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Series 4: Miscellaneous Materials, 1930s-1940s

F 1: General Correspondence. "A-B."

a. Alburn Bureau (1946). Paper shortage.
b. Alexandria, Minnesota (1944-1945). Payment for services.
c. Allis-Chalmers (1945). Book.
d. American Institute of Public Opinion (n.d.). Philadelphia and the United Nations.
e. American Management Association and American Shorthorn Breeders Association (1944). Transaction 9200.
f. America's Attitude (1945). Pettengill Service.
g. Pettengill, Sam (1945). Book offer.
h. Andresen, August H. (U. S. Representative - Minnesota) (1943). Ross Rizley's candidacy for U. S. Senate.
i. Baker, George D. (1946). Paper shortage.
j. Baltimore Sun (1944). Subscription.
k. Bass, Henry B. (1944). Congress.
l. Bates, Clarence E. (1945). Armed Forces medical care.
m. Becker Oil Company (1946). Tax. Invoices attached.
n. Armstrong, W. F. (1945). Corleen Becker. Letter to Becker attached.
o. Bennett, Virgil C. (1946). Poem.
p. Berry Seed Company (1945). Catalogue.
q. Four Freedoms on the Home Front (1944). Publicity.
r. Blunhagen, E. (Speaker, Oklahoma House of Representatives) (1940). Newspaper statement.
s. Bolen, Hubert L. (1930). Tax appeals.
t. Bolenbaugh, Donna (1945). Post-war project contest.
u. Boren, Lyle H. (U. S. Representative - Oklahoma) (1945). Loans to Britain and Russia.
v. Boston, Fred (1944). MCG speech.
w. Cowles, Chester (1945). OPA studies.
x. Briggs, Eugene S. (1944). Charter Committee.
y. Brownell, Herbert, Jr. (1945). Editorial.
z. Bucher, Dave (1946). Editorial.
aa. Burgess, H. L. (1946). Public sale.
bb. Burpee, W. Atlee, Company (1945). Catalogue.
cc. Butler, Vesta Mae (1945). Post-war project contest.
dd. Bailey, J. R. (1910). Birth of Martha Elizabeth Garber.

F 2: General Correspondence. "C."

a. Calbard Company (1946). Paper shortage.
b. Cameron, O. F. (1944). Dewey editorial.
c. Campbell, Ethel (1944). Women's Farm Club.
d. Carey, William H. (1946). Repairs.
e. Casey, Lula (1945). Beauty parlor appointments.
f. Caxton Printers (1945). Book offer.
g. Champlin Refining Company (1945). Repairs.
h. Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific Railway Company (1946). Loss of luggage.
i. Chicago Tribune (1941). Editorials.
j. Childs, Marquis (1944). Solider Vote bill.
k. Christian Herald (1946). Subscription.
l. Christian Science Committee (1944-1945). Subscription.
m. Cities Service Oil Company (1946). Lease.
n. Clancy, C. C. (1946). Loss of luggage.
o. Clapshaw, V. (1945). Franzen Lumber Company and college football.
p. Clubb, I. M. (1946). Vacation.
q. Collier's (1945). Greek Civil War.
r. Collins, W. C. (1944). Anniversary of Hunter Methodist Church.
s. Columbia News Service (1944). Column service.
t. Committee on International Economic Policy (1944). Book offer.
u. Congressional Digest (1945). Subscription.
v. Consolidated News Features (1946). Releases.
w. Cordell, J. William (1945). Election laws.
x. Costikyan, S. Kent (1945-1946). World affairs.
y. Cowan, Percy C., Floral Company (1945). Payment.
z. Cox, R. G. (n.d.). New Deal.
aa. Crozier, Leroy (1946). Congressional candidacy.
bb. Curnutt, H. M. (1940). Statement.

