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Series 2: Oklahoma State Legislature Files, 1914-1926 (continued)

F 1 "O" Correspondence.

Oakes, John W. (1917). Opposition to Senate Bill 111 (Chiropractors).
Oaks, Henry (1917). State Ranger Law.
Oden, Waldo (1921). Personal news.
Oklahoma City Times (1921). Application for employment.
Oklahoma Credit Men's Association (1917). Opposition to House Bill 83 (insurance).
Oklahoma Free State Fair (1919). Invitation.
Oklahoma State Association of Doctors of Chiropractic (1917). Opposition to Senate Bill 111 and House Bill 154.
Ollerton, M. L. (1921). Trust notebooks.
O'Neal, C. A. (1921). Comments on house Bills 122, 133, 337 (assessors). Copy of House Bill 122 attached.
O'Neal, Fayette (1921). Personal news.
Owen, Robert L. . (1917-1918). Support of Judiciary Resolution; clemency request.

F 2 "P - Phelps" Correspondence.

Parkinson, Fred (1916). Congratulations; Socialist Party in Oklahoma.
Parsons, A. C. (1917). University of Oklahoma appropriation bill.
Parsons, R. E. (1921). Support of Senate Bills 57, 127, 146, 249.
Parton, Lee E. (1921). Board of Examination for Locomotive Engineers.
Patty, Jess (1921). Request for confirmation of unidentified commissioners.
Paullin, Louis (1921). Comments on Woodrow Wilson.
Peck, Henry L. (1926). Invitation to LeFlore County Free Fair.
Peebly, R. L. (1918). Gross production tax on oil.
Perry, J. W. (1918). Request from Daily Oklahoman for data.
Peters, E. P. (1917). Mortgage Redemption Law.
Petry, Everet. (1916). Congratulations; candidacy for State House Speakership.
Pettey, George C. (1920-1922). Personal news.
Phelps, Philip G. (1917). Current events study bulletin.

F 3 "Phillips - Pu" Correspondence.

Phillips, Jesse W. (1921-1922). Campaign; Senate Bill 353 (deputy salaries); Quail Bill.
Phillips, John A. (1921). Law practice; personal notes.
Pope, Thomas (1920). Bank note due.
Powers, W. P. (1917). Opposition to Russell 12.
Pratt, W. O. (1920). Thank-you.
Price, Fred F. (1915). Opposition to Senate Resolution 11; opposition to House Bills 497-499; support of House Bill 106.
Pritchett, N. D. (1916). Glasco Usury Bill.
Pumphrey, M. C. (1916). Rural school appropriations; University of Oklahoma education building.

F 4 "Q" Correspondence.

Quiett, Ellis (1915, 1917). County officer terms of service; requests for copies of bills; personal news.

F 5 "R - Reed" Correspondence.

Raines, Charley (1921). Personal news.
Raines, J. B. (1921). Rental property; House Bill 322 (loan examiners salary).
Rainey, Robert M. (1917). License to practice law in Oklahoma.
Rainey, William (1921). Opposition to Quail Law.
Ralls, George T. (1916-1917, 1921). Proposal to allow county commissioners to correct errors of county assessor; act fixing court terms; seeking confirmation of unnamed commissioners.
Ralls, Joseph G. (1921). Opposition to Quail Law.
Ramsey, G. A. (1914, 1922). Congratulations; political news.
Ream, Bud (1917). School legislation; Grade Crossing Bill.
Rector, W. Lee (1926). Oklahoma Baptist University summer session.
Redfield, Margaret (1919). Prospective teacher.
Reed, Frank W. (1926). Request for endorsement for state printer.

F 6 "Reese - Roach" Correspondence.

Reese, Arthur (1915, 1921). Logan-Chase miners' Bill; Senate Bill 117 (court clerks).
Reese, Fred A. (1917). Workmen's Compensation Law.
Reese, Jno. (1917). Support of Senate Bill 35 and House Bill 55 (Workmen's Compensation).
Reinking, Fred P. (1921). Offer of advice on legislation.
Remington Typewriter Company (1917). Typewriter rental.
Rhyne, Nathan (1915). Support of county road system.
Richards, Frank (1924). Request for election data.
Riner, F. A. (1919). Request for appointment.
Roach, Ed (1916). Opposition to poll tax.

