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General Series

Box 39: Appointments (1962-1972) - Campaign (1971).

F 1 - 2: Appointments (1962-1972).

F 3: Campaign (1958-1961).

Topics and document types include correspondence; clippings; Statistics of the Presidential and Congressional Election of November 8, 1960, United States Government Printing Office, 1961; lists; and John F. Kennedy's campaign for the presidency in 1960. Correspondents include John F. Kennedy; Robert F. Kennedy; Aime J. Forand; and Democratic National Committee.

F 4 - 5: Campaign (1962).

Topics and document types include correspondence; campaign flyers and cards; clippings; expenditures; biographical sketches of Democratic Congressional candidates from New Jersey; Laws Relating to Federal Corrupt Practices and Political Activities, United States Government Printing Office, 1962; endorsements; contributions; reports; and congratulations. Correspondents include Democratic State Committee of New Jersey (F 4, 5); Benjamin A. Javits (F 4); New Jersey State AFL-CIO (F 4, 5); Frank Kowalski (F 5); Estes Kefauver (F 5); Harrison A. Williams, Jr. (F 5); Dean Rusk (F 5); Frank Thompson, Jr. (F 5); John F. Kennedy (F 5); John M. Bailey (F 5); Dominick V. Daniels (F 5); Stan Tupper (F 5); Carl Albert (F 5); Lawrence F. O'Brien (F 5); John W. McCormack (F 5); Richard J. Hughes (F 5); AFL-CIO (F 5); Andrew J. Biemiller (F 5); Orville Freeman (F 5); James A. Farley (F 5); Anthony J. Celebrezze (F 5); and Sargent Shriver (F 5).

F 6: Campaign (1963).

Folder includes correspondence offering congratulations to Gallagher on his successful 1962 campaign. Correspondents include Ethel Kennedy; and Phillip Alampi.

F 7 - 12: Campaign (1964).

Topics and document types include correspondence; campaign flyers and advertisements; Democratic Campaign Manual 1964; material related to Lyndon B. Johnson's bid for the presidency; clippings; nominating petition for Gallagher; remarks of President & Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson before the New Jersey State Democratic Committee; Campaigner, Young Citizens for Johnson newsletter; material related to Democratic National Convention being held in Atlantic City; press releases; endorsements; contributions; and congratulations. Correspondents include John W. McCormack (F 7); Democratic National Committee (F 7, 9, 11); New Jersey State AFL-CIO (F 8); Young Citizens for Johnson (F 9); Democratic State Committee of New Jersey (F 9, 11, 12); Lawrence F. O'Brien (F 9); Democratic National Congressional Committee (F 9); NBC (press release) (F 9); John W. McCormack (F 10); Donald M. Fraser (F 10); Orville Freeman (F 10); Harrison A. Williams, Jr. (F 10, 12); Phillip Alampi (F 10); Inaugural Committees, 1965 (F 10-12); Adam C. Powell (F 11); John S. Monagan (F 11); Richard Fulton (F 11); William F. Ryan (F 11); Julia Butler Hansen (F 11); Richard J. Hughes (F 11); Americans for Democratic Action (F 11); Harold M. Ryan (F 11); William T. Murphy (F 11); Charles Longstreet Weltner (F 11); William S. Broomfield (F 11); Charles E. Bennett (F 12); Thomas J. Whelan (F 12); Hubert H. Humphrey (F 12); Claude Pepper (F 12); Ralph L. Fusco (F 12); Frederick G. Dutton (F 12); Everett Jordan (F 12); and William Jennings Bryan Dorn (F 12).

F 13: Campaign (1965).

Folder includes correspondence mainly congratulating Gallagher on his victory; and materials for presidential inaugural. Correspondents include J. Edward Roush; Inaugural Committee 1965; B. Everett Jordan; and Democratic National Committee.

F 14 - 16: Campaign (1966).

