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Series 2: Oklahoma State Legislature Files, 1914-1926

Fifth Oklahoma Legislature (1915-1916)

F 1 House Bill No. 1. "Relating to the Taxation of the Gross Production of Asphalt, Ores Bearing Lead, Zinc, Jack, Gold, Silver, and Copper, and of Petroleum or Other Crude Oil or of Natural Gas ...."

F 2 House Bill No. 15. "Defining the Legal Rates of Interest, Providing for the Filing of Affidavits with all Mortgages, Prescribing Court Procedures in Certain Cases, and Fixing a Penalty for Violation."

F 3 House Bill No. 72. "Fixing the Legal and Contract Rate of Interest; Defining Usury; Providing the Manner of Filing Mortgages; ...."

F 4 House Bill No. 163. "Providing for the Examination and Licensing of Coal Miners, Providing for the appointment of Miners' Examining Board in each Coal Producing County in the State, ...." WC bill. Two motions to amend forms; "Coal Lands in Oklahoma," a message from the President of the United States. (1910).

F 5 House Bill No.217. "Establishing the Oklahoma Legislative Reference Bureau and Prescribing Its Duties." Co-authored by WC.

F 6 House Bill No. 338 "To Grant Specific Authority to Cities and Towns in ...Oklahoma to Pass Ordinances Requiring Streets, Alleys, and Public Highways...." Co-authored by WC.

F 7 House Bill No. 466. "Amending Section 7414 of Chapter 72, Article 9, of the Revised Laws of Oklahoma of 1910, Relating to Lien for delinquent taxes.

F 8 House Joint Resolution No. 9. "Amending the Constitution so as to reduce the Members of the Legislature from 143 to Approximately 100; permitting each County to Have One Representative, and Each City of 60,000 or More One Representative."

F 9 House Joint Resolution No.21. "Providing for the Reference to the People ...of a Bill to Abolish the District Agricultural Schools at Lawton, Helena, Warner, Tishomingo, and Claremore."

F 10 Senate Bill No. 38. "Relating to Elections, Providing for Registration of Electors in Every Precinct in the State, Prohibiting Voting without Such Registration.... "Senate Joint Resolution or Bill No.6. "To Submit to the People...an Amendment ...Relating to the Qualifications of Electors...." Related newspaper clipping.

F 11 Senate Bill No.109. "To Encourage and Promote Home Ownership in Oklahoma ...."

F 12 Senate Bill No.148. "Fixing the Compensation of Election Officers." Co-authored by WC.

Sixth Oklahoma Legislature (1917 - 1918)

F 13 House Bill No.10. "To Define and Prohibit Unfair Discrimination, Providing a Penalty for the Violation Hereof, Defining the Powers and Duties of the Attorney General ...."

F 14 House Bill No.55. "The Workmen's Compensation Law." Committee substitute; co-authored by WC.

F 15 House Bill No.81. "Authorizing and Directing School District Boards and Boards of Education to Furnish School Text Books, Pencils, Tablets, Maps, Reference Books and Other School Supplies, for the Free Use of Pupils Attending School." Co-authored by WC; newspaper clipping attached to back.

F 16 House Bill No.109. "Making an Appropriation for the Purpose of Constructing and Equipping a Building for the School of Commerce and Industry at the University of Oklahoma ...."

F 17 House Bill No.126. "Authorizing the Corporation Commission...to Prescribe and Establish Standards for the Installation and Maintenance of Wires, Cables, and Other Appliances Used for Conducting Electricity; ...Electrical Inspector." WC bill; committee substitute.

F 18 House Bill No.128. "Providing for the Inspection of Steam Boilers, Authorizing the Appointment of a State Boiler Inspector ...." House Bill No.146. "To Define the Occupation of Peddler ...."

F 19 House Bill No.311. "Relating to the Redemption of Real and Personal Property When Sold for Debt or by Foreclosure ...." Co-authored by WC.

F 20 House Bill No.421. "Providing for the Examination and Licensing of Coal Miners, Providing for the Appointment of Miners' Examining Boards in Each Coal Producing County in the State ...." Substitute bill; co-authored by WC.

F 21 House Bill No.571. "Providing for the Payment of a Tax on Choices in Action, Exempting Choices in Action from Other Taxation, ...." Substitute bill.

F 22 House Bill No.582. "Providing for the Making of Assessment and Tax Rolls, the Writing of Tax Receipts in Advance of Tax Paying Time...."

F 23 House Bill No.585. "Concerning Land Titles and Providing for the Adoption by the State of Oklahoma of What Is Commonly Called the Torrens System of Land Registration."

F 24 House Bill No.628. "To Provide for the Organization, Equipment, Discipline, Regulation, and Pay of the National Guard by the State of Oklahoma."

F 25 House Bill No.653. "Providing for the Organization, Maintenance and Support of Schools Not Included in Cities of the First Class or Independent Districts, to Equalize Taxation for the Support of Such Schools."

F 26 House Bill No.654. "Providing for a Lien on Personal Property for Labor, Money, Material or Supplies in the Producing of, Altering or Repairing of Said Personal Property ...." Co-authored by WC.

F 27 Joint Resolution No.3. "Memorial Favoring Submission of a Constitutional Amendment ...to the Legislatures of the States to Elect the President of the United States by Direct Vote." Co-authored by WC.

F 28 House Joint Resolution No.13. "To Propose an Amendment ...Regulating the Making of Appropriations by the Legislature of the State of Oklahoma in Regular Session."

