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Box 5 - Political Series - 1958-1962

F1: Political, General, September - October 1958 - California politics, Cohelan's political campaign.

F2: Political, General, November - December 1958 - Cohelan's political campaign, congratulations from VIPs.

F3: Political, California ,1959 - California politics, possessory interest tax, Democratic Party in California, Clement W. Miller, Edmund G. Brown, Paul Ziffren, Jamie L. Whitten.

F4: Political, California, Golden Gate Authority, 1959 - Public transit in the San Francisco Bay area, John F. Baldwin.

F5: Political, California, Resolutions, 1959 - Resolutions from California municipalities and the state legislature.

F6: Political, District, January - April 1959 - Politics in Oakland (Calif.), Berkeley (Calif.), Spurgeon Avakian.

F7: Political, District, May - December 1959 - Federal expenditures in Alameda County (Calif.).

F8: Political, National, 1959 - Correspondence with and about VIPs, Democratic Party, Democratic National Committee, Paul M. Butler.

F9: Political, National, Democratic National Convention (1960), 1959.

F10: Political, Personal, 1959 - Cohelan in Congress and his committee assignments, William J. Green.

F11: Political, California, 1960 - Edmund G. Brown.

F12: Political, California, Democratic Party, 1960 - Democratic Party in California, John F. Shelley, Edmund G. Brown.

F13: Political, California, Resolutions, 1960 - Resolutions from California organizations, municipalities, and state legislature.

F14: Political, District, 1960 - Politics in Oakland and Berkeley (Calif.), Democratic Party in Berkeley (Calif.).

F15: Political, District, Campaign, January - June 1960 - Cohelan's political campaign, his campaign memorabilia, endorsements of organizations for Cohelan.

F16: Political, District, Campaign, July - December 1960 - Cohelan's political campaign, campaign contributions, endorsements of organizations for Cohelan, Chester Bowles, Sam Rayburn, Frank Thompson, John F. Kennedy, Henry M. Jackson.

F17: Political, District, Press, 1960 - Cohelan's political campaign, African-American judges, Lionel J. Wilson.

F18: Political, National, 1960-1961 - Presidential campaign, Adlai Stevenson, Frank Thompson, John F. Kennedy Stuart Symington, Edmund G. Brown, Chester Bowles, Lee Metcalf, Chet Holifield, Harry S. Truman.

F19: Political, National, Democratic Party, 1960 - Civil rights, Democratic Study Group, Democratic National Convention Stuart Symington, Lyndon B. Johnson, Henry M. Jackson, Democratic National Committee.

F20: Political, Personal, 1960 - Cohelan's voting and attendance record, Edmund G. Brown.

F21: Political, Avakian, Spurgeon, 1961 - Clair Engle, Lawrence F. O'Brien.

F22: Political, California, 1961 - California water plan, Democratic Party in California, Clement C. Miller, Edmund G. Brown, Harry R. Sheppard, California Democratic Council.

F23: Political, California, Resolutions, 1961 - Resolutions from California organizations and state legislature.

F24: Political, District, 1961 - Segregation in Berkeley (Calif.), real estate market, politics in Berkeley (Calif.), Spurgeon Avakian, George P. Miller.

F25: Political, District, Campaign, 1961.

F26: Political, District, General Electric Lamp Plant, 1961 - Closure of General Electric Company factory in Oakland (Calif.), George P. Miller.

F27: Political, District, Reapportionment, 1961 - Congressional districts in California.

F28: Political, National, 1961 - Speaker of the U. S. House of Representatives Sam Rayburn, Lawrence F. O'Brien, Democratic National Committee, John W. McCormack, J. Edward Roush.

F29: Political, National, Democratic Party, 1961 - Pamphlets, handouts, and other materials distributed by the Democratic National Committee, Democratic Study Group, and White House, John F. Kennedy presidency.

F30: Political, Personal, 1961 - Cohelan's requests for congressional committee assignments.

F31: Political, California, 1962 - Political campaigns, Richard Richards, Edmund G. Brown.

F32: Political, California, Democratic Party, 1962 - Democratic Party in California, Harlan Hagen.

F33: Political, Congratulations Received, 1962 - Congratulations Cohelan received from VIPs.

F34: Political, District, 1961-1962 - Ann Root Corneille, John F. Kennedy trip to California, Spurgeon Avakian, Lyle Cook, Joel Fort.

F35: Political, District, Campaign, January - June 1962 - Cohelan's political campaign, endorsements of organizations for Cohelan, Ann Root Corneille, Hal Cruzan.

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