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General Series continued

Box 43: Invitations (June 1972) - Justice (1964-1965, 1969-1970).

F 1: Invitations (June 1972).

Correspondents include Charles McC. Mathias, Jr.; Carl Albert; William A. Steiger; and Chet Holifield.

F 2: Invitations (July-August 1972).

F 3: Invitations (September 1972).

Correspondents include Port Authority of New York and New Jersey; Democratic Study Group; Council on Foreign Relations; and Winthrop Rockefeller.

F 4: Invitations (October-December 1972).

Correspondents include John M. Murphy; Ronald V. Dellums; Ernest P. Kline; Edward J. Bloustein; and Silvio O. Conte'.

F 5: March on Washington (1963).

Folder contains correspondence; clippings; and flyers on the civil rights march on Washington on August 28, 1963. Correspondents include March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom; National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Jersey City; Democratic Study Group; National Association for the Advancement of Colored People; and Congress of Racial Equality.

F 6: New York World's Fair (1963-1965).

Folder contains publications on the world's fair.

F 7: Newsletters (n. d., 1959-1965, 1970).

Folder contains copies of Gallagher's newsletters as well as correspondence, much of which was from constituents who commented on the newsletters.

F 8: Press and Public Relations (n. d., 1962-1967, 1969-1970, 1972).

Folder includes clippings and correspondence related to press coverage Gallagher received. Much of the correspondence is related to print media, but there is some from television. Correspondents include Richard D. McCarthy.

F 9: Questionnaires (1965-1966, 1970-1971).

Folder includes questionnaires sent by various organizations to Gallagher. Most have Gallagher's responses.

F 10: Staff Employment (n. d., 1961-1965).

Folder includes correspondence and resumes of people who applied for a job in Gallagher's office.

F 11: Summer Internship Program (n. d., 1964-1967).

F 12 - 15: Visitors (1968-1972.

F 16: Wilton Park Conference (1964, 1966-1968).

Folder includes programs and lists of participants for the Wilton Park Conference on international public opinion. This conference was held in England.

Departmental Series

F 17: Civil Aeronautics Board (1971).

Folder includes correspondence re: CAB rulings. Most of the correspondence concerns CAB proposal to limit charter flight eligibility to active duty military and their families living abroad.

F 18: Defense - Brooklyn Army Depot (1962-1963, 1966).

Folder contains correspondence and reports re: air rights over the terminal and proposed disposal of the terminal.

F 19: Defense - Fallout Shelter (1961-1964).

Folder contains correspondence and leaflets on construction of fallout shelter, much of the correspondence concerns quality of construction on the shelter as well as current and planned locations for public and private shelters. Correspondents include Frank T. Bow.

F 20: Defense - Walter Reed Hospital (1965).

Folder contains correspondence on crowding and poor treatment received by Vietnam veterans at the hospital.

F 21: Environmental Protection Agency (1970-1972).

Folder contains leaflets; booklets; statements; and press releases from the EPA. A variety of topics are covered in the folder. There is a lengthy report on noise pollution.

F 22: Federal Aviation Administration - Carl Duncan (1969).

Folder concerns a case by Carl Duncan against FAA which was held before the National Transportation Safety Board. The FAA had denied an airman medical certificate to Duncan.

F 23: Federal Communications Commission (1964, 1966-1968, 1971-1972).

Folder contains correspondence on miscellaneous topics/issues posed to the FCC.

F 24: General Services Administration (1965, 1968, 1972).

Folder contains correspondence on miscellaneous topics/issues posed to the GSA.

F 25: Health, Education and Welfare (1967-1969, 1972).

Folder contains correspondence on miscellaneous topics/issues posed to HEW.

F 26 - 27: Health, Education and Welfare - Cuban Refugee Program (1965-1969, 1972).

Folders contain correspondence from various individuals requesting Gallagher's assistance in bringing their family members from Cuba to the United States.

F 28: Health, Education and Welfare - Food and Drug Administration - Allen Handel (1963).

Folder contains correspondence with Allen Handel regarding an FDA raid on the Scientology Institute in Washington, D.C.

F 29: Health, Education and Welfare - Food and Drug Administration - Krebiozen (1963-1964, 1966).

Folder contains correspondence from various individuals calling for the continued use of Krebiozen, a drug used in the treatment of cancer.

F 30: Health, Education and Welfare - National Institutes of Health (1967, 1970-1971).

Folder contains miscellaneous correspondence.

F 31: Health, Education and Welfare - Office of Education (1963, 1965).

Folder contains press releases on various education issues, especially student loans.

F 32: Health, Education and Welfare - Public Health Service (1965-1971).

Folder contains miscellaneous correspondence, much of which concerns obtaining commissions within the Public Health Service.

F 33: Health, Education and Welfare - Sussex Nine Corporation (1966).

Folder contains miscellaneous correspondence regarding construction of a nursing home in Newton, New Jersey by the Sussex Nine Corporation.

F 34: Justice (1964-1965, 1969-1970).

Folder contains miscellaneous correspondence and clippings on various topics, including wiretapping by the FBI.

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