F 29 Senate Bill No.18. "Dividing the Fourteenth Senatorial District into Nominating Districts."

F 30 Senate Bill No.36. "Validating and Declaring Legal Certain Tax Levies for the Fiscal Year Beginning July 1, 1916."

F 31 Senate Bill No.60. "Fixing the Salary of Judges of the District Courts in the State of Oklahoma, and Providing for Payment of Their Expenses Incurred in the Discharge of Their Duties ...."

F 32 Senate Bill No.84. "Fixing the Fees and Salaries of County and District Officers ...."

F 33 Senate Bill No.108. "Amending Sections 5 and 6 of Chapter 38 of the Session Laws of Oklahoma for 1913 -- Thresher's Liens." Typewritten note to WC.

F 34 Senate Bill No.137. "Exempting Game Animals, Such as Deer, Buffalo, Elk, and Antelope, from Taxation ... ."

F 35 Senate Bill No.339. "To Provide for the Organization, Equipment, Discipline, Regulation, and Pay of the National Guard of the State of Oklahoma."

F35B Senate Bill No. 213. "Establishes the Russell Industrial School."

F35C Senate Bill No. 387. "For the construction and equipment of the Geological building at the University of Oklahoma."

F 36 Senate Bill No.402. "Regulating the Sale of Gasoline and Prescribing the Character of Measure to Be Used in the Sale of the Same."

F 37 Senate Bill No.439. "Providing that Soldiers and Sailors on Actual Duty ... May Exercise the Rights of Franchise at All ... Elections."

Fifth and Sixth Oklahoma Legislatures (1915-1918)

F 38 House Bill No.82. "Allowing County Commissioners to Pay a Bounty for Crows, Jack Rabbits, and Prairie Dogs ... ."

F38B House Bill No. 584. Usury Bill. (1917).

F 39 House Bill (unnumbered). "Providing for the Protection of the Fish of Coal County." WC bill.

F 40 House Bill (unnumbered). To amend the Oklahoma Constitution to require literacy in order to be able to vote. WC bill.

F 41 House Bill (unnumbered). Assessors Bill. Handwritten draft.

F 42 House Joint Resolution No.23. "Waiving the State's Immunity from Suit on Certain State Warrants, Commonly Known as `Red Book' and `Leader Printing Company' Warrants."

Seventh Oklahoma Legislature (1919 - 1920)

F 43 Senate Bill No.5. "Providing for Uniform Free Text Books." Co-authored by WC.

F 44 Senate Bill No.135. "To Prevent Unfairness, Imposition or Fraud in the Sale or Disposition of Certain `Securities' Here in Defined ...."

F 45 Senate Bill No.266. "Concerning Annuities or Benefits for Teachers Retired after Specified Years of Service and Age or for Disability ...." Co-authored by WC.

F 46 Senate Concurrent Resolution No.10. "Providing for the Submission of a Proposition to Amend the Constitution ...to Provide for the Construction ...of a Statewide System of Durable, Hard-surfaced Roads ...." Co-authored by WC.

F 47 Senate Joint Resolution No.10. "Proposing an Amendment to ...the Constitution ...Providing for the Construction of a Statewide System of Durable Hard-surfaced Roads ...."

F 48 House Bill No. 24. "Providing for the Levying of a School District for the Purpose of Buying and Furnishing Free Text Books and Supplies ...." Co-authored by WC. Substitute bill.

F 49 House Bill No.175. "Concerning Annuities or Benefits for Teachers and Other School Employees ...."

F 50 House Bill No.178. "To Protect the Public from Unqualified Persons Undertaking to Practice Law ...."

F 51 House Joint Resolution No.3. "Submitting a Proposed Constitutional Amendment, Providing for a Graduated Tax on Excessive Land Holdings." Co-authored by WC. Related newspaper clipping, resolution, and manuscript speech.

F 52 Joint Resolution (unnumbered). Constitutional amendment to coincide elections of county officers and State House with that of Governor and other state officials.

Eighth Oklahoma Legislature (1921 - 1922)

F 53 Senate Bill (unnumbered). "Prohibiting the Hunting, Trapping, Killing or Otherwise Destroying of Quail for a Period of Ten Years ...."Co-authored by WC.

F 54 Senate Resolution (unnumbered). Resolution in honor of Abraham Lincoln's birthday. WC Resolution. House Bill No.122. "Providing for a Salary for County Assessors and Deputy County Assessors ...."

Seventh or Eighth Oklahoma Legislature (1919 - 1922)

F 55 Senate Bill (unnumbered). "Authorizing and Empowering the People Living in Independent School Districts or Common School Districts to Vote an Excess Levy for School Purposes."

F 56 Senate Resolution (unnumbered). Resolution relating to remarks of Senator McIntosh. WC resolution.

F 57 Senate Joint Resolution (unnumbered). "Providing for a Commission to Investigate, Collect Data Concerning Teachers' Annuities and Disability Acts ...." WC resolution.

F57B Senate Bill No. 171. Deals with teacher's retirement, disability, annuity and benefit fund. (1921).

F 58 Senate Joint Resolution (unnumbered). "Amending the Constitution so as to Reduce the Members of the Legislature."

F 59 Proposed Concurrent Resolution. Resolution favoring the establishment of a League of Nations. Supporting pamphlet and newspaper clipping from the League to Enforce Peace.

