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Series 7: Speeches, 1912-1950

Speeches by Wilburn Cartwright

F 1 Speech: "A Letter To The People of Southeastern Oklahoma" (n.d.).

About the Congressional Race of 1942.

F1B Speech: "American Legion Legislative Program" (n.d.).

F 2 Speech: "Armistice Day" (n.d.).

F 3 Speech: "Attitudes" (n.d.).

Describes uneasiness with change.

F 4 Speech: "Capital and Labor" (n.d.).

Relationship between common workers and industry.

F 5 Speech: "The Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians" (n.d.).

History of tribal and governmental interaction.

F 6 Speech: "Christian Church--Hartford City" (n.d.).

Religious speech to a church in Hartford City.

F 7 Speech: "The Church A Necessity and A Prayer" (n.d.).

The centrality of the church in American society.

F 8 Speech: "High School Address" (n.d.).

Commencement address.

F 9 Speech: "Cooperation" (n.d.).

Importance of teamwork.

F 10 Speech: "Elmer Thomas" (n.d.).

Introduction of Elmer Thomas.

F 11 Speech: "Farmer" (n.d.).

Discusses the inherent honor of the farmer.

F 12 Speech: "Friends and Lovers of Music" (n.d.).

Presented at a music concert in McAlester, Oklahoma.

F 13 Speech: "Gospel Singers" (n.d.).

Support for gospel singing; given at a music convention.

F 14 Speech: "Henry S. Johnson" (n.d.).

Introduction of Henry Johnson.

F 15 Speech: "Humor for Religious Meetings" (n.d.).

Importance of Christianity during the strife of World War II.

F 16 Speech: Organization of Congress. (n.d.).

The roles of the House of Representatives and the Senate in the federal government.

F 17 Speech: "Memorial Day" (n.d.).

Remembering soldiers that died in World War II.

F 18 Speech: "In Memory of Senator Johnson" (n.d.).

Eulogy at the death of Senator S. L. Johnson.

F 19 Speech: "Music Address for a Country Singing Convention" (n.d.).

Importance of music as social interaction.

F 20 Speech: "Character" (n.d.).

Given at the Old Line Oratorical Contest.

F 21 Speech: "Our Future Highway Needs" (n.d.).

The coming of the "superhighway"; the growth of American roads into a highway system.

F 22 Speech: "Roads Chairmanship A Liability" (n.d.).

Complains of constituent criticism about the allocation of road building projects in Oklahoma.

F 23 Speech: "Good Roads Defend Us" (n.d.).

Importance of road system to national defense.

F 24 Speech: "Road Improvement Is an Essential Part of Our National Defense" (n.d.).

F 25 Speech: Roads--Unidentified Speeches. (n.d.).

Fragments of speeches addressing the problem of road development.

F 26 Speech: Speech Fragments. (n.d.).

F 27 Speech: Speech Fragments. (n.d.).

F 28 Speech: Speech Fragments. (n.d.).

F 29 Speech: Speech Fragments--Debates. (n.d.).

F 30 Speech: Speech Fragments--Religion. (n.d.).

F 31 Speech: Speech Fragments--Veterans. (n.d.).

F 32 Speech: Three Speeches on War. "The Great War" (n.d.); "Peace or War" (n.d.); "The Soldier and the Bonus" (n.d.).

F 33 Speech: "Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton" (n.d.).

Discusses the greatness of these historic American statesmen.

F 34 Speech: "Tribute to Washington" (n.d.).

Celebration of George Washington's birthday.

F 35 Speech: "A Tribute--With One Reservation" (n.d.).

Humorous speech.

F 36 Speech: "The Trinity of Life" (n.d.).

Commencement speech to a high school graduating class.

F 37 Speech: Untitled. (n.d.).

Remembrance of Cartwright's first day in Washington, D.C.

F 38 Speech: "A Welcome Address" (n.d).

Speech at an unidentifiable convention.

F 39 Speech: "Induction of 'Pinky' Tomlin" (n.d.).

Speech at the induction of "Pinky" Tomlin into the Oklahoma Young Democrats.

