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Series 2: Personal Correspondence, 1921-1923

F 1: Personal Correspondence (June 1921 - October 1922).

F 2: Personal Correspondence (November 1922).

F 3: Personal Correspondence (December 1922).

F 4: Personal Correspondence (January 1923).

F 5: Personal Correspondence (February 1, 1923 - February 20, 1923).

F 6: Personal Correspondence (February 21, 1923 - February 27, 1923).

Series 3: General Correspondence, 1921-1923


F 7: Notes on correspondence.

F 8: Ballew, Tom J. (1921-1922). Rural carriers, state party chairmanship (Republican), Indian Agent transfers, Ku Klux Klan, 1922 Election, patronage.

F 9: "Be - Bra"
Beltz, H. L. (1922-1923). U. S. map.
Bennett, B. F. (1922-1923). Promotion in the Indian Service, reimbursement for housing.
Bragg, A. C. (1922). Reinstatement in the Postal Service.
Bratton, J. R. (1921-1922). Lease of Indian land.

F 10: "Bre - Cra"
Brewer, Justin J. (1922). Transfer to position at Fort Sill School.
Brown, Harrison (1921-1922). List of taxpayers, vote of 1922 election by precinct, reinstatement of postal clerk.
Canton, Bank of (1923). Deposit of Indian funds.
Canton Community Club (1923). "Orient Railroad" relief bill.
Cranfill, Lenwood (1922). Agricultural yearbook.

F 11-12: Cronkite, Ted (1921-1922). Personal, patent, Indian Agency, local crimes, Indian funds, nationalization of bank.

F 13: "D - E"
De Munbrun, Charles (no date). Amendment to the Sweet bill.
Dillon, John H. (1922). Indian agent change, invitation to visit Blaine County.
Durham, O. E. (1922). Bank examination, Indian Agency deposits.
Eastwood, Rubie (1922). Specifications for radio sets.
Evans, Billie (1923). Garden seeds.
Evert, Mr. and Mrs. J. (1922). Farmers' bulletins.

F 14: Ferguson, Mrs. T. B. (1921-1922). Congressional record, state Republican Party news, First National Bank of Watonga and withdrawal of Indian Agency funds.

F 15: "Fl - Go"
Flint, P. E. (1922). Government homestead land.
Fry, George W. (1921). Railroad Mail Clerk examination.
Gee, Frank T. (1923). Pension to Civil War widow, farmers' bulletins.
Goodrich, G. B. (1921). Back pay from United States Railroad Administration.
Gossom, K. D. and J. H. (1921). Agricultural yearbook.
Goulding, Mrs. P. J. (1921). Parole or transfer of son.

F 16: "Gr - H"
Grimes, G. E. (1922). Views on upcoming legislation.
Hagan, Kitty (1922). List of teachers.
Henderson, L. L. (1923). Personal.
Hendrick, W. H. (1922). Agricultural bulletins.
Higgins, E. C. (1922). Government forms.
Hinckley, Dr. D. F. (1921). Position in the Civil Service.
Hood, Riley M. (1922). Increase in salary.

F 17: "K - Lon"
Kelly, Clemon (1922). Admission to House or Senate gallery.
Laemmle, Mr. (1922). Medical project.
Long, Lawrence (1923). Information on immigration.
Long, Sam (1921). Purchase of Indian lands.

F 18: "Loo - M"
Lookabaugh, E. H. (1921). Personal (Thank-you letter).
Lookabaugh, H. C. (1922). Personal.
Lookabaugh, Ira H. (1921). Payment of rent due for Indian land.
Meyers, Nate (1922). Accounts due from Indians.

F 19: "P - Sch"
Page, Irving (1921-1922). List of Republican Committee and workers, state political news.
Page, Robert (1922). Information on immigration.
Pohl, O.E. (1922). Bulletins.
Reynolds, Presley (1922). Farmers' bulletins.
Schallmo, M. E. (1921-1922). Government book on horses.

