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Box 45 - Administrative - 1959-1962

F1: Administrative, Interior, 1960-1961 - Wayne N. Aspinall, Stewart L. Udall, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

F2: Administrative, Interior, San Luis Project, 1961 - Land limitation, irrigation in California Central Valley Project, reclamation.

F3: Administrative, Justice, 1960-1961 - Robert F. Kennedy.

F4: Administrative, Labor, 1961.

F5: Administrative, Post Office, 1961 - Postal employees, commemorative stamps, Tom Murray, John F. Shelley.

F6: Administrative, State, 1961 - Joel Fort.

F7: Administrative, State, Africa, 1961 - Kenya.

F8: Administrative, State, Berlin and Germany, 1961.

F9: Administrative, State, Communism, 1961 - Thaddeus M. Machrowicz.

F10: Administrative, State, Cuba and Latin America, 1961 - Exchange of tractors for captured Cuban rebels.

F11: Administrative, State, Disarmament and Arms Control, 1961 - Fallout shelters and nuclear testing.

F12: Administrative, State, Famine and Sale of Grain to Communist Countries, 1961 - Famine in China, sale of surplus grain.

F13: Administrative, State, International Aid, 1961 - Paul S. Taylor, U.S. International Cooperation Administration.

F14: Administrative, State, United Nations, 1961 - Admission of China to the United Nations, Malcolm Champion.

F15: Administrative, Treasury, 1961 - Taxation, price controls, Wilbur D. Mills.

F16: Administrative, Treasury, Gold, 1960-1961 - Reduction of military dependents abroad, flow of gold from U.S. to other countries.

F17: Administrative, Treasury, Internal Revenue Office in Berkeley (Calif.), 1959-1961.

F18: Administrative, Independent Agencies, 1961.

F19: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Civil Aeronautics Board and Federal Aviation Administration, 1961 - Airport at Oakland (Calif.), passenger airline service to Oakland (Calif.).

F20: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Civil Service Commission, 1961.

F21: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Federal Communications Commission, 1961.

F22: Administrative, Independent Agencies, General Services Administration, 1961 - Federal government buildings and property in the San Francisco Bay Area.

F23: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Housing and Home Finance Agency, 1961 - Low-income housing in Oakland (Calif.).

F24: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Housing and Home Finance Agency, Federal Housing Administration, 1961 - Mortgages.

F25: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Interstate Commerce Commission, 1961 - Copra imports, Jerome Brothers - Legaspi Oil Company.

F26: Administrative, Independent Agencies, U.S. Tariff Commission, 1961.

F27: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Veterans Administration, 1961 - Correspondence signed by several members of Congress, veterans hospitals in California.

F28: Administrative, State of California, 1961 - Industry in California, George P. Miller, Stanley Mosk, Edmund G. Brown.

F29: Administrative, State of California, Legislature, 1961 - California state legislation and resolutions, James C. Corman, Stanley Mosk.

F30: Administrative, State of California, Port of Oakland, 1961 - Tract A-115 (Oakland, Calif.), Ben E. Nutter.

F31: Administrative, State of California, Water, 1960-1961 - Colorado River (Colo.-Mex.), Stanley Mosk, Paul S. Taylor.

F32: Administrative, Agriculture, 1962 - Stored-product insects laboratory (Fresno, Calif.), Bernie F. Sisk, Orville L. Freeman, Spurgeon Avakian.

F33: Administrative, Agriculture, Forest Service, 1962 - J. Vaughn Gary.

F34: Administrative, Agriculture, Forest Service, Pinecrest, 1962 - Stanislaus National Forest (Calif.), national forest campgrounds, leasing of national forest lands.

F35: Administrative, Commerce, 1962 - Steel industry.

F36: Administrative, Commerce, Bureau of Public Roads, 1962 - MacArthur Freeway (Oakland, Calif.), truck traffic on freeways.

F37: Administrative, Commerce, Federal Maritime Board, 1962 - Shipbuilding, correspondence signed by several members of Congress.

F38: Administrative, Defense, 1962 - Robert S. McNamara.

F39: Administrative, Defense, Air Force, 1961-1962 - Air Reserves, Carl Vinson.

F40: Administrative, Defense, Army, 1961-1962 - San Francisco Air Procurement District, Ramon Ducksworth, U.S. Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps.

F41: Administrative, Defense, Army, Corps of Engineers, 1961-1962 - Port of Oakland (Calif.), Tract A-115 (Oakland, Calif.), flood control in California.

F42: Administrative, Defense, Army, Project Advent, 1961 - February 1962 - Contract disputes, wages, Bendix Corporation, Adam Clayton Powell, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

F43: Administrative, Defense, Army, Project Advent, March 1962 - Contract disputes, wages, Bendix Corporation, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

F44: Administrative, Defense, Civil Defense, 1962 - Fallout shelters.

F45: Administrative, Defense, Ethiopian Yacht, 1962 - U.S.S. Orca (boat), transfer of U.S. naval vessels to Ethiopia.

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