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Series 3: U.S. House of Representatives, 1926-1942 (continued)

F 1 Wister Dam (1940).

Correspondence (N - Se).

F 2 Wister Dam (1940).

Correspondence (Sh - V).

F 3 Wister Dam (1940).

Correspondence (W - Z).

F 4 Wister Dam (undated).

WC office materials.

F 5 Wister Dam (undated).

Miscellaneous clippings.

F 6 Mountain Fork Dam (1933).


F 7 Mountain Fork Dam (1933-1934).

a. Correspondence.
b. Newsletter: National Rivers and Harbors Bulletin, III, No. 1 (Dec. 1, 1933).

F 8 Mountain Fork Dam (1935).

a. H. R. 8455: "Authorizing the construction of certain public works on rivers and harbors for flood control, and for other purposes. Seventy-fourth Congress; First Session (1935).
b. Committee Print: Committee Document No. 1: Committee on Flood Control: "Flood Control Works in the Alluvial Valley of the Mississippi River; Letter from the Chief of Engineers; (Jan. 28, 1932); a Supplemental Report of Flood Control in the Alluvial Valley of the Mississippi River; Document No. 90, Seventieth Congress, First Session, and Adopted by the Flood Control Act of May 15, 1928." Seventy-fourth Congress; First Session (1935).

F 9 Mountain Fork Dam (1935).

Correspondence and clipping.

F 10 Mountain Fork Dam (1936).

Correspondence. Also contains data on proposed McCurtain County Conservation, Wildlife, and Forestry Project.

F 11 Mountain Fork Dam (1937).

a. House Committee Print: Committee Document No. 1: Committee on Flood Control: "Comprehensive Flood control Plan for Ohio and Lower Mississippi Rivers; Letter from the President of the United States and Report of the Chief of Engineers Transmitting Pursuant to a Resolution of the House Committee on Flood Control, Dated February 10, 1937, a Comprehensive Flood-control Plan for the Ohio and Lower Mississippi Rivers." Seventy-fifth Congress; First Session (1937).
b. Public Law 208 (H. R. 7493): "Making appropriations for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1938, for civil functions administered by the War Department, and for other purposes."

F 12 Mountain Fork Dam (1937).


F 13 Mountain Fork Dam (1938).

Correspondence and clipping.

F 14 Mountain Fork Dam (1939).


F 15 Mountain Fork Dam (1940).


F 16 Mountain Fork Dam (1941).

a. H. R. 4911: "Authorizing the construction of certain public works on rivers and harbors for flood control, and for other purposes." Seventy-seventh Congress; First Session (1941).
b. Congressional Record excerpt concerning H. R. 4911.

F 17 Mountain Fork Dam (1941).

Correspondence (A - M).

F 18 Mountain Fork Dam (1941).

Correspondence (N - Z). and clipping.

F 19 Mountain Fork Dam (1941-1942).


F 20 Mountain Fork Dam (undated).

Miscellaneous material.

F 21 Mountain Fork Dam (undated).

Report on proposed Submarginal Land Project in McCurtain County.

F 22 Mountain Fork Dam (undated).

Miscellaneous clippings.

F 23 Arkansas River (1938).

Resolutions and correspondence concerning flood control and navigability.

F 24 Washita River (1940).

Speech, Jed Johnson, Sr., "Must Have Flood Control on Washita River Basin" (April 19, 1940).

F 25 Wolf Creek (1933).

Resolution of Northwest Oklahoma County Commissioners in support of Fort Supply project.

F25B Flood Control Clippings. (n.d.).

F 26 Ardmore Fair Building (1942).

F 27 Public Works Administration and Reconstruction Finance Corporation Applications (1934).

Status reports ending Mar. 31, May 19, and July 20, 1934.

F 28 Projects (1935).

Federal Emergency Administrator of Public Works report (Apr. 20, 1935).

F 29 Project Lists (1935).

Miscellaneous lists of Third Congressional District and State projects approved; lists dated Sept. - Oct.

F 30 Project Lists (1936).

Lists of federal and non-federal projects in the Third District.

F 31 Project List (1936).