F 20: "Sco - W"
Scott, G. H. (1923). Cotton seed.
Snyder, J. F. (1921). Book on stock raising.
Solley, John H. (1922). Farmers' bulletins.
Tolen, S. K. (1921). Request for an agricultural yearbook.
Torbitt, J. C. (1923). Farmers' bulletins.
Walker, Mrs. Ben (1922). Education bulletins.
Weigand, Mrs. Henry H. (1921). Farmers' bulletins.
Whitchurch, Bert G. (1921). Integration of Indian children into "white" schools.
Van Doren, F. W. (1923). Complaints about the Postal Service.
Willis, O. P. (1922). "Orient Railroad" relief bill.
Winter, Conrad (1923). Discharge of son.
Wisdom, Clarence C. (1922). Tax exemptions.
Worthington, J. E. (1921). Tanning of cowhides.


F 21: Notes on correspondence.

F 22: "A - An"
Alexander, A. C. (1923). Republican State Committee.
Anadarko, Oklahoma, Superintendent of Schools (1921). List of bulletins on agricultural instruction.
Anderson, O. B. (1922). Information on obtaining patents.
Andrews, Thomas G. (1922). Report on Sid Lacer.

F 23: Apache State Bank (American National Bank of Apache) (1921-1922). Nationalization, Indian allotment tax.

F 24: "Ay - Bak"
Ayres, J. L. (1923). Recommendation of L. E. Duvall.
Bagby, Lawrence A. (1922). Pension increase, personal.
Baker, Mrs. H. V. (1922). Pension for her widowed mother.

F 25: "Bal - Bea"
Baldwin and Gibbs Company, Anadarko and Carnegie (1922) Oil and gas maps of Oklahoma.
Barr, Mrs. J. J. (1922). Approval of deed for sale of inherited land.
Beall, Fred O. (1921). Garbage contract at Fort Sill.

F 26: Beckett, Mrs. Theresa V. (1921). Immigration of Mr. and Mrs. Cosimo Gullo from Italy.

F 27: "Ber - Bra"
Bergdorf, H. C. (1921-1922). Application for admittance to the United States Soldiers' Home.
Blum, B. F. (1922). oil leases.
Boyd, Faye (1922). Pamphlets to aid in teaching.
Brace, Ned E. (1922). Transfer of son to Indian Agency clerical assignment in Oklahoma.

F 28: Brennan, Mrs. Allie M. (1922). Use of a government car for work with Kiowa Indians.

F 29: "Brew - Bro"
Brewer, E. A. (1922). Right-of-way for road through Indian allotment.
Brown, Harry (1921). Obtaining crushed rock, request for a federal building at Anadarko.
Browning, Mrs. S. E. (1923). Request for free seeds.

F 30: Campbell, Charles D. (n.d., 1921-1922). Personal, Indian affairs, veterans' compensation, political news, Indian registration.

F 31: "Campbell, F. - Cement, Oklahoma Chamber"
Campbell, F. L. (1923). Treasury Department information.
Carnegie, Farmers' State Bank of (1921). Nationalization charter.
Carnegie, Oklahoma, Superintendent of Schools (1921) Agricultural instruction bulletins.
Cement, Oklahoma, Chamber of Commerce (1922). Federal highway project sixty-three.

F 32: "Cement, State - Cla"
Cement, State Exchange Bank of (1923). Nationalization charter.
Chandler, Robert E. (1921). Reinstatement as a government (Kiowa Indian Agency) farmer.
Childers, Dr. J. E. (1921). Transfer to the Segar Agency at Colony.
Clark, C. J. (1921). Federal aid to farmers and stockmen by loans, copies of letters from the Secretary of the Treasury to the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee on tax revisions.

F 33: "Co - Cu"
Coker, Dr. G. B. (1922). Federal raid (for alcohol) of private citizen.
Conrad, J. C. (1922). Geological data.
Cook, O. H. (1923). Request for an agricultural yearbook.
Cook, Samuel A. (1922). Promotion to farmer on the Kiowa Reservation.
Cullen, Maymee (1921-1923). Insurance claim for crop damage.

F 34: Cyril, First National Bank of (1921). Organizational charter.

F 35: "Davis - Daviss"
Davis, Alfred G. (1922). Position in the forest ranger service.
Davis, L. A. (1921). Personal, mailing lists, political opinions.
Davisson, Sarah C. (1921). Geological maps of Florida.

F 36: "De - Dil"
Depenbrink James G. (1921). Personal, political news.
Depenbrink, Vernon C. (1921). Position in the Treasury Department.
Dillon, John (1921-1922). Recommendation of a friend, geological data.

