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Series 3: Subject Files, 1906-1933 (continued)

F 1: Stock Exchange (n.d., 1931-1932).

a. Correspondence: re: paternal legislation.
b. Sunday Morning News Letter: re: short-selling on the Stock Exchange (February 18, 1932).
c. Speech Extract: MCG: re: Short-selling farm products and the Grain Futures Act (n.d.).

F 2: Stock Exchange (n.d., 1930).

a. Pamphlet: S. S. Huebner: "The Economic Value of Short Selling" (n.d.).
b. Pamphlet: Omaha Grain Exchange: "Farmers Have Profited from Speculation" (n.d.).
c. Pamphlet: C. Vincent, Omaha Grain Exchange: "Orderly Marketing of Grain" (1930).
d. Pamphlet: Kansas City Board of Wheat: "The Government's Experiment in Wheat" (n.d.).

F 3: Stock Exchange - Richard Whitney Materials (1931-1932).

a. Speech: "Short Selling and Liquidation" (December 15, 1931). Before the Syracuse, New York, Chamber of Commerce.
b. Speech: "The New York Stock Exchange" (September 27, 1932) Before the Industrial Club of St. Louis, Missouri, and the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce.
c. Statement: re: Investigation of Stock Exchange practices by the Senate Committee on Banking and Currency: made to the Governing Committee and the Membership (August 24, 1932).

F 4: Supreme Court of Oklahoma (1906).

Correspondence in support of MCG as Associate Justice.

F 5: Taxation (n.d., 1931-1932).

a. Pamphlet: Taxation Committee, Public Ownership League of America: "Citizenship and Domiciliary Conscript Service Act" (n.d.). Section-by-section analysis.
b. Pamphlet: "Gasoline Tax Rates Soar as Price Is Cut in Half" (n.d.).
c. Pamphlet: National Retail Dry Goods Association: "Y. & T. -- You and Taxes" (1931).
d. Pamphlet: Whitney Warren: "The Vicious Circle" (March 14, 1932).
e. Pamphlet: "Testimony of Carlos B. Clark, Chairman of Federal Taxation Committee of the National Retail Dry Goods Association before the Ways and Means Committee of the United States House of Representatives" (January 14, 1932).
f. H. R. 17093: To provide that officers of the state may have access to Federal income Tax returns (February 14, 1931).

F 6: Transportation (n.d., 1928-1929, 1931).

a. Clipping: "Resolutions Oppose Rate Cuts" (n.d.).
b. Speech: MCG: "Excessive Freight Rates on Farm Products.
c. Booklet: "Interstate Commerce Commission, No. 12964 -- Consolidation of Railroads" (December 9, 1929).
d. Pamphlet: Address: W. R. Dawes: "Transportation for the Shipper" (May 25, 1931). Before the Mississippi Valley Association.

F 7: Transportation (1931-1932).

a. Pamphlet: Address: Theodore Brent: "Low Cost Transportation vs. Regulation" (March 14, 1932). Before the Traffic Club of Chicago.
b. Pamphlet: American Automobile Association: "AAA Protests Federal Tax on Highway Transport" (January 23, 1932).
c. Pamphlet: Radio Address: Horace M. Hill: "What Price Transportation?" (March 18, 1931). Delivered over WCCO, Minneapolis.)

F 7b: Transportation (1930).

H. R. 11701: Maintenance and stabilization of channels, protection of post roads and highways (April 16, 1930).

F 8: United States - Conditions (1931, 1933).

a. Correspondence: re: chemical industry in the U. S.
b. Booklet: Charles G. Ross: "The Country's Plight: What Can Be Done about It?" Reprinted from St. Louis Post-Dispatch (November 29, 1931).
c. Clipping: R. L. Duffus: "Whither? A Survey of the Nation's Course:" New York Times (January 8, 1933).

F 9: United States - Cost of Government (n.d., 1932).

a. Clipping: "How a Bureau Grow" (n.d.).
b. Clipping: "President to Ask New Savings by Federal Agencies" (July 8, 1932).
c. Correspondence: re: cost of government, inland waterways, waste.
d. Statistics: "So Called Fixed Charges of the Government" (n.d.).
e. Briefs: MCG: re: Statistics of the Cost of Government (n.d.).

F 10: United States - Cost of Government - General Data (n.d.,1932).

a. Speech: Burton L. French: "The Mounting Cost of Government -- Where the Money Goes -- A Brief Study in Federal Expenditures" (July 1, 1932). In the U. S. House of Representatives.
b. Statement: Cordell Hull: "Some Phases of a Democratic Fiscal Program." Printed in the Congressional Record (January 15, 1932).
c. Pamphlet: Charles F. Williams: "Time to Call a Halt" (n.d.). Re: cost of government.
d. Correspondence: re: cost of government. Attached editorial from "Nauticus."

F 11: United States - Cost of Government - General Data (1932).

a. Bulletin: John B. Berryman: re: cost of government (May 12, 1932).
b. Press Release: A. W. Robertson, Westinghouse Corporation: "Half our Present Annual Income Will Be Used to Pay Taxes and Interest" (May 8, 1932).
c. Press Release: Ogden Mills, Secretary of the Treasury: re: Revenue Bill (April 2, 1932).
d. Press Release: MCG: re: Congressional efforts to reduce the cost of government (n.d.).
e. Press Release: MCG: re: extract from MCG's speech about economy in government (n.d.).

F 12: United States - Cost of Government - Chamber of Commerce of the United States (n.d., 1933).

a. Correspondence: re: balancing the federal budget.
b. Pamphlet: Chamber of Commerce of the United States: "Federal Reserve Legislation" (January 1933).
c. Statistics: "Summary of Reductions in Federal Expenditures" (n.d.).
d. Pamphlet: Chamber of Commerce of the United States: "Federal Expenditures" (January 1933).

F 13: United States - Cost of Government - National Organization to Reduce Public Expenditures (1932).

a. Correspondence: Includes resolution and list of organizations represented at national conference.
b. Editorial Comment on National Organization to Reduce Public Expenditures: "The Nation's Hope," Chicago Tribune (June 6, 1932); "To Cut the Cost of Government," Chicago Evening Post (June 6, 1932); and "Enforcing Public Economy," Chicago Daily News (June 6, 1932).

F 14: United States - Flag (1926, 1928-1929).

a. Correspondence: re: statistics.
b. Pamphlet: Gordon R. Broderman: "The Star Spangled Banner" (November 1, 1928).
c. Booklet: Trade Information Bulletin No. 749: "Foreign Trade of the United States, Calendar Year 1930" (1931).

F 15: United States - Foreign Trade (1930-1931).

a. Correspondence: re: statistics.
b. Booklet: Trade Information Bulletin No. 749: "Foreign Trade of the United States, Calendar Year 1930" (1931).

F 16: United States - Total Wealth (1933).

a. Correspondence.
b. Pamphlet: Marshall Field and Company: Order form for Chicago Civic Opera Company tickets (1933?).

F 17: Universal Military Training (n.d., 1929-1930).

a. Speech Notes: MCG: "The Legion Program" (n.d.).
b. Clipping: re: veterans' benefits (n.d.).
c. Pamphlet: American Legion: "Facts about the Universal Draft: A Peace Plan -- A Preparedness Measure" (n.d.).
d. Hearings: H. J. Res. 264: "To promote peace and to equalize the burdens and to minify the profits of war." Committee on Rules. Seventieth Congress; Second Session (January 31, 1929).
e. Speech: J. Mayhew Wainwright: "Universal Draft in Time of War" (April 1, 1930). In the U. S. House of Representatives.

F 18: Vaught, Edward S. (1930).