Booklet, Works Progress Administration for Oklahoma, "Statement of Allocation Made by State Administrator on Projects, Statewide and by Counties and Congressional Districts, as of Jan. 31, 1936."

F 32 Project List (1936).

Booklet, Works Progress Administration for Oklahoma, "Statement of Allocation Made by State Administrator on Projects, Statewide and by Counties and Congressional Districts, as of Mar. 12, 1936."

F 33 Project Lists (1936-1937).

a. Booklet, Works Progress Administration for Oklahoma, "Statement of Allocations Approved by State Administrator on Projects, Statewide and by Counties and Districts, as of May 10, 1936"
b. Release, Agricultural Adjustment Administration, "Agricultural Improvement in Oklahoma, 1932-1935" (May 5, 1936).

F 34 Projects (1936).

Report, Federal Emergency Administrator of Public Works (Jan. 6, 1936).

F 35 Project List (1936).

Road and trail projects (Platt National Park).

F 36 Project List (1936). Resettlement Administration.

a. Correspondence.
b. Report: "The Program of the Resettlement Administration" (May 14, 1936).

F 37 Project Lists (1936).

Road and crossing projects, including work done by the Office of Indian Affairs.

F 38 Project List (1936).

National Industrial Recovery Act allotments in Oklahoma, by county (May 7, 1936).

F 39 Project List (1936).

"Description of Projects Now in Pittsburg County" (Apr. 27, 1936). Miscellaneous projects listed.

F 40 Project List (1936). Reconstruction Finance Corporation.

F 41 Project List (1936). Home Owners Loan Corporation.

F 42 Project List (1936). Farm Credit Administration.

F 43 Project List (1936).

Choctaw/Chickasaw public work projects.

F 44 Project List (1936). Agricultural Adjustment Administration.

F 45 Project List (1936).

Miscellaneous. Includes form letter from Phil Ferguson.

F 46 Projects (1938). Farm Credit Administration.

F 47 Projects (1938). Farm Security Administration.

F 48 Projects (1938). Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works.

F 49 Projects (1938). Federal Housing Administration.

F 50 Projects (1938). Reconstruction Finance Corporation.

F 51 Projects (1938). Social Security Administration.

F 52 Projects (1938). Treasury Department.

F 53 Projects (1939).

Various lists.

Series 4: General and Personal Files, 1917-1952

General Correspondence (A-M)

F 54 "A" Correspondence.

Abney, L. D. (1928). Political news.
Adair, Joe (1927). State Identification Bureau job.
Alfange, Dean (1937). Receipt of law article.
Allen, H. L. (1927). Personal news.
Allender, H. A. (1936). Speaking invitation.
Andrews, Guy. (1927). Job recommendation for Harriett Brooks.
Andrews, Thomas G. (1937). Reception for Grand Sire of the World (Odd Fellows).
Archer, M. R. (1934). Request for church donation.
Armstrong, G. H. (1932). General conditions in the United States.
Austin, Harry A. (1928) Sugar beet pamphlet.
Autry, Bud (1937). Political and campaign news.
Avery, Jack (1932). Thank-you for publicity.

F 55 "Ba - Bl" Correspondence.

Babb, Hubbard A. (1927). Congratulations to postmaster.
Baker, J. Thad (1937). Request for franking privilege to be granted Boy Scouts at National Jamboree.
Balthrop, William (1927). Personal news.
Banta, Ira J. (1927). Congratulations.
Barde, C. M. (1933). Advertising in the Blue Valley Farmer.
Barrett, Charles F. (1927). Congratulations.
Barrow, Claude V. (1933). Removal of half-cent federal gasoline tax.
Bartlett, E. M. (1938).
Barza, Mrs. Isaac, et. al. (1936).
Beaird, Ted (1937). OU alumni. Article by Josh Lee attached.
Beall, E. S. (1927). Application for secretarial position.
Bell, Jasper (1938). Invitation to National Airmail Feeder Conference.
Bennett, Henry G. (1941).
Bennett W. R. (1927). Unnamed legislation.
Bentley, C. A. (1942).
Bloom, Sol (ca. 1939). Display of Magna Carta at World's Fair.

