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Series 4: General and Personal Files, 1917-1951 (continued)

Miscellaneous Personal Papers

F 1 Miscellaneous form letters. (n.d., 1927).

F 2 Hon. Jed Johnson's form letters. (n.d., 1927).

F 3 Miscellaneous cards. (1940, 1946, 1949, 1950).

F 4 Letter to Joe from Sam Houston. (1847).

F 5 Miscellaneous music programs. (n.d., 1936, 1939, 1948).

F 6 Lists.

F 7 Will Rogers (1930-1939).

Includes clippings, invitations, and booklets.

F 8 University of Oklahoma magazine. (1916-1919).

F 9 Miscellaneous publications.

Includes "Happy birthday to Judge Robert L. Williams," "A Vanishing Race," and "President Washington a Baptist" (1921).

F 10 Miscellaneous publications.

Includes Sooner Magazine (1947) and the Baptist Training Union Magazine (1950).

F 11 Miscellaneous materials. (n.d.).

Includes personal notes and speech announcements.

F 12 Miscellaneous materials. (n.d.).

Includes personal notes and WC's autobiography.

F 13 Miscellaneous materials. (1919, 1928, 1935, 1937, 1944, 1948).

Includes the Outline of the life of Thomas Jefferson.

Series 5: Campaign Files, 1910s-1950

F 14 Notes (n.d.).

Contains miscellaneous undated notes.

F 15 Ballots/Newsletters/Brochure. (n.d.).

Contains two copies of sample ballots from local elections in Pittsburg County and Oklahoma County, both in Oklahoma.

F 16 Lists. (n.d.).

Contains lists of names from several counties in Oklahoma and lists of W.P.A. workers in various counties of Oklahoma during the 1930s.

F 17 Newsclippings (n.d.).

F 18 Miscellaneous notebooks. (n.d.).

F 19 Advertising literature. (n.d.). Wilburn Cartwright.

F 20 Advertising literature - State legislature and U.S. Congress (n.d.).

Ernest Albright.
E. P. Hill.
W. Walter Baily.
William Judson Holloway.
Chester E. Bender.
C. C. Hudson.
R. C. Blocker.
Walter E. Jacobs.
G. B. Bristow.
Mead Johnson.
John W. Cary Jr.
Garland Jordon.
C. U. (Buck) Cartwright.
H. M. McElhaney.
J. R. Cartwright.
Dick T. Morgan.
Roy Coleman.
W. B. Pine.
B. R. Cook.
Toby Morris.
J. N. Davis.
H. M. Shirley.
J. Gladston Emery.
Paul Washington.
T. P. Gore.
H. P. Watkins.
Ben Gullett.
J. M. Wiley.
Claude Hendon.
Homer Wilheim.
Ira T. Winfrey.

F 21 Advertising literature - City and county elections. (n.d.).

Grady C. Anderson.
Ralph Kirkhuff.
Tom Anderson.
Oscar Klepper.
Arthur "Pete" Askew.
J. W. (Jess) Kuykendall.
James L. Ballard.
Roger Lessly.
W. W. (Woocy) Beams.
Arthur J. Marmaduke.
Howard K. Berry.
E. Jennings McBride.
H. W. Bolding.
Lena McDonald.
W. A. (Bill) Bridges.
E. L. (Buck) McFarland.
S. F. Brown.
W. E. McGowan.
A. A. (Mack) Carselowey.
H. (Boots). Myers.
George Cheek.
William N. Mounger.
Warren W. Connor.
J. M. Nichols.
G. B. Chuck Coryell.
Helen Nix.
J. O. Crawford.
Ludie Parker.
J. V. Crawford.
Carol C. Phelps.
Max Crockett.
Frank Powell.
K. A. (Kirb) Drain.
W. I. (Bill) Polk.
Albert Dyer.
L. E. (Ivie) Prickett.
Weldon Ferris.
O. P. Proctor.
Happy Fields, Jr.
A. Earl Reavis.
W. E. (Bill) Fisher.
Allen Richardson.
John F. Garner.
William "Bill" Ritzhaupt.
J. I. Goins.
Granville Scanland.
Earl Gordon.
Walter Scott.
Orval Grim.
A. C. Sewell.
John Gulager.
Cleo Shackelford.
Walter Haggard.
Bill Shelton.
Tom G. Haile.
H. H. (Doc) Sherrill.
Lee Harned.
Everett Stewart.
Richard A. Hays.
Marvin Shilling.
Birney D. Herrin.
J. W. Simpson.
C. H. Hess.
Tom W. Smith.
F. L. Hieronymus.
J. W. Dick Strain.
R. W. Higgins.
S. W. (Wade) Stribling.
Ted Hill.
John W. Sullivan.
Lee Holmes.
J. J. (Jim) Tooley.
Tess Huser.
Haskell Tuck.
Dan Jones.
Harry Watson.
Wm. Jones, Jr.
Charles N. White.
Garland Jordan.
Bert Williams.J
ohn L. Keeth.
Johnny Wright.

F 22 Advertising literature - Other states. (n.d.).

A. Leonard Allen.
Lafe B. Chafin.
Ralph E. Church.
T. C. Cochran.
Guy D. Goff.
Finis J. Garrett.
Thomas E. Kilby.
Wm. C. Hammer.
Sol Levitan.
Louis T. McFadden.
John J. McSwain.
T. J. B. Robinson.
Dewey J. Short.
Charles A. Sink.
John K. Tener.
John Waterfallen.

F 23 Sample ballot. (1907).

F 24 Newsclippings, fliers. (1912 - 1914).

F 25 Gubernatorial Campaign. (1914).

F 26 Newsclippings, pamphlets, Democratic campaign textbook, correspondence. (1915 - 1916).

Democratic Campaign Committee to WC. (1916). re: President Wilson's speech to Young Men's League of Democratic Clubs with copy of speech attached. Also included is a series of correspondence on the costs of socialism vs. democratic rule. Much of this material involves statistics compiled by the State Examiner and Inspector's office. There is also a letter from the Commissioner of the Land Office to Governor Robert L. Williams in which the secretary of the school land department notes that he considers his department an asset to the Democrats.

F 27 Campaign cards, correspondence, newsclippings, pamphlets. (1917 - 1918).

Includes pamphlets for Hiram Johnson.

F 28 Dancecard, Flyer, Newsclippings (1919-1920)

F 29 National election campaign. (1920).

Includes the Democratic text book and the Republican campaign textbook.

F 30 Illinois Campaign (1920)

Campaign Cards.
Campaign Flyers.

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