F 40 Speech: "An Address For an X-Mas Tree" (December 25, 1912).

Delivered to a class of children.

F40B Speech: "Against Recall of Judges" (Nov. 15, 1913).

F40C Speech: "Washington's Farewell Address" (Feb. 22, 1919).

Delivered to commemorate Washington's birthday.

F 41 Speech: "Graduation Address" (May 14, 1919).

Delivered to the Tuttle School graduating class.

F41B Speech: "Farewell to the State Legislature of the State of Oklahoma" (May 1921).

F 42 Speech: "The Constitution--The Bulwark of Democracy and Happiness" (1924)

F 43 Speech: "The Progress Made in School Work" (1925).

Delivered to the County Teachers' Meeting in Pittsburg County.

F 44 Speech: "Cartwright on Floods and Irrigation" (1927).

Support of flood prevention projects, dams.

F 45 Speech: "Our Birthday" (1927); "The Glorious Fourth of July" (1927).

F 46 Speech: "Love" [1927].

Discusses the power of love to unite people.

F 47 Speech: "A Plea for the Farmer" (February 28, 1928).

Call for government intervention to prevent agricultural bankruptcy.

F 48 Speech: "American Poultry Association Convention at Ardmore, Oklahoma" (May 5, 1928).

Invitation to Congress to visit the convention.

F 49 Speech: "Restrictions, Five Civilized Tribes" (May 12, 1928).

Discusses Cartwright opposition to restrictions on homestead land under Native American jurisdiction.

F 50 Speech: "A Brief Statement to the Citizens of the Third Congressional District of Oklahoma" (May 29, 1928)

F 51 Speech: "Death of Former Representative Charles D. Carter" (April 17, 1929).

Eulogy speech.

F 52 Speech: "Our Public Schools" (June 19, 1929).

Call to the federal government to support and promote public schooling.

F 53 Speech: "Speech Delivered Before the Civic Clubs in My District" (1930).

Assurance to constituents of Cartwright's interest in state politics.

F 54 Speech: "The Educational Bill--Concerning the Establishment of a Department of Education" (March 31, 1930).

F 55 Speech: "World War Veterans' Legislation" (April 24, 1930).

Discusses an amendment that would provide more benefits for veterans.

F 56 Speech: "The Choctaw and the Chickasaw Indians" (May 28, 1930).

History of the Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians.

F 57 Speech: "Coal and Asphalt Deposits" (June 10, 1930).

Discusses the sale of Native American land that contained deposits of coal and asphalt.

F 58 Speech: "Choctaws and Chickasaws Endorse Cartwright Bill" (June 25, 1930).

F 59 Speech: "The Glorious Fourth of July" (July 4, 1930).

F 60 Speech: "Dedication of Doughboy at Peru" (November 11, 1930).

Spoken at the dedication of this memorial, erected by the American Legion Auxiliary of Miami County.

F 61 Speech: Tariff Bill. [1931].

Discusses Cartwright's opposition to a tariff bill introduced by President Hoover.

F 62 Speech: "Drought Relief" (January 14, 1931).

Discusses federal intervention to relieve drought-stricken farmers.

F 63 Speech: "Leased District" (January 19, 1931).

Includes handwritten first draft. Deals with the area of the "Leased District" in Oklahoma that had been Choctaw and Chickasaw lands.

F 64 Speech: "The Church" (January 27, 1931).

Delivered at the twentieth annual banquet of the Baraca class, Metropolitan Baptist Church, Washington, DC.

F 65 Speech: "The Church a Necessity" (March 12, 1931).

Primacy of the church in American society.

F 66 Speech: "Pikes Peak School Address" (August 16, 1931).

Delivered to the Pikes Peak school alumni.

F 67 Speech: "Farewell Party at Peru" (November 12, 1931).

Goodbye speech.

F 68 Speech: "The Facts and Meaning of the Incarnation. (January 3, 1932).

Discusses the biblical story of Jesus Christ's Incarnation as a man.

F 69 Speech: "The $20,000,000,000 Finance Corporation" (January 15, 1932).

Opposition to federal appropriation to the Finance Corporation.

