental - Internal Revenue Service: Cases, 1970-1971.

F5b: Treasury - Departmental - Internal Revenue Service: Cases, 1971-1972.

F6: Tulsa, 1970-1972.

Sewage problems, Indian health care, highways, and Prairie National Park.

F7: Tulsa Housing Authority, 1971-1972.

F8: Tulsa Junior College, 1971-1972.

F9: Tulsa Model Cities, 1971.

F10: Tulsa North Side Hospital - Survey for, 1968, 1971.

F11a: Tulsa School Desegregation: A-C, 1971.

F11b: Tulsa School Desegregation: D-G, 1971.

F11c: Tulsa School Desegregation: H-K, 1971.

F11d: Tulsa School Desegregation: L-P, 1971.

F11e: Tulsa School Desegregation: R-T, 1971.

F11f: Tulsa School Desegregation: U-Z, 1971.

F11g: Tulsa School Desegregation: Memos, 1971.

F11h: Tulsa School Desegregation: Court Documents, 1971.

F11i: Tulsa School Desegregation: Plan, 1971.

F12: Tulsa University, 1971.

F 13: Tulsa University: L. H. Scheer Tenure Case, 1972.

F14: Tulsa Urban Renewal, 1971-72.

F15: "U" - General, 1971-1972.

Gun control, skyjacking, pollution, crime, capital punishment, and Tulsa school desegregation.

F16: Unidentifiable, 1972.

F17a: United Nations: A-L, 1971-1972.

U.S. membership, Red China, Israel, foreign aid.

F17b: United Nations: M-W, and petitions, 1971-1972.

Box 179: United States Information Agency - Visitors

F1: United States Information Agency - Departmental, 1971.

F2: Unusual Requests, 1971.

F3: "V" - General, 1971-1972.

F4a: Veterans Administration - Departmental - Personnel and Policy, 1970-1972.

F4b: Veterans Administration - Departmental - Cases: A-B, 1969-1972.

F4c: Veterans Administration - Departmental - Cases: C-D, 1970-1972.

F4d: Veterans Administration - Departmental - Cases: E-H, 1970-1972.

F4e: Veterans Administration - Departmental - Cases: J-L, 1969-1972.

F4f: Veterans Administration - Departmental - Cases: M-Milli, 1969-1972.

F4g: Veterans Administration - Departmental - Cases: Milli - R, 1970-1972.

F4h: Veterans Administration - Departmental - Cases: S, 1970-1972.

F4i: Veterans Administration - Departmental - Cases: T-V, 1970-1972.

F4j: Veterans Administration - Departmental - Cases: W-Y, 1970-1972.

F5a: Veterans Affairs - Legislative, 1971-1972.

Opening V.A. hospitals to non-veterans, cemeteries, appropriations, readjustment, and personnel.

F5b: Veterans Affairs - Legislative, 1971-1972.

World War I, Spanish-American, and other veterans' pensions.

F5c: Veterans Affairs - Legislative - Jobs for Veterans Program, 1971-1972.

F6: Veterans of Foreign Wars, 1971-1972.

Jobs, medical benefits, and Vietnam.

F7a: Vietnam Situation: A-C, 1971-1972.

F7b: Vietnam Situation: D-G, 1971-1972.

F7c: Vietnam Situation: H-L, 1971-1972.

F7d: Vietnam Situation: M-P, 1971-1972.

F7e: Vietnam Situation: R-Z, 1971-1972.

F7f: Vietnam Situation: Releases, 1971-1972.

F8: Visitors, 1971-1972.

Box 180: Vo-Tech Education - Young Republicans

F1a-b: Vo-Tech Education - Manpower Training, 1971-1972.

F1c: Vo-Tech Education - Surplus Property, 1972.

F2: "W" - General, 1971-1972.

TV news, Weight Watchers, Israeli deaths at Munich Olympics, March of Dimes, aging, Law Enforcement Educational Assistance Program, commodity trading, pollution, natural gas, Sons of the American Revolution, and Presidential Classroom for Young Americans.

F3a: Ways and Means - Legislative, 1971.

Budget, economic policy, and general.