F 7 "Robertson - Ross" Correspondence.

Robertson, J. B. A. (1916, 1920-1921). Congratulations; special legislative session; mining legislation; recommendation.
Robinson, Joel C. (1926). Support; loan request.
Rodgers, John A. (1916). Invitation.
Ronald, S. (1915). Opposition to Senate Concurrent Resolution 14 (Mine Inspector).
Ross, A. D. (1917). Support of Workmen's Compensation Bill.
Ross, E. F. (1915). Endorsement of Miner Certification Bill.

F 8 "S - Sc" Correspondence.

S. F. (1914). Recommendation.
Salter, Leslie E. (1920). Thank-you.
Samuel, W. R. (1914). Solicitation for funds to cover Democrat debts.
Saunders, F. W. (1917, 1919-1921). Sheriff's Fee Bill; House Bill 314 (deputy clerks); Attorney-General's Bill; personal and political news; House bills 227, 259, 336; Senate Bill 351.
Schlegel, Verne J. (1921). Personal news.
Schreiner, H. F. (1922). Walton Barbeque Committee.
Scroggs, J. W. (1914, 1916, 1918). Tax conference; letter of recommendation; subscription.

F 9 "Se - Si" Correspondence.

Selby, J. B. (1921). Apology for missed appointment.
Settliff, R. C. (1917). Opposing the Campbell-Russell amendment.
Shane, (Mrs.) C. G. (1921). Aloysius Larch-Miller Memorial.
Shannon, C. W. (1917). Thank-you for aid in passage of Senate Bills 387 and 430 (Oklahoma Geological Survey).
Shirley, H. M. (1915, 1917-1918, 1921-1922). Teaching post; teaching legislation; House Bill 314; House Bill 226; letter of recommendation.
Shirley, J. A. (1918). Advertisement.
Sidener, Merle (1917). Associated Advertising Clubs' support of Kerr Advertising Bill.
Silva, Jennie (1924). Application to teach.
Simpson, J. B. (1921). Proposed bill regarding legal publications in newspapers.
Simpson, John A. (1917, 1919). Invitation to Farmers' Union meeting; Oklahoma Union Farmer.
Simpson, T. C. (1920). Candidacy for State Senate President Pro Tempore.
Sinclair, Luther (1926). Sympathy.

F 10 "Smith - Stearns" Correspondence.

Smith, G. A. (1917). State college appropriations.
Smith, Lela (1915). Opposing closing of Haskell State School.
Sorrells, F. A. (1921). House bills 351 and 379.
Speake, (Mrs.) Jimmie T. (1921). Support for vocational education funding.
Spencer, Dwight (1916, 1918). Negro voting rights; WC's religious orthodoxy.
Spilman, E. G. (1916). Requesting state library support.
Staggs, T. H. (1921). Personal news.
Stearns, F. P. (1917). Opposition to House Bill 229 and Senate Bill 325.

F 11 "Steed - Sw" Correspondence.

Steed, Tom (1926). Political news.
Steelman, M. A. (1915, 1917). Census; terms of office.
Stephens, Alma White (1926). Teaching contracts.
Stetler, Fay J. (1921). Motion picture censorship.
Stewart, G E. (1917). Out-of-district students.
Stockwell, S. L. (1926). Letter of recommendation.
Strickland, J. W. (1917). House Bill 55.
Stubbs, G. T. (1921). Support of House Bill 18.
Summerton, James H. (1921). Support of House Bill 41 and Senate Bill 35.
Swank, F. B.. (1926). Political news.

F 12 "Ta - Ti" Correspondence.

Taft, Alutha Bass (n.d.). Woman's suffrage.
Tappen, F. G. (1921). Invitation to Oklahoma University Engineering Banquet.
Tarver, Paul C. (1926). Political news.
Taylor, Baxter (1917). Opposing House Bill 30.
Taylor, Paul R. (1926). Canceled invitation.
Teel, C. F. (1917). Opposition to Senate Bill 111 (re: optometrists).
Telle, A. R. (1921). Opposition to Quail Law.
Thomas, Elmer (1926). Democratic unity.
Thomas, J. C. (1914, 1917). Support for post as sergeant- at-arms; Highway Bill.
Thompson, Colean (1924). Application to teach.
Thornley, J. T. (1914). Application for doorkeeper.
Threadgill, C. M. (1917). Letter of recommendation for WC.
Thurmond, J. A. (1918). Letter of support.
Ticer, N. A. J. (1916). Support of Tom C. Waldrep for State House Speakership.

