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Box 43 - Administrative Series - 1950-1960

F1: Administrative, State, 1958-1959 - John J. Allen, Wayne L. Hays.

F2: Administrative, State, Algeria, 1959 - France, Henry S. Reuss, Charles O. Porter, Chester Bowles.

F3: Administrative, State, Asia, 1958-1959.

F4: Administrative, State, Berlin, 1959 - Germany, Soviet Union.

F5: Administrative, State, Europe, 1958-1959 - Diplomatic relations with the Vatican.

F6: Administrative, State, Foreign Aid, 1958-1959.

F7: Administrative, State, Friedman Paper, 1959 - Foreign Policy, Julian R. Friedman, Chester Bowles, Frank Kowalski.

F8: Administrative, State, Hindsley Family Expulsion From France, 1959 - Church of Christ missionaries, Donald Hindsley, Duyane Hindsley.

F9: Administrative, State, International Civil Aviation Organization, 1959 - Congressional travel, Sam Rayburn.

F10: Administrative, State, International Cultural Exchange Service, 1958-1959.

F11: Administrative, State, Khrushchev, 1959 - Visits of foreign dignitaries to the U.S., Nikita S. Khrushchev.

F12: Administrative, State, Latin America, 1959 - Cuba, Steven V. Carter.

F13: Administrative, State, Moscow Fair, 1959 - Exhibition of U.S. products in Moscow, Russia.

F14: Administrative, Treasury, 1958-1959.

F15: Administrative, Treasury, Accounting Methods, 1959 - "Protecting the Public Purse" (editorial).

F16: Administrative, Treasury, Taxation, 1958-1959 - Clinton P. Anderson.

F17: Administrative, Independent Agencies, 1958-1959 - Nuclear weapons tests.

F18: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Civil Aeronautics Board, 1959.

F19: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Civil Aeronautics Board, San Francisco-New York Carrier, 1959 - Nonstop airline passenger service, Jack F. Shelley, Clement W. Miller (press release), George Christopher.

F20: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Civil Aeronautics Board, Southern Transcontinental Service, 1959 - Eastern Air Lines.

F21: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Civil Service Commission, 1959 - National park employees, Yosemite National Park (Calif.).

F22: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Federal Aviation Agency, 1959.

F23: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Federal Communications Commission, 1959 - Citizens band radio, George P. Miller.

F24: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Federal Communications Commission, Sackett Petition, 1959 - KLX radio station (Oakland, Calif.), Sheldon F. Sackett, John J. McFall.

F25: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Federal Power Commission, 1958-1959 - George P. Miller.

F26: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Housing and Home Finance Agency, 1950-1959 - Low income housing.

F27: Administrative, Independent Agencies, U.S. Tariff Commission, 1959.

F28: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Veterans Administration, 1959.

F29: Administrative, Supreme Court, 1959.

F30: Administrative, State of California, 1959 - San Francisco Bay Area, highways, bridges, Don Magnuson.

F31: Administrative, State of California, Fluoridation of Water Supplies, 1959.

F32: Administrative, State of California, Squaw Valley Olympics, 1958-1959 - Dorfman Hat and Cap Company.

F33: Administrative, Agriculture, 1960.

F34: Administrative, Agriculture, Forest Service, 1959-1960 - Eldorado National Forest (Calif.), The Porcupine Club.

F35: Administrative, Agriculture, Lamb Grading, 1960.

F36: Administrative, Agriculture, Milk, 1959-1960 - Exportation of non-fat dry milk.

F37: Administrative, Commerce, 1960 - Census enumerators, U.S. Bureau of the Census.

F38: Administrative, Defense, 1959-1960 - George P. Mahon.

F39: Administrative, Defense, African-Americans, 1960 - Squaw Valley Olympic Games, off-base housing.

F40: Administrative, Defense, Air Force, 1959-1960 - McClellan Air Force Base (Calif.), forest fire fighting, access to Vandenberg Air Force Base (Calif.), Thomas A. Kuchel, Clair Engle, Cecil R. King.

F41: Administrative, Defense, Army, 1960.

F42: Administrative, Defense, Army, Corps of Engineers, 1959-1960 - Fruitville Avenue Bridge (Oakland, Calif.), Haws Drinking Faucet Company.

F43: Administrative, Defense, Army, Corps of Engineers, Alameda Creek, 1960 - Flood control projects in California.

F44: Administrative, Defense, Army, Corps of Engineers, Flood Control Projects in California, 1960.

F45: Administrative, Defense, Army, Oakland Army Terminal, 1960.

F46: Administrative, Defense, Navy, 1960 - H.G. Rickover.

F47: Administrative, Defense, Navy, Guam, 1960.

F48: Administrative, Defense, Navy, San Francisco Bay Area Bases and Installations, 1959-1960 - Oakland Naval Air Station (Calif.), San Francisco Naval Shipyard (Calif.).

F49: Administrative, Defense, Navy, San Francisco Bay Shipyards, 1960.

F50: Administrative, Defense, Navy, Vieques Island, 1960 Puerto Rico.

F51: Administrative, Executive, 1960 - State of California, U.S. Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization, Edmund G. Brown.

F52: Administrative, Health, Education, and Welfare, 1960.

F53: Administrative, Health, Education, and Welfare, Food and Drug Administration, 1960 - Use of dogs for experimental research.

F54: Administrative, Interior, 1960 - San Luis Project (Calif.), Feather River Project Association, Paul S. Taylor.

F55: Administrative, Interior, National Park Service, 1960.

F56: Administrative, Interior, Reclamation, 1960 - Trinity River and Clear Creek Powerhouses (Calif.).

F57: Administrative, Justice, Civil Rights, 1958-1960 - African-Americans, Charles O. Porter.

F58: Administrative, Justice, Immigration and Naturalization, 1960 - Morton Sobell, Timothy Tseh-ming Ho.

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