1a. - 2e. Mary Albert. Negatives.

2. Carl Albert in Speaker's chair.

3. Carl Albert seated in House Chamber.

4. Carl Albert in Speaker's chair.

5. Carl Albert standing in hallway.

6. Carl Albert shaking hands with John McCormack.

7. Carl Albert with John McCormack and three unidentified men at press conference.

8. Carl Albert with John McCormack.

9. Carl Albert, Mary Frances Albert, John McCormack and three unidentified men.

10. Carl Albert and Mary Frances Albert at table with Mary Albert in background.

11. Carl Albert at table with Alan Shepard.

12. Gerald Ford with Carl Albert, Mike Mansfield and several unidentified men. Ford is passing out pens. Albert is holding one of the pens. N.E.W.S. Photo.

13. Carl Albert, Carl Hayden, Hubert Humphrey and unidentified man.

14. Carl Albert with Marguerite Steed at reception with two unidentified men and an unidentified woman.

15. Carl Albert with unidentified man and photographer.

16. Shirley Bellmon, Mrs. John Jarman and unidentified man . Negatives only..

17. Portrait of Bill Brewster.

18. LaDonna Harris.

19. Ernest Istook receiving an award from unidentified member of Citizens Against Government Waste in 1994.

20. Georgetown townhouse from 1968, possibly belonging to John Jarman. Negatives only.

21. John Jarman in island-themed party costume with unidentified child in the background. Eugene Brent, Photo News Service.

22. John Jarman and two unidentified women, all wearing party costumes.

23. Jed Johnson Jr. with John McCormack, Johnson's sister Mrs. Lynn White, and Mrs. McCormack.

24. Portrait of James R. Jones.

25. Portrait of Frank Lucas.

26. University of Oklahoma Alumni at dining table. Seated from left to right - Henry Hall Wilson, Page Belcher, Dale Grub, A.S. Mike Monroney, and Victor Wickersham.

27. A. S. Mike Monroney. Photo from Saturday Evening Post.

28. Mary Ellen Monroney in Africa with unidentified man and jeep.

29. Family of Victor Wickersham. From the left; Sam Holston Jr. with Nelda Wickersham holding 2 children, Lowe and Stacy; Victor Wickersham with wife and son, Victor II; Everett Lloyd Renberger with LaMelba Sue Wickersham-Renberger and their son Bruce Allen Renberger; Galen Wickersham with wife and son Glenn.

30. Portrait of Dave McCurdy.

Allan Cromley Collection Description

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