Undated Legislation

F 60 Bill (unnumbered). "Prohibiting the Conducting of Traveling Attractions, Vaudeville Shows, Moving Pictures Shows or Other Entertainments ...Certain Hours ...."

F 61 Bill (unnumbered). "Authorizing the Holding of Certain Courts of Inquiry, Investigation and Examination into the Violation of any Law of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Legislature: Correspondence (A - N)

F 62 "A" Correspondence.

Abney, L. D. (1919). Opinions on various candidates.
Acree, F. A. (1917). Change in school law.
Acree, W. F.(1917, 1919, 1921). Campbell-Russell Bill; unpaid bank note; general news.
Albright, Walter F. (1917). House Bill 136 and Senate Bill 87.
Alexander, W. L. (1918). Personal news.
Allen, Bridger B. (1918). Personal news.
Allen, Douglas, Jr. (1915). Removal of R. F. D. carrier.
Allen, Gertrude H. (1926). Application for secretarial post.
Archer, O. G. (1917). Legislature's bettering conditions of public ways.
Arnett, George T. (1921). Idabel as a site for WC law practice. Letter is from W. J. H. [William J. Holloway].
Atoka Superintendent of Schools (1917). Application to teach in Atoka schools.

F 63 "Ba" Correspondence.

Baggett, Berry (1914). Request for inspector appointment.
Ball, J. P. (1915). Agricultural reports for Coal County.
Banta, Ira J. (1917). Resolution of Atoka County Bar Association regarding judicial district.
Barnett, J. C. (1921). State appropriation for vocational education.
Barnhardt, C. C. (1914). Application for Chaplain of the Oklahoma House.
Barrett, Charles F. (1926, n.d.). Congratulations; surety bonds to finance National Guard.
Barton, Mildred. (1921). Personal news from former pupil.
Basel, M. E. (1921). Support of teachers' pension bill.
Bates, H. S. (1921). Appropriation and payment of note.
Battenburg, J. P. (1919). Thank-you for Northwestern Normal School appropriation.
Baxendale, John (1919). Request for copy of Boiler Inspection Bill.
Bay, Leslie E. (1917, 1921). Election of WC as Young Democrat delegate; Free Textbook Bill.

F 64 "Be" Correspondence.

Beaird, Ted M. (1925). Request for WC support for University of Oklahoma Association Executive Board position.
Beams, Jesse (1926). Request for loan.
Beard, Ollie L. (n.d.). Call for disbursement of Choctaw and Chickasaw allocation.
Beattie, Lawrence E. (n.d.). Personal news.
Bennett, Henry G. (1919-1921). Oklahoma Education Association meeting; WC application for position at Southeastern State; appropriation for building at Southeastern.
Bernheimer, Charles F. (1915). International Public Opinion Plan.
Berry, J. W. (1916). Congratulations; support.
Black, G. W. (1916). Application for Sergeant-at-Arms of Oklahoma House.
Black, Lannie (1917). Suggestion that notary commission be made good throughout entire state.
Black, Orlando (1921, 1926). Letter of recommendation.

F 65 "Bl - Bo" Correspondence.

Blaine, Thomas R. (1921). Personal news.
Blake, C. S. (1917). Boiler Inspection Bill.
Bobo, L. P. (1925). WC expense account settlement.
Bogy, J. A. (1916-1917). Registration Bill and Workmen's Compensation Bill.
Bolend, Floyd J. (1920). Appointment of WC to Committee for Reception and Entertainment of General John J. Pershing.
Bonds, Wilmon A. (1926) Appointment of brother to Annapolis.
Bottoms, P. L. (1914). Application for Doorkeeper of the Oklahoma House.
Bowman, John (1918). Proposed Prohibition amendment.
Boyle, Ed (1921). Suggestions for State Mining Board.

F 66 "Bra" - "Briles" Correspondence.

Bradley, Professor (1921). General solicitation.
Bradley, G. F. (n.d.). Request for list of principals and teachers.
Bradley, Ruth (1921). Municipal corporation exam for WC from University of Chicago.
Bradshaw, S. D. (1917). Usury Bill.
Brady, George F. (1917). House Bill 345.
Brady, S. E. (1917). House Bill 146 (Peddlers' Bill).
Brain, W. T. (1918). WC State Senate campaign.
Branom, J. W. (1917). Usury Bill.
Brewer, Otto A. (1921). Location of WC law practice.
Brewster, Omar (1925). Meeting postponement.
Briggs, Claud (1917, 1921, 1926). Free Textbook Bill; criticism of J. B. Harper and banking interests.
Briles, Charles W. (1915, 1917, 1921). Thank-you; WC request for school loan; support for vocational education; WC work.

F 67 "Brinkworth" - "Bro" Correspondence.

Brinkworth, Frank (1915, 1917). Miners' Certification Bill; Workmen's Compensation Bill.
Briscoe, B. R. (1914). Application for Meat Inspectorship.
Brooks, Marian Stuart (1917). Drafting of soldiers.
Brooks, Stratton D. (1915, 1917, 1919, 1921). Appointment of WC as inventory clerk; OU appropriations; appointment of WC as Law Librarian; salary levels; summer law work; recommendation; Senate Bill 92; invitation.
Brooks, W. A. (1917). Request for bond information.
Brown, Earl A. (1921). Appointment of district judge; personal.
Brown, R. B. (1915). Support for Farm Bill.
Brown, R. E. (1921). Masonic dues.

F 68 "Bru" - "By" Correspondence.

