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Box 51 - Administrative Series - 1964-1966

F1: Administrative, Labor, 1965.

F2: Administrative, Labor, Farm Labor, 1965 - Housing for migrant agricultural workers, Braceros, Mexican migrant agricultural laborers, Robert L. Leggett.

F3: Administrative, Labor, Farm Labor, Training, 1965 - Agricultural workers in California, U.S. Office of Manpower, Automation and Training (reports).

F4: Administrative, Labor, Manpower Training, 1965 - Work-training projects in Oakland (Calif.) and Alameda County (Calif.).

F5: Administrative, Labor, Neighborhood Youth Corps, 1965.

F6: Administrative, Milk Exports to Mexico and Philippines, 1962-1965 - Evaporated milk, import restrictions in Mexico and the Philippines, tariffs.

F7: Administrative, Miscellaneous, 1965.

F8: Administrative, Post Office, 1965 - ZIP codes, commemorative stamps, Lawrence F. O'Brien.

F9: Administrative, Post Office, Berkeley and Oakland, 1965 - Post office in West Oakland (Calif.).

F10: Administrative, Post Office, John Bushnell Correspondence, 1965 - Postal employees in California.

F11: Administrative, Post Office, San Francisco-Oakland Helicopter, 1965 - Mail service in Oakland and San Francisco (Calif.).

F12: Administrative, State, 1965.

F13: Administrative, State, Agency for International Development, 1965.

F14: Administrative, State, Dominican Republic, 1965 - U.S. Military Intervention.

F15: Administrative, State, Latin America, 1965 - Alliance for Progress.

F16: Administrative, State, Peace Corps, 1965 - Recruitment at the University of California (Berkeley, Calif.), Sargent Shriver.

F17: Administrative, State, United Nations, 1965.

F18: Administrative, State, Vietnam, January - April 1965 - Vietnamese Conflict, Lewis Mumford.

F19: Administrative, State, Vietnam, May - August 1965 - Vietnamese Conflict, Spurgeon Avakian.

F20: Administrative, State, Vietnam, September 1965 - "Why Vietnam" (White House report), Vietnamese Conflict, cease-fire negotiations.

F21: Administrative, State, Vietnam, October 1965 - Vietnamese Conflict, cease-fire negotiations, United Nations supervised elections, Robert Scheer, Richard H. Ichord.

F22: Administrative, State, Vietnam, November 1-23, 1965 -Vietnamese Conflict, cease-fire negotiations, United Nations supervised elections.

F23: Administrative, State, Vietnam, November 24-30, 1965 - Vietnamese Conflict, cease-fire negotiations, United Nations.

F24: Administrative, State, Vietnam, December 1-15, 1965 - Vietnamese Conflict, cease-fire negotiations, United Nations.

F25: Administrative, State, Vietnam, December 16-31, 1965 - Vietnamese Conflict, cease-fire negotiations United Nations, Vietnam Day Committee.

F26: Administrative, State, Vietnam, Citizens Committee of Correspondence, 1965 - Vietnamese Conflict, Lyndon B. Johnson, Vietnam Day Committee.

F27: Administrative, State, Vietnam, Daniel Simon, 1965-1966 - Vietnamese Conflict, free elections in South Vietnam, cease-fire negotiations, political campaigning, California Democratic Party.

F28: Administrative, State, Vietnam, Daniel Simon, Anti-Simon, 1965 - Vietnamese Conflict, California Democratic Party.

F29: Administrative, State, Vietnam, Daniel Simon, Anti-Simon, ROBOs, 1965 - Vietnamese Conflict, cease-fire negotiations.

F30: Administrative, State, Vietnam, Harry Scheer, 1965 - Vietnamese Conflict.

F31: Administrative, State, Vietnam, Responsible Citizens Aroused, 1965 - Vietnamese Conflict, Vietnam Day Committee.

F32: Administrative, State, Vietnam, ROBOs (Acknowledgment to Postcard), 1965 - Vietnamese Conflict, United Nations supervised elections.

F33: Administrative, State, Vietnam, ROBOs (Combinations), 1965 - Vietnamese Conflict, United Nations.

F34: Administrative, State, Vietnam, ROBOs (General Reply), 1965 - Vietnamese Conflict, United Nations supervised elections, cease-fire negotiations.

F35: Administrative, State, Vietnam, ROBOs (Open Hearings), 1965 - Vietnamese Conflict, congressional hearings.

F36: Administrative, State, Vietnam, ROBO I (I Share Your Concern), 1964-1965 - Vietnamese Conflict, Lyndon B. Johnson.

F37: Administrative, State, Vietnam, ROBO II (Mekong River Project), 1965 - Vietnamese Conflict.

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