Telegram, re: need for additional judge in U. S. District Court for Oklahoma.

F 19: Veterans (1930-1933).

a. Correspondence: re: economic and physical disabilities, veterans hospitals, Veterans Administration, and bonus.
b. Speech: P. E. Courtney.

F 20: Veterans - Data (n.d., 1926, 1931-1932).

a. Speech: Frank B. Willis: "In Memory of Our Heroic Dead" (May 31, 1926). At Arlington Cemetery.
b. Clipping: "State Veterans Relief Bureau Sets Records in Work during Past Year" (September 7, 1931).
c. Clippings: re: H. B. Gilstrap (May 24, 1931).
d. Clipping: Speech: MCG: "The Economy Bill and Our World War Veterans" (May 3, 1932). In the U. S. House of Representatives. Congressional Record extract.
e. Statistics: H. B. Gilstrap: re: disability allowance claims summary (September 30, 1931).

F 20b: Veterans - Legislation (1929).

a. H. R. 5621: Amending World War Veterans Act (December 2, 1929).
b. H. R. 7765: Providing payments to certain veterans of the war with Spain and Philippine insurrection (December 18, 1929).
c. H. R. 16472: Payment to veterans of cash surrender value of adjusted service certificates (January 22, 1931).

F 21: Vocational Rehabilitation (1932).

a. Correspondence: re: MCG's vote on vocational education, Smith-Hughes Act, vocational agriculture, and other, related legislation.
b. Pamphlet.

F 22: Vocational Rehabilitation - Data (n.d., 1932).

a. Notes: Questions and Answers about the National Vocational Education Act (n.d.).
b. Notes: Statistics on Vocational Agricultural Education in Oklahoma, 1930-1931.
c. Notes: Mr. Wiles: re: Vocational Agricultural Education in the Eighth Congressional District of Oklahoma. Attached Future Farmers of America Father and Son Banquet program (n.d.).
d. Statistics and notes: Vocational rehabilitation in Oklahoma (September 22, 1931).
e. Newsletter: National Rehabilitation Association, II, No 2 (April 1932).
f. Clipping: National Rehabilitation Association: "Renew the Great Charter for the Crippled and Disabled" and "Why the Bankhead Bill (H. R. 4743) Should Pass" (n.d.).
g. Pamphlet: The Rehabilitation Review: "Should the Nation Conserve Its Manpower?" (n.d.).
h. Clipping: Statistics showing enrollment in vocational schools operated under approved state plans as of June 30, 1931.
i. Clipping: Statistics on vocational education and rehabilitation (n.d.).

F 23: Vocational Rehabilitation (1932).

Speech: MCG: Re: The proposal of a special Committee on Economy to suspend federal aid in vocational education for a period of one year (April 19, 1932). In the U. S. House of Representatives.

F 24: Vocational Rehabilitation - Legislation (1919-1930).

a. House Report 742 (H. R. 10175): Vocational Rehabilitation. Seventy-first Congress; Second Session (February 24, 1930).
b. Booklet: "Pending Legislation on Civilization Vocational Rehabilitation" (December 10, 1929). Re: H. R. 7138.

F 25: Vocational Rehabilitation - Oklahoma Data (1930).

a. Correspondence.
b. Statistics: re: rehabilitation in counties in the Eighth Congressional District of Oklahoma (February 12, 1930).

F 26: Vocational Rehabilitation - Speeches (1929).

a. Speech: Daniel A. Reed: "Vocational Rehabilitation of the Physically Disabled" (December 11, 1929). In the U. S. House of Representatives.
b. Speech: Henry St. George Tucker: "Vocational Education" (January 28, 1929). In the U.S. House of Representatives.

F 27: War Powers (1930).

Booklet: Elinor Byrns, Womens' Peace Union: "Memorandum in Favor of the Proposed Amendment: Making War Legally Impossible for the United States" (March 1930).

F 28: West Point (1932).

a. West Point List: List of MCG's nominations (compiled February 26, 1932).
b. Request: List of boys to participate in Congressional Designation Examination to be held January 16, 1932).
c. West Point Record of Nominations (MCG's) (1924-1932).

F 29: World Court (1931).

Booklet: West Publishing Company: Article: Charles Evans Hughes: "The World Court:" IV, No. 14 (February-March 1931).

Series 2: Subject Files for Speeches, 1933-1947

F 30: Agriculture (n.d.).

a. Clipping: "Agriculture's Contribution (n.d.).
b. Clipping: "Roosevelt Asks That Farms Get More Machines" and "Government Payment (n.d.).
c. Clipping: "Million on the Hoof" and "Another First for Tulsa (n.d.).
d. Clipping: "Russian Perennial Wheat Successful in Practical Field Tests Moscow Reveals (n.d.).
e. Clipping: "Farm Machinery Curbs End Today," "Free Farm Tools," and "Farmers' Rush for Machines Hits WMC Snag (n.d.).
f. Clipping: "Texas Farmers Revolt at OPA; Destroy Crops," "Wheat Harvest Equipment," and "Move to Form World Farmer Group Offered (n.d.).

F 31: Agriculture - Mortgages and Refinancing (n.d., 1931-1933).

a. Pamphlet: Republican National Committee: "Emergency Relief for Agriculture" (n.d.).
b. Pamphlet: B. R. Stauber, U. S. Department of Agriculture: "The Farm Real Estate Situation, 1931-1932" (1932).
c. Statement: MCG: re: purchasing power of farmers (n.d.).
d. Form Letter: To All Members of the Seventy-second Congress: re: purchasing power of farmers (February 11, 1932).
e. Clipping: Max Winkler: "Everybody's Business:" re: mortgages (February 11, 1933).
f. Pamphlet: "The Financing of Farming" (February 1933). VII, No. 8.
g. Clipping: "Farm Mortgage Moratorium" (February 4, 1933).
h. Clipping: "Foreclosures Hit only 4.3% of U. S. Farms" (May 1933).
i. Clipping: Eric Englund: "Farm Mortgages: A Pressing National Issue:" New York Times (February 5, 1933).
j. Clipping: "Farmers or Peasants?" (n.d.).

F 32: Armistice - World War II (1944?).

a. Clipping: "Bulgars Accept" (October 11, 1944?).
b. Clipping: "The Text of the Armistice Terms Granted to Finland by the United Nations" (1944).
c. Clipping: "Text of Romanian Armistice Terms; Twenty Main Provisions" (September 13, 1944).

F 33: Associated Press - Anti-Trust Suit (1942-1944).

a. Pamphlet: Special Committee on the Government Anti-Trust Suit: "Report on the AP Suit" (1944).
b. Form Letter: To All Members of the Associated Press: re: Anti-trust Suit against the Associated Press (August 28, 1942).
c. Form Letter: To All Members of the Associated Press: re: Anti-trust Suit Against the Associated Press (August 10, 1944).
d. Clipping: "AP Suit Climax of Attempt to Bludgeon Press:" Chicago Tribune (1944).
e. Clipping: "Minnesota 'Gag' Is Killed after Lengthy Battle:" Chicago Tribune (1944).
f. Clipping: Philip Kinsley: "Tribune Blasts Press Gag Law in Minnesota:" Chicago Tribune (1944).
g. Clipping: Philip Kinsley: "Tribune Fills Political Plot to Chain Press:" Chicago Tribune (1944).
h. Clipping: Philip Kinsley: "Tribune Fights Thompson Suit to Guard Press:" Chicago Tribune (1944).
i. Clipping: Philip Kinsley: "Tribune Fights Establish Fair Comment Right:" Chicago Tribune (1944).
j. Clipping: Philip Kinsley: "Press Fighting Many Years to Keep Freedom:" Chicago Tribune (1944).
k. Clipping: "AP Asks Court for Reversal" (October 3, 1944?).
l. Clipping: "U. S. Seeks Bar on Testimony in Suit Against AP:" News and Press (May 25, 1944?).
m. Clipping: Arthur Krock: "Government View of AP:" New York Times (October 27, 1944?).
n. Clipping: "AP Reply Charges U. S. Suit Is Attack on Press Freedom (n.d.)