F 56 "Bo - Briggs" Correspondence.

Boatman, A. N. (1927). Thank-you for news item.
Bobo, L. P. (1927). State Highway Commission secretary.
Boehne, John W. (1934). Acknowledgment of protest against C.W.A. workers discrimination.
Boggs, Herbert O. (1932). Campaign advertising.
Bonds, Wilmon A. (1927). Unnamed news item.
Boston, George (1927). Odd fellow report.
Brandt, Joseph A. (1942). Invitation to fiftieth annual Oklahoma University commencement.
Bray, James L. (1935). Survey on United States News publication.
Brice, Charles S. (1927). Congratulations, support.
Bridges, Wainwright. (1938).
Bridwell, Denton (1940). Invitation to meeting of the Caddo County Young Democrats.
Bridges, Wainwright (1927, 1942). Congratulations on Nacas News appointment; civil service transfer.
Briggs, Claud (1926-1927). Congratulations; recommendation of W. H. Underwood for School of Mines Board.

F 57 "Brinkley - Bryant" Correspondence.

Brinkley, Henry B. (1937). Invitation to Farm and Home Rehabilitation Association Convention.
Brooks, Harriett (1926-1927). Application for State Highway Commission.
Broome, W. L. (1940).
Brown, Claude (1927). Personal news.
Brown, Earl A. (1927). Form letter name list; Jed Johnson letter.
Brown, S. C. (1929). News from Tennessee. Clipping attached.
Bruce, G. W. (1927, 1929, 1942). Application of Oklahoma Odd Fellow magazine; dinner for past Grand Master.
Bryan, Gould (1932, 1942). Campaign aid.
Bryant, V. H. (1927). Getting Southern women to wear cotton.
Bryant, W. C. (n.d.). Letter of recommendation.

F 58 "Bu - By" Correspondence.

Buchan, L. J. (1927). Congratulations to Potato Growers President.
Bulwinkle, Alfred L. (1939). Seventy-sixth Congress Veterans' Association.
Burgess, John (1927). Seminole Baptist camp meeting.
Burrow, H. C. (1937). Meeting.
Butler, O. E. (1939).
Butterfield, M.W.(1933). Recommendation; criticism of Hotel Owasso.
Buttram, Frank (1927, 1939). Personal, McFadden Bill; luncheon for congressional delegation.
Byrne, W. A. (1934). receipt of letter.
Byrns, Joseph (1930, 1933, 1936). Democratic National Congressional Committee; congratulation to new floor leader.

F 59 "Ca - Cook" Correspondence.

Cain, Professor (1927). Personal.
Camp, A. Sidney. (1942).Carnegie Foundation (1927). Grant for Presbyterian College for Girls at Durant.
Carter, Charles D. (1927). Request for farmers' bulletins.
Caslin, John (1934). Letter of recommendation for Mayo H. Roberts.
Chapman, Mary (1927). Congratulations to OU Queen.
Cheek, Tom W. (1933). Data for Oklahoma Union Farmer article.
Childers, Ben T. (1942-1943). Thank-you for letter; general.
Childers, C. C. (1940). Thank-you for letter and photo.
Chopin, Peter A. (1927). Recommendation for F. D. Pittman.
Christian, Sebe (1927). Wedding congratulations.
Cline, O. B. (1927). Window glass tariff.
Cloyd, Richard (1927, n.d.). Plans for drive to Washington, D.C.; OU Alumni Association.
Colston, George F. (1940). Sunday School rally at Reden.
Comas, W. B. (1927). Invitation for suggestions.
Cook, E. H. (1942). Criticism of Leon C. "Red" Phillips.
Cook, I. L. (1927). Atoka Lions' Club.

F 60 "Cope - Cr" Correspondence.