F 13 "To - Ty" Correspondence.

Tompkins, Roy R. (1921). Teaching post for WC.
Tosh, J. B. (1915). Approval of WC's record.
Tourtelotte, E. E. (1926). Meeting of National Education Association.
Towery, C. E. (1921). Free Textbook Bill.
Townsend, John D. (1926). Future Annapolis appointment.
Trapp, Martin E. (1920, 1923-1924). Democratic caucus; recommendation of J. W. Phillips as warden; preferential primary.
Trice, George (1915-1916), 1921). Supreme Court Commission; letter of support; university appropriation; Quail Bill.
Tulsa Board of Commissioners (1915). Opposing extension of time allowed to pay taxes.
Tyler, Claude M. (1921). Support of Senate Bill 341; location of WC law practice.

F 14 "U" Correspondence.

Underwood, W. H., Jr. (1921). State teachers meeting.
United Mine Workers (1916). Opposition to Registration Bill.
Unknown (1919). Letter of support.

F 15 "V" Correspondence.

Van Vleet, A. H. (1917). Invitation to Norman Chamber of Commerce meeting.
Vaughan, J. S. (1921). Teaching certificate.

F 16 "W - Watts" Correspondence.

Wade, Tom (1917). Inaugural train.
Waldaker, Henry (1921). Opposing Senate bills 27, 69, 73.
Walden, B. H. (n.d.). Congratulations.
Waldrep, Tom C. (1916). General political news.
Waldron, H. E. (1917). Sperry and Hutchinson opposition to House Bill 424 (trading stamp tax). Attached pamphlet.
Wallace, W. R. (1920). Candidacy for State Senate President Pro Tempore.
Wapanucka Citizens (1914). Petition commending WC.
Wapanucka Press (1917). Request for copy of the Supreme Court Bill.
Ward, Earl (1921). Opposing County Clerk's Bill.
Ward, W. D. (1917, 1919). WC request for teaching post; bar exam standards.
Wardville Citizens (1919). Desire for new road.
Watkins, Mary L. (1921). Support for amendment to House Bill 62.
Watts, Ben (1919, 1921). Opposing Quail Bill; recommendation of C. W. Banta for deputy game warden.

F 17 "We - Wilhelm" Correspondence.

Weaver, Claude (1919, 1921). Request for return of a volume of Sen. Joseph W. Bailey's speeches.
Weems, Ray O. (1914-1915). Young Men's League of Democratic Clubs of Oklahoma.
Welch, A. L. (1918). Letters of support.
Wellett, Glenn (1921). Court of Industrial Relations.
West, Alonza T. (1915-1916). Bill to abolish county courts; letter of support.
Westfall, Chester H. (1917). Christmas leave for prisoners.
Wheeler, F. W. (1914). Anti-Horse-Thief's Association recommendation of Sam Rowe as meat inspector.
Wheeler, Ira (n.d.). Signed petition opposing poll tax.
Wheeler, W. H., and Company (1919). Textbook advertisement.
Wheeler, W. O. (1917). Opposition to emergency clause in Senate Bill 111 (Chiropractors Bill).
White, Ed (1922). Transfer of voter registration.
White, E. T. (1921). Wheat shipments to Gulf Coast; personal.
Whitehurst, J. A. (1919). Recommending E. N. Moses for Coal County Meat Inspector.
Whitmore, W. H. (1916-1917). Opposing Senate Bill 229 (legal publications); campaign.
Wilhelm, Patrick E. (1915). Supporting House Bill 219 (county officers' terms).

F 18 "Wilkins - Williams, Maude" Correspondence.

Wilkins, U. M. (1921). Support for Senate Bill 358 (salaries).
Williams, B. F. (1917). Support of laws protecting garage mechanics; liens on motor vehicles.
Williams, Boone (1915, 1917, 1921). Support of House bill 227 (drilling reports); amendment to House Bill 419; request for telephone number; Attached: "Regulations Governing the Sale of Segregated Coal and Asphalt Lands in the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations."
Williams, Carl (1919). Supporting House Bill 369 (tubercular cattle).
Williams, Frank (1917). Liens on private property.
Williams, Maude (1926). Letter of recommendation.