F 34: Atlantic Charter (n.d.).

a. Clipping: "The Atlantic Charter Amended (n.d.).
b. Clipping: "Atlantic Charter Debated in London (n.d.).
c. Clipping: "Churchill Scraps Atlantic Charter" and "Churchill Says Allies Plan to Review Atlantic Charter Policies:" Kansas City Times (May 1, 1944).
d. Clipping: "Churchill Reaffirms Charter's Principles" and "Application of Atlantic Charter Will Be Discussed by the Allies (n.d.).
e. Clipping: Neal Stanford: "Secretary Says Atlantic Charter Expresses Objective, not Solution; De Gaulle Snubbed" and "Keep Atlantic Charter Open; Russians Urge" (April 10 and May 7, 1944).
f. Clipping: Frank C. Waldrop: "Checking Up (n.d.).
g. Clipping: "Small Nations Out of Luck (n.d.).
h. Clipping: "A Churchill 'Slip:'" Kansas City Star (December 16, 1944).
i. Clipping: "Roosevelt Still Stands for Atlantic Charter though Signed Only in Substance" (December 19??).
j. Clipping: "Myth of Atlantic Charter Now Admitted by Roosevelt:" Detroit Free Press (December 21, 1944).
k. Clipping: Walter Lippmann: "Blank Spaces in Our Thinking" and Marquis Childs: "People Kept in Ignorance (n.d.).
l. Clipping: Frank C. Waldrop: "Only a Memo?" and John O'Donnell: "More about 'Charter.'" (n.d.).
m. Clipping: William Moore: "Showdown near in Congress on Charter Ideals:" Chicago Daily Tribune (January 1, 1945); and Sumner Welles: "Welles Says Atlantic Charter Is As Valid as Day Agreed on, and far Broader in Application" (1945).
n. Clipping: "The Atlantic Charter: An Obituary (n.d.).

F 35: Bonds, War (n.d., 1944, 1946).

a. Correspondence with Robert S. Kerr, re: Fourth War Loan Drive in Oklahoma.
b. Memorandum: MCG: re: statistics on the bond sales in Oklahoma (n.d.).
c. Clipping: "Buy and Buy and Buy:" re: government bonds (n.d.).
d. Clipping: "Government Bonds" (May 2, 1946).
e. Clipping: "Garber Posts Garfield Aides in Bond Drive" (n.d.).

F 36: Bretton Woods Agreement - American Enterprise Association (1945).

a. Booklet: Michael A. Heilperin, American Enterprise Association: "International Monetary Reconstruction: The Bretton Woods Agreement" (1945).
b. Booklet: Herbert Feis, A.E.A.: "American Trade Policy and Position: An Outline of Principles" (1945).
c. Release: American Enterprise Association: Review of Michael A. Heilperin's International Monetary Reconstruction: The Bretton Woods Agreement" (April 19, 1945).

F 37: Bretton Woods Agreement - Economists' National Committee on Monetary Policy (1945).

a. Pamphlet: Roy L. Garis, Economists' National Committee on Monetary Policy: "An Open Letter to Congress on Monetary Reforms" (February 1, 1945).
b. Pamphlet: Benjamin M. Anderson, Economists' National Committee on Monetary Policy: "Equilibrium Creates Purchasing Power" (January 25, 1945).
c. Pamphlets: Walter E. Spahr: "Monetary Notes" (February 1, April 2, and May 1, 1945).

F 38: Bretton Woods Agreement - Miscellaneous Data (n.d., 1946).

a. Booklet: V. O. Watts: "The Bretton Woods Agreements: The Economic Consequences of Mr. Keynes:" The Economic Sentinel, III, No. 1 (1945).
b. Clippings: re: Bretton Woods Agreement.
c. Clipping: E. A. Krauss: "Sterling Bloc vs. the Dollar:" The Magazine of Wall Street (n.d.).
d. Clipping: E. A. Krauss: "Weighting New Forces in World Economy:" The Magazine of Wall Street (n.d.).

F 39: Bricker, John - Presidential Campaign (n.d., 1944).

a. Newspaper Photographic Mats: Mr. and Mrs. John Bricker (n.d.).
b. Pamphlet: Address: John W. Bricker (Governor of Ohio: "A Free Press Can Make a Free World" (February 4, 1944).
c. Pamphlet: "John Bricker: On the Road" (April 26, 1944).
d. Pamphlet: "Gov. Bricker Goes to Washington" (1944).
e. Press Release: Bricker-for-President Committee: re: Bricker Visit to Oklahoma City (March 27, 1944).

F 40: Bricker, John - Presidential Campaign (1944).

a. Clipping: "Bricker Spurns Politics When Appointing Aides" (September 29, 1944).
b. Press Release: "Bricker Demands Return of Cabinet Authority" (February 22, 1944).
c. Clipping: "Bricker Answers Questions Wilkie Called Unanswerable" (April 28, 1944).
d. Clippings: "Bricker For War to Last Japanese;" "Bricker Sees Faith in U. S. Easing Burden;" "Where Gov. Bricker Stands;" and "Bricker for Co-operation by U. S. Till Peace Is Settled" (April 1944).
e. Clipping: "Bricker Fights for Laws Aiding Cause of Labor" (September 28, 1944).
f. Clipping: "Bricker Learns to Economize as a Boy on Farm" (September 27, 1944).
g. Clippings: "Darker Days for the Bureaus;" and "Bricker Flatly Says He Will Stay in Race" (June 22, 1944).
h. Letter: Martin L. Davey (former Governor, Ohio) to Editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine: re: disproving Gov. Bricker's false claim (June 2, 1944).
i. Clipping: "Bricker Demands Balanced Budget and Tax Revisions" (May 30, 1944).
j. Clipping: "Text of Gov. Bricker's Speech to Governors on Changing Federal and State Fiscal Policies:" New York Times (May 30, 1944).
k. Clipping: "Gov. Bricker's View" (n.d.).
l. Clipping: "Bricker Calls for Sound U. S. Fiscal Policy" (May 30, 1930).
m. Clippings: "Bricker Advocates Agricultural Change;" "Anti-Fourth Term Group Favors Gov. Bricker; and "America Must Stay Sovereign, Bricker Avow" (May 1944).
n. Clipping: "Bricker Asks Jobs Be Industry's Task" (March 12, 1944).
o. Clipping: "Bricker's War Cry: Make Way for Liberty!" (n.d.).
p. Clippings: "Bricker Urges No Strike Law;" "Bricker and States Rights;" and "Bricker Declares Hull Dodged Important Issues" (March-April 1944).

F 41: Browder, Earl (1946).

a. Clipping: "Earl Browder, Businessman" (July 27, 1946).
b. Clippings: "Story of a Jerk;" "Browder, Fired by Reds, Seeks Trip to Russia;" and "Earl Browder Expelled from Communist Party" (February 1946).
c. Clippings: "The Man from Kansas Bites the Dust;" "Finns Search for Browder;" "How Earl Browder Got His Passport to Europe;" and "Browder to Moscow" (May 1946).

