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Box 191: Belcher Bills: Veterans Affairs - Ways and Means

F1a-b: Veterans Affairs: H. R. 11740 (89th Cong., 1st Sess.). "To amend Section 131 of Title 38 of the United States Code to provide that emphysema developing a 10 per centum degree of disability within ten years after separation from service shall be considered to be service connected."

F2: Veterans Affairs: H. R. 14504 (92nd Cong., 2nd Sess.). World War I veterans pensions.

F3: Ways and Means: H. R. 5454 (86th Cong., 1st Sess.). "To permit Indians to secure refunds of income taxes paid to the United States on income which was from allotted and restricted lands held in trust by the United States and which has been held exempt from Federal income tax."

F4: Ways and Means: H. R. 16249 (86th Cong., 2nd Sess.) and H. R. 5241 (90th Cong., 1st Sess.). "Pollution Abatement Incentive Act of 1966."

F5a-b: Ways and Means: H. R. 14240 (90th Cong., 1st Sess.). "To provide for orderly trade in iron and steel mill projects."

Box 192: Belcher Bills: Ways and Means

F1: Ways and Means: H. R. 14240.

F2: Ways and Means: H. R. 8364 (91st Cong., 1st Sess.). "To provide for orderly trade in iron and steel products."

F3: Ways and Means: H. R. 17823 (91st Cong., 2nd Sess.). "To provide for orderly trade in textile articles and articles of leather footwear. . ."

F4: Ways and Means: H. R. 4963 (92nd Cong., 1st Sess.). "Health Care Insurance Act of 1971."

Box 193: Memorabilia

F1: Wooden nickel for 100th anniversary of Kansas City.

F2: Commemorative coin for Hawaiian statehood.

F3: National, State, Local Education Associations Ribbon and Button.

F4: Key - Flying Elephant Club - 1972 Republican National Convention.

F5: Plaque from Close-up.

F6: Two Medals Commemorating the Congressional Career of Page Belcher [donated by OUPD Director Joe Lester, October 2001]

F7: Joe Lester Donation, 2002.
a. "The American's Creed" with cover letter from Belcher.
b. Menu from Page Belcher Appreciation Dinner, November 29, 1972.

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