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Folder 1: 1935 Scrapbook-Checks and Receipts.

Folder 2: 1936 Scrapbook-Checks and Receipts.

Folder 3: 1933, 1935 Scrapbook-Receipts.

Folder 4: Miscellaneous Legal Documents.

Folder 5: Miscellaneous Legal Documents.

**The following folders were added from the career of Wesley V. Disney, the son of Wesley E. Disney. These materials date from Wesley V. Disney's career in the Oklahoma Legislature as well as his 1950 campaign for the U.S. House.**

Folder 6: Agriculture. 1949.

Folder 7: Campaign. 1950.

Folder contains bumper stickers, leaflets, and speeches for Wesley V. Disney's campaign for the U.S. House in 1950.

Folder 8: Campaign: Oklahoma Club Membership List. 1950.

Folder contains a list of the names of Oklahoma Club members who lived in the Washington, D. C. area. Names of those from the First District were marked. Letters were sent to those people at the time of the 1950 run-off primary.

Folder 9: Education. 1948-1949.

Folder includes reports and correspondence. Much of the correspondence concerns funding. There is also information on a tax on natural gas to fund education. Correspondents include the Oklahoma Association of Negro Teachers.

Folder 10: Education: Oklahoma School of Business, Accountancy, Law, and Finance. 1948-1949.

Folder consists of correspondence calling on Disney to vote "no" on a bill which would take away the right of the school to grant degrees.

Folder 11: Education: Rehabilitation. 1949.

Folder consists of correspondence calling for appropriations for education of the disabled.

Folder 12: Game and Fish Department. 1948-1949.

Folder 13: Gun Control. 1949.

Folder 14: Health. 1948-1949.

Topics include mental health and Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance.

Folder 15: Housing. 1949.

Topics include rent control.

Folder 16: Insurance. 1949.

Folder 17: Juvenile Court Uniform Standards. 1943, 1948-1949.

Folder includes several letters concerning establishing a juvenile court in Tulsa.

Folder 18: Labor. 1948-1949.

Topics include workman's compensation and mandatory rest periods. Correspondents include the Oklahoma State Industrial Union Council and Labor's State Legislative Council.

Folder 19: Labor: Banks. 1949.

Correspondence concerning legislation for five-day work weeks in Oklahoma banks.

Folder 20: Labor: Unemployment Compensation. 1949.

Folder 21: Miscellaneous. n.d., 1948-1949.

Folder includes correspondence and copies of bills. Correspondents include Wesley E. Disney and the Oklahoma Farmers Union.

Folder 22: Natural Gas. 1949.

Folder 23: Newsletters, Reports and Booklets. 1947-1949.

Folder 24: Oklahoma State Government Reports. 1948-1949.

Folder includes several reports from the Oklahoma State Legislative Council.

Folder 25: Prohibition. 1949.

Folder 26: Public Accountants. 1949.

Correspondence concerning regulating public accounting.

Folder 27: Real Estate. 1949.

Correspondence concerns licensing of realtors.

Folder 28: Taxes. 1948-1949.

Folder 29: Taxes: Fuels. n.d., 1948-1949.

Much of the correspondence in this folder concerns a tax on gasoline.

Folder 30: Taxes: Outdoor Advertising. 1949.

Folder 31: Taxes: Royalties. 1949.

Folder 32: Transportation. n.d., 1944, 1948-1949.

Folder contains correspondence, printed material, and reports. Topics include toll roads and safety. Correspondents include Associated Motor Carriers of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Safety Council.

Folder 33: Tulsa Fair Board. 1949.

Correspondence concerning legislation to remove control of the Tulsa fairground property from the fair board and placing it in the hands of a non-profit group. There are also a few letters on midget auto races at the fairgrounds.

Folder 34: Unfair Sales Act. 1949.

Folder contains telegrams primarily from grocery stores. Legislation concerned making below cost grocery prices illegal.

Folder 35: Veterans and Military Affairs. 1949.

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