Bruce, J. E. (1921, n.d.). Senate Bills 213-216; House Bill 327.
Bruner, J. W. (1926). Baptist solicitation.
Brunson, D. D. (1914, 1918). Recommendation of T. W. Hunter as Speaker of the House; House campaign; draft deferral charges.
Bryan County Citizens (1917). Signed petitions in opposition to Senate Bill 154 (chiropractors).
Bunch, C. Dick (1915, 1917, 1921). House Bills 219 (county officers); and 314; Senate Bill 351 (county officers' salaries).
Burns, Charles (1921). Support of vocational education.
Burum, A. T. (n.d.). Personal news.
Busby, Orel (1926). Exchange of congratulations.
Butler, Frank C. (1926). Thank-you.
Byars, Hoyal (1921). Invitation to inspection of Platt National Park.

F 69 "Ca" - "Carter, Charles D." Correspondence.

Caldwell, R. M. (1920). Appropriation for Oklahoma Business Academy.
Calloway, R. E. (1921). Support of Senate Bill 8 (Good Roads).
Cameron, W. P. K. (1916). Enclosing three signed petitions opposing poll tax.
Campbell, W. P. (1917). Solicitation from Oklahoma Historical Society.
Cane, Charlie (1918). Thank-you from WC.
Capshaw, Fred (1924). Solicitation for WC support.
Cardwell, L. V. (1917). Support of House Bills 312 and 313.
Carmichael, G. A. (1921). Personal news.
Carroll, R. W. (1926). Aid for bigamy conviction.
Carter, Charles D. (1924, 1926- 1927, n.d.). Form letters on work in House concerning agriculture, Indian Affairs, etc.; list of Farmers' Bulletins; speech on the McNary-Haugen Bill; WC thank-you's.

F 70 "Carter, J. W." - "Chi" Correspondence.

Carter, J. W. (1916-1917, 1921). Criticism of Usury Bill; Peddlers' Bill; Tax Extension Bill.
Cartwright, J. R. -- WC's Father (1921, 1926). Personal; solicitation to O. W. T. Henderson for House Chaplainship.
Cartwright, W. D. (1921, 1924). Stock law; recommendation of I. L. Cook candidacy.
Cartwright, W. O. (1926). Invitation to picnic.
Case, C. B. (1921). Opposition to House Bill 259 (Stenographers).
Cates, Albert (1917). Support for State Hospital Bill; Coal County Medical Association resolution included.
Chancellor, R. L. (1917). Opposition to Horse Breeding Bill.
Chapman, W. L. (1917). Support of J. M. Aydelotte for Interstate Commerce Commission vacancy.
Chase, W. A. (1916). Clifford Cartwright's application for Senate page.
Chase, W. H. (1917). Opposition of Oklahoma City Trades and Labor Council to House Bill 136 and Senate Bill 87.
Chesnut, R. A. (1921). Support of House Bill 294 (County Unit Bill).
Childers, C. C. (1914, 1926). Candidacy for State House Speakership; WC support of Cooper E. Davis for Corporation Commission post. Childers 1914 campaign card attached.
Childs, (Mrs.) Fred (1921). Support for Mother and Children's Bill.

F 71 "Cl" - "Con" Correspondence.

Clark, J. B. (1917). OU Medical department appropriation.
Clark, J. E. T. (1916-1917, 1921). Opposition to Poll Tax and other disfranchisement methods; publishing costs. Includes copies of petitions.
Clark, J. W. (1921). Judicial redistricting; Quail Law.
Cleveland, C. E. (1921). Personal news.
Clifford, Warren H. (1921-1922). House Bill 424; printing charges; campaign advertising.
Cline, Tilman (1917). Application to teach in Atoka schools.
Cloyd, Richard H. (1921, 1926). Membership in OU Alumni Association; picture.
Coalgate Citizens State Bank (1921). Note payment.
Coalgate Security State Bank (1921). Note payment.
Cobb, Lillian L. (1916). Application for State House postmistress position.
Cofer, T. W. (1917). Political opinions.
Coffee, J. A. (1917). Public Weighers and Free Textbook bills.
Commoner, The (1921). Subscription renewal.
Connally, Claude (1919, 1926). Support for House Bill 371; support for House Bill 104 (factory inspectors); thank-you.

F 72 "Coo" - "Cra" Correspondence.

Cook. I. L. (1926). Congratulations.
Coone, John J. (1919, 1922). Personal news; veteran's claim.
Cooper, J. W. (1916). Signed petitions opposing poll tax.
Cooper, William A. (1922). Returned check.
Cordell, Harry B. (1926). Recommendation of Cooper E. Davis.
Cordell, J. M. (1917). Request for letter of recommendation.
Cornell, G. W. (1916-1917). Criticism of Pres. Woodrow Wilson (form letter); opposition to Senate Bill 111 and House Bill 154 (Chiropractors).
Courtwright, M. A. (1917, 1921, 1926). School appropriations; school legislation; congratulations and proposed legislation.
Covey, Russell (1921). Substitute teacher for WC's class.
Covington, J. M. (1921). Opposition to various legislation listed by number.
Cowan, Thomas (1915). Support for bill to provide Miners' Examination Board.
Cox, Hugh L. (1917, 1920-1921). Public weighing legislation; application for principal of Central Ward school.
Crabtree, Ernest (1921). Inquiry after law position.
Crawford, Velva (n.d.). Thank-you (fragment).