F 19 "Williams, Robert L. - Wilson, Howard F." Correspondence.

Williams, Robert L. (1914-1917). Congratulations; State Board of Affairs; special legislative session; inaugural invitation; House Bill 297 (University appropriations).
Williams, Stephen B. (1922). Solicitation for church building fund.
Williamson, P. P. (1921). Support for House Bill 437 (road levy).
Wilson, Harvey N. (1921). Proposed amendment to state banking laws. Copy of proposed bill attached.
Wilson, Howard F. (1920-1921). Supporting Bill 56 (salaries); terms of office.

F 20 "Wilson, R. H. - Wy" Correspondence.

Wilson, R. H. (1915, 1918, 1922). Support for various education bills; endorsement of Free Text Book Bill.
Witherspoon, S. G. (1921). Support for all farmers' bills.
Woodson, Earl M. (1921-1922, 1926). Recommendation for county health officer; personal news.
Woodworth, Julia (1916). Women's suffrage.
Wright, Dr. (1925). Political graft in the hiring of attorneys.
Wright, Jimmie (1917). House bill 16 (auto safety).
Wright, John H. (1914). Congratulations.
Wyatt, George H. (1926). Printing business.

F 21 "Y- Z" Correspondence.

Yates, John T. (1917). Loss of certificate.
Zaneis, Kate Galt (1921). Teaching certificates; school at Woodford.
Zinsser, William H. (1918). War Department letters concerning venereal disease among returning soldiers.
Zweigel Company (1921). Opposition to House Bill 327.

Miscellaneous Materials

F 22 Booklets, Pamphlets, and Brochures.

a. "Roster of House and Senate of Sixth Legislature, Oklahoma."
b. "Roster of the Seventh State Legislature, Oklahoma, 1919."
c. Program. Brotherhood of Oklahoma Legislators First Annual Banquet (March 25, 1919).
d. "Reasons Why House Bill No. 229 and Senate Bill No. 325 Should Not Pass." By the Legislative Committee of the Municipal League of Oklahoma.
e. "Reconstruction Program of the Oklahoma State Federation of Labor."
f. Booklet: re initiative and referendum procedures.
g. "Labor Laws Passed by the Fifth Legislature of the State of Oklahoma."
h. Harlow's Weekly. (Apr. 8, 1916, Jan. 15 & 22, 1919, Dec. 23, 1921).

F 23 Miscellaneous.

a. Senate Joint Resolution No. 76, General Assembly of Tennessee (April 6, 1917) re awards for Tennessee militia who served on the Mexican border in 1916 and 1917. Typescript.
b. "Why the University of Oklahoma Needs a Building for the School of Education." Typescript.
c. "Duties of Commissioner of Charities and Corrections." Typescript.
d. "A Sad Story -- Who Is Responsible?" re railroad safety. Typescript.
e. Song: "The Legislative Hall. In Memory of the Sixth Legislature, 1917." Composed by Rep. Charles C. Platt.
f. "Speakers Hand Book, 50 Million Bond Issue."
g. Call for Democratic Caucus.

F 24 Miscellaneous. Newspaper clippings.

Subjects include Woodrow Wilson, land taxes, and Creek capitol.

F 25 Miscellaneous. WC materials.

a. General form request for recommendation.
b. News release (March 1, 1915).
c. Notes of resignation from the Legislature.
d. Certificate commissioning WC as a delegate to the American Cotton Association (1919).

Series 3: U.S. House of Representatives Files, 1926-1942

F 26 Agriculture, Committee on (n.d., 1928 - 1940).

