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Series 12: Floor Information and Administration Statements, 1973-1974

F1 Floor Information: General Policy Statements, January 1973.

F2 Floor Information: General Policy Statements, February 1973.

F3 Floor Information, March 1973.

Older American Act of 1965; Vocational Rehabilitation Act; rural water and sewer grants; Rural Electrification Act; White House fact sheet and reports.

F4 Floor Information, April 1973.

Federal Aid Highway Act of 1973; Comprehensive Manpower Reform Bill; Emergency Employment Act of 1971 (extend funding); Economic Stabilization Act; Franking Privilege Bill.

F5 Floor Information, May 1973.

Appropriations Bill 1973; Massachusetts Banking Association; bills; railroad retirement; emergency medical services legislation.

F6 Floor Information, June 1973.

Proposed minimum wage amendments; Rehabilitation Act of 1973; appropriations; bills and issues.

F7 Floor Information: General Policy Statements, July 1973.

F8 Floor Information: Federal-Aid Highways Act of 1973, August 1973.

F9 Floor Information, September 1973.

Urban Mass Transportation Assistance Act; Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments.

F10 Floor Information: General Policy Statements, October 1973.

F11 Floor Information: Trade Reform Act of 1973, November 1973.

F12 Floor Information: General Policy Statements, December 1973.

F13 Floor Information: General Policy Statements, January 1974.

F14 Floor Information, February 1974.

F15 Floor Information: Consumer Protection Agency Bills, March 1974.

F16 Floor Information: General Policy Statements, April 1974.

F17 Floor Information, May 1974.

F18 Floor Information, June 1974.

F19 Floor Information, July 1974.

F20 Floor Information, August 1974.

Department of Defense Appropriations Bill for 1975; Export-Import Bank Act Amendments; Federal Mass Transportation Act; chrome issue; executive inventory record; energy issues.

F21 Floor Information, August 1974.

Election reform legislation; Department of Defense appropriations; Federal Mass Transportation Act; Export Administration Act Amendments; HUD Act (Conference Report); military construction authorization for fiscal year 1975.

F22 Floor Information, September 1974.

F23 Floor Information: Agriculture Forestry Committee Information, October 1974.

F24 Floor Information: General Policy Statements, November 1974.

F25 Floor Information: Consent Calendar and Private Calendar, December 1974.

F26 Administration Positions, December 1973.

Energy crisis; federal energy organization; Historic Wilderness Preservation System.

F27 Administration Positions, January 1974.

Federal price supports; American veterans; energy legislation message; ITT anti-trust decision; milk price decision; education.

F28 Administration Positions, February 1974.

Health care/insurance plan; Transportation Improvement Act.

F29 Administration Positions: Addresses to Congress, February 1974.

F30 Administration Positions: March 1974.

Federal Campaign Reform Act; gas supplies.

F31 Administration Positions: Nixon's Taxes, April 1974.

F32 Administration Positions, May 1974.

Housing policy; Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan; OSU commencement address; Vance Air Force Base speech (Nixon).

F33 Administration Positions: General Policy Statements, June 1974.

F34 Administration Positions: General Policy Statements, July 1974.

F35 Administration Positions, August 1974.

Inflation; federal pay raise; wage and price stability.

F36 Administration Positions, September 1974.

Text of a legal opinion by the Attorney General; pardon of Richard Nixon; draft evaders and deserters.

F37 Administration Positions, October 1974.

Address to Congress; inflation control programs; general policy statements.

F38 Administration Positions, November 1974.

Tariff schedules; defense appropriations; trade; taxes; 1975 budget..

F39 Administration Positions: Supplement to Message on Budget Restraint, November 1974.

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