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Map Series

No. 1: Draft-State Highway System Proposal-State of New Jersey. Prepared by New Jersey Department of Transportation, Division of Planning. 13.5" X 21" (1967).

No. 2: Jersey City, Hoboken, Weehawken, Union City: House Number and Transit Guide. Contains a street and avenue index with inset of main through routes for Jersey City, New Jersey. Compiled, printed, and published by Hagstrom Company, Inc., 311 Broadway, New York 7, New York. 22" X 30.5" (n. d.).

No. 3: Proposed New Jersey-New York-Connecticut Rapid Transit System. "To make maximum use of existing facilities including The Hudson and Manhattan Railroad and requiring minimum of new construction and minimum cost." 24.5" X 38" (1959).

No. 4: Real Estate United States Army Reserve Center Jersey City (Caven Point) N. J. (Military Reservation). Tract register inset with tract numbers, land owners, acreages, and remarks. Map includes location of the project, transportation facilities, and total acres acquired. Project 4849. Office, Chief of Engineers, Washington 25, D. C. 40" X 28" (1968).

No. 5a - 5b: New York-Northeastern New Jersey Area Metropolitan Map Series. Block by block census maps. 5a includes Richmond Co., N.Y., Essex Co., N.J., and Union Co., N.J. 5b includes Richmond Co., N.Y., Essex Co., N.J., Hudson Co., N.J., and Union Co., N.J. U. S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Geography Division. 24" X 18" (1970).

No. 6a - 6d: 6a - Bus Route to Journal Square Bus Station. 6a includes an inset listing bus companies, abbreviations, routes, and peak hour departures. 12.5" X 22.25" (1967).

6b - Journal Square Transportation Center Property Requirements. 6b includes streets within the site, and a site boundary. 34" X 26.5" (1967).

6c - Area Required for 150-Car Storage Yard to Replace Existing Storage Yard at Journal Square. 6c includes the boundary for the proposed storage yard. 27" X 10.75" (1967).

6d - Henderson Station - Passenger Access and Control Facilities. 6d is the proposed Grove St. entrance improvement plan at the intermediate level. 34" X 26.25" (1967).

No. 7a - 7b: 7a - C. E. D. Corporation Directional Map. 7a - Musconetcong Mountain Tunnel. 27" X 18.25" (1962).

7b - C. E. D. Corporation-Musconetcong Mountain Tunnel. Plot plan for Musconetcong Mountain Tunnel, West Portal-Pattonburg, Hunterdon Co. New Jersey. 36" X 18.25" (1962).

No. 8: United States-East Coast-New York/New Jersey; New York Harbor, Upper Bay and Narrows Anchorage Chart. Indicates various anchorage areas and includes soundings in feet with tidal information for Fort Hamilton, New Brighton, and Governor's Island. C. & G. S. 541. Published at Washington, D. C., U. S. Department of Commerce, Environmental Services Administration, Coast and Geodetic Survey. 36" X 47" (1966).

No. 9: Official House Numbering Map-City of Rahway, Union County, N. J. Includes an inset with street and house numbering listed north from Woodbridge Township and East or West from Pennsylvania Railroad. 24" X 27.75" (1966).

No. 10: Urban Highway System, District of Columbia. Distributed by National Good Roads Association. 21" X 22.5" (1962).

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