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Series 3: Personal, 1969-1974 (continued)

F1 Steering Committee: Committee Memorandum, 1974.

F2 Steering Committee: Fact Sheets and Analysis, 1974.

F3 Steering Committee: Correspondence, Statements, Clippings, Reports, 1974.

F4 Thank Yous: Correspondence, Jan. - May 1974.

F5 Thank Yous: Correspondence, June - Dec. 1974.

F6 "A, B, C": Correspondence, 1974.

F7 "D, E, F, G": Correspondence, 1974.

F8 "H, I, J, K, L": Correspondence, 1974.

F9 "M, N, O": Correspondence, 1974.

F10 "P, R, S, T, V, W": Correspondence, 1974.

Series 4: Happy Camp Bills, 1969-1974

Happy Camp Bills - 91st Congress (1969-1970)

F11 Proposed Legislation: Correspondence, Resolution, H.R. 13630.

F12 Extension of Great Plains Conservation Program: Correspondence, H.R. 2062.

F13 Equalization of Retirement Pay: Correspondence, H.R. 2679.

F14 Aid to North Vietnam: Correspondence, H.C.R. 90.

F15 Transfer Title of Land to Bernice Geary: Correspondence, Land Patent, H.R. 7387.

F16 Newspaper Preservation Act.

Correspondence; statement in support of the Newspaper Preservation Act, H.R. 8765.

F17 Capitol Guide Service.

Correspondence; press release; statement by Happy Camp, H.R. 9428.

F18 Designate D.C. Stadium as Eisenhower Memorial: H.R. 9812, H.R. 10574.

F19 Great Plains Conservation Program: H.R. 10595, Report to Accompany H.R. 10595.

F20 Tax Exemption for Servicemen in Korea: Correspondence, H.R. 11113.

F21 H.R. Amendment: Correspondence, H.R. 403.

F22 Eisenhower Quarter: Correspondence, H.R. 11426.

F23 Federal Lands for Parks and Recreation.

Correspondence, H.R. 11650, H.R. 15913, report to accompany H.R. 15913.

F24 Fairness in Franchising Act: Correspondence, H.R. 11772.

F25 Federal Revenue Sharing Act.

Correspondence; clippings; H.R. 11868; speech of the week by David M. Kennedy; White House press release; NACO News & Views; report.

F26 Railroad Passenger Service Study.

Correspondence; H.R. 12084; White House press release; press release.

F27 Personal Exemption to $1,000.

Correspondence; clippings; H.R. 1222; statement by Happy Camp; H.R. 12418; news release.

F28 Court Jurisdiction: Water Cases, Correspondence, H.R. 12464.

F29 Eisenhower Silver Dollar: Correspondence, H.R. 12745.

F30-32 Obscene/Pornographic Mail:

Correspondence; news releases; clippings; newsletter; smut examples; H.R. 13085; H.R. 6200; Legislative Reference Service.

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