F 73 "Cre" - "Cu" Correspondence.

Creamer, J. J. (1919). Home Loan F.
Crim, J. H. (1921). Supporting House Bill 227 (abstracting).
Crowder, J. E. (n.d.). Support for Legal Procedures Bill.
Cunningham, Gus (1916). Aid for consolidated schools.
Cunningham, J. Lee (1921). County Unit Plan. Attached is Report of the County School Superintendent of Chavez County, New Mexico, 1917-1921.
Cusenbery, J. M. (1917). Letter of recommendation for WC.
Cutler, C. E. B. (1916). Reply to published criticism of WC.

F 74 "Da" Correspondence.

Dale, Frank (1917). Law practice while in army.
Daughty, W. F. (1921). WC position in federal government.
Davenport, James S. (1920). Form inquiry for "loyal Democrats."
Davenport Slide Company (1922). Campaign slides for use in theaters.
Davidson, R. B. (1921). Request for copies of various Senate bills.
Davidson, T. H. (1917). Invitation to Oklahoma Free State Fair; complimentary ticket attached.
Davis, A. B. (1921). Durant Chamber of Commerce request for appropriation for Southeastern State Normal School.
Davis, C. A. (1917). Receipt of checks.
Davis, Cooper E. (1926). Campaign news; job help.
Davis, Frank P. (1914, 1917). Congratulations; general news; request for copy of University Magazine.
Dawley, S. M. (1915). Support for bill requiring miner certification. Attached clipping on Muskogee Central Trades and Labor Council.
Day, Jean P. (1916). Offer of use of law office to WC.

F 75 "De" - "Du" Correspondence.

DeBarr, Edwin C. (1917, 1921). Letter of recommendation for WC; support for House Bill 446.
Dickens, (Mrs.) Charles (1921). Rent payment.
Dickson, A. E. (1924). List of school board members.
Dickson, Archie L. (1924). "Ford" poem.
Dillon, J. M. (1921). Death of son at Granite Reformatory.
Disney, R. L. (1916). Congratulations; request for support for House Speakership.
Dittmer, H. (1915). Support for House Bill 106 (Workmen's Compensation).
Douglas, Edna (1925). Letter of recommendation.
Douglas, Ira (1921). Personal news.
Douglas, Stephen A. (1914). State capitol construction.
Dowd, Jerome (1917). Regulation of motion pictures. Copy of proposed legislation attached.
Drake, Howard M. (1916). Asking WC for letter in support of new education building at OU.
Duffy, P. O. (1917). Support of House Bill 206 (excise board authority).
Duncan, J. C. (1921). University appropriation.
Durant Automobile Owners (1919). Petition opposing House Bill 509 (motor vehicle tax).
Durant Chamber of Commerce (1921). Support for Senate Bills 208, 213-216.
Durant Democrat (1921). Thank-you; bill.
Durant Weekly News (1921). Bill.
Durant, W. A. (1916). Congratulations.
Durham, Virgil H. (1917). School legislation.
Duvall, A. O. (1926). Campaign news.

F 76 "E" Correspondence.

Earle, J. B. (1919). Summer teach employment; Quail Bill.
Edwards, Ed. S. (1915). Support of Miners Examination Board Bill.
Eichols, H. M. (1915, 1917). Letter of recommendation; Free Textbook Bill.
Elam, R. M. (1917). Support of Trading Stamp Bill.
Ellard, J. W. (1917). Support of Peddlers Bill.
Elliott, A. J. (1917). Personal news.
Elliott, James (1917). Workman's Compensation Bill.
Elmore, Leroy (1920). Highway laws.
Elrod, R. C. (1921). County officials' salaries.
Engler, W. P. (1922). State farm loan.
Entre Nous Club (1919). Invitation; dance program.
Erwin, L. E. (1917). Bill to prohibit admission charges at various attractions.
Evan, E. (1921). House Bill 424 (printing claims).
Evans and Warren, Chiropractors (1921). Senate Bill 35 (Chiropractors Board).
Everidge, Earle (1922). Solicitation of printing work.

F 77 "Fa" - "Fip" Correspondence.

Falkenstein, Allan (1921). Request for law volumes.
Farmers State Grain Dealers Association (1917). Grain and cotton exchanges; grain inspection.
Farris, Tennessee (n.d.). Letter of recommendation.
Fautt, R. J. (1915). Support of Miners Bill.
Fenton, Edgar (n.d.). Affidavit as President of Oklahoma State Federation of Labor.
Ferrel, L. A. (1921, 1926). School district bookkeeping; dairy industry and tuberculosis; movie censorship note; campaign. Includes copy of letter to Governor J. B. A. Robertson.
Ferris, Scott (1918). Form letters and speech concerning war effort.
Finley, James (1921). University appropriation; personal news.
Fipp, Ed (1921). Rental payment.

F 78 "Fir" - "Fu" Correspondence.

First State Bank of Clarita (1921). Opposition to House Bill 404.
Fisher, J. P. (1915-1917). Resolution on convict versus free (union) labor; House Bill 55.
Fitzgerald, Sam F. (1915, 1917, 1921). Request for letter of recommendation; deputy assessor's salary; employment.
Flournoy, J. R. (1921). Soldiers' bonus.
Forbes, O. C. (1917). WC request for duplicate insurance policy.
Foster, Ira (1917). Bill regarding liens on motor vehicles.
Francis, Joseph F. (1921). Personal news.
Franklin, L. L. (1926). Problems of fourth-class postmasters.
Franklin, William M. (1915, 1926). Invitation to visit; congratulations.
Fulton, J. S. (1921). University appropriations.