F 3: General Correspondence. "D-E."

a. Davis, Robert L. (1945). Postwar project contest.
b. De Vita, Caesar (1944). Bomber crew article.
c. Dockam, Ann (1945). Postwar project contest.
d. Dorr, Colonel (1946). Vacation.
e. Doubleday, Doran and Company (1945). Book offer.
f. Dunbar, B. H. (1945). Request.
g. Dunham, Anna (1945). Calf.
h. Dutton, E. F., and Company (1945). Book offer.
i. Earle, Betty (1945). Birthday.
j. Earle, Robert (1945). Bobby going to camp.
k. Eason, Virginia (1945). Postwar project contest.
l. Editor and Publisher (1945). Columns.
m. Edwards, A. T. (1944). Editorial.
n. Edwards, May (1946) Trip.
o. Eggleston, George T. (1941). F.D.R.
p. Eisley, Fannie (1946). Pioneer Days.
q. Enid Army Air Field (1946). Baseball.
r. Enid City builders (n.d.). List.
s. Enid First National Bank (1944-1945). Deposit.
t. Enid Implement Company (1945). Payment.
u. Enid Paint and Wall Paper Company (1946). Statement.
v. Enid Post Office (1945). Mail.
w. Enid Security National Bank (1944). Deposit.

F 4: General Correspondence. "F-Gra."

a. Franzen Lumber Company (1945). Payment.
b. Garber City Schools (1945). Banquet.
c. Gallup, George (1944). Polls.
d. Garber, (Mrs.) B. A. (1945). Letter.
e. Enid Publishing Company (n.d.). MCG classifieds.
f. Garber, (Mrs.) Milton (1945). Milton's assignment to the Stars and Stripes.
g. Garber, John (1944). Taxes.
h. Garber, William E. (1944). Death of MCG's uncle.
i. Gore, Thomas P. (U. S. Senator - Oklahoma) (1945). Eighty-ninth birthday of Robert L. Owen.
j. Gracy, Eldon B. (n.d.). Resolution re: his discharge from the Army.
k. Graham, Gid (1944-1945). Biography of Graham, elections, William J. Otjen, floods, erosion, etc.
l. Gray's Mens Wear (1945). Payment.

F 5: General Correspondence. "Gre - K."

a. Great Northern Railway (1945). Calendar.
b. Griffin, D. W. (1944). James Dorsch.
c. Gibbs, W. L. (1944). James Dorsch.
d. Guaranty Trust Company of New York (1945). Booklet.
e. Haag, C. B. (1946). Milton Contellay.
f. Hale, William H. (1945). Army retirement.
g. Hamman, M. L. (1946). People's Forum.
h. Harper and Brothers (1946). Book offer.
i. Harris, James A. (1941). Speech.
j. Herzberg, Al (1945). Postwar project contest.
k. Hoffman, Claire E. (1944). Editorial.
l. Hoover, J. Edgar (1941). Editorial.
m. Hosford, Janalee (1945). Postwar project contest.
n. Houghton Mifflin Publishing Company (1945). Books.
o. Howell, Warren E., and Company (1945). Payment.
p. Huff, Ila (1940). Election.
q. Hughes, V. L. (1944-1945). Farm Bureau.
r. International News Service (1944). Column.
s. Jergens, Andrew (1944). Walter Winchell.
t. Jerome, Willard (1946). Trip.
u. Johnson, Homer L. (1945). Editorial.
v. Johnson, Jed, Sr. (U. S. Representative - Oklahoma) (1945). Foreign loans and military training.
w. Johnston, W. B. (1945). Payment.
x. Jones, Frank (1944). Editorial.
y. Jones, Jessie (1944). Column.
z. King Features Syndicate (1944). Columns.
aa. Kruse, Carl (1944). Charter Committee.
bb. Kruse, Carl (1944). Lora McLaughlin.
cc. Hanson, Laura Leigh (1910) Birth of Martha Elizabeth Garber.
dd. Huet, Don (1910) Birth of Martha Elizabeth Garber.