F 42: Budget, Federal (n.d., 1945-1946).

a. Report: "Reduction of Nonessential Federal Expenditures:" Joint Committee on Reduction of Nonessential Federal Expenditures. Pursuant to Section 601 of the Revenue Act of 1941 (March 22, 1945).
b. Clipping: "Budget Balancing Financial and Personnel" (n.d.).
c. Clippings: "Fiscal Experts View U. S. Debt of Three Hundred Billion;" "A Record Income;" and "War Spending Is Around 270 Million Daily" (December 1945; January 1945).
d. Clippings: "83 Billion Budget Set by Roosevelt;" "Where Money Goes;" and "Billions on Billions" (January 9, 1945).
e. Clippings: "National Income;" "Budget and Policy;" and "State's War Pay Over 2 Billion" (January 1945).
f. Clippings: "Roosevelt Asks Congress for Another Billion;" "March War Costs Hit 8 Billions; Revenue of 6 Billions a Record;" and "Senate Approved $300 Billion Debt" (March-April 1945).
g. Clippings: "Expect V-E Day to Signal a New NRA in America;" and "9 Billion Spent by U.S. Abroad" (March 25 and May 14, 1945).
h. Clippings: "Baruch Predicts Seven Good Years;" "No Economic Collapse Due, Officials Say;" and "A Budget for Peace" (May 1945).
i. Clippings: "Truman Asks 7 Billion Cut in War Budget," and "Truman Favors Big Slash in Government Expenses" (May 2, 1945).
j. Clipping: "President's Economy Moves" (May 2, 1945).
k. Clippings: "Budget Body Slashes President's Figures;" "Close Truman Budget;" and "17 Home Front Units Face Ax" (n.d.; May 14; and June 1, 1945).
l. Clippings: "House Slashes Allowance of OWI by Two-Thirds," and "85 Billion Budget Based on Fighting until Summertime" (June 8 and August 1, 1945).
m. Clippings: "Nice Balance of Taxing and Borrowing Supports 350 Billion U. S. Outlay" and "Current Year's Estimate Now 66 Billions" (n.d.; August 30, 1945).
n. Clippings: George E. Sokolsky: "One Idea Men" and "The People Blameless" (n.d.).
o. Clippings: "Budget Slash Proposed by President;" "Vinson Sees '47 Slash in Budget;" and "It Can Be Done" (January 1946).
p. Clippings: "Summary of U. S. Budget" and "No Increase in National Debt Due in Budget" (January 21, 1946).
q. Clippings: "Labor's Share in the National Income;" "Budget in Brief;" "Public Debt To Be Reduced;" "Mr. Truman Predicts the Budget;" "Deficit Cut by 7 Billion for 1945-46;" and "Byrd Calls for Debt Reduction" (January - April 1946).

F 43: Budget, Federal (1946).

a. Clipping: "Text of the Budget Bureau Statement Cutting the Earlier Estimates on War Costs" (August 2, 1946).
b. Clippings: "War Successes Cut Budget 3 Billions" and "Budget Figures on War Program" (August 2, 1946 and n.d.).
c. Clipping: "The Spender" (n.d.).
d. Clippings: "$67,199,237,127 Assigned by Congress" and "Administration Replies to Dewey Budget Charge" (June 23 and October 27, 1946).
e. Clipping: "Public Debt a Mortgage on Every U. S. Household" (n.d.).
f. Clippings: "Wars and National Debt" and "To Correct Some Rumor" (n.d.).
g. Clipping: Hugh Russell Fraser: "Sky-Rocketing National Debt" (n.d.).
h. Clippings: "U. S. Debt Load Twice as Large as Its Wealth" and "British Debt and Ours" (December 25 and April 11, 1946).
i. Clippings: "War's End Stops Need, Panel Says;" "Truman Plans 12 Billion Slash in '47 Budget;" and "U. S. Spending Less Than Before War" (n.d.; January 6, 1947).
j. Clippings: "National Budget;" "The Limit of National Debt Reduced;" and "Mortgage on Your Future" (n.d.).

F 44: Business Action Newsletter (1947).

October 10, 1947; October 24, 1947; November 14, 1947; November 21, 1947; November 28, 1947; December 5, 1947; December 12, 1947; December 19, 1947; December 26, 1947.

F 45: Byrd, Harry F., Sr., and Baruch, Bernard (n.d., 1943-1944).

a. Clipping: "Summary of the Recommendations Offered in the Baruch Report to Byrnes: Baruch-Hancock Letter About Report" (February 18, 1944).
b. Clipping: "FDR Reported Ready to Order Part of Baruch Plan into Effect" (February 19, 1944).
c. Clipping: "Industrial Blueprint" (n.d.).
d. Clippings: "Balk in Senate" and "Plan as Industrial Aid" (February 19, 1944).
e. Clippings: "Washington Correspondence" and "Senator George Aims Criticism at Baruch Plan" (n.d.; February 19, 1944).
f. Clipping: "New Deal Assumption" (n.d.).
g. Clipping: "A Typical Example of New Deal Propaganda" (November 28, 1943).
h. Clipping: "Byrd Assails Huge U. S. Waste on Phone Calls" (May 26, 1944).

F 46: Byrd Committee - Joint Committee on Reduction of Non-Essential Federal Expenditures, chaired by Senator Harry F. Byrd, Sr., of Virginia - Data (1946?).

a. Clipping: "Senate Is Urged to End NYA in Byrd Committee's Report" (May 24, 1946?).
b. Clipping: "Byrd Committee Would End NYA" (May 27, 1946?).
c. Clipping: "Federal Payroll Drop" (February 9, 1946?).

F 47: China (n.d., 1944-1946).

