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Series 1: General Correspondence, 1967-1974 (continued)

F 1-2: Thank You Letters, October-December, 1974.

Topics include United States Federal Energy Administration, National Governors' Conference, American Revolution Bicentennial 1776-1976, public expenditures law and legislation, flags of the United States, forest products industry, hobby month laws and legislation, and Project Independence. Correspondents include Charles W. Sandman.

F 3: Transportation, Department of, 1974.

Topics include Amtrak, United States Dept. of Transportation, water pollution, trucking, daylight saving, and Cherokee Expressway project.

F 4: Transportation: Amtrak, 1974.

Topics include United States Dept. of Transportation. Correspondents include James R. Jones.

F 5: Treasury, Department of, 1974

F 6: Tulsa, 1974.

F 7-9: Undelivered and Unanswered Mail, 1974.

Topics include Richard M. Nixon, John N. Happy Camp, David Hall, student aid, wages law and legislation, petroleum law and legislation, land use law and legislation, beef industry, Choctaw Indians, abortion, dietary supplements, health law and legislation, insurance, price regulation, trucking, Voluntary School Prayer Amendment, and Professional Correctional Training Grant. Correspondents include H. H. Booker in Bicentennial Center (Mural).

F 10: "V" General, 1974.

Topics include Valley Hope Center Cushing, (OK).

F 11: Veterans Administration, 1974.

Topics include United States Veterans Administration, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine Tulsa (OK), and Operation MEDIHC.

F 12: Vietnam: Correspondence, 1974.

Correspondents include Graham A. Martin, Ambassador in South Vietnam (Interview).

F 13: Visitors, 1974.

F 14: "W" General, 1974.

Topics include John N. Happy Camp, Edward M. Kennedy, Richard M. Nixon, election of 1974, congressional traveling, and Operation MEDIHC.

F 15: Watergate, 1974.

Topics include Richard M. Nixon and the Watergate Affair 1972-1974.

F 16: Water Resources Council, 1974.

Topics include National Water Resources Association and United States Water Resources Council.

F 17-18: White House Correspondence, 1974.

Topics include Richard M. Nixon, Nelson A. Rockefeller, United States Federal Energy Office, industrial priorities, and White House Fellows Program. Correspondents include John J. Rhodes (statement), Henry Kissinger, Richard M. Nixon(resignation from office speech), and Antonio Borja Won Pat.

F 19: White House Tours, 1974.

Topics include Oklahoma Highway Users Conference.

F 20: "X, Y, Z" General, 1974.

Topics include Richard M. Nixon.

Series 2: Legislative, 1967-1974

F 21: Agriculture, 1969.

Topics include United States House Republican Conference Research Committee Task Force on Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Federal Seed Act Amendment, school lunch program, and Child Nutrition Act of 1966. Correspondents include John N. Happy Camp (speech) and Maston O'Neal.

F 22: Agriculture: Farm Progress, 1969.

Topics include National Association of Wheat Growers and Clifford M. Hardin (Secretary of Agriculture). Correspondence include W. R. Poage and Mark Andrews.

F 23: Appropriations, 1969.

Topics include Lufkata Dam and Reservoir (OK).

F 24: Appropriations: Agriculture, 1969.

Topics include school lunch program and agricultural conservation program. Correspondents include Paul Findley and Oklahoma Association of Farmer Elected Committeemen.

F 25: Appropriations: Defense, 1969.

Topics include John H. Chaffee (Secretary of the Navy), Joseph G. Whelan, and anti-missile missiles. Correspondents include Melvin R. Laird (Secretary of Defense) and Navy League of the United States.

F 26-27: Appropriations: HEW, January-July, 1969.

Topics include United States Office of Economic Opportunity, Page Belcher, Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, University of Tulsa Nursing School, University of Oklahoma Medical School Clinical Research Center, and United States Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare. Correspondents include Patsy T. Mink (Folder 26), Jeffery Cohelan (Folder 26), Board of Regents for the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges (Folder 26), J. Herbert Hollomon (Folder 26), E. T. Dunlap (Folder 26), Robert H. Michel (Folder 26), and Dewey F. Bartlett (Folder 27)..

F 28: Appropriations: HEW. Title I Personnel Evaluations, 1969.

Topics include United States Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare.

F 29: Appropriations: Independent Offices and HUD, 1969.

Topics include United States Dept. of Housing and Urban Development and National Foundation of the Arts and Humanities.

F 30: Appropriations: Interior, 1969.

Topics include United States Dept. of the Interior and Land and Water Conservation Fund.

F 31: Appropriations: Legislative Branch, 1969.

Topics include Capitol West Central Front.

F 32: Appropriations: Public Works, 1969.

Topics include Kaw Dam and Reservoir (OK) and the Federal Water Pollution Control Act.

F 33: Appropriations: State, Justice, Commerce, and Judiciary, 1969.

Topics include Fire Safety Act of 1968.

F 34: Appropriations: Supplemental, 1969.

F 35: Appropriations: Transportation, Department of, 1969.

Topics include United States Dept. of Transportation, supersonic transport planes, and Federal-Aid Airport Program.

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