F 79 "Ga" - "Gl" Correspondence.

Gable, G. W. (1915). Appropriation for Northeastern State Normal School.
Gallaher, Harry (1921). Chiropractor recommendation.
Gassaway, P. L. (1926). Congratulations and recommended appointment.
Garey, Earl C. (1922). Returned check.
Gaugh, Thomas (1915, 1917). Opposition to Miners Examining Board; reply to letter; baggage car legislation.
Gibson, Oscar (1915, 1917). Application for deputy inspector (State Board of Agriculture); death of father.
Gill, William (1919, 1921-1922). Request for endorsement; hotel expenses for district court reporters; political news.
Gittinger, Roy (1920). WC application.
Glasco, E. E. (1914, 1916). Opposition to Workmen's Compensation Bill; Usury Bill; candidacy for State House Speakership.

F 80 "Go" - "Gu" Correspondence.

Godfrey, (Mrs.) Jessie (1914). Widow's compensation.
Gordon, J. M. (1917, 1919). Normal School Districting Bill; WC credits.
Gore, Thomas P. (1917). Draft law cases.
Goulding, P. J. (1914). Invitation to visit State Capitol Commission.
Greenan, Patsy (1921). Opposition to Quail Bill; Real Estate Bill; university appropriation.
Gregg, J. W. (n.d.). Church building.
Gregory, G. W. (1917). WC application to teach school at Tupelo.
Griffin, G. A. (1919). Loan to WC.
Griffith, Melvin L. (1921). WC law practice location.
Grumbine, Grant B. (1916). Teaching of summer school.
Gum, F. S. (1917). Opposition to Senate Bill 5 (deficiency judgements).

F 81 "Ha" - "Harreld" Correspondence.

Hager, O. O. (1921). Support of vocational education.
Haile, Tom G. (1916). Congratulations.
Hale, M. J. (1926). Letter of recommendation for Audra Seaburn.
Hall, Charles E. (1921). Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce on State Hospital for Disabled Veterans.
Hall, J. P. (1921). WC record at University of Oklahoma Law School.
Hall, W. B. (n.d.). Letter of support.
Hamilton, W. M. (1921). Deposit slip.
Hammand, M. P. (1921). WC application to teach at Hugo.
Hardy, Summers (1917). WC admission to Oklahoma Bar.
Harley, John T. (1917). Legislation.
Harlow, Rex F. (1922, 1926). Alleged misrepresentation of WC in Harlow's Weekly; general.
Harlow, Victor (1921). Copy of session laws.
Harper and Brothers (1917, 1920). Book order.
Harreld, John W. (1921). WC letter of recommendation for William Noble.

F 82 "Harris" - "He" Correspondence.

Harris, A. D. (1916). Suggestion on assessment policy.
Harris, I . (1917). House bills 2 (consolidated schools) and 81 (free text books).
Harris, Marshall W. (1916). Request for funds for OU business building.
Harris, S. H. (1917). Oklahoma game laws.
Harris, T. E. (n.d.). Application for prohibition officer.
Harris, T. J. (1920-1921). Interest on loan.
Harrison, Benjamin F. (1914). Request for support for State House Speakership.
Harrison, Charles S. (1917). Support of Oklahoma Employers Association for Senate Bill 280 (libel) and opposition to House Bill 55 (Workmen's Compensation).
Harrison, Walter M. (1916). Request for photograph; list of Oklahomans at training camp.
Harrison, William H. (1917). Support for House bills 247 (highway robberies) and 255 (gas taxes and auto theft).
Hastings, W. W. (1926). Franking privileges; committee assignment; congratulations.
Hayes, J. E. (1924). Receipt of letter.
Heck, C. B. (1921). Senate Bill 13 (Warehouse Bill).
Hefley, Almer D. (1926). Christmas greetings.
Henry, E. G. (1921). Increase in county deputy salaries.
Henry, Ernest (1921). Group support of Free Textbook Bill.
Henton, Edward W. (1921). Address sent.
Herring, William C. (1917). Senate Bill 12a.

F 83 "Hi" - "Hot" Correspondence.

Hickman, John R. (1918). WC candidacy for State Senate.
Hickman, M. B. (1921). Senate bills 208, 213-216.
Hicks, William M. (1926). Oklahoma Co-operative Peace Community Clubs forms; personal news.
Hightower, Ewell A. (1921). Opposition to Senate Bill 297.
Hobbie, H. (1916). Signed petition opposing poll tax.
Hodges, Bert C. (1916, 1920-1921). Legislative work; Speakership candidacy; special legislative session; game laws.
Hof---, George (n.d.). Opposition to prohibition.
Holland, Emmett N. (1917, 1921). Request for bill; intoxicating liquor statute.
Holley, E. D. (1926). Request for recommendation.
Holliday, T. F. (1917). Letter of recommendation.
Holloway, W. J. (1926). WC recommendation for F. J. Hilburn.
Holman, Lynn (1917). Request for debate material.
Hooper, W. M. (1921). Old Fellows dues.
Hott, Willis (1917). Declining invitations.

F 84 "Hou" - "I" Correspondence.