a. Hearings: "Extended Benefits to Alaska and Hawaii; Overtime Pay for Employees of Bureau of Animal Husbandry; Alabama National Forest; Brooksville Plant Garden." Seventieth Congress; First Session (1928).
b. H. R. 7641: "To establish and maintain a dairy and livestock experiment and demonstration station in Durant." WC Bill. Seventy-first Congress; Second Session (1929).
c. H. R. 5795: "Providing for more equitable administration of the Cotton Control Act." WC Bill. Seventy- fourth Congress; First Session (1935).
d. H. R. 299: "To authorize acquisition of forest lands along federally-funded roadways for preservation." Seventy-sixth Congress; First Session (1939). A bill by Wall Doxey.
e. H. R. 5795: "To provide reamortization of Land Bank Commissioner loans." WC Bill. Seventy-sixth Congress; First Session (1939).
f. H. R. 6671: "To amend the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938 with regard to cotton." WC Bill. Seventy- sixth Congress; First Session (1939).
g. Radio Address: Tom W. Cheek, Oklahoma Farmers' Union: "Why We Propose to Amend the 1938 Agricultural Adjustment Act (February 24, 1940).
h. Memo: Farm Resources, Inc., to WC (March 4): "Present Outlook for Income Certificates."
i. Letter from the Department of Agriculture. (1938).
j. Letter from Democratic Steering Committee. (n.d.).
k. H.R. 13447. (1928).
l. Miscellaneous letters. (1938).
m. Letter from the Federal Land Bank. (1932).
n. Form letter from Elmer Thomas regarding Agriculture relief programs. (n.d.).
o. Some Notes on Agriculture - "The Base of Civilization" by Clarence R. Bitting. (n.d.).
p. "Can the Farm Problem be Soundly and Permanently Solved?", by William Hirth.
q. Copy of telegram from Ernest E. Scholl to Elmer Thomas. re: cotton certificates. (n.d.).
r. Ouachita National Forest - United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service publication. (1937) Also correspondence on forest (1938).
s. Correspondence pertaining to the discharge of the Committee on Agriculture of Senate J. Res. 60. (1932).

F27 Appropriations, Committee on (1927-1940).

a. Public Law 541 (H. R. 14827): Making appropriations for the Department of the Interior. Sixty-ninth Congress (1927).
b. H. R. 15089: "Making appropriations for the Department of the Interior." Seventieth Congress; Second Session (1928). A bill by Louis Convers Cramton.
c. House Report 2178 (H. R. 15592): First deficiency appropriation bill, fiscal year 1931. Seventy-first Congress; Third Session (1931). A bill by William Robert Wood.
d. H. R. 5796: To amend the Emergency Relief Appropriations Act of 1935. "To provide for the allocation of funds for highway construction." WC Bill. Seventy-fourth Congress; First Session (1935).
e. H. J. Res. 326: Work Relief and Public Works Appropriation Act of 1939. Seventy-sixth Congress; First Session (1939). A bill by Edward Thomas Taylor.
f. Committee Draft: Making appropriations for the Department of Labor, the Federal Security Agency, and related independent agencies. Seventy-sixth Congress; Third Session (1940).
g. Harlow's Weekly. (Nov. 25, 1933).
h. Miscellaneous letters. (1932, 1935, 1938, 1939).
i. Campaign funds bill. (1932).j. Speech.

F 28 Appropriations, Committee on (1941-1941).

a. H. R. 7532: To provide funds to print a survey of recreational resources of Denison Dam and Reservoir project (Lake Texoma). WC Bill. Seventy-seventh Congress; Second Session (1942).
b. Correspondence concerning H. R. 7532 and earlier efforts at recreational development at Lake Texoma (1940-1942).
c. Public Law 678 (H. R. 7319): Making supplemental appropriations for national defense. Seventy-seventh Congress (1943). A bill by Clarence A. Cannon.

F 29 Banking and Currency, Committee on (1938, 1939).

a. H. R. 7414: "To provide for the financing of a program of recoverable highway expenditures." WC Bill. Seventy-sixth Congress; First Session (1939).
b. Speech about corporations. (1932).
c. Letter to the Democratic House Leader. (1932).
d. Letter about the Federal Reserve Act. (1927).
e. S. 3428: To provide for financing certain self- liquidating public works, bill by Buckley. 75th Congress; 3rd session. (1938).

F 30 Bonus Legislation (n.d., 1930-1931, 1932, 1934).

a. Speech: Hamilton Fish, Jr.: "Adjusted-Service Certificates" (December 12, 1930).
b. American Legion form letter (veto override) (Feb.24, 1931).
c. Presidential Veto Message (Feb.26, 1931). Re: H. R. 17054.
d. Blank petition, re: bonus.
e. List of House supporters on bonus legislation.
f. H. R. 15589: To provide for the payment to veterans of the cash surrender value of their adjusted service certificates. Seventy-first Congress; Third Session (1931). A bill by John Nance Garner.
g. Miscellaneous letters about the soldier's bonus. (1932).
h. Letter from the War Veterans' Political League, Inc., of Oklahoma. (1934).