Cope, Milton B. (1942). War production.
Cordell, E. S. (1940). Baptist Brotherhood meeting; Associational Brotherhood meeting.
Cornish, Cabell C. (1927). Thank you.
Cox, Albert O. (1927). Pension matter referred to Charles D. Carter.
Crable, A. E. (1940). Thank-you for Christmas letter.
Crail, Joe (1928). Receipt of WC speech, "A Plea for the Farmer."
Crittenden, A. F. (1938). Thank-you for Baptist Brotherhood contribution. Programs attached.
Crook, George F. (1927). Application for secretary.
Crossett, Guy A. (1927, 1931). Request for WC reminiscences of state legislative days; campaign strategy; political news.
Crowley, P. R. (1927). Personal news.
Crutcher, R. L. (1942). Political news.

F 61 "D" Correspondence.

Daily Ardmoreite (1928). Newspaper advertising.
Dale, Frank (1927). Congratulations, change in postal highway.
Dancy, H. R. (1928). Life insurance advertisement.
Darden, Colgate W. (1941). Sample of campaign form letter.
Daugherty, R. P. (1940).
Davis, Cooper (1927). Personal news.
Davis, Joseph. (1941).
DeGraff, Maggie B. (1937). Meeting.
Delano, Daniel, Jr. (1935). Request for WC to serve on board of Good Samaritans, Inc.
Denniston, C. W. (1927). Foreign cement purchases.
Disney, Wesley E. (1936). Offer of WC to aid in first district campaign.
Doc and Bill Furniture Company (1927). Suggestion to study business conditions in the country.
Dodder, Bernard T. (1930). Society membership.
Draper, Stanley (1935). Invitation to Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce meeting.
Drewry, P. H. (1940). Form request for contribution to Democratic National Committee.
Duncan, A. A. (1934). Request for speech of Senator Sheppard.

F 62 "E" Correspondence.

Eason, T. T. (1933). Copy of a letter from Hon. Elmer Thomas.
Edmondson, A. L.(1927). Congratulations to Potato Growers secretary.
Edwards, W. T. (1927). Uncashed check.
Evans, C. M. (1937). Invitation.
Evans, E. M. (1936). Editorial on proposed Oklahoma Constitutional Convention. Paper attached.
Evins, E. L. (1927). Congratulations.

F 63 "Fa - Fields" Correspondence.

Fair, C. E. (1937). Invitation to post office opening.
Fairchild, Hon. H. A. (1932). Letter of criticism.
Farley, James A. (1932, 1938, 1939). Congratulations on re-election; assurance of election.
Farr, Ernest (1927). Congratulations to County Teachers Association president.
Faulk, Dave (1927). Personal news.
Fay, Norman (n.d.). Suggestion for Nicaragua and others.
Ferguson, Phil (1937). Flowers for R. P. Hill's funeral.
Ferguson, R. C. (1927). Personal news.
Ferris, Scott (1930). Personal note.
Fields, John (1933). Invitation to Farm Credit Administration dinner.

F 64 "Finley - Fu" Correspondence.

Finley Ira M. (1935-1936). Thank-you for statement made in Labor's Voice newspaper; explanation of criticism of WC.
Fitzpatrick, Kirby (1927). Communication on Latimer County proposition.
Fletcher, B. H. (1932). General conditions in the United States, request for job.
Ford, Wm. T. (1935). Transfer of adjusted service certificate in payment for taxes on the farm.
Foster's Remembrance Shop (n.d.). Advertisement.
Franklin, William M. (1927). Appointment to law digester position.
Freeman, G. (1938). Letter about Charlie Porter.
French, Rose Ann (1927). Application for personal secretary to WC.
Fuller, Frank (1927). Thank-you for congratulatory letter from WC.
Fuller, Gertrude (n.d.). Thank-you.

F 65 "Ga - Gibson" Correspondence.

Gannett, Frank E. (1935). Opinion letter.
Garber, Hon. M. C. (1938).
Garrett, Forrest J. (1927). Schedule of places WC will appear.
Garrett Finis J. (1927). Organizational caucus; committee assignments.
Garrett, Harvey (1927). Odd Fellow article.
Garvan, Francis P. (1932). European debts owed the U. S., article.
Gee, L. E. (1927, 1934). Personal news; support; health office appointment for Coal County, postmaster for friend in Texas.
George E. L. (1935). Invitation to Bartlesville Chamber of Commerce meeting.
Gibson, A. J. (1938). Congratulations on the birth of a son.