House Farmers Caucus (1912, 1917). List of members; resolution supporting Robert L. Owen, with "Abstract of Legislative Work in Which Senator ... Owen Actively Participated, December 16, 1907, to March 1, 1912" attached. WC was secretary of the caucus.
House, L. C. (1917). Motion picture censorship. Newspaper clipping attached.
Howell, C. M. (1926). Upcoming legislation; Oklahoma Education Association matters.
Howell, C. W. (1921). Support of school legislation.
Hozier, (Mrs.) I. R. (1921). Aloysius Larch-Miller Memorial.
Huckins, Joseph, Jr. (1914). Advertisement for Lee-Huckins Hotel.
Hudson, L. A. (1921). Opposition to House Bill 327.
Hudson, Wash (1914). Candidacy for State House Speakership; campaign card attached.
Huggins, A. H. (1921). Request for statutes and session laws.
Humphrey, W. C. (1917). Interest in rural schools.
Humphrey, J. M. (1918). Invitation to speak.
Hunsucker, Ted (1923). Thank-you.
Hunter, T. W. (1914). Candidacy for State House Speakership.
Hutto, R. W. (1926). Solicitation for Oklahoma University Union building.
Ingle, W. A. (1921). School legislation.
Irwin, Bonnie (1926). Application for secretarial post.
Ivy Grove Woodmen Circle (1916). Signed petition opposing poll tax.

F 85 "Ja" - "Johnston, Henry S." Correspondence.

Jackson, Katheryn E. (1919). Product exhibit at fair.
James, Ben (1921). Tulsa Trades and Labor Council opposition to anti-labor laws.
Jameson, C. H. (1921). Personal news.
Jameson, (Mrs.) M. (1921). Death of son.
Jennings, George H. "Al" (1917). Request for statutes and session laws.
Johnson, G. E. (1919). Notice of book publication.
Johnson, H. M. (1914). Campaign assessment.
Johnson, Lula (1921). Appropriation for Oklahoma University Correspondence Studies Division.
Johnson, Wendell (1920). Candidacy for State League of Young Democrats' Presidency.
Johnston County Demo Club (1916). Support for Registration Bill.
Johnston, Henry S. (1926). WC letters of recommendation for several people.

F 86 ""Johnston, J. H." - "Jon" Correspondence.

Johnston, J. H. (1917). House Bill 78.
Johnston, W. C. (1921). Invitation to Oklahoma University Engineering Open House.
Jones, Arthur (1915). Support for House Bill 331 (municipal audits).
Jones, Robertson (1917). House Bill 128 (Boiler Inspector).
Jones, Harry (1917). Soldiers' appropriation.
Jones, L. D. (1926). Request for letter of recommendation; copy of WC letter to Henry S. Johnston attached.
Jones, Nell (1921). Possible school closing.
Jones, R. L. (1924). Name of delegate.
Jones, Ray (1920). Support of Free Textbook Bill.
Jones, W. A. (1916). Usury Bill.
Jones, W. M. (1916). Signed petition opposing poll tax.

F 87 "K" Correspondence.

K----, Oscar (1915). Support of Miners Bill and Textbook Bill.
Kendall, Willmoore (1914). Candidacy for Oklahoma State House Chaplainship.
Kerr, Clay W. (1926). Deferment of Krebs School Report.
Kerr, Eugene M. (1916). Job application of Clifford Cartwright.
Kerr, Robert S. (1926). Request for WC to resign from American Legion committee.
Key, George D. (1926). Democratic Congressional committee meeting; Democratic Executive Committee meeting.
Kim, Franz J. (1921). Support of Senate Bill 349 (court reporters).
Kinsey, E. T. (1917). Opposition to Campbell-Russell 12a.
Knepper, F. C. (1917). Protest for non-payment of check.
Knie, Robert L. (1918). Home Guards of Washita County.
Kulp, Victor H. (1917, 1926). Federal judicial salaries, congratulations.

F 88 "La" - "Leo" Correspondence.

Lacy, R. M. (1917). Support for Senate Bill 35 and House Bill 55 (compensation) from Coalgate Trades Council.
Lafayette, Ben F. (1921). Letter transmitting Jefferson Day address by Homer S. Cummings.
La Moore, Parker (1927). Subscription to My Oklahoma.
Lane, J. E. (1916). Congratulations.
Lankford, J. D. (1917). Support of "Blue Sky" law.
Lasley, L. Z. (1921). County Attorney Bill; copy of proposed bill attached.
Lee, Josh (1926). American Legion Oratorical Contest.
Leecraft, A. N. (1922). Possible candidacy.
Leerhcove, J. T. (1917). Campbell-Russell 12.
LeFlore, Louis (1926). Request for endorsement.
Lehigh News (1917). Senate Bill 229.
Leister, L. B. (1919). Bank note; personal regards.
Leonard, J. C. (1919). Census clerk examination; material from U.S. School of Civil Service.
Leonard, R. O. (1926). Request for endorsement.

F 89 "Lew" - "Logan, David" Correspondence.

Lewis, A. R. (n.d.). Application for State Health Inspectorship.
Lewis, Frank (1921). Support of Quail Bill.
Lindsey, J. L. (1915). WC's duties as inventory clerk.
Linebaugh, J. H. (1916-1917, 1921). Judicial reform; judicial legislation in House and Senate.
Linscheid, A. (1921). Information on normal schools.
Linthicum, Ed (1924). Letter of support.
Lockhart Oil Company (1917). Opposition to House Bill 8.
Logan, David M. (1921). Teachers' pension bill.

F 90 "Logan, Lenard" - "Ly" Correspondence.