a. Clipping: "Realism Is Urged in Judging China" (n.d.).
b. Clipping: "China Shakeup Hailed as Spur to War Effort" (November 20, 1944).
c. Clipping: "Chaing and the Red" (n.d.).
d. Clipping: "Soon Named China Premier" (December 4, 1944).
e. Clipping: "Only One Road to Unity in China" (n.d.).
f. Clipping: "China Replies" (n.d.).
g. Clipping: "Stalin and the Chinese Communists" (n.d.).
h. Clipping: "Despair in China (n.d.).
i. Clipping: "Four Point Settlement Rejected" (February 14, 1945).
j. Clipping: "Chasm in China" (March 16, 1945).
k. Clipping: "That Dear China" (n.d.).
l. Clipping: "Two Leaders of China Divided on Nation's New Democracy" (n.d.).
m. Clipping: "U. S. Chinese Policy Undergoes Change" (n.d.).
n. Clipping: "Soong, Yenan Accord Seen Possible Now" (May 31, 1945?).
o. Clipping: "Chiang Is Given More Time for Direct-in War" (May 31, 1945).
p. Clipping: "China Cabinet Jobs Shifted" (July 30, 1945).
q. Clipping: "Gen. Chennault Assails Critics of China's Army" (July 16, 1945?).
r. Clipping: "Second U. S. Writer Barred by Chinese" (July 2, 1945).
s. Clipping: "General Chennault Speaks (n.d.).
t. Clipping: "China Crisis Rises, U. S. Taking Hand" (August 13, 1945).
u. Clipping: "America in China" (n.d.).
v. Clipping: "Communists Accuse Wedemeyer of Violated Word by Extending Armed Aid to Government Forces" (November 5, 1945).
w. Clipping: "Allies Urgently Need United China Policy" (n.d.).
x. Clipping: "Chiang New Deal" (November 26, 1945?).
y. Clipping: "Planes to China" (November 26, 1945?).
z. Clipping: "Policy in China" (n.d.).
aa. Clipping: "Violence Clouds the Basic Issues in Indo-China" (November 16, 1945?).
bb. Clipping: "Brighter Skies over China" (n.d.).
cc. Clipping: "Hurley Resigns Post as China Ambassador; Assails U. S. 'Bungling'" (November 26, 1945?).
dd. Clipping: "China Truce Up to Reds" (November 4, 1945?).
ee. Clipping: "Agrarian China" (n.d.).
ff. Clipping: "Chiang Needs Full Scale Military Aid from U. S." (n.d.).
gg. Clipping: "The China Controversy" (n.d.).
hh. Clipping: "Byrne's Statement on China" (December 7, 1945?).
ii. Clipping: "The Problem Facing Marshall in New Post" (n.d.).
jj. Clipping: "China and the U. S.: New Policy" (n.d.).
kk. Clipping: "Chinese Reds Propose Speedy Peace Parleys as Marshall Arrives" (December 20, 1945?).
ll. Clipping: "Chinese Reds Present Truce in Writing" (December 28, 1945?).
mm. Clipping: "Bring the Soldiers Home" (n.d.).
nn. Clipping: "Air Forces Manpower Needs Reduced 100,000 to 400,000" (December 12, 1945?).
oo. Clipping: "Secretary Tells Congress Aim is 'Democratic and Unified Nation'" (December 4, 1945?).
pp. Clipping: "New Hopes in China" (n.d.).
qq. Clipping: "New Freedom for China" (January 10, 1946?).
rr. Clipping: "China Weighs Peace Terms of Communists" (January 4, 1946?).
ss. Clipping: "Firmness Wins in China" (n.d.).
tt. Clipping: "China to Have Free Politics" (January 10, 1946?).
uu. Clipping: "Chinese Parley Ends; Assembly Plant Approved" (January 31, 1946?).
vv. Clipping: "China Adopts Democracy for Interim" (January 31, 1946?).
ww. Clipping: "Eighteen-Year Dictatorship Ended as Council Sets Up New Rule in China" (January 31, 1946?).
xx. Clipping: "China Agrees to Wider Power for Proposed State Council" (January 30, 1946?).
yy. Clipping: "China Consolidates All Her Armies into Single Defense Body" (February 25, 1946?).
zz. Clipping: "China's Peace Pact" (n.d.).
aaa. Clipping: "Angry Chinese Rap Roosevelt" (February 22, 1946).
bbb. Clipping: "China Army-Merger Text Outlines New Department" (February 27, 1946?).
ccc. Clipping: "Angry Chinese Rap Roosevelt" (February 22, 1946).
ddd. Clipping: "Chinese Paper Is Wrecked by Unknown Men" (February 22, 1946?).
eee. Clipping: "Our Chinese Civil War" (April 8, 1946).
fff. Clipping: "Army to Have Only 4,000 in China May 1" (April 1, 1946?).

F 48: Cigarette Shortage (n.d., 1944-1945?).

a. Clipping: "The Cigarette Shortage They Planned" (n.d.).
b. Clipping: "Cut in Cigarette Supply Laid to Maldistribution" (November 28, 1944?).
c. Clipping: "Dealers Plan Cigarette Ration Cards" (January 15, 1945?).

F 49: Comintern (n.d., 1943?).

a. Clipping: "End of the Comintern" (n.d.).
b. Clipping: "End of Comintern Major Blow to Hitler" (n.d.).
c. Clipping: "Closer Chinese-Russian Relations Predicted in Chungking as Result of the Dissolution of the Comintern" (May 27, 1943?).
d. Clipping: "Sweden Slow to Hail End of Comintern" (May 29, 1943?).
e. Clipping: "Comintern Views Outlined by Stalin" (May 29, 1943?).
f. Clipping: "Comintern's End Is Hailed by Hull" (May 24, 1943?).
g. Clipping: "Chinese Expect No Change" (May 24, 1943?).
h. Clipping: "Comintern Disbandment: Effect on British Worker" (May 26, 1943?).

F 50: Community Concert Association (1946).

Correspondence: re: publicity for Association.

F 51: Cross Section Newsletter (1947).

Newsletter: The Republican Open Forums: "Cross Section," II, No. 4 (October 1947).

F 52: Day Editorial Service (1947).

Memo: re: service.

F 53: Defense, National (1940, 1946).

a. Booklet: Basil Brewer: "National Defense" (1940). Reprint.
b. Clipping: "Senator Says Country Faces Impotence if It Destroys Armaments" (March21, 1946).
c. Clipping: "Truman Calls for Extension of Hemisphere Defense Plan" (May 6, 1946).
d. Clipping: "Power of U. S. Navy Equals World Fleets" (May 22, 1946).
e. Clipping: "6,000 Defense Planes for Continental U. S." (n.d.).

F 54: Demobilization (n.d., 1946).

a. Correspondence.
b. Address: Dwight D. Eisenhower (January 18, 1946).
c. Clipping: "Eisenhower on Demobilization" (January 15, 1946?).
d. Clipping: "Nimitz on Demobilization" (January 15, 1946?).
e. Clipping: "Mixed Reaction Greets Ike's Defense of Discharge Delay" (n.d.).
f. Clipping: "M'Arthur Warns Against Slicing Pacific Forces" (January 17, 1947?).
g. Clipping: "GI Replacement Troops Are Kept in U. S. as Clerks" (January 16, 1947?).
h. Clipping: "Army Asked to Discharge All Fathers" (January 23, 1947?).
i. Clipping: "Eisenhower Bans Mass GI Protests" (n.d.).
j. Clipping: "Ike Trapped by Mothers" (January 22, 1947?).
k. Clipping: "Army Relaxes Rule, but with Several 'If's'" (January 30, 1947?).
l. Clipping: "GI's in Europe Scrap 6,000 Planes That Cost $1,000,000,000" (February 5, 1947?).
m. Clipping: "Patterson on Demobilization" (January 28, 1947?).
n. Clipping: "Economy Acts by Army Hint Cut in Camps" (October 28, 1947?).
o. Clipping: "The Plea of Mr. Byrnes" (n.d.).
p. Clipping: "Administration the Key" (n.d.).
q. Clipping: "Reconversion Bill Now" (n.d.).
r. Clipping: "The Washington Merry-Go-Round" (September 21, 1947?).
s. Clipping: "Unemployment Compensation" (n.d.).
t. Clipping: "Workers' Transition" (n.d.).
u. Clipping: "Federal Aid" (n.d.).
v. Clipping: "Transition Problem" (n.d.).
w. Clipping: "Reconversion Problems" (n.d.).
x. Clipping: "President Accepts Reconversion Bill, Says It Falls Short" (October 3, 1947?).
y. Clipping: "States' Right Reconversion Bill Is Sent to President" (n.d.).
z. Clipping: "Conversion Bill Signed" (October 3, 1947?).
aa. Clipping: "Peace-Time Bill Voted" (September 20, 1944?).
bb. Clipping: "Demobilization, Reconversion Bills Finished" (September 20, 1944?).
cc. Clipping: "Cutback Data Plan Is Set Up by Byrnes" (September 21, 1944?).
dd. Clipping: "Conversion Needs Told by Auto Men" (September 29, 1944?).
ee. Clipping: "Army Reveals Point System for Discharge" (September 6).
ff. Clipping: "Liquidation of War Agencies to Start Soon" (September 19).

