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Box 42: Invitations (1968) - Invitations (May 18-31, 1972).

F 1: Invitations (1968).

Correspondents include Brookings Institution; and New Jersey State AFL-CIO.

F 2: Invitations (1969-1970).

Correspondents include New York Federal Executive Board; and New Jersey State AFL-CIO.

F 3: Invitations (January 1971).

Correspondents include Peter W. Rodino, Jr.; Women Strike for Peace; League of Women Voters of the U.S.; and Consumer Federation of America.

F 4: Invitations (February 1971).

Correspondents include New Jersey Department of Community Affairs; Edward W. Brooke; U. S. Department of State; New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce; Tom Steed; Donald M. Fraser; and E. Bradford Morse.

F 5: Invitations (March 1971).

Correspondents include Gilbert Gude; William S. Mailliard; New Jersey State Society; Democratic Study Group; William R. Anderson; John S. Monagan; Former Members of Congress; Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States; John M. Murphy Democratic State Committee of New Jersey; U.S. Department of State; Navy League of the United States; Water Pollution Control Federation; Johnson and Johnson; Peter W. Rodino, Jr.; and New Jersey Department of Education.

F 6: Invitations (April 1971).

Correspondents include New Jersey Association of Chosen Freeholders; Joseph G. Minish; John A. Blatnik; National Peace Action Coalition; Vietnam Veterans Against the War; William T. Cahill; Democratic National Congressional Committee; Democratic Study Group; Jack F. Kemp; and Ken Hechler.

F 7: Invitations (May 1971).

Correspondents include Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; National Academy of the Sciences; John J. Duncan; William R. Anderson; Clarence E. Miller; and James A. Burke.

F 8: Invitations (June 1971).

Correspondents include National Explorer Presidents' Congress; Gilbert Gude; William R. Anderson; Augustus Hawkins; John Dow; Charles C. Diggs, Jr.; Robert O. Tierman; James M. Hanley; Democratic National Congressional Committee; and U.S. Department of State.

F 9: Invitations (July 1971).

Correspondents include Overseas Development Council; David Pryor; New Jersey Historical Commission; and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

F 10: Invitations (August 1971).

Correspondents include John S. Monagan.

F 11: Invitations (September 1971).

Correspondents include White House; Richard Fulton; Frank E. Moss; John H. Buchanan, Jr.; Phillip A. Hart; U.S. Department of State; John G. Dow; Federal Trade Commission; Democratic State Committee of New Jersey; Sam J. Ervin, Jr.; and Carl Albert.

F 12: Invitations (October 1971).

Correspondents include General Pulaski Memorial Committee; Industrial Union Department; AFL-CIO; and Wayne L. Hays.

F 13: Invitations (November 1971).

Correspondents include John S. Monagan; Vanu Hartke; Chet Holifield; Melvin Price; Paul Findley; Donald M. Fraser; Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars; New Jersey State Bar Association; Harrison A. Williams; Clarence J. Brown; New Jersey Department of Transportation; and Democratic Study Group.

F 14: Invitations (December 1971).

Correspondents include Thomas E. Morgan; Robert O. Tiernan; Wendell Wyatt; James G. O'Hara; Louis Stokes; Harrison A. Williams; Louis C. Wymas; Larry Winn, Jr.; and Jorge L. Cordova.

F 15: Invitations (January 1972).

Correspondents include Hale Boggs; Frank Church; Peter N. Kyros; McCarthy '72; Consumer Federation of America; Spark M. Matsunaga; Democratic National Committee of New Jersey; and Lawton Chiles.

F 16: Invitations (February 1972).

Correspondents include B. Everett Jordan; Albert Quie; Democratic Study Group; U.S. Department of State; Democratic National Congressional Committees; Philip M. Crane; John G. Dow; New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce; United Nations Association of the United States of America; New Jersey State AFL-CIO; Edward I. Koch; Lear Motors Corporation; Unification Church; and White House.

F 17: Invitations (March 1-11, 1972).

Correspondents include U. S. Department of State; Lester L. Wolff; F. Edward Hebert; Democratic Study Group; and Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.

F 18: Invitations (March 12-31, 1972).

Correspondents include Democratic Congressional Wives Forum; Spark M. Matsunaga; William A. Stieger; Lester L. Wolff; Elwood H. Hillis; and John N. Erlenborn.

F 19: Invitations (April 1972).

Correspondents include U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare; Hamilton Fish, Jr.; Communication Workers of America; Ella T. Grasso; New Jersey State Society; Jack McDonald; and former members of congress.

F 20: Invitations (May 1-17, 1972).

Correspondents include Edwin W. Edwards; National Farmers Union; Democratic Study Group; American Revolution Bicentennial Commission; and Benjamin S. Rosenthal.

F 21: Invitations (May 18-31, 1972).

Correspondents include Benjamin S. Rosenthal; Paul Findley; U.S. Department of State; John B. Anderson; Overseas Development Council; United States International Transportation Exposition; Jack Williams, Governor of Arizona; Donald M. Fraser; and Frank Thompson, Jr.

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