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Box 69 - Personal Series - 1962-1964

F1: Personal, Correspondence, C-D, 1962 - Charles E. Chamberlain, Pamela Cohelan, Lyle E. Cook.

F2: Personal, Correspondence, E-G, 1962 - Clair Engle, Daniel J. Flood, Edith Green.

F3: Personal, Correspondence, H-J, 1962 - F. Edward Hebert.

F4: Personal, Correspondence, K-L, 1962 - Eugene J. Keogh, Frank Kowalski, Dorothea Lange.

F5: Personal, Correspondence, M-O, 1962 - Clement W. Miller, George P. Miller, F. Bradford Morse, Lawrence F. O'Brien.

F6: Personal, Correspondence, P-R, 1962 - Otis G. Pike, Roman C. Pucinski, L. Mendel Rivers.

F7: Personal, Correspondence, S, 1962 - Robert R. Schultz, John F. Shelley.

F8: Personal, Correspondence, T-Z, 1962 - Frank Thompson, Jr., Al Ullman, Sidney Yates.

F9: Personal, Office Records, While You Were Out Carbons, 1962.

F10: Personal, Visitors to Washington, A-H, 1962 - Andrew J. Biemiller.

F11: Personal, Visitors to Washington, I-Z, 1962.

F12: Personal, Calendars and Invitations, January - March, 1963 - John J. Rooney, Harry R. Sheppard.

F13: Personal, Calendars and Invitations, April, 1963 - Ralph R. Harding, Charles C. Diggs.

F14: Personal, Calendars and Invitations, May - June, 1963 - Edward P. Boland, George P. Miller, Walter P. Reuther.

F15: Personal, Calendars and Invitations, July - December, 1963 - Randolph Collier, Harlan Hagan, Frank E. Moss.

F16: Personal, Calendars and Invitations, Cohelan Party Invitation Lists, 1963.

F17: Personal, Calendars and Invitations, Harry R. Sheppard Dinner, March 20, 1963 - This folder contains letters from several members of Congress.

F18: Personal, Calendars and Invitations, Trips, March 27-29, Oakland, Calif., 1963 - Space, Science, and Urban Life Conference at Dunsmuir House, Edmund G. Brown, George P. Miller.

F19: Personal, Calendars and Invitations, Trips, Sept. 27-28, Beverly Hills, Calif., 1963 - Society for Experimental Test Pilots, 7th Annual Symposium and Awards Banquet, House Research and Development Subcommittee.

F20: Personal, Calendars and Invitations, Trips, Oct. 16-18, Oakland, Calif., 1963 - Pacific Southwest Navy Research and Development Clinic, Glenn M. Anderson.

F21: Personal, Calendars and Invitations, Trips, Oct. 24-28, Oakland, Calif., 1963 - Navy League Annual Navy Day.

F22: Personal, Correspondence, A, 1963 - Spurgeon Avakian.

F23: Personal, Correspondence, B, 1963 - William H. Bates, William C. Battle, Donald Blondis, Chester Bowles, Ruth Boyden.

F24: Personal, Correspondence, C-E, 1963 - Cohelan family genealogy, Evelyn Cohelan, Clyde Doyle, Medgar W. Evers.

F25: Personal, Correspondence, F-G, 1963 - Bill Finn, Daniel J. Flood, Donald M. Fraser.

F26: Personal, Correspondence, H-I, 1963 - Julia Butler Hansen.

F27: Personal, Correspondence, J-L, 1963 - John F. Kennedy assassination, Jacqueline Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, Robert L. Leggett.

F28: Personal, Correspondence, M, 1963 - Gordon L. McDonough, Richard Montague.

F29: Personal, Correspondence, N-Q, 1963 - Catherine D. Norrell.

F30: Personal, Correspondence, R-S, 1963 - This folder contains correspondence with several members of Congress. Pierre Salinger, Sargent Shriver.

F31: Personal, Correspondence, T-Z, 1963 - Earl Warren, Lewis C. Wyman, Morris K. Udall, Carl Vinson.

F32: Personal, Harry Kingman, Citizens Lobby Letter, 1963.

F33: Personal, Office Records, While You Were Out Carbons, 1963.

F34: Personal, Visitors to Washington, A-E, 1963 - Spurgeon Avakian.

F35: Personal, Visitors to Washington, F-K, 1963.

F36: Personal, Visitors to Washington, L-P, 1963.

F37: Personal, Visitors to Washington, R-Z, 1963 - R. Allen Smith.

F38: Personal, Visitors to Washington, Berkeley Salute to Excellence in Youth, 1963.

F39: Personal, Calendars and Invitations January 1964 - This folder contains invitations from several members of Congress. Andrew J. Biemiller.

F40: Personal, Calendars and Invitations February 1964 - This folder contains invitations from several members of Congress.

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