F3b: Ways and Means - Legislative, 1971-1972.

Child Development Act, Rural Job Development Act, tuition tax credit, and Lockheed.

F3c: Ways and Means - Legislative, 1971-1972.

Tax deductions: blood donations, kidney disease, home improvement, and 235 housing.

F3d: Ways and Means - Legislative, 1971-1972.

Value-added tax, national debt, F.H.A., private clubs, Interest Equalization Tax, nursing homes fire safety, transportation, mass transit, and D.I.S.C.

F3e: Ways and Means - Legislative, 1971-1972.

Unemployment compensation, minimum wage, pension, annuity tax exemption, and federal pay freeze.

F3f: Ways and Means - Legislative, 1971.

Estate taxes, small business taxes, highway use tax on mobile cranes, and home-build aircraft.

F4: Ways and Means - Legislative - Campaign Contributions, 1971.

Federal Campaign Assistance and Disclosure Act, corporate contributions, and income tax check-off.

F5: Ways and Means - Legislative - Charitable Contributions and Tax-free Organizations, 1971-1972.

F6: Ways and Means - Legislative - Excise taxes: Autos and Trucks, 1971-1972.

F7a-b: Ways and Means - Legislative - Family Assistance Plan, 1971-1972.

F8: Ways and Means - Legislative - Industrial Revenue Bonds, 1971-1972.

F9: Ways and Means - Legislative - Intermediate Nursing Care Facility Program, 1971-1972.

F10: Ways and Means - Legislative - Internal Revenue Code, 1971-1972.

Tax tables, estate taxes, I.R.S. powers, foundations, deductions, tuition tax credit, moving expenses, and joint returns.

F11: Ways and Means - Legislative - Internal Revenue Code: Sand Springs Home, 1972.

F12: Ways and Means - Legislative - Investment Tax Credit, 1971.

F13: Ways and Means - Legislative - Medicare: Coverage and Chiropractors, 1971-1972.

F14a-b: Ways and Means - Legislative - National Health Insurance, Medicredit, etc., 1971-1972

F15: Ways and Means - Legislative - No-fault Insurance, 1971-1972.

F16: Ways and Means - Legislative - Oil and Gas, 1971-1972.

Energy shortage, foreign dependency, unleaded gas, and Tidelands.

F17: Ways and Means - Legislative - Private Pensions, 1971-1972.

F18a: Ways and Means - Legislative - Private School Tuition Tax Credit: A - L, 1972.

F18b: Ways and Means - Legislative - Private School Tuition Tax Credit: M - Z, 1972.

F19: Ways and Means - Legislative - Revenue Sharing, 1971-1972.

F20: Ways and Means - Legislative - Single Taxpayers, 1971-1972.

F21a: Ways and Means - Legislative - Social Security: A-L, 1971-1972.

Benefits, chiropractors, ministers, earnings, age requirements, Medicare, etc.

F21b: Ways and Means - Legislative - Social Security: M-Y, 1971-1972.

Benefits, chiropractors, ministers, earnings, age requirements, Medicare, etc.

F22a: Ways and Means - Legislative - Tax Policy Review Act: A-L, 1972.

Tax reform, charitable contributions, home mortgages, medical expenses, oil depletion allowance, tuition tax credit, etc.

F22b: Ways and Means - Legislative - Tax Policy Review Act: M-Y, 1972.

Tax reform, charitable contributions, home mortgages, medical expenses, oil depletion allowance, tuition tax credit, etc.

F23: Ways and Means - Legislative - Trade and Tariffs, 1970-1972.

Fluorspar, steel, multinationals, Japan, beef, hides, textiles, shoes, and flat glass.

F24: White House - General - Price Commission: Meat Imports and Price Controls, 1972.

F25: Wright, Douglas, 1971.

Flood Control Act, S.P.A., and utility rates.

F26: "X-Y-Z" - General, 1971.

F27: Young Americans for Freedom, 1971.

F 28: Young Republicans, 1971-1972.

Vietnam, B.I.A. occupation, and voting age.

F29a: Photographs: Requests, 1963-1970.

F29b: Photographs: Requests, 1971-1972.

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