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Box 76 - Topical Series - 1959-1970

F1: Topical, Commerce, Minority Business Enterprise, 1969 - Maurice H. Stans.

F2: Topical, Commerce, Motion Pictures, 1968 - Foreign production of American-interest films, rating system, Motion Picture Association of America.

F3: Topical, Commerce, Newsmen's Privilege Act, 1970 - Free press rights, confidential information sources, Richard L. Ottinger.

F4: Topical, Commerce, Newspaper Preservation Act, 1969 - Publishing monopolies, anti-trust suits, joint newspaper operating agreements.

F5: Topical, Commerce, Oil Imports, 1969 - Oil import restrictions, petrochemical industry.

F6: Topical, Commerce, Pacifica Foundation, 1969 - Application for educational FM stations.

F7: Topical, Commerce, Pay Television, 1969 - Federal Communications Commission.

F8: Topical, Commerce, Public Broadcasting, 1967-1969 - Long-range financing of public broadcasting, history of educational television.

F9: Topical, Commerce, Trade, 1961-1966 - Imports, import quotas, state export statistics, Trade Expansion Act, trade policy, Atlantic Alliance, Robert S. McNamara, Lyndon B. Johnson.

F10: Topical, Commerce, Trade, January - April 1967 - Foreign trade policy, Atlantic Alliance.

F11: Topical, Commerce, Trade, June - October 1967 - Tariffs, worker protections, export controls, protectionism, import quotas, Margaret Chase Smith.

F12: Topical, Commerce, Trade, November - December 1967 - Protectionism, international banking.

F13: Topical, Commerce, Trade, 1968 - Trade Agreements program, textiles and apparel, steel industry.

F14: Topical, Commerce, Trade, January - March 1969 - Trade policy, export controls, Export-Import Bank.

F15: Topical, Commerce, Trade, April - December 1969 - Future trade policy, textiles, export controls, agriculture, Export-Import Bank.

F16: Topical, Commerce, Trade, January- June 1970 - Import quotas, textiles, protectionism, Japan.

F17: Topical, Commerce, Trade, July 1970 - Steel imports, foreign economic policy.

F18: Topical, Commerce, Trade, August - November 1970 - Tariffs, Trade Act of 1970.

F19: Topical, Commerce, Trade, East-West Trade, 1967-1968 - Trade with Soviet Union.

F20: Topical, Commerce, Trade, Leather and Shoes, 1967-1968 - Fair Labor Standards Trade Act, Orderly Marketing Act, imports, Tariff Commission.

F21: Topical, Commerce, Trade, Lumber, 1969 - Timber supply.

F22: Topical, Consumer Affairs, 1966-1970 - Drug overcharges, Consumer Protection Act, auto repairs, James G. O'Hara, Florence P. Dwyer, Benjamin S. Rosenthal, Philip A. Hart.

F23: Topical, Consumer Affairs, Credit, 1959-1962 - California State Assembly.

F24: Topical, Consumer Affairs, Truth in Lending, 1961-1963 - Truth in Lending Act, Paul H. Douglas.

F25: Topical, Consumer Affairs, Truth in Lending, 1967 - Truth in Lending Bill, revolving credit.

F26: Topical, Consumer Affairs, Truth in Lending, 1968 - Consumer Credit Protection Act, William B. Widnall, Lawrence G. Williams, Richard T. Hanna, Chalmers P. Wylie, Florence P. Dwyer.

F27: Topical, Consumer Affairs, Truth in Lending, 1969 - Consumer Credit Protection Act, Federal Reserve Regulation Z.

F28: Topical, Consumer Affairs, Credit Bureaus, 1968 - Credit information disclosure.

F29: Topical, Consumer Affairs, Credit Bureaus, 1969 - Regulation of credit bureaus and collection agencies, consumer privacy, credit reporting.

F30: Topical, Economy, 1966 - August 1967 - Federal expenditures, federal stockpile inventories.

F31: Topical, Economy, October 1967 - Economic indicators, economic conditions of Negroes, Department of Labor, George H. Mahon.

F32: Topical, Economy, November - December 1967 - Economic indicators, deficit, State of California, Wright Patman.

F33: Topical, Economy, 1968 - Economic indicators, State of California, California State Chamber of Commerce.

F34: Topical, Economy, March - June 1969 - Economic indicators, Morris K. Udall.

F35: Topical, Economy, September - December 1969 - Price-wage guideposts, Andrew J. Biemiller.

F36: Topical, Economy, January - March 1970 - Consumer price index, unemployment, economic indicators, cost of living, price-wage guideposts, Carl Albert, Harold T. Johnson.

F37: Topical, Economy, July - August 1970 - Economic indicators, unemployment, John J. McFall, Democratic National Congressional Committee.

F38: Topical, Economy, Budget, January 1967 - Expenditures, deficit.

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