F 55: Demobilization (n.d., 1944-1945).

a. Clipping: "Navy Plans No Cut after Reich's Fall as the Army Does" (September 6, 1944?).
b. Clipping: "Army Text: Plan for Port Demobilization after Nazis Quit" (September 6, 1944).
c. Clipping: "House Leaves Postwar Jobs for Unemployed to States" (September 1, 1944?).
d. Clipping: "Finding Jobs for 8 Million More than before War Is top Reconversion Problem" (August 30, 1944?).
e. Clipping: "House 'Wide Open' on Reconversion" (August 28, 1944?).
f. Clipping: "Reconversion Bill Is Cut to 'Shadow'" (August 24, 1944?).
g. Clipping: "Bowles Has Eleven-Point Plan for Postwar Economy" (August 28, 1944?).
h. Clipping: "Nelson Says Army Needs Are Met, Disputes Foes of Reconversion" (August 23, 1944?).
i. Clipping: "House Group's Reconversion Draft Ready" (n.d.).
j. Clipping: "Amount of Mustering-Out Pay Depends on Type of Service" (n.d.).
k. Clipping: "States Urged to Hike Jobless Insurance Pay" (August 15, 1944?).
l. Clipping: "Byrnes Reported for George Bill" (August 16, 1944?).
m. Clipping: "Senate Votes George Conversion Bill" (August 14, 1944?).
n. Clipping: "Compromise on Unemployment Pay Indicated" (August 16, 1944?).
o. Clipping: "Taking Up an Unsolved Problem" (n.d.).
p. Clipping: "The George Bill" (n.d.).
q. Clipping: "Conversion Bill Passed by Senate" (August 11, 1944?).
r. Clipping: "Hatch Attacks Republicans on George Reconversion Vote" (n.d.).
s. Clipping: "Free with the Public's Money" (n.d.).
t. Clipping: "Unemployed Aid Measure Fight Looms" (August 7, 1944?).
u. Clipping: "Unemployment Pay Agreement Hope Vanishes as Vote Nears) (August 9, 1944?).
v. Clipping: "Senate to Vote on George Bill before Its Reconversion Rival" (n.d.).
w. Clipping: "FDR Seeks Jobs for Idle in Plane Plant" (May 30, 1943?).
x. Clipping: "Reconversion Plan Approved" (August 4, 1943?).
y. Clipping: "Reconstruction: British Approach" (n.d.).
z. Clipping: "Britain Making Post-War Job Plans for Soldiers" (n.d.).
aa. Clipping: "The New Defeatism" (n.d.).
bb. Clipping: "U. S. Test Urged of Enterprise vs. Socialism" (October 13).
cc. Clipping: "Entire Reconversion Program Seen Blocked by G.M. Strikers" (November 25).
dd. Clipping: "Truman Claims Reconversion Ahead of Schedule and Living Costs Declined" (November 29).
ee. Clipping: "Soviet, British Grabs Brewing War: Wheeler" (November 27).
ff. Clipping: "Army Revises Surplus; Will Let $400,000,000 Go" (December 20).
gg. Clipping: "Army Gives Up Millions in Goods" (December 14).
hh. Clipping: "Ships Unfit for GI's Used to Move Japs" (n.d.).
ii. Clipping: "Occupation Task Endangered under Too Fast Schedule" (January 4).
jj. Clipping: "Army Discontent Serious" (n.d.).
kk. Clipping: "Reconversion" Two Reports" (n.d.).
ll. Clipping: "Truman Thinks Demobilization is 'Efficient'" (January 8).
mm. Clipping: "A Citizen Army" (n.d.).
nn. Clipping: "Eisenhower in Quick Reaction to GI Protest" (January 9).
oo. Clipping: "GI's Protest Cries Halted in Yokohama" (January 9).
pp. Clipping: "GI's Raise Cash for Ads to Tell Case to People" (January 8).
qq. Clipping: "Justice to the GI's" (n.d.).
rr. Clipping: "Manila and Le Havre" (n.d.).
ss. Clipping: "Demobilization Slowed to Avoid Army 'Collapse', Eisenhower Says" (January 15).
tt. Clipping: "Mr. Truman's Statement on Demobilization" (n.d.).
uu. Clipping: "No Policy" (n.d.).
vv. Clipping: "'Ike' Muffles Din over GI's" (January 15).
ww. Clipping: "Ships for Refugees, But Not for GI's" (n.d.).
xx. Clipping: "GI Testifies Army Burns Usable Goods" (January 13).
yy. Clipping: "Solon Demands Full Probe of Army 'Mutiny'" (January 10).

F 56: Democrats - Oklahoma Gubernatorial Race of 1946 (1946).

a. Speech: James T. Jackson: Delivered over state-wide radio network on the Fred McDuff Program. Seminole, Oklahoma (April 23, 1946).
b. Speech: Fred McDuff: re: announcing candidacy for Governor. Radio Speech, Seminole, Oklahoma (April 23, 1946).

F 57: Democrats - Oklahoma Gubernatorial Race of 1946 (n.d., 1946).

a. Clipping: "Gilmer Fires Lusty Salvo in Demo Race" (April 30, 1946?). Re: Candidacy of Dixie Gilmer.
b. Clipping: "Turner Flays Pressure Bloc" (May 3).
c. Clipping: "Gilmer Claims CIO Trying to Pick Governor" (May 9).
d. Clipping: "Flynn's Tour of State Set" (n.d.).
e. Clipping: "Johnson Hill Calls for Party Responsibility" (May 2, 1946).
f. Clipping: "McCool Lashes Opposition in First Address" (May 2, 1946).
g. Clipping: "Municipal Ownership Advocated by McCool" (May 2).
h. Clipping: "State Surplus for Housing Is Veteran's Plea" (May 8).
i. Clipping: "Coe Boosts Veterans, Hits at Opponent" (n.d.).
j. Clipping: "Democratic Candidates for Governor as Witnesses" (May 4, 1946).
k. Clipping: "Hill for New Roads Board" (n.d.).
l. Clipping: "Democratic Candidates Denounce Machine Control" (May 5, 1946).
m. Clipping: "Dixie Gilmer Voices The American Doctrine" (n.d.).
n. Clipping: "Turner Blasts Kerr Trips, Says He'd Stay Put" (May 3, 1946?).
o. Clipping: "The McDuff Candidacy" (April 23, 1946).
p. Clipping: "Roy Turner Launches Campaign at Sulphur" (May 3, 1946).
q. Clipping: "Three Issues Come to For in Demo Race" (May 4, 1946?).
r. Clipping: "Gilmer Assails Political Bloc" (May 1, 1946?).
s. Clipping: "OPA Warned Agents Face Prosecution" (n.d.).
t. Clipping: "Gilmer Seeks OPA Evidence" (April 12, 1946).
u. Clipping: "Turner Blasts State Parole, Pardon Plan" (April 9, 1946).
v. Clipping: "Flynn Flays Demo Party Inefficiency" (April 13?).
w. Clipping: "Roy Turner Enters Race" (March 5?).
x. Clipping: "George D. Key Quits in Race for Governor" (n.d.).
y. Clipping: "Hill, Gilmer Grab Lead in Governor Race" (March 1?).
z. Clipping: "The McDuff Candidacy" (March 10, 1945).
aa. Clipping: "H. C. Jones Comes Out for Governor" (March 23?).
bb. Clipping: "Jones Resigns Tax Job to Run for Governor" (n.d.).
cc. Clipping: "Turner Enters Race, Demands Road Reforms" (n.d.).
dd. Clipping: "Another Club Backs Gilmer" (March 5?).
ee. Clipping: "Late Entries in Race Face Rough Going" (February 27?).
ff. Clipping: "Carter Asks Fund Inquiry" (July 16?).
gg. Clipping: "Hill Announces, Puts Pressure on 'Potential'" (n.d.).
hh. Clipping: "Hill, Promising Tax Cuts, Seeks Executive Job" (n.d.).
ii. Clipping: "Hill Tosses Hat in Ring for Governor" (n.d.).