Logan, Lenard (1920). Democratic county convention.
Long, LeRoy (1917, 1921). School of Medicine appropriations.
Long, R. E. (1921). Opposition to Senate Bills 251-252; support for Senate Bill 316.
Loving, J. G. (1917). Bank note; Workmen's Compensation Bill; Bank Burglary Bill.
Lowry, Fred (1921). House insurance.
Lunsford, William F. (1921). State Health Inspectorship; campaign news.
Lutes, L. H. (1921). Bokchito petition opposing Quail Bill.
Lyon, J. L. (1916). Offer of assistance.

F 91 "McA" - "McK" Correspondence.

McAlister, W. C. (1920, 1922). Letter of recommendation for Claud Stevens; request for State Directory.
McBride, Emma (1921). Bill to raise salaries for county deputy.
McCallum, Olivia (1921). Teachers' Pension Bill.
McClearey, Virginia (1917). No vacancy in Atoka schools.
McClellan, J. C. (1921). Senate Bill 35 and House Bill 41 support.
McCollister, J. O. (1916). Support of Mr. Petry for State House Speakership.
McCrory, A. (1914). Congratulations; candidacy for State House Speakership.
McCurdy, W. M. (1917). Opposition to House Bill 146 (Peddlers Bill).
McDaniels, D. S. (1921). Senate Bill 6.
McGhee, C. H. (1914). Candidacy for State House Chaplainship.
McGowan, W. E. (1926). Invitation to meeting of County Commissioners Association.
McIntyre, W. A. (1915). American Portland Cement Association support for concrete paving.
McKeown, Tom D. (1916-1919, 1921). McKeown campaign; loan request; recommendation for George Black for State House Sergeant-at-Arms; WC application for secretarial or other position; request for copy of Manual and Digest of the House.

F 92 "McL" - May" Correspondence.

McLaughlan, Dan (1915, 1917). Opposition to Blue Laws; reduction in size of legislature, Bone Dry Bill; Attorney-General Bill.
McTaggart, A. M. (1921). Personal note.
Maloy, Flora (1921). Support for vocational education appropriation.
Mantz, I. P. (1916). Farm Credit Plan.
March, J. G. (1914, 1921). Congratulations; letter of introduction for I. R. McCan.
Marguess, J. M. (1921). Appropriation for Langston University.
Mathis, Cad (1926). Expenses.
Matson, Smith C. (1916). Attorney-General's answers to questions concerning election registration law.
Maxey, N. B. (1914). Candidacy for State House Speakership.
Maxwell, B. C. (1917). Supporting House Bill 229 (audits).
Maxwell, S. A. (1916-1917). Usury Law; bank note; political news.
Mayer, Mike (1916). Petition against Registration Bill.
Maytubby, J. S. (1916-1917, 1922). Advice on politics; book purchase; request for list.

F 93 "Me" - "Monk" Correspondence.

Meacham, Egbert J. (1920). Candidacy for presidency of League of Young Democrats of Oklahoma.
Meacham, George A., Jr. (1921). Request to handle suit.
Melton, Alger (1917). Political bickering with T. P. Gore.
Merrill, Maurice H. (1921). Article on legislative procedures; request for copy of Senate rules.
Messenger, E. F. (1915). Resolution opposing placing of additional financial burdens on state business enterprises.
Mills, M. H. (1921). Death of J. M. Dillon's son.
Milstein, Morris (1921). Opposition to Senate Bills 213- 216.
Mitcham, Tom (1916, 1921). Support of Senate Bills 208, 213-216, 351; dormitory for girls at Chickasha.
Monk, Dudley (1916). Candidacy of Bert C. Hodges for State House Speakership. Card attached.

F 94 "Monn" - "Moore" Correspondence.

Monnet, Julian C. (1917, 1919-1921). Law Librarian position; letter of recommendation; law school hours; petition to graduate.
Moore, L. F. (1921). Financial relief.
Moore, Warren S. (1917). Support for House bill 314.

F 95 "Moorm" - "My" Correspondence.
Moorman, James (1917). Support for House Bill 62 (Railway Car Shop Bill).
Morley, S. L. (1917). Letter of recommendation for N. A. Steelman.
Morris, Joe S. (1916). Statement of campaign expenses.
Mullen, P. J. (1917). Support for House bill 146 (Peddlers Bill). Copy of bill attached.

Murray, J. I. (1914). State political news.
Murray, William H. (1916-1917). Letters of recommendation; support of funds for publication of state constitutional convention debates and proceedings.
Myer, Ruth G. (1926). Newspaper; congratulations.

F 96 "Na" - "No" Correspondence.

Nash, Mell A. (1922, 1926). Campaign; Child Health Day.
Neal, Tom W. (1916, 1920). Candidacy for State House Speakership; judicial candidacy.
Nesbitt, Paul (n.d., 1916). Support of Workmen's Compensation Act; house organization.
Nevius, Avon M. (1926). Invitation to banking.
Newby, Everett R. (1921). Request for roster of Senate of Eighth Legislature.
Newman, P. A. (1915). United Mine Workers objection to part of House Bill 163.
Nice, L. B. (1916). Preservation of Oklahoma wildlife.
Nixon, H. L. (1915). Need for State Scale Inspector.
Noffsinger, W. W. (1917). Muskogee Bar Association opposition to Senate Bill 229 (legal notices).
Northcutt, E. O. (1921). Possible law partnership for WC.

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