F 66 "Gill - Go" Correspondence.

Gill William (1927, 1942). Congratulations; criticism of Oklahoma delegation.
Gillam, Bob (1927). Highway Board position.
Gingles, A. (1940, 1942). Preview of trip on Alaska Highway.
Glazener, G. E. (1927). License plate job.
Goad, J. H. (1932). Campaign aid.
Gober, J. H. (1940). Singing convention.
Godwin, Earl. (1942).
Goodale, H. D. (1935). Invitation to homecoming.
Goodpaster, Francis (1937). Invitation to first district convention of Oklahoma League of Young Democrats.
Gore, Thomas P. (1933). Recommendation of Quentin Little for Madill postmaster.
Gossett, B. G. (1942). Job request.
Gossett, Louie (n.d.). Schedule correction.
Gotcher, W. E. (1927). Letter of support.

F 67 "Gr - Gu" Correspondence.

Grad, Charles (1936). Invitation to speak at Rotary Hall, Wilson, Oklahoma.
Graham, B. S. (1926-1927). Collection of OU stadium pledges.
Graham, E. D. (1938). Invitation to North American Tax Conference.
Gray, A. S. (1927). Thank-you for money received.
Gray, Hon. Walter L. (1940).
Green, F. C. (1932). General conditions in the United States.
Green, William (1942). A.F.L. union initiation fees.
Green, William R. (1927). Invitation for suggestions on internal revenue taxation.
Grim, Orval (1933). Thank-you for recommendation.
Gritz, Supt. E. C. (1940).
Grunert, Arthur (1927). Personal news.
Guevara, Pedro (1935). Farewell.

F 68 "Ha - Har" Correspondence.

Haines, S. Deborah (1930). Death of mother.
Hamilton, Earl (1940). Political news.
Hammet, B.L. (1937). Invitation to letter carriers convention.
Harmon, Charley N. (1934). Thank-you for service rendered.
Harding, Edward J. (1940). Thank you.
Hardy, (Mrs.) Tom (1934). Subscription renewal to McAlester News Capitol.
Harper, Ford C. (1939). Invitation to Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce meeting.
Harper, Jess (1927). Congratulations on nomination to State Senate.
Harris, W. L. (1927). Congratulations on alderman appointment.
Harris, Zach (1927). Letter of introduction. (Ku Klux Klan letterhead)
Harris, William J. U.S. Representative (1928). Aid to farmers. (Form letter)
Harrison, Forde (1940). Thank-you for assistance to Alpha Redden.
Harrison, Walter, M. (1942). Congratulations for newspaper editorial.

F 69 "Has - Hogan" Correspondence.

Hastings, W.W. U.S. Representative (1927). Committee assignments in new Congress.
Hartford Music Company, Hartford, Arkansas (1935). Order.
Hatchett, Jasmine.(1940). Democratic Nat'l Convention, Chicago.
Hawes, Harry B. (1942). Thank-you for sending clipping.
Hawks, H.E. (1934). Christmas card.
Helms, S.B. (1927). Congratulations to Potato Growers vice- president.
Hendrickson, F.R. (1942). Singing Convention.
Henry, Geo. S. (1938).
Hieronymus, Tom (1937). Invitation to Ponca City Young Democrats meeting.
Hill, E.P. (1942). Highway department position for Harriett Brooks.
Hill, William P. (1927). Personal news, letter of support. Clippings attached.
Hines, Frank T. (1927). Government life insurance.
Hogan, D.W. (1937). Invitation to dedication of Will Rogers Courts.

F 70 "Holby - Hu" Correspondence.

Holby, Samantha A. (1927). Pension business forwarded to C.D. Carter.
Holcomb, Luther J. (1942). Invitation to worship at Temple Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.
Holcombe, Oscar.(1934).Courtesy card from mayor (Houston, Tx).
Hontz, John (1927). Bryan Sunday School Association.
Hooper, A. (1927). Application for highway inspector.
Horton, C.T. (1927). Oklahoma Odd Fellow report.
Howe, Robert S. (1927). Congratulations to New American Legion Post Commander.
Hubbell, W. B. (1927). Work of Fulsom Training School.
Humphrey, Edith (1935). Thank-you for recommendation.
Hunt, Albert C. (1927). Thank-you.
Hunter, H.W. (1927). Personal news.