F 31 Bonus Legislation (n.d., 1931).

Miscellaneous clippings and Congressional Record excerpts.

F 32 Census, Committee on the (1927 - 1942).

a. Results of the census.
b. Miscellaneous correspondence. (1933, 1939).
c. Financial Statistics of State Governments. (1927).
d. S 312.
e. Bureau of Census report on employed workers. (1942).

F 33 Civil Service, Committee on (1942).

Includes miscellaneous materials on Congressional pensions, especially the Civil Service Retirement Act.

F 34 Claims, Committee on (1929-1930). Thelma Phelps Lester.

a. Correspondence (1929-1930). Includes carbon of letter from Elmer Thomas.
b. H. R. 764: "For the relief of Thelma Phelps Lester." WC Bill. Seventy-first Congress; Second Session (1929).
c. House Report No. 804 (H. R. 764).
d. S. 286: For the relief of Thelma Phelps Lester. Seventy-first Congress; Second Session (1930).
e. Public Law 46 (S. 286). Seventy-first Congress (1930).
f. House Document No. 689: General Accounting Office Claims. Seventy-first Congress; Third Session.

F 35 Claims, Committee on (1932). Henry Charles O'Dell.

H. R. 11953: "For the relief of Henry Charles O'Dell." WC Bill. Seventy-second Congress; First Session (1932).

F 36 Claims, Committee on (1932-1935). Postal Claims Due to Bank Failures.

a. Correspondence.
b. H. R. 13985: "For the relief of John E. T. Clark." Seventy-second Congress; Second Session (1932). A bill by Thomas D. McKeown.
c. H. R. 14446: "For the relief of G. D. Duncan." WC Bill. Seventy-Second Congress; Second Session (1933).
d. S. 3766: To amend the Act entitled "An Act authorizing the Postmaster General to adjust certain claims of postmasters for loss by burglary, fire, or other unavoidable casualty," approved March 17, 1882, as amended. Seventy-third Congress; Second Session (1934). A bill by Kenneth Douglas McKellar.
e. Public Law 386 (S. 3766). Seventy-third Congress. (1934).

F 37 Claims, Committee on (1935). Seventy-fourth Congress; First Session.

a. H. R. 1584: "For the relief of Mrs. Otto H. Reed." WC Bill.
b. H. R. 1587: "For the relief of the Woody Motor Company." WC Bill.
c. H. R. 4146: "For the relief of Mrs. Olin H. Reed." WC Bill.
d. Private Law 174 (H. R. 4146).
e. H. R. 6441: "To extend the benefits of the Employees' Compensation Act of September 7, 1916, to J. C. Wilkinson." WC Bill.
f. H. R. 8033: "For the relief of Tina Filmore." WC Bill.

F 38 Claims, Committee on (1935-1940). Euel Caldwell.

a. Correspondence.
b. H. R. 9482: "For the relief of Euel Caldwell." WC Bill. Seventy-fifth Congress; Third Session (1938).
c. H. R. 1174: "For the relief of Euel Caldwell." WC Bill. Seventy-sixth Congress; First Session (1939). Seventy-sixth Congress; Third Session.
d. Private Law 565 (H. R. 1174). Seventy-sixth Congress.

F 39 Claims, Committee on (1934, 1937-1938).

a. H. R. 2321: "For the relief of James C. Wilkinson." WC Bill. Seventy-fifth Congress; First Session (1937).
b. Private Law 67 (H. R. 2321). Seventy-fifth Congress (1937).
c. H. R. 4367: "For the relief of Perry Walker." WC Bill. Seventy-fifth Congress; First Session (1937).
d. H. R. 6817: "For the relief of Milton J. Byars." WC Bill. Seventy-fifth Congress; First Session (1937).
e. H. R. 9988: "For the relief of Milton J. Byars." WC Bill. Seventy-fifth Congress; Third Session (1938).
f. J. Res. 437: "Relative to determination and payment of certain claims against the Government of Mexico. (1934).