F 6: General Correspondence. "L - M."

a. Lane, James D. (1946). Veterinary service.
b. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company (1944). Injury to Fred Blansky.
c. Long-Bell Lumber Company (1945). Payment. Statements attached.
d. Lyhene, Mollie (1944). Cemetery.
e. McCluskey, (Mrs.) W. E. (n.d.). Garber Oil and Gas Company.
f. McCormick, Robert T. (1945). Proxy.
g. McCormick-Armstrong Company (1944). Oklahoma map.
h. McKnaught Syndicate (1944). Column.
i. McKnight, W. C. (1945). Fair grounds project.
j. McLaughlin, Lora (1944). Beard Estate.
k. McLaughlin, Lora (1944). Inheritance.
l. Macmillan Company (1944). Book.
m. McNally, R. W. (1946). Editorials.
n. Magill, H. S. (1944). Clipping.
o. Manufacturers Record Publishing Company (1945). Book.
p. Mesche, Fred (1946). Books.
q. Messer, Evelyn (1944). To Whom It May Concern.
r. Miller, O. R. (1946). Appreciation.
s. Model Carriage Works (1945). Payment.
t. Monroney, A. S. Mike (U. S. Representative - Oklahoma) (1945). Foreign loans and military service.
u. Moore, Ed H. (U. S. Senator - Oklahoma) (1944-1945). Foreign loans, Congressional Record, elections, etc.
v. Moore, W. N. (1945). Poetry.
w. Moore, Walter H. (1946). Speech.
x. Moorman Manufacturing Company (1944). Payment.
y. Moreland, Eula (1946). Birth certificate.
z. Murray, William H. (Governor - Oklahoma) (n.d.). Story. Clipping and pamphlet attached.

F 7: General Correspondence. "N - O."

a. National Industrial Conference Board (1944). Book.
b. National Press Club (1945). Milton B. Garber.
c. Nelson, J. P. (1946). Agriculture.
d. Nelson, Thomas, and Sons (1945). Book.
e. Newman, Sol Jr. (1945). Cancer Society.
f. New York Herald-Tribune Syndicate (1944). Column.
g. Northrup, Frank D. (1944-1945). Campaign.
h. Oklahoma A & M College, Agriculture Department (1944). Soil liming.
i. Clegg, Waldo (1944). Oklahoma Corporation Commission.
j. Oklahoma Game and Fish Commission (1944). Biennial report.
k. Oklahoma Historical Society (1945). Publications.
l. Oklahoma Executive Department (1944). Waldo Clegg and biennial reports.
m. Oklahoma State Auditor (1944). Biennial report.
n. Oklahoma State Planning and Resources Board (1945). Booklet.
o. Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (1944). Report.
p. Oklahoma Tax Commission (1946). Agricultural tax exemption.
q. Oklahoma Tax Commission (1944). Tax collection.
r. Owen, Robert L. (1945). Owen's birthday.

F 8: General Correspondence. "P - R."

a. Pamphleteers, Inc. (1945). Book.
b. Pan-American World Airways (1946). Calendars.
c. Parkinson-Neal Motor Company (1945). Payment.
d. Parsons, Jack F. (1945). Editorial.
e. Parson, (Mrs.) Mack A. (1946). Conditions in Germany.
f. Pelton, C. W. (1946). Letter.
g. Pettingill (December, 19??). Books.
h. Phillips Tire and Supply Company (1946). Payment.
i. Pogue, H. S., Company (1946). Payment.
j. Porter, Edna (1945). Manuscript.
k. Posey, H. J. (1944). Payment.
l. Publishers Financial Bureau (1945). Change of address.
m. Randall, Harry (1946). County information.
n. Randall, Harry (1944). Biography.
o. Reid Editorial Service (1944). Editorials.
p. Reid Editorial Service (n.d.). Editorials.
q. Renberg, Werner (1944). Inquiry.
r. Republican National Committee (1944). Dewey campaign.
s. Rizley, Ross (1941, 1944-1945). Congressional Record, Dies Committee, foreign loans, military training, etc.
t. Rodgers, Esther (1946). Features.
u. Rolf's (1946). Billfold.
v. Roosevelt Memorial Association (1944-1945). Book.
w. Rosenbaum, Jane (1945). Postwar project contest.
x. Rounds, Ralph M. (1944). Rounds family visit.
y. Robberts, J. C. (1910). Birth of Martha Elizabeth Garber.