F 37: "Din - Dol"
Dinkler, Mabel (1921). Personal, Veteran's compensation claims.
Dinse, C. W. (1921-1922). Indian lease difficulties.
Dixon, B. S. (1921-1922). Treasury reports, patent in fee for Indian allotment.
Dolf, A. C. (1922). Copies of sections of the Congressional Record.

F 38: "Doo - Dunh"
Dooley, B. H. (1921). Superintendency of the Miami. Oklahoma, Kiowa Indian Agency.
Doughty, J. E. (1922). Appointment as Indian farmer.
Doyle, J. J. (1921). Request for agricultural yearbook and almanac.
Dunham, John (1921). Appointment as Indian farmer.

F 39: Dunl - E"
Dunlap, R. W. (1922-1923). Treaty between Cherokee Indians, et al., and the State of Texas.
Duvall, L. E. (1923). Appointment as federal farm loan appraiser.
Ellison, H. M (1921-1922). Bulletins on pocket gophers.
Ellison, J. P. (1921). Endorsement, application for prohibition enforcement agent.

F 40: "F"
Fielder, Emma (1921). Commendation of speech.
Finch, Mrs., A. (1922). Request for agricultural yearbook and bulletins.
Fogelstrom, Anders G. (1922). Government land openings.
Fort Cobb, Oklahoma, Superintendent of Schools (1921). Agricultural instruction bulletins.
Friend, Leo (1923). Request for agricultural yearbook and bulletins.
Fritzner, Theodore (1921-1922). oil and gas lease on alien property.

F 41: "Ga - Gilbert"
Gabus, E. H. (1921). Request for bulletin.
Geary Business Men's Club (1922). Postponement of payment on Indian leases.
Geyer, J. E. (1922-1923). Request for an agricultural yearbook.
Gilbert, Paul (1921). Geological survey.

F 42: Gilbreath, Rex E. (1921-1922). Indian delegation, tax receipt, recommendations, endorsements, position in the Indian service, personal, restriction removals, allowing Indians to vote, reinstatement of a Kiowa Agency clerk.

F 43: "Gill - Goo"
Gillette, Guy (1921). Legislation on U.S. Codes and laws.
Gillingham, Mrs. L. L. (1921). Request for large U.S. map.
Goodin, E. (1921). School land propositions, list of publications.
Goodwin, O. B. (1921). Farmers Emergency Tariff Act, request for agricultural yearbook, almanac, and bulletins.

F 44: Gotham, Perry (1921-1922). Reinstatement in the Indian Service.

F 45: Gracemont, State Bank of (1922-1923). Deposit of Indian funds, nationalization.

F 46: Grad, Abraham Wolff (1921-1922). Immigration of relatives from Poland, War Risk Insurance.

F 47: "Gray - Harr"
Gray, J. L. (1923). Clover seed.
Griffin, W. P. (1923). Cancellation of Indian funds.
Guerin, Harrison B. Parton (1921). Removal of restrictions on Indian allotment.
Harris, Elizabeth (1922). Government publication.
Harris, J. L. (1922). Government documents on aliens, the Congressional Record.
Harrison, R. L. (1922). Maternity law.

F 48: "Hart - Harv"
Hartshorn, Mrs. William (1921). Personal, veterans' compensation claims.
Harvey, E. C. (1921). Position of national bank examiner.

F 49: Haskell, Benjamin E. (1921-1922). Position of livestock market supervisor.

F 50: "Haw - Hena"
Hawkins, H. A. (1921-1922). Freight rates, government publications on homesteading in the Northwest.
Hefley, Frank (1921). Candidacy for city marshal of Anadarko.
Heine, Fred (1922). Agricultural bulletin.
Henaughan, Mary E. and Nora L. (1921-1922). Reinstatement in the Treasury Department, civil service information.

F 51: "Hend - Hold"
Henderson, Tom H. (1921). Positions in the Forest Service.
Henry, John P. (1921). Candidacy for street commissioner of Anadarko.
Hickman, Lon M. (1922). Position of keeper or assistant keeper of the government reservation at Sulphur, Oklahoma.
Hicks, Ervine P. (1921). Congratulations, children's deaths.
Hinton, Oklahoma, Superintendent of Schools (1921). Agricultural instruction bulletins.
Holding, B. F. (1921). Geological map.