F 71 "I" Correspondence.

Impson, Hiram (1940). Political news.
Ingram, Anita (1933). Recommendation to secure part-time work at OU or OSU. Includes replies for W.B. Bizzell and Henry G. Bennett.

F 72 "Ja - Johnson, Hugh" Correspondence.

Jarrell, Howard R. (1927). Thank-you for insurance information.
Jennings, J.J. (1928). 1928 primary.
Jennings, O.T. (1927). Candidate for city clerk of Healdton.
Johnson, Frank (19137). Invitation to letter carriers convention.
Johnson, Hugh (1937). Meeting.

F 73 Johnson, Jed J., Sr. U.S. Representative (1927, 1931-1932, 1934-1935).

Confidential matter; Congratulations; re-election; squadron of planes for Post-Getty homecoming celebration, relief for veteran; criticism of WC by Mr. McCool, personal news; donation requirement form all Democratic members for the House; speech by Johnson: "Hoover Prosperity" (March 2, 1931):

F 74 "Johnston - Jones" Correspondence.

Johnston, Henry S. Governor of Oklahoma (1927). Recommendations for various positions.
Jones, H.C. (1934). Thank-you for congratulations.
Jones, Ola (1927). Appreciation of letter.
Jones, Philos S. (1942). Request for Ican.
Jones, Walter A. (1934). Personal news.

F 75 "K" Correspondence.

Kee, John U.S. Representative (1935). West Virginia brochure.
Keith, J.W. (1942). Labor unions.
Kendall, Willmoore E., Family (1942). Re: Rev. Kendall.
Kennedy, B.E. (1935). Letter.
Kerr, Robert S. Governor of Oklahoma, U.S. Senator (1942). Non- acceptance of position.
Kester, M. R. (1937). Sending of highway maps.
Keys, Flake (1935). Sending of clipping from Washington Evening Star.
Kidd, Bob (1927). Schedule of stops to be made by WC in LeFlore County.
Kidd, Frank (1927). Cashing of check.
Kight, Hon. Tom. (1937). Absentee voting bill.
Klein, Julius (1927). Remarks: The Foreign Trade of the New South.

F 76 "La - Little" Correspondence.

Lackey, Ruth D. (1934). Invitation to reception in honor of Mrs. Paul A. Walker.
Landen, Mary E. (1942). cancellation of district postmaster convention.
Landram, John (1927). Personal news, banking business.
Landreth, Ernest S. (1942). Thank-you for support.
Lane, Moy G. (1935). Congratulations.
Larecy, J.F. (1927). Request for WC's brother's address.
Lauryssen, Gaston (1942). Story of Hotel St. Regis, New York City.
Lawrence, John (1932). Campaign aid. Clipping attached.
Leecraft, A.N. (1927). Oklahoma State Legislature action.
Levin, Herman (1927). Letter of support.
Lewis, J.S. (1935). Washington visit.
Little, W.D. (1927, 1942). Government printing; letter of support.

F 77 "Liv - Lu" Correspondence.

Livingston, A.E. (1927). Personal news.
Livingston, Arthur (1927). Announcement of Regents Meeting (Wilburton School of Mines).
Lloyd, Sam (1927). Congratulations to new mayor of Poteau.
Lohr, L.R. (1934). Invitation.
London, E. C. (1932). Unemployment.
Long, George S. (1934). Congratulations.
Looney, Joseph C. (1927, 1933). Congratulations; retention for Democrats in eastern Oklahoma prohibition department.
Loper, J. Dewey (1927). Candidate for mayor of Durant.
Lozier, Ralph R. U.S. Representative (1932). Extracts of speeches from the Congressional Record.
Lucas, W. G. (1934). Letter of support.
Lukens, Fred E. (1927). Certified copy of Senate J. R. No. 7, State of Idaho, re: change in time of convening of the Congress.

F 78 "Mc" Correspondence.