F 40 Claims, Committee on (1937-1942). Floyd Odom.

a. Correspondence.
b. H. R. 4802: "For the relief of Floyd Odom." WC Bill. Seventy-sixth Congress; First Session.
c. H. R. 1901: "For the relief of Floyd Odom." WC Bill. Seventy-seventh Congress; First Session. Seventy- seventh Congress; Second Session.
d. House Report No. 1780 (H. R. 1901).
e. Private Law 405 (H. R. 1901). Seventy-seventh Congress (1942).

F 41 Claims, Committee on (1938-1942). Reuben Owen.

a. Correspondence.
b. H. R. 9092: "For the relief of Reuben Owen." Seventy fifth Congress; Third Session (1938). A bill by Compton Ignatius White.
c. H. R. 1176: For the relief of Reuben Owen. WC Bill. Seventy-sixth Congress; First Session (1939).
d. H. R. 1903: For the relief of Reuben Owen. WC Bill. Seventy-seventh Congress; First Session (1941).
e. House Report No. 1390 (H. R. 1903).
f. Private Law 258 (H. R. 1903). Seventy-seventh Congress (1942).

F 42 Claims, Committee on (1939). Milton J. Byars.

a. H. R. 1175: For the relief of Milton J. Byars. WC Bill. Seventy-sixth Congress; First Session (1939).
b. H. R. 4786: For the relief of Milton J. Byars. WC Bill. Seventy-sixth Congress; First Session (1939).

F 43 Claims, Committee on (1939-1940). Parents of Charldean Finch.

a. Correspondence. Attached page from the Congressional Record.
b. H. R. 7425: For the relief of the parents of Charldean Finch. WC Bill. Seventy-sixth Congress; First Session (1939). Seventy-sixth Congress; Third Session (1940).
c. House Report No. 2660 (H. R. 7425).
d. Private Law 605 (H. R. 7425). Seventy-sixth Congress (1940).

F 44 Claims, Committee on (1939-1941). Floyd Jones.

a. Correspondence. Includes Gomer Smith.
b. H. R. 4913: For the relief of Floyd Jones. WC Bill. Seventy-sixth Congress; First Session (1939).
c. H. R. 1904: For the relief of Floyd Jones. WC Bill. Seventy-seventh Congress; First Session (1941).

F 45 Claims, Committee on (1939-1942). Reasor Reed.

a. Correspondence.
b. H. R. 9067: For the relief of Reasor Reed. WC Bill. Seventy-sixth Congress; Third Session (1940).
c. H. R. 1900: For the relief of Reasor Reed. WC Bill. Seventy-seventh Congress; First Session (1941).

F 46 Claims, Committee on (1941).

a. Correspondence with Assistant Committee Clerk.
b. H. R. 2558: For the relief of Wade Allen. Seventy-seventh Congress; First Session. A bill by Aaron Lane Ford.
c. H. R. 2734: For the relief of Mrs. Harris B. Roberts. Seventh-seventh Congress; First Session (1941). A bill by Charles Albert Plumpley.
d. Committee on Claims: "Rules and General Information." Seventy-seventh Congress (1941).

F 47 Claims, Committee on (1941-1942). Ebbie Kirschke.

a. Correspondence.
b. H. R. 6142: For the relief of Ebbie Kirschke. WC Bill. Seventy-seventh Congress; First Session (1941).

F 48 District of Columbia, Committee on the (1928).

H. R. 10869: Concerning fraternal beneficial associations. Seventieth Congress; First Session. A bill by Charles Lee Underhill.

F 49 Drought Relief (1931).

a. Correspondence, including copies of letters to Charles Curtis, Nicholas Longworth, and Herbert Hoover.
b. Speech fragments.

F 50 Drought Relief (1931).

Miscellaneous clippings and Congressional Record excerpts.

F 51 Education (n.d., 1924, ).

a. Manuscript: James H. Ryan: "Dangers of Federalized Education" (September, 1924).
b. Manuscript: William R. Hood: "Educational Bills before Sixty-eighth Congress."
c. Manuscript: "Educational Bills before Sixty-eighth Congress."
d. Manuscript: "Towner-Sterling Bill Is Advocated."
e. Manuscript: "Why Uncle Sam Should Take a Greater Part in Education."
f. Radio speech: "Our Public Schools."
g. Manuscript: "Eight-Year Course Means Clear Loss of Year."
h. Manuscript: "Marine Biological Laboratory on Firm Foundation."
i. Pamphlet: Kentucky Educational League: "The Curtis-Reed Bill to Create a Department of Education."

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