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Box 84 - Topical Series - 1959-1970

F1: Topical, Housing, 1969-1970 - Urban decay, housing code violations, national housing goals, single family housing rehabilitation, housing mailing lists, Neighborhood Development Program, Lyndon B. Johnson, Chet Holifield, Sherman J. Maisel.

F2: Topical, Housing, Construction, Bonds, 1968-1969 - Small contractors, minority contractors.

F3: Topical, Housing, Construction, Merit Shop Movement, 1969-1970 - Open shop management, labor unions, Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc., Edwin D. Eshleman.

F4: Topical, Housing, Federal National Mortgage Association, 1969 - Annual report to stockholders.

F5: Topical, Housing, Housing and Urban Development Acts, 1968-1970 - Low-income housing.

F6: Topical, Housing, Low-Income Housing, 1968-1970 - Urban housing, Department of Housing and Urban Development.

F7: Topical, Housing, Model Cities, 1967-1969 - Low rent public housing, rent supplement programs, George Romney.

F8: Topical, Housing, Oakland Housing Authority, 1970 - Turnkey Housing Program.

F9: Topical, Housing, Operation Breakthrough, June 1969 - George Romney.

F10: Topical, Housing, Operation Breakthrough, July - December 1969 - George P. Miller.

F11: Topical, Housing, Operation Breakthrough, 1970.

F12: Topical, Housing, Relocation Due to Public Projects, 1965 - Relocation: Unequal Treatment of People and Businesses Displaced by Governments (pub.), uniform compensation, eminent domain, Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations.

F13: Topical, Housing, Relocation Due to Public Projects, 1966 - Relocation assistance, Justice on Bay Area Rapid Transit (JOBART), uniform compensation, Andrew Jacobs, Jr.

F14: Topical, Housing, Relocation Due to Public Projects, 1967 - Uniform compensation.

F15: Topical, Housing, Relocation Due to Public Projects, 1968 - Uniform compensation, Intergovernmental Cooperation Act, Henry S. Reuss.

F16: Topical, Housing, Relocation Due to Public Projects, 1969 - Relocation assistance, Uniform Relocation Assistance and Land Acquisition Policies Act of 1969.

F17: Topical, Housing, Soul City, 1969-1970 - Black economic development, planned community, Floy B. McKissick Enterprises.

F18: Topical, Housing, Tax-Exempt Organizations, 1969 - Richard T. Hanna.

F19: Topical, Judiciary, 1959-1966 - Public interest counsel, rights of subpoenaed witnesses, rights of the accused.

F20: Topical, Judiciary, 1967 - Ombudsmen and human rights, flag desecration, ACLU.

F21: Topical, Judiciary, 1968 - Anti-trust cases, holidays, proposed Center for Law and Social Policy, violence.

F22: Topical, Judiciary, 1969-1970 - Murphy Amendment, Bilingual Courts Act, violence, reapportionment, judicial ethics, drug enforcement, immigration, ACLU, Administrative Conference of the U.S., Tomas F. Railsback, Allard K. Lowenstein, Michael A. Feighan, Glenn M. Anderson.

F23: Topical, Judiciary, Army Character Guidance Program, 1970 - Religious instruction in the military, ACLU.

F24: Topical, Judiciary, Capital Punishment, 1961-1966 - Death penalty, crime deterrence, National Prison Statistics (pub.).

F25: Topical, Judiciary, Capital Punishment, 1967-1969 - Abolition of death penalty.

F26: Topical, Judiciary, Civil Disorders, 1967-1969 -Riots, police brutality, civil disobedience.

F27: Topical, Judiciary, Civil Disorders, Anti-Riot Legislation, 1967 - Penalties for interference with civil rights, penalties for inciting riots, John Conyers, Jr.

F28: Topical, Judiciary, Civil Disorders, National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, 1968 - Racism, poverty, Benjamin S. Rosenthal.

F29: Topical, Judiciary, Civil Disorders, National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, Report, 1969 - One Year Later: An Assessment of the Nation's Response to the Crisis (pub.), National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders.

F30: Topical, Judiciary, Civil Disorders, Student Protests, January - March 1969 - University administration, student unrest, Students for a Democratic Society, Ronald Reagan.

F31: Topical, Judiciary, Civil Disorders, Student Protests, April - June 1969 - Campus unrest, University of California at Berkeley, Dan Kuykendall, Ronald Reagan, Chet Holifield.

F32: Topical, Judiciary, Civil Disorders, Student Protests, July - August 1969 - Disciplining dissenting students, University of California at Berkeley, Roger Heyns, Playboy Magazine.

F33: Topical, Judiciary, Civil Rights, 1963-1966 - Open housing, Supreme Court cases, Civil Rights Act of 1966.

F34: Topical, Judiciary, Civil Rights, 1967 - Police bias, African-American history, civil rights enforcement, penalties for interference with civil rights, James G. O'Hara.

F35: Topical, Judiciary, Civil Rights, 1968 - Impact of housing on job opportunities, fair housing, memorial to Martin Luther King Jr., social and economic progress of African-Americans.

F36: Topical, Judiciary, Civil Rights, February - May 1969 - Enforcement of school desegregation, Equal Employment Opportunities Enforcement Act, denial of funds to discriminating institutions, Don Edwards, North American Baha'I Office.

F37: Topical, Judiciary, Civil Rights, July 1969 - Voting Rights Act extension, Commission on Civil Rights, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

F38: Topical, Judiciary, Civil Rights, August 1969-1970 - Equal employment.

F39: Topical, Judiciary, Civil Rights, Civil Rights Acts, 1966-1968.

F40: Topical, Judiciary, Civil Rights, Commission of Negro History and Culture, 1967-1969 - Museum of African-American history, Frederick Douglas, James H. Scheuer.

F41: Topical, Judiciary, Civil Rights, Fair Housing, 1964-1966 - California Rumford Act, racial discrimination in housing.

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