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Box 85 - Topical Series - 1960-1970

F1: Topical, Judiciary, Civil Rights, Fair Housing, State Laws, 1966 - Summaries and text of state fair housing laws.

F2: Topical, Judiciary, Civil Rights, Selma, Alabama, 1965 - Voting rights, Congressional fact-finding mission, Martin Luther King, Jr., Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Lyndon B. Johnson, Lawrence F. O'Brien, Charles C. Diggs.

F3: Topical, Judiciary, Clement Haynsworth, 1969 - Appointment to Court of Appeals.

F4: Topical, Judiciary, Confessions, 1969 - Admissibility of confessions in joint trials.

F5: Topical, Judiciary, Corrections, 1969 - The Legal Challenge to Corrections (pub.), Joint Commission on Correctional Manpower and Training.

F6: Topical, Judiciary, Crime, 1967-1970 - The Challenge of Crime in a Free Society (pub.), The Courts vs. Crime (pub.), 1968 drug arrests in California, armed violence, crime control, Chet Holifield, George E. Brown, Jr., Joseph D. Tydings.

F7: Topical, Judiciary, Crime, Crime Insurance, 1969 - Federal crime insurance for small businesses, Frank Annunzio.

F8: Topical, Judiciary, Crime, Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, 1969-1970 - Funding authority, First Annual Report (pub.), Jerome R. Waldie.

F9: Topical, Judiciary, Crime, National Institute of Criminal Justice, 1967 - Assistance to state and local law enforcement, courts, and correctional institutions; crime control; Law Enforcement Assistance and Criminal Justice Act; James H. Scheuer; James G. O'Hara.

F10: Topical, Judiciary, Crime, Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968, 1968 - Guide for State Planning Agency Grants (pub.), American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

F11: Topical, Judiciary, Crime, Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968, 1969.

F12: Topical, Judiciary, Earl Warren, 1964-1969 - A Conversation With Earl Warren (pub.), James C. Corman, McClatchy Broadcasting.

F13: Topical, Judiciary, Electoral Reform, 1968-1969 - The Counterfeit Ballot (pub.), electoral college, direct presidential election.

F14: Topical, Judiciary, Gun Control,1965-1967 - Regulation and Control of Firearms (pub.).

F15: Topical, Judiciary, Gun Control, 1968-1969 - State Firearms Control Assistance Act, gun registration and licensing, Casey Amendment, Frank Horton, Robert McClory, Stanley Mosk.

F16: Topical, Judiciary, Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, 1968 - Police-Community Relations (pub.), From Arrest to Jail (pub.), Biennial Report (pub.), Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.

F17: Topical, Judiciary, Mexican Americans, 1969-1970 - Employment in television networks, discrimination, isolation in public schools, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

F18: Topical, Judiciary, National Law Foundation, 1967.

F19: Topical, Judiciary, Police-Community Relations, 1968-1970 - Racial discrimination, Berkeley City Council.

F20: Topical, Judiciary, Preventive Detention, 1969 - Bail reform, mass detention, Crime Deterrent Bill, John P. Saylor.

F21: Topical, Judiciary, Religion in Public Schools, 1961-1963 - Supreme Court opinions, prayer in schools.

F22: Topical, Judiciary, Religion in Public Schools, 1964 - School prayer and bible reading, Morris K. Udall.

F23: Topical, Judiciary, Voting, 1970 - Voting rights, Voting Rights Act Amendments of 1969, literacy tests.

F24: Topical, Judiciary, Voting, Eighteen-Year-Old Vote, 1961-1970 - Lowering minimum voting age, arguments for and against, Charles Longstreet Weltner.

F25: Topical, Judiciary, Wiretapping, 1966-1968 - Bugging, privacy, legal issues.

F26: Topical, Judiciary, Women's Rights, 1966-1969 - Women in professions, employment opportunities, continuing education, Background Facts on Women Workers in the United States (pub.), Equal Rights Amendment, Citizens' Advisory Council on the Status of Women, Department of Labor.

F27: Topical, Labor, 1967-1968 - Clerk-hire allowance, teachers strikes.

F28: Topical, Labor, 1969 - Recovering Human Bankruptcies (pub.), National Labor Relations Board, Area Manpower Instructor Development Site.

F29: Topical, Labor, 1970 - Monthly Labor Review (pub.), age discrimination in employment, live-in domestic help, occupational health and safety, apprenticeships, imports, Black Economic Union, Department of Labor.

F30: Topical, Labor, Alien Commuter System, 1968-1969 - Review of the Select Commission on Western Hemisphere Immigration (pub.), Michael A. Feighan.

F31: Topical, Labor, California Rural Legal Assistance, 1967-1969 - Cutbacks in Medi-Cal, assistance payments to farm laborers, braceros, poverty, Office of Economic Opportunity.

F32: Topical, Labor, Chicago and Philadelphia Plans, 1970 - Employment of minorities in the Chicago building and construction industry, George Meany.

F33: Topical, Labor, Child Day Care Centers, 1967 - Child welfare services, federal assistance to day care centers, Preschool Centers Supplementary Education Act, Day Care Act, Child Welfare League of America, Patsy T. Mink, Sam M. Gibbons.

F34: Topical, Labor, Child Day Care Centers, 1968-1969 - Summary of the Child Development Task Force Report (pub.), federal assistance for day care programs, community coordinated child care program.

F35: Topical, Labor, East Bay Skills Center, 1968-1969 - Manpower training.

F36: Topical, Labor, Employee-Management Cooperation, 1960-1969 - Collective bargaining, Employee Organizations in Government (pub.), Employee-Management Cooperation: In the Federal Service (pub.), government unions, National Civil Service League, Department of Labor.

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