F 58: Democrats - Oklahoma Gubernatorial Race of 1946 (n.d., 1946).

a. Clipping: "Campaign Spending to Be Primary Issue" (March 7?).
b. Clipping: "Gilmer Gains in West" (n.d.).
c. Clipping: "Gilmer to Run for Governor" (n.d.).
d. Clipping: "Gilmer, Hill Set Pace in Governor Campaign" (January 14).
e. Clipping: "Gilmer Entry Seen in Race for Governor" (n.d.).
f. Clipping: "Gilmer Blast at Text Deals" (February 8).
g. Clipping: "Dixie Blasts School Deals in Enid Talk" (February 8).
h. Clipping: "Tulsa, Oklahoma City Candidates Set to Enter Governor Race" (n.d.).
i. Clipping: "Gilmer Enters Governor Race; Seeks Road Aid" (n.d.).
j. Clipping: "Indians Back Dixie Gilmer" (n.d.).
k. Clipping: "Gilmer Enters Governor Race, Recalls '37 Textbook Scandal" (n.d.).
l. Clipping: "Gilmer Announces He Will Make Race for Governor" (February 9).
m. Clipping: "When the People Disapproved" (n.d.).
n. Clipping: "Key Declines to Seek Post of Governor" (n.d.).
o. Clipping: "Rinehart Aids Hill Campaign for Governor" (n.d.).
p. Clipping: "Hill Turns to Rinehart for Political Aid" (February 18).
q. Clipping: "Jones Returns, Still Mum on Governor Race" (n.d.).
r. Clipping: "Fred Branson Announces for Governor Race" (n.d.).
s. Clipping: "Robert Rainey Studying Race for Governor" (n.d.).
t. Clipping: "Roy Turner Due to Announce for Governorship This Week" (n.d.).
u. Clipping: "Gilmer for Nomination" (n.d.).
v. Clipping: "Roy Turner Reported Ready to Enter Race" (February 25).
w. Clipping: "Gilmer Gets Spotlight in Demo Confab" (February 25).
x. Clipping: "Turner Gets in Demo Race for Governor" (March 4).
y. Clipping: "Dixie Gilmer's Candidacy Is 'Catching Fire'" (March 14).
z. Clipping: "Rainey Is Out; Jones Almost Certain to Run" (n.d.).
aa. Clipping: "L. H. Ritzhaupt Enters Race for Governor" (n.d.).
bb. Clipping: "Governor Race Leaders Speed Opening Plans" (n.d.).
cc. Clipping: "Flynn, Republican, in Governors Race" (April 8).
dd. Clipping: "The Pullen Charge Against His Opposition Candidates" (April 2, 1946).
ee. Clipping: "Ritzhaupt's Entry Dramatizes Point Ability Secondary in Governor Race" (n.d.).
ff. Clipping: "Ogden Studies Possible Race for Governor" (March 14, 1946).
gg. Clipping: "Gilmer Slaps Gang Politics in State Race" (March 27).
hh. Clipping: "Flynn Studies Race to Meet Demo Reverse" (March 28, 1946).
ii. Clipping: "Kerr's Hand Seen in City Vote Scheme" (March 25, 1946).
jj. Clipping: "Kerr Dynasty Hit by Gilmer" (April 12).
kk. Clipping: "Hill Pledges Reduction in State Taxes" (n.d.).
ll. Clipping: "Jones Pledges to Remove Tax Inequalities" (April 13).
mm. Clipping: "Gilmer Grabs Top Position in Demo Race" (April 13).
nn. Clipping: "The Turner Recommendation" (April 10, 1946).
oo. Clipping: "Mr. Hill Announces His Candidacy for Governor" (April 18, 1946).
pp. Clipping: "An Appeal to the Grass Roots" (April 13, 1946).
qq. Clipping: "The Only Remedy Is a Change of Administration" (April 14, 1946).
rr. Clipping: "Kerr Becomes Major Issue in State Race" (May 19, 1946).
ss. Clipping: "Hinds Renamed by Democrats as State Chief" (n.d.).

F 59: Democrats - Presidential Campaign of 1944 (n.d., 1944).

a. Clipping: "Wallace Calls Roosevelt Better Fitted Than Dewey" (September 22, 1944).
b. Clipping: "Meet H. Truman, Oiler of Roads for Pendergast" (September 12, 1944?).
c. Clipping: "Blast by F.D.R." (September 23, 1944?).
d. Clipping: "Roosevelt Charges G.O.P. with 'Fraud:'" Kansas City Star (September 24, 1944).
e. Clipping: "Reply to Dewey (September 22, 1944?).
f. Clipping: "Waste Laid to New Deal" (September 20).
g. Clipping: "Senator Truman's Labor Day Speeches to AFL and CIO Groups at Detroit:" New York Times (September 5, 1944).
h. Clipping: "Truman Says Labor Has Its Duties Too: (September 4, 1944?).
i. Clipping: "Truman Battling to Shave Wallace Delegate Margin" (July 20, 1944?).
j. Clipping: "Radio Implies It's Last Term" (July 20, 1944?).
k. Clipping: "Democratic Party: Three Diverse Groups" (n.d.).
l. Clipping: "1,098 Votes for Roosevelt and 89 for Byrd" (July 20, 1944).
m. Clipping: "How Democrats Apportioned 1,176 Convention Votes" (n.d.).
n. Clipping: "Session Keynoter Raps 'Untested' Dewey" (July 19, 1944?). Re: Speech of Robert S. Kerr.
o. Clipping: "Here's Text of Letter Sent to Demo Chairman" (July 11, 1944?).
p. Clipping: "Mrs. Tillett Lauds Roosevelt's Deeds" (July 19, 1944?).
q. Clipping: "F.D.R. Assails Jap Perfidy" (August 12, 1944?).
r. Clipping: "Roosevelt Will Accept Fourth Term 'If People Command,' He Discloses in Hannegan Letter" (July 11, 1944?).
s. Clipping: "Talks of President Roosevelt in Hawaii" (July 29, 1944?).
t. Clipping: "President Cheered by U. S. Progress in War of Pacific" (August 12, 1944?).
u. Clipping: "President Says Enemy Lands to be Occupied" (August 17, 1944?).

F 60: Democrats - Presidential Campaign of 1944 (n.d., 1944).