F 52: "Holl - Hu"
Hollarn, James W. (1921). Petition of Indian Lessees, Oklahoma Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 18.
Home and School Newspaper (1921). Congressional news.
Howell, Herschel (1922). Position of railway mail clerk.
Hughes, William T. (1921). Congressional news, map of the United States.
Hume, C. Ross (1922-1923). Census, passport for a German relative.
Hunter, E. S. (1921-1922). Copies of the U.S. Constitution and Congressional Record.

F 53: "I - Jones, F"
Ikard, G. W. (1921). Government publications.
Immel, Clint (1922). Disability claim with the U.S. Employees' Compensation Commission.
Jackson, J. N. (1921). Legislation for farmers, agricultural publications.
Johnson, W. R. (1922-1923). Eulogy, agricultural yearbook.
Jones, F. B. (1923). Copies of "Manual and Digest and Constitution."

F 54: "Jones, P. - Kli"
Jones, Paul S. (1922). Bounty information.
Joyner, S. A. (1922). Red River gas and oil provision bill.
Karcher, A. V. (1922). Clerical position.
Karns, Dell (1921). Personal, veterans' claims compensation.
King, W. E. (1921-1922). Legislation for farmers, agricultural yearbook and bulletins, range construction claim.
Kleemann, Ed (1922). Homestead information.
Klingler, Frank (1921). Agricultural yearbook, Indian funds deposit.

F 55: "Klu - Ku"
Kluver, Mrs. Albert (1922). Agricultural bulletin.
Kratzke, Ella and Emma (1923). Exclusion because of excess Polish immigration quota.
Krelton, Sidney P. (1921). Obtaining work.
Kuntz, Victor (1922). Sorghum seed.

F 56: Lacer, Sid A. (1921-1923). Personal, Kiowa Indian Agent, service discharge, civil service jobs, Republican Party news, Indian land rights, Indian suffrage, narcotic drugs bill, patents in fee for Indian allotments, inheritance disbursement.

F 57: "Lacey - Law"
Lacey, William I. (1921-1923). Personal, "accidental" attendance at picnic.
Lafever, John (1921). Personal, veterans' compensation claims.
Lane, W. E. (1921). Candidacy for street commissioner of Anadarko.
Lawrence, R. L., and Hodges, Dewey E. (1923). Charter of Ku Klux Klan.

F 58: "Le - Long"
Lee, Harvey (1922-1923). Service discharge, Army bonus pay.
Lehman, Mrs. E. J. (1921). Agricultural bulletins.
Light, Evelyn R. (1921). Immigration law.
Logsdon, W. H. (1922). Laws on homesteading lands in Colorado.
Longhorse, Henry (1922). Arrest for making wine.

F 59: Lorentz, John (1921-1922). Patent in fee for land allotment.

F 60: "Loo - Mar"
Louk, Robert R. (1921). Homestead land information, position in the Civil Service.
Loveless, Walter (1922). Agricultural almanac.
Lowman, Mrs. L. L. (1922). Government books.
Ludwick, C. W. (1921). Patent in fee for Indian allotment for town site addition, parks.
Ludwick, Minnie (1923). Gift of a shrub.
Martin, F. L. (1921-1922). Misplaced rifle, gross sale tax, farmers' bulletins, homestead lands in New Mexico, Campaign news, patent recording fee.

F 61: "Mat - McCo"
Mathis, Emil (1921, 1923). Agricultural bulletins, agricultural yearbook, disarmament.
Mayerhoffer, Marie (1921). Great Northern Shipping Company, Inc.
McCaskey, Margaret M. (1922). Widow's pension.
McCollum, E. A. (1923). Resignation from the Civil Service.
McConnell, J. C. (1921). Position in the Secret Service.

F 62: McCr - Moh"
McCready, T. B. C1921). Candidacy for mayor of Anadarko.
McKee, D. W. T. (1921). Political commendation.
McKnight, C. C. (1921-1922). Candidacy for Mayor of Anadarko, army planes for exhibition, ship subsidy proposition, city election.
Methvin, J. J. (1922). Armenian oppression.
Miller, M. D. (1921). Candidacy for City Treasurer of Anadarko.
Miranda, T. L. (1922). Legislation for farmers.
Mohrbacher, Carl (1922). Pamphlets on caring for babies.

F 63: Monsell, Morland E. (1903, 1921-1923). Funds for flood water drainage.

