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Box 64 - Administrative Series - 1963-1969

F1: Administrative, State, 1968-1969 - Airplane hijackings to Cuba, Overseas Development Council.

F2: Administrative, State, Africa, 1969 - South Africa.

F3: Administrative, State, Agency for International Development, 1969 - Economic assistance to Chile, airlift of cattle.

F4: Administrative, State, Asia, 1969 - U.S.S. Pueblo.

F5: Administrative, State, Biafra, 1969 - Civil war in Nigeria, disaster relief.

F6: Administrative, State, Greece, 1969 - Military dictatorships, Donald M. Fraser.

F7: Administrative, State, Japanese-American Exchange, 1963-1969 - International relations with Japan.

F8: Administrative, State, Middle East, 1968-1969 - Israeli attack on airport in Beirut (Lebanon), Arab-Israeli conflict.

F9: Administrative, State, Peace Corps, 1969 - Forum International.

F10: Administrative, State, United Nations, 1969 - Racial discrimination.

F11: Administrative, State, University of California Band, 1968-1969 - Transportation of marching bands, World's Fair in Osaka (Japan), George Murphy.

F12: Administrative, State, Vietnam, 1968 - April 1969 - Vietnamese Conflict, loss of U.S. troops, Herman T. Schneebili.

F13: Administrative, State, Vietnam, May - July 1969 - Vietnamese Conflict, anti-ballistic missiles, withdrawal of U.S. troops.

F14: Administrative, State, Vietnam, August - October 1969 - Vietnamese Conflict, correspondence signed by numerous members of Congress, Vietnam Moratorium Committee.

F15: Administrative, State, Vietnam, November - December 1969 - Vietnamese Conflict, withdrawal of U.S. troops, George McGovern, John B. Anderson.

F16: Administrative, State, Vietnam, Moratorium Day, ROBO I, October 1969 - Protest against the Vietnamese Conflict, troop withdrawal.

F17: Administrative, State, Vietnam, Moratorium Day, ROBO II, November - December 1969 - Protest against the Vietnamese Conflict, troop withdrawal.

F18: Administrative, State, Vietnam, Nixon, Opposition, November 1969 - Protest against the Vietnamese Conflict, troop withdrawal, Silent Majority, Richard M. Nixon.

F19: Administrative, State, Vietnam, Nixon, Support, November 1969 - Protest against the Vietnamese Conflict, Silent Majority, Richard M. Nixon.

F20: Administrative, Transportation, 1968-1969 - Aviation, highways, U.S. Coast Guard, George H. Fallon.

F21: Administrative, Transportation, Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, 1969 - Truck drivers, U.S. Federal Highway Administration.

F22: Administrative, Treasury, 1969 - Interception of illegal drugs coming from Mexico.

F23: Administrative, Treasury, Customs, 1969 - Imports, travel to U.S. passengers on foreign freighters, importation of scientific instruments used for educational purposes.

F24: Administrative, Treasury, Customs, McDonnell-Douglas Hearings, 1968-1969 - Customs duties on aircraft.

F25: Administrative, Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, 1969 - Income tax, tax-exempt status.

F26: Administrative, Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, Bay Area Employees, 1968 - Collective bargaining, National Association of Internal Revenue Employees Chapter 20 (San Francisco).

F27: Administrative, Independent Agencies, 1969.

F28: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Atomic Energy Commission, 1969 - Amchitka Island (Alaska), underground nuclear testing.

F29: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Civil Aeronautics Board, 1969 - Air service to Lake Tahoe (Calif.-Nev.), airfare, Holiday Airlines Inc.

F30: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Civil Service Commission, 1969 - Wages and salaries for federal employees in California.

F31: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Federal Aviation Administration, 1969.

F32: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Federal Communications Commission, 1968-1969 - Radio KPIX (San Francisco), student unrest at the University of California, radio licenses.

F33: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Federal Trade Commission, 1969 - Ultra Brite Toothpaste, truth in advertising.

F34: Administrative, Independent Agencies, General Services Administration, 1969 - Federal buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jerome R. Waldie.

F35: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Interstate Commerce Commission, 1969.

F36: Administrative, Independent Agencies, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1969 - Apollo space program, potential of microorganisms brought to Earth.

F37: Administrative, Independent Agencies, National Science Foundation, 1969 - Federal aid to scientific research.

F38: Administrative, Independent Agencies, National Science Foundation, John G. French Project, 1969 - Biomedical education in high schools, University of California School of Public Health.

F39: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Selective Service System, 1969 - Miltary draft, conscientious objectors, Ecumenical Ministry of Haight-Ashbury, Lyle W. Grosjean.

F40: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Small Business Administration, 1969 - Levi Straus Company, Ghettos Inc.

F41: Administrative, Independent Agencies, U.S. Information Agency, 1969.

F42: Administrative, Independent Agencies, Veterans Administration, 1969 - Repossessed properties, outpatient clinic in Oakland (Calif.), U.S. Federal Housing Administration.

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