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Series 3: Personal, 1969-1974

F1 Ad Hoc Committee: Newsletter, Memorandum, and Committee List, 1969.

F2 Biographies: Correspondence and Biographical Summary, 1969.

F3 Birthday Greetings: Correspondence, 1969.

F4 Boy Scouts of America: Correspondence, 1969.

F5 Christian Church Foundation: Correspondence, Jan. - Oct. 1969.

F6 Christian Church Foundation, Nov. - Dec. 1969.

Correspondence; Business of the Christian Church; Volunteer Board Member in Philanthropy.

F7 Clubs and Organizations, 1969.

Correspondence; HRC Task Force membership list; Oklahoma Bankers Association List; news release.

F8 Commemorative Envelopes: Correspondence, 1969.

F9 Committee on Committees: Republican Committee, 1969.

F10 Eisenhower: Congressional Announcement of the Death of Eisenhower, 1969.

F11 General File, 1969.

Correspondence; newspaper; State Board of Public Affairs; personnel list; advertisements.

F12 Grand National Quail Club: Correspondence, Agenda, Clippings, Sponsors, and Contestants, 1969.

F13 Inauguration: Correspondence and Invitations (Officials), 1969.

F14 Ninety-First Club: Correspondence and Membership List, 1969.

F15 Oklahoma Christian Home, 1969.

Correspondence; meetings (minutes); financial statement; admission terms; long range plan

F16 Oklahoma Delegation: Correspondence and Oklahoma Congressional Delegation Directory, 1969.

F17 Oklahoma Northwest, Inc.: Correspondence and Meeting Minutes, 1969.

F18 Oklahoma State Fair, 1969.

Correspondence; news releases; county fair dates; board of directors; annual meeting minutes; operating budget; brochures.

F19 Personal Photograph Requests: Correspondence, 1969.

F20 Phillips University: Correspondence and - Minutes of the Graduate Seminary Council, 1969.

F21 Remington Farms: Correspondence, 1969.

F22 3M Company: Correspondence, 1969.

F23 "A": Correspondence, 1969.

F24 "B": Correspondence, 1969.

F25 "C": Correspondence, 1969.

F26 "D": Correspondence, 1969.

F27 "E": Correspondence, 1969.

F28 "F": Correspondence, 1969.

F29 "G": Correspondence, 1969.

F30 "H & I": Correspondence, 1969.

F31 "J, K, & L": Correspondence, 1969.

F32 "M & N": Correspondence, 1969.

F33 "O & P": Correspondence, 1969.

F34 "R & S": Correspondence, 1969.

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