F 70 Speech: "The Lame-Duck Resolution" (February 12, 1932).

Support of an amendment that would increase the power of new Congressional members during their first session in Congress.

F 71 Speech: "On Imported Oil and Coal" (March 25, 1932).

Opposition to foreign imports.

F 72 Speech: "My Record in Congress" (May 24 and 27, 1932).

F 73 Speech: "Service vs. Criticism" (May 27, 1932).

Explanation of Cartwright's views on family favoritism in hiring as it applied to his Washington staff.

F 74 Speech: Address to Peru Rotary Dinner. (August 9, 1932).

Discusses the closing days of Congress in 1932.

F 75 Speech: "The Special Session in Congress" (1933).

Discusses the need for conservative economy in government expenditure.

F 76 Speech: "My Trip to Haiti and Panama" (Fall 1933).

Delivered before high school students. Describes the events that occurred during the Haiti/Panama trip.

F 77 Speech: "A Summary of Choctaw and Chickasaw Indian Affairs and Other Matters" (April 23, 1934).

F 78 Speech: "The Appalling School Situation and a Plea for Speed in Dealing With the Education Problem of the Nation" (May 1, 1934).

Discusses the need for federal appropriation to public education.

F 79 Speech: "The Troubles of a Congressman" (May 4, 1934).

Discusses the obstacles faced by congressmen during their tenure in elected office.

F 80 Speech: "Emergency Construction of Public Roads" (May 11, 1934).

Discusses the use of federal road projects to increase employment.

F 81 Speech: "An Adequate Highway Program Including Provision for a National Parkway Proposal" (June 16, 1934).

F 82 Speech: "Road Progress" [1934-1935].

Discusses the importance of road construction and the need for further road building appropriations.

F 83 Speech: "Highways" [1935].

Discusses America's need for road construction for social unification, economic prosperity, and national defense.

F 84 Speech: "Explanation of the $8,000,000,000 Road Fund Provided for in the $4,880,000,000 Work Relief Bill, With Proportionate Share to States" (April 5, 1935).

F 85 Speech: Remarks by Cartwright on the essay "What I Would Do If I Were President" (June 20, 1935).

Discusses a prize-winning essay written by a sixteen-year-old from Cartwright's district.

F 86 Speech: "The Motorist Girds for War" [1936].

Discusses state governments' misappropriation of tax money for road building.

F 87 Speech: Road Building during Roosevelt's Administration" [1936].

Discusses the growth of road projects under the Roosevelt presidency.

F 88 Speech: "Tribute to Joseph W. Byrns" (June 8, 1936).

Discusses the address at the funeral for the late Speaker of the House Joseph Byrns.

F 89 Speech: "Suggestions for Speech" (July 24, 1936).

Radio address in which Cartwright discusses his actions as an elected representative to Congress.

F 90 Speech: "Suggestions for Address in Considering H.R. 11687" [1937].

Discusses the need for federal leadership in promoting road projects to the state governments.

F 91 Speech: "Absentee Voting" (March 2, 1937).

Supports absentee voting as an encouragement to voters to participate in he democratic system.

F 92 Speech: "Vocational Education" (May 20, 1937).

Discusses the need to increase government appropriations for vocational education.

F 93 Speech: "Earmarking Funds for Road Construction in the Relief Appropriation Bill" (May 21, 1937).

F 94 Speech: "Injustice of the Diversion of Highway Funds" (May 28, 1937).

Discusses states' neglect of road building projects.

F 95 Speech: "Churches of Washington, D.C" (August 16, 1937).

Describes the history of some of the most prominent churches in Washington, D.C.

F 96 Speech: "Tribal Estates and Tribal Affairs of Choctaws and Chickasaws" (August 18, 1937).

Report on the status of the Choctaws and Chickasaws in Oklahoma.

F 97 Speech: "The President's Road Message and How it Would Affect the Highway Program" (November 30, 1937).

Urges the continuation of road projects despite the President's hope to cut federal appropriations to the highway program.

F 98 Speech: "Help the Farmer" (December 9, 1937).

The importance of the farmer to America's economy and farmers' needs for government support.

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