1. Black and white head shot of David W. Hornbeck, n.d.

2a-f. Six color snapshots of Arthur Reinke, a seventy-one-year-old man, doing carpentry and fence building at a home, summer 1979. 

3a-b. One color and one black and white snapshot of a sign outside the Cash Gas station on north May Avenue in Oklahoma City, sent to Mickey Edwards by Robert F. Brown.  The sign reads, “GAS OPEN 1.09, FREE THE HOSTAGES GO USA BEAT IRAN.” December, 1980.

4. Group portrait of the O K Cloggers, [1984].

5. LandSAT color satellite image created by EarthSat Corporation showing drought conditions in mid-western U.S. agriculture, 1987-1988.

6a-b. B-2 Stealth bomber.  6a shows the Stealth docked with another aircraft in the sky and 6b shows and artistic rendering of the Stealth bomber in flight.  n.d.

7. F-117A flighter plane in flight, 1988.

8. Air Force KC-10 aerial tanker refuels a Navy F-14 fighter in flight using the hose-drogue refueling system, 1982.

9. KC-10 Extender aircraft refuels an Air Force C-141 airlifter in flight, 1982.

10. KC-10 Extender aircraft taking off, 1982.

11. U.S. Air Force loadmasters secure an aircraft towing tractor on the spacious main deck of the KC-10 Extender aircraft, 1982.

12. A KC-10 advanced tanker/cargo aircraft refuels an F-15 Eagle fighter in flight, 1982.

13. T wo views of the Gulfstream-Sukhoi SST aircraft, June 1990.

14. Three men standing together and holding a print of the Gulfstream-Sukhoi SST aircraft.  The men are (l-r) Victor M. Chepkin, Allen E. Paulson, and Mikhail P. Simonov, June 1990.

15. An artistic rendering of the British Aerospace Jetstream 41 aircraft in flight, n.d.

16. President George H. W. Bush waving and descending from Air Force One, n.d.

17. Gulfstream IV aircraft in flight, n.d.

18a-b. Four artistic renderings of the Gulfstream-Sukhoi SSBJ from different angles, n.d.

19a-b. Two photos of unknown subject. 19a shows a man loading cargo onto an airplane with a forklift in a hangar and 19b shows a cargo plane and second aircraft in a field near a mountain, n.d.

20a-b. Battleships at sea.  20a shows the USS Nimitz with aircraft overhead and 20b shows a battleship firing guns as part of a Surface Action Group, n.d.

21-27. This series of twenty-five color snapshots was included in a packet from the Caney Valley Conservation District.  Complete captions are included with each image, but the main subjects of the series are stream bank erosion on the Caney River, flood control dams, oil wells in flood control dam sites, and soil erosion and conservation efforts on farms, n.d.

28a-f. Color snapshots of the recreational use areas of Skull Creek and Kaw Lake.  Items featured include an access road, drift line, and picnic shelters and areas, [1989].

29a-b. Mickey Edwards at a press conference in El Salvador seated at a table with microphones.  Also pictured are U.S. Representative Jerry Lewis (left) and Ambassador Dean R. Hinton (right), 1982.

30. Color artistic rendering of the YEAPPlantship, a development project of the Yankee Energy Corporation, n.d.

31. Entrance gate to Beale Air Force Base in Yuba City, California, 1988.

32a-c. Color images of Neptune taken by the Voyager 2 spacecraft, August 21-29, 1989.  32a shows a face-on view of the Great Dark Spot.  32b shows a wider angle view of Neptune, including the Great Dark Spot, Scooter, and Dark Spot 2 features.  32c shows the Neptune-facing hemisphere of the moon Triton.  Complete NASA captions are included.

33a-b. Aerial views of Tulsa International Airport with proposed air carrier parallel runway drawn in, 1987.

34. Black and white headshot of Mickey Edwards smiling, ca. mid-1980s.

35. Black and white photo of Mickey Edwards sitting in a chair in an office, ca. mid-1980s.

36a-b. Mickey Edwards and Rick Moore by Edwards’s desk in his Washington DC office, March 1986.

37a-b. Rick Moore speaking on a phone at a desk in the Bartlesville district office, ca. 1986.

38. Rick Moore and Jack Kemp, ca. 1987.

39a-c. Members of Mickey Edwards’ staff on an airplane and in a hotel lobby.  Pictured are Rick Moore, David Lowther, and unindentified people.

40a-b. Mickey Edwards and members of his staff standing on an outdoor patio and seated around a table outdoors.

41a-b. Rick Moore in Washington DC in front of the Capitol and in a metro station.  Two captions read, “Now this is a man who appears to know where he is going.” and “…and this man appears to know how to get there.”

42. Rick Moore, Brenda Benjamin, and Secretary of State James Baker.

43. David Lowther, Henry Bellmon, and Rick Moore in tuxedoes.

44. Jack Kemp speaking at a podium at a campaign event for Mickey Edwards.  It is signed, “Rick, all the best from a friend. Jack Kemp.”

45. Color portrait of Mickey Edwards.  It is signed, “To Rick, A terrific guy and a good friend.  Thank you for your help.  Mickey Edwards.”

46. Current and former Oklahoma congressmen standing together in a hallway.  Shown (l-r) are Don Nickles, Bill Brewster, Dan Boren, Wes Watkins, Dave McCurdy, Glenn English, Frank Lucas, and Mickey Edwards. Ca. mid-2000s.

47. Mickey Edwards, Rick Moore, and others around a dinner table.

48. Mickey Edwards and Rick Moore at an event in the OU ballroom in Norman, [2008].

49. Mickey Edwards and Rick Moore talking at a table in a large banquet hall.  This was a dinner at the Washington Court Hotel hosted by the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce on May 2, 1989.

50. Cartoon drawing of Mickey Edwards from the cover of a birthday invitation, 1984.  It is signed, “To Rick, The newest member of the team.  Welcome and thanks.  Mickey.”



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