F 64: "Mont - Ne"
Montin, William V. (1923). Position of valuation engineer.
Moore, Harry (1921). Interest on bonds.
Moore, Idelia (1921). Cancellation of an Indian lease.
Moore and White (1922). Geological data.
Motsbocher, John C. (1921-1922). Liberty bond.
Newton, J. D. (1923). Agricultural bulletins.

F 65: "Ni - Per"
Nichols, R. A. (1922). Geological map.
Nowland, Anna (1921). Claim for widow's pension.
Peery, Dan W. (1922). Removal of restrictions on Indians.
Perry, John M. (1922). Complaints by Indians.

F 66: Peters, Susie C. (1921-1922). Position of field matron at large for the Kiowa Indian Agency.

F 67: "Pet - Po"
Pettit, Marion (1922). Geological data.
Phelps, J. K. and Willis A. C. (1922). Ship subsidy bill.
Phillips, W. B. (1921). Agricultural yearbook.
Poole, John T. (1922). Service discharge.
Potter, Lulu (1921). Amendment to the Vocational Act.
Powell, Perry (1921). Pay of rural letter carriers, trade with Canada and Cuba, Congressional Record.

F 68: "Pr - Ri"
Price, John Paul (1922). Discharge because of age.
Ramming, George W. (1922). Geological map.
Reynolds, Fred (1921). Agricultural bulletins.
Riede, Ralph (1922). Government book.
Risk, L. E. (1922). Survey of Swan Lake.

F 69: "Ro - Rum"
Roberts, Wayne M. (1922). Position of railway mail clerk.
Robertson, John E. (1922). Position of clerk in the Indian service.
Robinson, I. A. (1922). Geological survey.
Robnett, Ruby (1921). Flower seeds.
Roerer, Ed F. (1922). Agricultural bulletins.
Rogers, R. Glenn (1922). Immigration.
Rumbley, William (1921). Candidacy for city marshal of Anadarko.

F 70: "Rus - Sch"
Russell, Glenn E. (1923). Agricultural bulletins.
Ruth, O. P. (1921). Agricultural bulletins, disarmament, taxation.
Sawyer, Evelyn (1922). Girl and Boy Scouts.
Scheetz, Charles J. (1921-1922). Position in the civil service.
Schmidt, Fred (1922). Seeds.
Schmidt, Henry J. (1922). Agricultural leasing of Indian lands.

F 71: "Sci - Sh"
Scism, D. M., (1921). List of teachers of Caddo County.
Scott, Myrtle (1921). Agricultural bulletins.
Shannon, John B. (1921). Personal, Veterans' compensation claims.
Shaw, J. D. (1922). Homestead information.
Shaw, Myrtle D. (1921-1922). Liberty bond.

F 72: "Si - St"
Sigle, G. D. (1921). Agricultural yearbook, geological survey, freight rates.
Singer, S. M. (1923). Endorsement.
Starkweather, William (1921-1922). Congressional Records, patent on ball-bearing caster, patent information.
Stemtz, Chloe (1921). Veterans' compensation claims.
Stevens, Carl (1921-1922). Promotion in the Indian Service.
Stevens, Norm (1923). Personal.
Stevenson, W. E. (1922). Seeds, compensation claims.

F 73: "Th - To"
Thomas, Homer (1921). Agricultural bulletins, the National Republican newspaper, research bulletins.
Thomas, Mrs. Marshall (1921). Government book.
Thompson, Clyde B. (1921). Geological data.
Tilton, H. M. (1922). Newspaper publicity, personal.
Torbitt, John (1921). Farm loans for buying land.

F 74: "Tr - Warm"
Trotter, W. T. (1921). Restoration of son's citizenship.
Tucker, Dud (1921-1922). Position of deputy U.S. Marshal, position of federal prohibition agent.
Urquhart, Pat (1922). Collection of Indian accounts.
Wamsley, Grover C. (1923). Endorsement.

F 75: "Ward - Wilh"
Ward, J. J. (1923). Service discharge of son.
West, Eva (1921). Candidacy for city clerk of Anadarko.
Wilhite, A. G. (1922). Blueprints for a spraying machine.
Wilhite, Mitchell (1921). Agricultural yearbook and bulletins.

F 76: Wilson, F. H. (1921-1923). Agricultural bulletins, transfer within the Kiowa Agency.

F 77: "Win - Z"
Windsor, O. W. (1921). Volstead bill, regulation of grain markets.
Wisdom, C. C. (1922). Relief bill.
Zachary, L. (1922). Geological data.

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