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Box 73 - Personal Series - 1967-1969

F1: Personal, Cohelan, Personal, 1967 - Jeffery Cohelan's vaccination record, Evelyn Cohelan, Pamela Cohelan.

F2: Personal, Correspondence, A, 1967 - Jean Apaydin.

F3: Personal, Correspondence, B, 1967 - Jonathan B. Bingham, Chester Bowles.

F4: Personal, Correspondence, C, 1967 - James Corman, J. William Fulbright.

F5: Personal, Correspondence, D-F, 1967 - J. William Fulbright.

F6: Personal, Correspondence, G, 1967.

F7: Personal, Correspondence, H, 1967 - Hubert H. Humphrey.

F8: Personal, Correspondence, I-L, 1967 - Lyndon B. Johnson.

F9: Personal, Correspondence, M-N, 1967 - This folder contains correspondence with several members of Congress.

F10: Personal, Correspondence, O-S, 1967 - Lawrence F. O'Brien, James G. O'Hara, Charlotte T. Reid, William T. Ryan, Ferdinand J. St. Germain.

F11: Personal, Correspondence, T-Z, 1967 - Arthur Younger, John H. Tolan.

F12: Personal, Office Management, 1967.

F13: Personal, Visitors to Washington, A-F, 1967.

F14: Personal, Visitors to Washington, G-R, 1967.

F15: Personal, Visitors to Washington, S-Z, 1967.

F16: Personal, Visitors to Washington, Berkeley Salute to Excellence in Youth, 1967 - Earl Warren.

F17: Personal, Appointment Calendar, 1968.

F18: Personal, Calendars and Invitations, January - March 1968 - Ronald Reagan.

F19: Personal, Calendars and Invitations, April - June 1968 - Harold T. Johnson.

F20: Personal, Calendars and Invitations, July - December 1968 - Redwood National Park (Calif.) dedication, John C. Culver.

F21: Personal, Calendars and Invitations, Travel Reports, 1968.

F22: Personal, Calendars and Invitations, Trips, Aug. 25-31, Aspen, Colo., 1968 - Seminar on Environmental Arts and Sciences, Thorne Ecological Foundation.

F23: Personal, Cohelan, Personal, 1968 - Pamela Cohelan, John W. McCormack.

F24: Personal, Correspondence, A-B, 1968 - Jean Apaydin, Chester Bowles, John Brademas.

F25: Personal, Correspondence, C, 1968 - John C. Culver.

F26: Personal, Correspondence, D-G, 1968 - Gilbert Gude.

F27: Personal, Correspondence, H, 1968 - Chet Holifield Philip A. Hart, Hubert H. Humphrey, John Hutchinson.

F28: Personal, Correspondence, I-K, 1968 - Assassinations of political leaders, Robert F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson.

F29: Personal, Correspondence, L-M, 1968 - George Mahon, Spark M. Matsunaga, John W. McCormack.

F30: Personal, Correspondence, N-S, 1968 - E. Lewis Reid, Sargent Shriver.

F31: Personal, Correspondence, T-Z, 1968 - Stewart L. Udall E. S. Johnny Walker.

F32: Personal, Visitors to Washington, Berkeley Salute to Excellence in Youth, 1968 - Earl Warren.

F33: Personal, Apollo 11, 1969 - This folder contains commemorative memorabilia from the Apollo 11 moon landing.

F34: Personal, Appointment Calendars, 1969.

F35: Personal, Calendars and Invitations, January - March 1969 - Neighborhood office hours in district, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Sam M. Gibbons.

F36: Personal, Calendars and Invitations, April - June 1969 - Cohelan party invitation list, John W. McCormack.

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