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Box 46 - Administrative Series - 1959-1962

F1: Administrative, Defense, Navy, 1961-1962.

F2: Administrative, Defense, Navy, Bellevue Housing, Washington, D.C., 1962 - Rent for military housing.

F3: Administrative, Defense, Navy, California Bases and Facilities, 1961-1962 - Oak Knoll Naval Hospital (Oakland, Calif.).

F4: Administrative, Defense, Navy, Hiller 1099 Helicopter, 1961-1962 - Hiller Aircraft Corporation.

F5: Administrative, Defense, Navy, JOVIAL Computer Language, 1961-1962 - Willard Harvey Wattenburg.

F6: Administrative, Defense, Navy, Oakland Naval Supply Center, 1962 - Defense supply agencies in Stockton (Calif.), George P. Miller, Naval Civilian Administrators Association.

F7: Administrative, Defense, Navy, Oakland International Airport, 1962.

F8: Administrative, Defense, Ryukyu Islands, 1959-1960 - Ryukyu Islands economy.

F9: Administrative, Defense, Ryukyu Islands, 1961-1962 - Ryukyu Islands economy.

F10: Administrative, Defense, Wine Institute, 1961-1962 - Sale of alcoholic beverages at overseas PX facilities.

F11: Administrative, Executive, 1962 - Arthur Schlesinger, Joel Fort.

F12: Administrative, Executive, Cuba, 1962 - Soviet Union missile bases in Cuba, U.S. military blockade of Cuba.

F13: Administrative, Executive, Mississippi, 1962 - Federal troops deployed in Mississippi, University of Mississippi, James Meredith.

F14: Administrative, Health, Education, and Welfare, 1962 - Thomas H. Kuchel.

F15: Administrative, Health, Education, and Welfare, Berkeley Workreation, 1961-1962 - Teenage employment programs.

F16: Administrative, Health, Education, and Welfare, Food and Drug Administration, 1962 - Food supplements, vitamins.

F17: Administrative, Health, Education, and Welfare, Social Security Administration, 1962.

F18: Administrative, Health, Education, and Welfare, Water Pollution Laboratory, 1961-1962 - San Francisco Bay (Calif.).

F19: Administrative, Interior, 1962.

F20: Administrative, Interior, Fish and Wildlife, 1962.

F21: Administrative, Interior, National Park Service, 1961-1962 - Yosemite National Park (Calif.), Forest subdivision.

F22: Administrative, Interior, San Luis Project, 1962 - Land limitation, Central Valley Project (Calif.), Paul S. Taylor, Henry J. Kaiser, Edmund G. Brown.

F23: Administrative, Justice, 1962.

F24: Administrative, Justice, Immigration and Naturalization, 1962.

F25: Administrative, Labor, 1962.

F26: Administrative, Labor, Farm Workers, 1962 - Braceros.

F27: Administrative, Labor, Strikes and Labor Disputes, 1962 - Construction workers in northern California.

F28: Administrative, Post Office, 1962.

F29: Administrative, Post Office, Junipero Serra Stamp, 1962 - Commemorative stamps.

F30: Administrative, Post Office, Piedmont-Montcalm Post Office, 1962 - U.S. foreign assistance.

F31: Administrative, State, 1961-1962 - Sargent Shriver, Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

F32: Administrative, State, Agency for International Development, 1962.

F33: Administrative, State, Asia, 1961-1962.

F34: Administrative, State, Central Intelligence Agency, 1962 - Laos.

F35: Administrative, State, Communist Threat, 1962 - Wright Patman.

F36: Administrative, State, Congo, 1962 - Katanga (Congo), Moise Tshombe.

F37: Administrative, State, Cuba, 1961-1962 - Cuban Missile Crisis.

F38: Administrative, State, Europe, 1962.

F39: Administrative, State, Nuclear Testing, 1961-1962 - Atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons by the U.S., nuclear disarmament.

F40: Administrative, State, United Nations, 1961-1962.

F41: Administrative, State, United Nations Information Agency, 1962.

F42: Administrative, Treasury, 1961-1962 - Taxation.

F43: Administrative, Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, 1962 - Taxation, Paul S. Taylor.

F44: Administrative, Independent Agencies, 1961-1962 - Edith Green.

F45: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Arms Control and Disarmament, January - April 1962 - Atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons, Nelson A. Rockefeller.

F46: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Arms Control and Disarmament, May - July 1962 - Atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons, fallout shelters, Nelson A. Rockefeller.

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