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Series 8: Travel Files, 1926-1942

F 1 Travel: United States - Michigan; Brochure and Postcards. (n.d.).

F1B Travel: United States - Typescript by WC of Trip through Georgia and Alabama (n.d.).

Mentions seeing various historic sites, TVA, and Tuskegee Institute.

F 2 Travel: United States - Virginia; Brochures, Postcards, Notes, Newspaper Clippings (n.d., 1920 - 1933).

Includes The Nation-wide Celebration of the Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of George Washington. (1932), The Memorial to Washington. (1923), and Historic Shrines of Virginia by W. E. Carson. (1933).

F 3 Travel: United States - Washington D.C.; Booklets, Postcards, Brochures (n.d., 1922, 1926).

Includes the Washington Practical Guide. (1922).

F3B Travel: United States - Typescript by WC of Journey by his Family from Oklahoma to Washington, D.C. (1927).

F 4 Travel: United States - Miscellaneous Materials (n.d., 1926, 1927, 1930, 1931, 1937, 1947, 1948).

Includes Yellowstone National Park, Utah, Oregon, and Oklahoma.

F 5 Travel: United States - Kentucky; Brochures (n.d., 1930).

Includes Mammoth Cave and A History of Interesting Things Found in the Rooms of the Kentucky Historical Society.

F 6 Travel: United States - Tennessee; Brochures, Postcards, Newspaper Clippings (n.d., 1930).

Includes The Hermitage. (1930).

F 7 Travel: United States - Illinois; Brochures and Booklets (n.d., 1919, 1939 - 1941).

Includes Lincoln Tomb. (n.d.), John Drinkwater's Abraham Lincoln. (1919), and Speeches of Abraham Lincoln. (n.d.).

F 8 Travel: United States - Virginia, Monticello; Correspondence, Booklets (1924, 1925, 1927, 1930).

Includes correspondence from Stuart G. Gibboney, President of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation. (1927), The Father of Democracy. (1930), Thomas Jefferson an Outline of His Life and Service with the Story of Monticello the Home He Reared and Loved. (1924).

F 9 Travel: United States - New York, West Point Trip; Brochures, Newspaper Clippings (1927, 1928, 1934).

Includes The West Point Guide Book. (1928).

F 10 Travel: United States - Colorado; Brochures and Postcards. (1933).

Includes Colorado Springs.

F 11 Travel: United States - New Mexico, Highway Conference Literature and Booklet (1940).

Includes Coronado's Seven Cities. (1940).

F11B Travel: United States. Typescript by WC of his Family's Vacation to Pennsyvlania, Niagara Falls, Canada, Michigan, and Illinois (n.d.).

F 12 Travel: Panama - Typescript (n.d.)

Includes information on interesting sites in Panama, including the Panama Canal. Cartwright made a trip to Panama and Haiti in late 1932 and early 1933.

F 13 Travel: Trip to Orient - General Correspondence (1935).

Includes a letter from Cordell Hull, letters regarding invitations to events, trip preparations and material on sites to be visited.

F 14 Travel: Trip to Orient - Cartwright Passport (1935).

F 15 Travel: Trip to Orient - Personal Notes (1935).

F 16 Travel: Trip to Orient - Miscellaneous Brochures and Travel Guides (1935).

Includes information on steamship lines and stops in Seattle, Washington.

F 17 Travel: Trip to Orient - Souvenir Writing Paper (1935).

F 18 Travel: Trip to Orient - Miscellaneous Receipts and Telegrams (1935).

Trip was made on the S.S. Grant.

F 19 Travel: Trip to Orient - Menus, Guest Lists, and Library Holdings of the S.S. Grant (1935).

F 20 Travel: Trip to Orient - Souvenirs (1935).

F 21 Travel: Trip to Orient - Grant Gazette (1935).

F 22 Travel: Trip to Orient - Yankee Clipper (1935).

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