Milton C. Garber Photo Collection

1. J. B. Milton gravity switch lock bolted to wooden trestle to right of railroad tracks. To left of tracks is set of buildings. Enid, Oklahoma. 1945. Photo courtesy of Marquis Photographers.

2. Milton C. Garber standing to right of unidentified man in front of large crowd. Enid Oklahoma. Photo courtesy of Wichita Eagle Engraving Service. Negative.

3. Man holding a microphone and speaking to a child in a crowd of people. Picture is autographed with inscription: "To one Steve Williams from another, with best regards (signed) Steve Williams, WESG, Elmira, New York, February 1, 1938."

4. Photo of dramatic production, "Miss Lulu Bret," at Phillips University at Enid, Oklahoma. There are 9 unidentified actors on stage.

5. Concrete bridge overlooking a railroad track. Minimal visibility.

6. Frontal view of Rock Island train, engine #5023. To left of tracks is set of buildings.

7. Woman sewing by hand. Labeled: "I'm busy."

8. Three older women posing for a group photo.

9. Library building at the University of Oklahoma ?

10. Portraits of unidentified man.

11. Unidentified man sitting on steps.

12. Unidentified woman.

13. Clouds and telephone poles.

14. Unidentified man in military coat and hat.

Milton C. Garber Collection Description

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