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Box 95 - Case Files Series - 1954-1970

F1: Case Files, Burleigh (James), 1968 - Request for help in obtaining discharge from the Marine Corps for mental and emotional well-being, general discharge for drug use.

F2: Case Files, Byrd (Curtis), 1964-1965 - Appeal of demotion and punishment for neglect of duty, allegation of giving kickbacks to his wife's employer.

F3: Case Files, Christensen (Richard), 1966 - Court martial for disobeying orders based on conscientious objection, request for discharge from the Navy.

F4: Case Files, Clark (Laverne), 1968 - Claims innocence of charges of bribery and larceny that led to his court martial.

F5: Case Files, Delgado (Richard), 1965 - Request for assistance obtaining a discharge and conscientious objector status.

F6: Case Files, Dundas (Malcolm), 1967-1968 - Request for inquiry into possibility of early parole for himself and other conscientious objectors.

F7: Case Files, Dunmon (Raymond), 1961-1965 - Accusation of wrongful termination, appeal of termination for inflicting bodily injury.

F8: Case Files, Easwaran (Eknath), 1959-1964 - Request for permanent visa to stay in the United States, Fulbright Scholar.

F9: Case Files, Egan (William), 1969-1970 - Arrest for possession of marijuana in Japan, allegations of inhumane treatment in Fichu Prison (Japan).

F10: Case Files, Epps (Cassie), 1964-1965 - Claims her termination from the Naval Supply Center (Oakland) was racial discrimination, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

F11: Case Files, Flowers (James), 1961-1962 - Alleges racial discrimination at Alameda Naval Air Station.

F12: Case Files, Fong (Lawrence), 1969 - Request for reassignment of duty from Vietnam, concern for safety of prominent relatives in China.

F13: Case Files, Gonder (Darryl), 1970 - Request for change of discharge records.

F14: Case Files, Guiton (Oliver), 1968-1970 - Alleges racial discrimination in promotions at Military Ocean Terminal (Oakland).

F15: Case Files, Hahn (Witter), 1956-1958 - Request for increased disabled veteran benefits, John J. Allen, Jr.

F16: Case Files, Hahn (Witter), January - April 1959 - Request for increased disabled veteran benefits, John J. Allen, Jr.

F17: Case Files, Hahn (Witter), May - December 1959 - Request for increased disabled veteran benefits, John J. Allen, Jr.

F18: Case Files, Hahn (Witter), 1960 - Request for increased disabled veteran benefits, John J. Allen, Jr.

F19: Case Files, Hahn (Witter), 1961 - Request for increased disabled veteran benefits, John J. Allen, Jr.

F20: Case Files, Hall (Hayward), 1969-1970 - Alleges racial discrimination in promotions at the San Francisco Navy Shipyard.

F21: Case Files, Hawkins (Christine), 1967 - Requests information about the circumstances of her son's drowning death in Mexico while on a school field trip.

F22: Case Files, Hawkins (Ollie), 1970 - Request for compensation from her deceased husband's veteran's benefits.

F23: Case Files, Jackson (Henry), 1967-1968 - Request for job reassignment due to sickle cell anemia, court martial for refusal to return to the field in Vietnam.

F24: Case Files, Jackson (William), 1962-1965 - Alleges racial discrimination in hiring, accuses Jeffery Cohelan of refusing to help him, campaign to discredit Cohelan, request for grant for photography exhibit.

F25: Case Files, Jarrett (Christopher), 1969-1970 - Request for assistance in obtaining conscientious objector status, court injunction stalling assignment in Vietnam.

F26: Case Files, Johnson (Thelma), 1964-1966 - Alleges racial discrimination during reorganization at Alameda Air Station.

F27: Case Files, Jones (Jerry), 1965 - Alleges stoning by other Marines for seeking conscientious objector status.

F28: Case Files, Kanewske (Bert), 1966 - Alleges mistreatment while facing Navy court martial for disobedience following denial of conscientious objector status.

F29: Case Files, Knox (Robert), 1960-1961 - Request for private bill to increase veteran's pension.

F30: Case Files, Krech (Richard), 1965 - Student protestor who tore up his draft card and trespassed at the Oakland Army Terminal, Cecil F. Poole.

F31: Case Files, Krich (Kenneth), 1969 - Alleged harassment of a group of Berkeley residents by members of the National Guard, J. Edgar Hoover.

F32: Case Files, Macomber (Kingsley), 1969 - Army soldier's objection to Vietnam war and request that Jeffery Cohelan do what he can to end it.

F33: Case Files, Maio (Jose), 1954-1959 - Deportation proceedings against an illegal immigrant and bill to make his residence legal, John J. Allen, Jr.

F34: Case Files, McGee (Cornelius), 1961-1962 - Alleges racial discrimination in promotion at the Alameda Air Station, Jeffery Cohelan's request for an investigation by the House Committee on Post Office and Civil Service.

F35: Case Files, Meisenheimer (Kent), 1967-1968 - Request for obtaining early separation from the Navy to attend college.

F36: Case Files, Mezvinsky (Edward), 1965 - Request for assistance obtaining a job as a legislative or administrative assistant in Congress, Stanley L. Greigs, John R. Schmidhauser.

F37: Case Files, Monroe (William), 1967-1968 - Request for investigation into loss of security clearance in the Navy, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

F38: Case Files, Moran (Vicenta), 1967 - Alleges discrimination in termination of teaching contract at Laney College.

F39: Case Files, Norwood (Annie), 1970 - Request for assistance obtaining the veterans benefits of her deceased husband, whom she alleges died because his service worsened an illness.

F40: Case Files, Paris (Arthur), 1964-1965 - Request for humane reassignment to an Air Force base in California due to racial segregation and inadequate housing for African-Americans at his base in Florida.

F41: Case Files, Perkins (DeWitt), 1961-1962 - Alleges racial discrimination in hiring practices at Alameda Naval Air Station.

F42: Case Files, Pour-Nazarian (Eshagh), 1964 - Request for assistance in obtaining permanent resident status.

F43: Case Files, Reefe (Thomas), 1966-1969 - Request for discharge from the Army to teach African-American history.

F44: Case Files, Robinson (Dinah), 1969 - Alleges Army uses reservists to test experimental meningitis serum.

F45: Case Files, Spearin (Arthur), 1965-1967 - Request for assistance gaining civilian employment in Vietnam.

F46: Case Files, Sperinde (Sandra), 1969 - Request to correct discrepancy of spousal benefits awarded to female members of the Army, charges gender discrimination.

F47: Case Files, Stevens (Mattie), 1965 - Alleges harassment at the Oakland Post Office.

F48: Case Files, Stewart (John), 1970 - Alleges racial discrimination in hiring at Oakland Army Base.

F49: Case Files, Stowers (Edgar), 1967 - Alleges racial discrimination in hiring at Alameda Naval Air Station, Ronald V. Dellums.

F50: Case Files, Taylor (Ida), 1961-1962 - Alleges racial discrimination in promotions at Alameda Naval Air Station.

F51: Case Files, Thomas (Arthur), 1968 - Alleges racial discrimination in obtaining contracts for his small business.

F52: Case Files, Turner (Morrie), 1967 - Request for assistance finding grants to distribute free copies of his racially integrated comic strip "Wee Pals."

F53: Case Files, Walker (Andre), 1967-1968 - Request for legal assistance concerning dishonorable discharge from Navy and civil charges of rape, alleges mental disorders caused by service in Vietnam.

F54: Case Files, Zarlow (Richard), 1969 - Request for occupational waiver from service in Vietnam, social worker for the Childrens Bureau of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.

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