Folder includes correspondence; pamphlets; endorsements; contributions; "Vote for Neil Gallagher" (song); and congratulations (many as greeting cards). Correspondents include New Jersey State Industrial Union Council (F 14); AFL-CIO (F 14); Andrew J. Biemiller (F 14,15); Tom Dunn (F 15); John W. McCormack (F 15); Jonathan B. Bingham (F 15); Richard J. Hughes (F 15); Hale Boggs (F 15); Hugh L. Carey (F 15); William D. Hathaway (F 15); Richard Fulton (F 15); Harold T. Johnson (F 15); Stanley R. Tupper (F 15); Orville Freeman (F 15); James G. Fulton (F 15); Dean Rusk (F 15); Sargent Shriver (F 15); Lawrence F. O'Brien (F 15); Jack Brooks (F 15); Leonard Farbstein (F 16); Arnold Olsen (F 16); John E. Moss (F 16); Phillip Alampi (F 16); James A. Farley (F 16); John S. Monagan (F 16); Hubert H. Humphrey (F 16); William F. Ryan (F 16); Richard Ottinger (F 16); Bernie F. Sisk (F 16); Charles E. Bennett; and William L. Dickinson (F 16).

F 17: Campaign (1967-1968).

Folder contains correspondence; memos; endorsements; congratulations; also included reaction to Lyndon B. Johnson's decision not to run for re-election; and Hubert H. Humphrey's bid for presidency. Correspondents include Harlan Hagen, Inaugural Committee 1969, Democratic National Committee; New Jersey State AFL-CIO; Everett Mc Kinley Dirksen; Clarence D. Long; Richard T. Hughes; Lucien Lamoureaux; Bryce N. Harlow; and Antonio B. Won Pat.

F 18: Campaign (1969).

Folder includes primarily material on the inauguration of Richard M. Nixon as President. Correspondents include Inaugural Committee of 1969; and Ed Reinecke.

F 19 - 20: Campaign (1970.)

Folder includes correspondence; congratulations; endorsements; contributions; and remarks by Dorothy V. Bush. Correspondents include Democratic National Committee (F 19, 20); Thomas G. Dunn (F 19); Jack Brooks (F 19, 20); Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (F 19); League of Women Voters of New Jersey (F 19, 20); National Endowment on the Arts (F 19); American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (F 19, 20); Samuel N. Friedel (F 20); Edmund Muskie (F 20); AFL-CIO (F 20); Andrew J. Biemiller (F 20); William T. Cahill (F 20); International Ladies' Garment Workers Union (F 20); Carl Albert; Hale Boggs (F 20); John W. McCormack (F 20); Wayne L. Hays (F 20); National Democratic Congressional Committee (F 20); B. F. Sisk (F 20); H. G. Torbert, Jr. (F 20); William Jennings Bryan Dorn (F 20); Harold T. (Bizz) Johnson (F 20); Jim Fulton (F 20); Hugh L. Carey (F 20); Don Fuqua (F 20); Birch Bayh (F 20); Leonard Woodcock (F 20); Richard J. Hughes (F 20); American Federation of Government Employees (F 20); Harrison A. Williams, Jr.(F 20); Jacob H. Gilbert (F 20); Clarence D. Long (F 20); New Jersey State AFL-CIO (F 20); John E. Moss (F 20); John N. Erlenborn (F 20); Glenn M. Anderson (F 20); Robert E. Jones (F 20); Dominick V. Daniels (F 20); Sam M. Gibbons (F 20); John H. Buchanan, Jr.(F 20); James Roosevelt (F 20); Phillip Alampi (F 20); Lucien Lamoureaux (F 20); L.H. Fountain (F 20); William V. Alexander (F 20); and Hubert H. Humphrey (F 20).

F 21: Campaign (1971).

Folder includes correspondence, much of which congratulates Gallagher on his election victory in 1970; and "Issues and Alternatives: The 1971 Democratic Party Platform."

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