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Oversize Boxes 9 Folder List

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Series 8: Oversize Materials, 1894-1947 (bulk: 1936-1947).

Box/Folder Number: OS9/1
Folder Titles and Dates: Altus Times-Democrat, 1940.

Topics include irrigation in Oklahoma and Lugert-Altus Reservoir (Okla.).

Box/Folder Number: OS9/2
Folder Titles and Dates: Business and Industry, n.d., 1938 - 1946.

Topics include Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc., Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company, Tennessee Valley Authority, airline advertising, banks and banking advertising, tourism advertising, map of airport in Shawnee (Okla.), maps of airways, income tax overpayment, automobile insurance, circulation of newspapers, statistics for railroads, and Leon D. Kaufman.

Box/Folder Number: OS9/3
Folder Titles and Dates: Campaign, n.d., 1936 - 1946.

Topics include Lyle Hagler Boren songs and music, Percy l. Gassaway, political campaigns, Ed Ball, Mabel Bassett, and Orel Busby.

Box/Folder Number: OS9/4
Folder Titles and Dates: Labor, 1939 - 1946.

Topics include John L. Lewis, Harry S. Truman, American Federation of Labor, Oil Workers International Union, Oklahoma State Federation of Labor, United States National Labor Relations Board, industrial relations, labor literature in Oklahoma, strikes and lockouts in defense industries, strikes and lockouts in newspapers, posters for strikes and lockouts in the petroleum industry, and Wagner Act of 1935. Folder also includes copy of the Oklahoma Federationist and the Shield of Labor.

Box/Folder Number: OS9/5
Folder Titles and Dates: Miscellaneous, 1894, 1938 - 1943.

Topics include Boy Scouts of America in Oklahoma and galley proofs of Fables in Labels.

Box/Folder Number: OS9/6
Folder Titles and Dates: Newsletters (Washington News), 1944 - 1945.

Topics include United States Congress constituent communication and Lyle Hagler Boren newsletters.

Box/Folder Number: OS9/7
Folder Titles and Dates: Politics and Government, 1937 - 1946.

Topics include Franklin D. Roosevelt caricatures and cartoons, United States Federal Housing Administration, United States House Special Committee on Un-American Activities (1938-1944) hearings, aeronautics law and legislation, alcohol law and legislation, health insurance law and legislation, and telegraph law and legislation. Correspondents include United States Flag Association, Washington, D.C.

Box/Folder Number: OS9/8-10
Folder Titles and Dates: War and Military, n.d., 1937 - 1947.

Folders also include an issue of Photo History magazine detailing social and economic conditions and military buildup leading up to World War II. Also includes a publication from Look magazine titled A Contribution to the Cause of Peace that deals with war propaganda. Topics include United States Navy, advertising in defense industries, draft in the United States, food conservation, gasoline, transportation of lumber, amphibious motor vehicles, Nazi propaganda, conservation of newsprint, rationing, and women in World War II. Correspondents include Disabled American Veterans, War Production Board, and the United States Crop Corps - advertising.

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