F 9: General Correspondence. "S - T."

a. St. Louis Post Dispatch (1941). Editorials.
b. Saltonstall, Leverett (U. S. Senator - Massachusetts) (1945). Editorial.
c. Schaubroedl, Dean H. (1944). Editorial.
d. Schnoebelen, Omer (1944). Visit.
e. Schwabe, George Blaine (U. S. Representative - Oklahoma) (1945). Poll on military training, foreign loans.
f. Seeliger, R. J. (1945). Chiropodist.
g. Shannon, L. D. (1945). Rental of property.
h. Simons, P. C. (1944-1946). Legal services.
i. Smith's Tire and Treading Company (1945). Payment.
j. Souther Florist (1946). Payment.
k. Southwest Ice and Dairy Products (1945). Payment.
l. Stewart, Paul (U. S. Representative - Oklahoma) (1945). Foreign loans and military training.
m. Stigler, William G. (U. S. Representative - Oklahoma) (1945). Foreign loans and military training.
n. Taft, Donald (1946). Christmas.
o. Taft, Martin (1946). Winter.
p. Taft, W. H. (1946). Family matters.
q. Thomas, Elmer (U. S. Senator - Oklahoma) (1945). Polls.
r. Time, Incorporated (1945). Subscription.
s. Totusek, Robert (1944). Banquet.
t. Town Hall (1945). Booklet.
u. Townley, M. D. (1944). List.
v. Trower, J. W. (1942). Greeting.
w. Turner, L. H. (1944). Transfer of certificate.
x. Tetrick, William C. (1910). Birth of Martha Elizabeth Garber.
y. Simons, P.C. (1910) Birth of Martha Elizabeth Garber.

F 10: General Correspondence. "U - V."

a. United Features Syndicate (1944-1945). Editorial columns.
b. U. S. Department of Agriculture (1944). Booklets and soil liming.
c. U. S. Department of the Interior (1945). Free press releases.
d. U. S. Government Printing Office (1944). Change of address.
e. University of Chicago (1945). Book.
f. University of Oklahoma (1945). Regents report.
g. Van Buskirk, (Mrs.) R. (1945). Address of local columnist.
h. Vandervoort, J. T. (1946). Letter of thanks.
i. Vater, John J. (1944). Payment.

F 11: General Correspondence. "W - Y."

a. Wahl, Betty (1944). Poem.
b. Waldo, Ruth (1945). Condition of the world.
c. War Mobilization Director (James F. Byrnes) (1945). Ban on conventions.
d. Montgomery Ward (1946). Ruth M. Reim.
e. Weisgram, Florence (1944). Painting a boat.
f. White House Press Secretary (1945). Pearl Harbor reports.
g. Whiting, Vernon W. (1941-1945). Contribution of views, etc.
h. Whitson, Virginia (1944). Dumbarton Oaks Conference.
i. Wickersham, Victor (U. S. Representative - Oklahoma) (1945) Polls and foreign loans.
j. Wilson, H. W., Company (1945). Book offer.
k. Wilson, George D. (1946). Address.
l. WKY Radio Station (1945). Pacific map.
m. Woodruff, Roy O. (1941). Opposition to Rooseveltism.
n. Worden, W. E. (1946). Personal matters.
o. Wyseman, Florence (1944). Cottage in Minnesota.
p. Yale University Press (1945). Book purchase.
q. Walling, H. R. (1910). Birth of Martha Elizabeth Garber.

F 12: "This I Believe" (1954).

This pamphlet was a Christmas gift to Lucy Garber (Mrs. Milton Garber) from her children.

F 13: Personal Checks.

F 14: Joint Termination Regulation (1945).

F 15: Stenographic Notebooks.

F 16: Clippings (n.d., 1913, 1930).

Includes an address by MCG to veterans of the Civil War; newsprint photo of MCG; record of conference between government officials and the Association of National Advertisers in Washington.

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