a. Pamphlet: Wichita Property Owners Association: "Sayings of F.D.R." (n.d.).
b. Clipping: "Hannigan Bids Democrats Vote for Bryan to Oust Marcantonio" (n.d.).
c. Clipping: "Truman, Bricker Address Legion on Veterans Aid" (September 18, 1944?).
d. Clipping: "ALP Gives Program in Backing President" (n.d.).
e. Clipping: "Text of President's Political Address to Teamsters Union" (n.d.).
f. Clipping: "Ickes Raps at Nominee" (October 8, 1944?).
g. Clipping: "Roosevelt urges All Americans to Exercise Sacred Duty of Voting" (October 6, 1944).
h. Clipping: "Is Roosevelt Indispensable as a Diplomat?" (n.d.).
i. Clipping: "In the Nation: Senator Truman Will Not Imitate the Violet" (October 2, 1944?).
j. Clipping: "No Communist Aid Welcome, President Says" (October 5, 1944?).
k. Clipping: "President Playing with Labor Rights, Dewey Declares" (October 20, 1944?).
l. Clipping: "Roosevelt Urges Quick Peace Plan" (October 12, 1944).
m. Clipping: "Roosevelt Texts: 'Important That Office of War Mobilization Should Be Expanded,' Surplus Disposed of" (October 4, 1944?).
n. Clipping: "25 Oklahomans Give $25,000 Toward Demos' Extra Million" (n.d.).
o. Clipping: "F.D.R. Complete Flop as 'Chief' in War: Brooks" (October 18, 1944?).
p. Clipping: "In the Usual Way" (n.d.).
q. Clipping: "We Must Stay on the Job -- F.D.R." (November 4, 1944).
r. Clipping: "Now Fired to Win" (November 4, 1944?).
s. Clipping: "Bushwhacking" (n.d.).
t. Clipping: "President Gives Sermon with Trees for his Text" (n.d.).
u. Clipping: "F.D.R. Stands on War Record" (November 3, 1944).
v. Clipping: "The President's Proposal" (n.d.).
w. Clipping: "Denies War Nap" (October 28, 1944).
x. Clipping: "F.D.R. Cites Record in War" (October 28, 1944).
y. Clipping: "Westbrook Pegler -- Al Smith Is Dead so He Can't Answer Claims of Roosevelt" (November 7, 1944?).
z. Clipping: "And Still Again" (n.d.).
aa. Clipping: "Some Gentlemen of Privilege" (n.d.).
bb. Clipping: "Roosevelt Accepts Nomi8nation, Says Peace Plans Being Made" (July 20, 1944?).
cc. Clipping: "Democratic Party Platform Promises to Speed Victory, Establish, Maintain Peace and Guarantee Full Employment."
dd. Clipping: "President to Open Campaign September 23 before Teamsters" (August 29, 1944?).
ee. Clipping: "In Plea for F.D.R." (August 31, 1944?).
ff. Clipping: "Truman Text: 'No Substitute for Experience;' He Asserts Peace Is Job for Roosevelt" (September 1, 1944?).
gg. Clipping: George A. Blasser: "The First Democratic National Convention" (n.d.).
hh. Clipping: "Democrats Pick Jackson as Chairman at Chicago" (n.d.).

F 61: Democrats for Dewey (n.d., 1944).

a. Clipping: "Buttram Leads Bolt to Dewey Democrats" (n.d.).
b. Clipping: "Anti-New Deal Democrats Join Minnesota G.O.P." (October 17, 1944).
c. Clipping: "Crowe, Frantz Issue Statements on Dewey Support" (n.d.).
d. Clipping: "Many Leading Enid Men Join against F.D.R." (n.d.).
e. Clipping: "Democrats for Dewey" (n.d.).
f. Clipping: "4 More Quit as Electors in Louisiana" (September 27, 1944?).
g. Clipping: "High California Democrat Will Vote for Dewey" (September 27, 1944?).
h. Clipping: "The Baltimore Sun Supports Mr. Dewey" (n.d.).
i. Clipping: "Moley Urges: Defeat F.D.R. to Save Party" (n.d.).

F 62: Dictatorship (n.d., 1940).

a. Pamphlet: James M. Thomson: "How Huey Long and Franklin Roosevelt Created American Dictatorships" (n.d.).
b. Clipping: "Deference of Congress" (n.d.).
c. Reprint: Industrial News Review: "Dirty Names No Remedy" (December 16, 1940).

F 63: Divorce (n.d.).

a. Clipping: "Duke-Cromwell Divorce Suggests Uniform Law" (n.d.).
b. Clipping: "Divorce Triangle" (n.d.).
c. Clipping: "Doris Duke's Reno Divorce Ruled Invalid" (May 10).
d. Clipping: "Cromwell Champions Doris' Rights" (May 9).
e. Clipping: "Trips of Doris Duke Told by Mother-in-Law" (May 9).

F 64: Draft, Universal (n.d., 1944).

a. Release: Citizens Committee for a National War Service Act: re: Universal draft (n.d.). Pamphlet and correspondence included.
b. Clipping: "Congress Cold to Official Plea for Labor Draft" (April 21).
c. Clipping: "The 'Work-or-Fight' Bill" (n.d.).
d. Clipping: "Text of Statement on Demand for Labor Draft" (n.d.).
e. Clipping: "Public in Favor of Proposal to Put 4-F's in War Jobs" (n.d.).
f. Clipping: "Labor Draft Tossed Aside by Congress" (April 18, 1944?).
g. Clipping: "Peter Edson: "Why We Need No Job Draft" (n.d.).
h. Clipping: "Forced labor Law for 4-F's Is Asked in House" (March 30).
i. Clipping: "Plants Warned Not to Refuse to Employ 40F's" (n.d.).
j. Clipping: "Army, Navy Urge Bill for 4-F Draft for Essential Jobs" (March 29).
k. Clipping: "Labor Corps For Rejects Is Backed by Military" (n.d.).
l. Clipping: "For 4-F Job Peg:" (March 29).
m. Clipping: "Inducted Men Would Forfeit Vets' Benefits" (March 29).
n. Clipping: "Manpower Draft Splits Officials; M'Nutt Opposes It" (March 28).
o. Clipping: "McNutt Eyes Jobs for 4-F's" (March 28).
p. Clipping: "Compulsion Isn't Favored" (n.d.).
q. Clipping: "Nelson Favors Job Draft for Men 38 to 45" (March 25).
r. Clipping: "Knox Says Labor Shifts Delay Victory" (March 3).
s. Clipping: "And Now Slavery" (n.d.).
t. Clipping: "News Behind the News" (February 27).
u. Clipping: "Home Front Must Not Fail Now, Byrnes Says" (December 30, 1944).
v. Clipping: "Roosevelt Plea for Service Act Stuns Congress" (January 12, 1944).
w. Clipping: "Must Prove Need" (January 6).
x. Clipping: "Draft Seen for Nearly Million" (January 10).
y. Clipping: "Job Club Poised" (January 6).
z. Clipping: "G.O.P. Senators Pledge Aid on Manpower Act" (January 8).
aa. Clipping: "Congress Leaders Map Bills to Push Roosevelt Plans" (January 7).
bb. Clipping: "May to Ask New Draft Legislation" (n.d.).
cc. Clipping: "Lippman Cites Need for Universal Service" (n.d.).
dd. Clipping: "Congress Cool to Byrnes Plan for 4-F Draft" (January 2).
ee. Clipping: "Thousands of 4-F, Other Men Flock to Jobs" (January 5).
ff. Clipping: "Draft Threat to 4-F's Stirs Up Capitol Storm" (January 2).
gg. Clipping: "Draft of 4-F's Offers Host of Problems" (January 3).
hh. Clipping: "Green Opposes F.R. Service Act" (n.d.).
ii. Clipping: "Few Oklahoma 4-F's Aid War" (n.d.).
jj. Clipping: "Nurse Shortage" (n.d.).
kk. Clipping: "Drafting Army Nurses" (n.d.).
ll. Clipping: "The Labor Draft" (n.d.).
mm. Clipping: "A Dismaying Reaction" (n.d.).

F 65: Draft, Universal (n.d., 1944).

a. Clipping: "Essential Activities Are Classified by the WMC in 35 Categories" (January 16).
b. Clipping: "Stinson Says U. S. Must Call Men up to 30" (January 11).
c. Clipping: "WMC Bares Drastic New Labor Rules" (January 12).
d. Clipping: "F.R. Backs Drafting of Labor" (January 16).
e. Clipping: "Few of 4-F's Are Usable" (January 12).
f. Clipping: "Roosevelt, Marshall, King Join in Urging National Service Laws" (January 17).
g. Clipping: "F.D.R. Asks for All Men 18-45 in War Effort" (January 17).
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F 66: Dumbarton Oaks Conference (1944-1945).

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F 68: Eagle Service Records (1945?).

Lists: Names of Enid men serving in the U. S. Military. From the Enid News and Eagle.

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