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Series 9: Committee Information (Personal), 1967-1974

F1 Grand National Quail Club, 1967-1968.

F2 Newsletters: Camp Campaign Coordinator Lists, 1967-1968.

F3 Republican Politics, 1967-1968.

Republican State Committee; Board of Public Affairs; local Republican officers.

F4 Republican Politics, 1967-1968.

"The Republican" (April 17, 1967); local politics; State Legislative Council.

F5 Republican Politics: General Local Information, 1967-1968..

F6 Speeches: Miscellaneous, 1967-1968.

F7 Financial, 1969.

Committee on Standards of Officials Conduct; correspondence

F8 Medical, 1969.

F9 Insurance, 1969.

Triton Insurance Group; data processing; correspondence.

F10 Insurance Plans, 1969.

F11 Income Tax, 1969.

F12 Committee: (General) and Interior & Insular Affairs - Including Electoral Reform, 1969.

F13 Office and Household Supplies, 1969.

F14 AVCO Recreational Vehicle Information: Brochure, 1969.

F15 Committee on Committees, 1969.

F16 Financial, 1970.

F17 Insurance, 1970.

F18 Income Tax, 1970.

F19 Western Investors, 1970.

F20 Campaign Material, Miscellaneous, 1970-1972.

F21 Green Turtle Island, 1971.

F22 Family Correspondence, 1971.

F23 Western Investors, Insurance Correspondence, 1970.

F24 Triton Insurance Company, Proposal for Merger, 1971.

F25 Financial, 1971.

George McGovern correspondence; general financial payments.

F26 Lena Gift Estate, Correspondence, 1971.

F27 Miscellaneous, 1971.

F28 Financial, 1972.

Wayne Hays correspondence; general financial payments.

F29 Insurance, 1972.

Combined Insurance Company correspondence; memos and general correspondence.

F30 Western Investors, 1972.

Oklahoma Securities Commission information.

F31 Green Turtle Island, 1972.

F32 Medical, 1972.

F33 Green Turtle Island, 1973.

Lou Frey correspondence

F34 Insurance, Northwestern Mutual Life, Oklahoma City, 1973.

F35 Financial, 1973.

F36 Newspapers, 1973

F37 United Investors Incorporated, 1973.

F38 Camp, Steven Richard, 1973.

Financial information; correspondence; application U.S. government.

F39 Henry Bass Newsletter, 1974.

F40 Committee on Committees, 1973-1974.

F41 General Service Administration, Correspondence, 1974.

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