McAfee, (Mrs.) R.D. (1934). Thank-you for materials sent.
McAlister, W.C. (1927). Mistake in Certificate of Election.
McAlpine, D.C. (1927). Personal news.
McCaulley, Fred A. (1927). Personal news.
McCausey,_______ (1932). Campaign.
McCormack, (Mrs.) J.M. (1935). Personal news, support.
McCreary, A.E. (1927). Invitation to Sunday School convention.
McCurtain, D.D. (1927). Compliment on address given.
McDonald, Hon. Ed. (1938).
MacDonald, D.S. (1927). Opposition to WC.
McDonald, Leon J. (1935). Invitation to Southwestern Indian Fair.
McDonel, C.F. (1934). Invitation.
McDuffie, John (1932). Congratulations.
McGowan, W.E. (1927,1933). Personal news, support; invitation to Old Settler's Association meeting.
McKelway, B. M. (1939). Speech at National Radio Forum.
McKeown, Tom D. -- U.S. Representative (1927, 1933). Advice on moving to Washington.
McKinney, Hallie (1934). Congratulations on being selected vice-president of the American Association of University Women.
McLendon, Jeff D. (1935). Thank-you for favors received during Washington trip.
McMakin, L.J. (1927). Congratulations on farm program.
McReynolds, A.A. (1927). Congratulations on being appointed county attorney.

F 79 "Ma" Correspondence.

Mann, Charles P.D. (1935). Request for church donation.
Markham, Baird H. (1934). Acknowledgment of visit.
Marks, A.D. (1927). Request for signature for Jubilee issue of Washington Post.
Marshall, C.G. (1927). Invitation to use United States Daily. Attached letter from David Lawrence.
Martel, E.N. (1927). Personal, political news.
Mason, Charles W. (1935). Announcement of opening of law office.
Mason, John (1927). Thank-you for letter.
Massey, Guy (1935). Assistance for schools.
Massey, R.M. (1936). Thank-you for campaign donation.
Massingale, Sam -- U.S. Representative (n.d., 1935). Personal news.
Match, Dominic (1934). Congratulations on graduation.
Match, Pauline (1935). Personal news, job.
Matthews, Mack (1940). Invitation to speak at state League of Young Democrats.
Maverick, Maury -- U.S. Representative (1942). Offer of position to WC on War Production Board.
Maxey, L.E. (1928). Campaign advertising in Harlow's Weekly.
Mayhew, F.E. (1936). FCC hearings on station KASA, Elk City.

F 80 "Me - Mor" Correspondence.

Meister, Mathilde E. (1927). Application for office help.
Metropolitan Building and Loan, Oklahoma City (1934-1935). Request for bid on stock.
Meyer, Blanche T. (1935). Thank-you for remembering senior graduates.
Miller, Norman (1927). Congratulations on being elected Odd Fellows vice-president.
Millinee, Tal (1927). Coal mine land question.
Mobley, Gerald D. (1941).
Monical, Lewis (1927). Application for House page.
Monnet, Julien C. (1927, 1940). Congratulations; invitation to law school smoker.
Montgomery, J.C. (1933). Administration of federal relief funds.
Mooney, G.C. (1927). Occupancy for WC's McAlester home.
Moore, Karl (1927). Congratulations to First Baptist Sunday School of Wilson, Oklahoma.
Morey, Lucy Salamance. (1942). Location of a Will Rogers speech on the Supreme Court.
Morris, C.C. (1936). FCC hearings on station KADA, Ada.
Morris, H.O. (1927). Comments on success of poultry raiser.

F 81 "Mot -Mu" Correspondence.

Mothersead, O.B. (1927). Recommendation of T.J. Nichols as receiver for Bank of Krebs.
Muir, Malcolm. (1932). From McGraw-Hill Publishing Co.
Munoz, Gilberto Flores -- Member, National Congress of Mexico (1937). Invitation to dinner. Booklet: The Solution of the Social, Economic, and Agrarian Problem of the "Laguna" Region.
Murphy, J.W. (1927). Congratulations on state Industrial Commission appointment.
Murray, William H. -- Governor of Oklahoma (1933). Recommendation.
Musler, V.E. (1927). Comments on success of poultry raiser.

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