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Departmental Series continued

Box 44 - Office of Economic Opportunity (n. d., 1964-1971) - Insurance (1959-1961).

F 1: Office of Economic Opportunity (n. d., 1964-1971).

Folder includes miscellaneous material related to OEO including press releases, correspondence, and reports. Much of the material relates specifically to New Jersey and the grants and programs in the state. Among the programs mentioned are VISTA, Head Start, Community Action, and Work Incentive. Correspondents include Sargent Shriver; OEO, Northeast Region; John C. Bullitt (statement); and Community Action Training Institute, New Jersey.

F 2: Peace Corps (n. d., 1962-1963, 1965-1966).

Folder includes miscellaneous correspondence and press releases. Correspondents include Sargent Shriver.

F 3: Post Office (1964, 1971-1972).

Folder includes miscellaneous correspondence, press releases, and publications. Topics include reduced postal services, such as money orders and parcel post delivery; changes in delivery standards; copies of the Postal Leader; and typed reports on trends and developments in the Postal Service.

F 4: Small Business Administration (1958-1961, 1966-1967, 1969).

Folder includes miscellaneous correspondence, reports, and pamphlets on programs administered by the Small Business Administration.

F 5: State (n. d., 1960, 1962-1964, 1966-1967, 1969-1971).

Folder contains miscellaneous correspondence, press releases, pamphlets, booklets, speeches by Dean Rusk at Geneva disarmament conference, patent legislation proposed by government in India on pharmaceuticals (includes letter from New Jersey congressional delegation to Dean Rusk), and information on passports. Correspondents include Johnson and Johnson; Dean Rusk; and International Cooperation Administration (booklet).

F 6: State - Agency for International Development (1961, 1964-1970).

Folder includes miscellaneous correspondence, press releases, and booklets. Topics include foreign aid; and foreign investment. Correspondents include Johnson and Johnson.

F 7: State - Bowles, Chester (1961-1962, 1965-1966).

Folder contains miscellaneous correspondence and speeches. Some of the correspondence concerns Bowles's work in India. Correspondents include Chester Bowles.

F 8: State - Bunn, Jackie (1971-1972).

Folder includes correspondence related to conviction and later acquittal of Jackie Bunn, congressional travel specialist in the Department of State. Correspondents include Jackie Bunn.

F 9: State - Cuba (1962-1965).

Folder includes miscellaneous correspondence and press releases. Topics include student loan program for Cuban refugees. Correspondents include U. S. Office of Education.

F 10: State - Dutton, Frederick G. (1962-1964).

Folder includes miscellaneous correspondence, press releases, briefing memorandums, and speeches. Dutton was an assistant secretary in the State Department and regularly sent information to members of Congress. Topics include Cuba; United nations; trade; and foreign policy. Correspondents include Frederick G. Dutton; and John F. Kennedy.

F 11: State - MacArthur, Douglas II (1965-1968).

Folder includes miscellaneous correspondence. MacArthur was an assistant secretary for congressional relations in the State Department. Correspondents includes Douglas MacArthur II.

F 12: State - Phelps, Phelps (1962-1963).

Folder includes miscellaneous correspondence. Phelps was a former diplomat who sought another position in the State Department. Correspondents include Phelps Phelps; and Frederick G. Dutton.

F 13: State - Prisoners of War in Cambodia (1968).

Folder includes miscellaneous correspondence and clippings re: Cambodian capture of American landing craft which entered Cambodian waters of Mekong River.

F 14: State - Prisoners of War in Korea (1959, 1962, 1967).

Folder contains miscellaneous correspondence re: missing and unaccounted for military personnel from the Korean hostilities of the 1950s.

F 15: State - Prisoners of War in Vietnam (1966).

Folder contains miscellaneous correspondence and clippings re: proposal by Patrick T. McGahn of Atlantic City to set up a central bureau to collect, coordinate, and disseminate information on American prisoners of war. Correspondents include Patrick T. McGahn; and Peter H. B. Frelinghuysen.

F 16: State - Sports International (n. d., 1958, 1962-1964, 1966).

Folder contains typescripts, correspondence, and clippings on Sports International, a non-profit service organization. Sports International initially worked with athletes from other countries and helped bring them to the U. S. for training and competition. Over time the organization helped train young people from other countries in ways to improve the socioeconomic conditions in their countries. Correspondents include David Dichter; and Amateur Athletic Union of the United States.

F 17: Treasury (1965, 1971-1972).

Folder contains miscellaneous correspondence on a variety of topics including rent increases. Correspondents include Douglas Dillon; and New Jersey League for Nursing.

F 18 - 19: White House (1961-1962, 1964-1972).

Folders contain miscellaneous correspondence and memorandums and proceedings of the White House Conference on Natural Beauty. Most of the correspondence is routine and concerns things like having the president acknowledge anniversaries or to send photographs. Correspondents include Lawrence F. O'Brien (F 18); Lyndon B. Johnson (F 18, 19); New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety (F 18); Jack Valenti (F 18); John W. McCormack (F 19); Gerald R. Ford (F 19); Barefoot Sanders (F 19); Bryce N. Harlow ( F19); and Richard Nixon (F 19).

F 20 - 21: White House - Conference on Aging (1959-1961, 1971-1972).

Folders contain miscellaneous correspondence and printed material re: preparation and aftermath of two conferences hosted by the White House on problems of the elderly. One conference was held on January 9-12, 1961 and the other conference was held from November 28 - December 2, 1971. Correspondents include Richard Nixon (speech) (F 21); and National Council of Senior Citizens (F 21).

F 22: White House - Conference on Children and Youth (1960-1961).

Folder contains correspondence re: participation in a conference to be held March 27 - April 2, 1960.

F 23: White House - Physical Fitness (1964).

Folder contains teenage fitness booklets, Vim and Vigor.

Personal Series

F 24 - 29: Birthday (1962-1965, 1968-1970).

Folders contain greeting cards and notes sent to Gallagher. Correspondents include Victor L. Anfuso (F 24); John C. Kluczynski (F 24-27, 29); John F. Kennedy (F 24); Lyndon B. Johnson (F 25-27); Robert O. Tiernan (F 27, 28); Hubert H. Humphrey ( F27); and Spark M. Matsunaga (F 29).

F 30: Insurance (1959-1961).

Folder contains miscellaneous correspondence re: Gallagher's car and truck insurance.

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