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Series 3: General Correspondence, 1921-1923 (continued)


F 1: Notes on Correspondence.

F 2: Bailey, F. F. (1921-1922). Position in the Welfare Department, position in the War Risk Bureau, recommendations.

F 3: "Ban - Bradley, E"
Banker, Ida M. (1922). Settlement of veteran's claim.
Bollenbach, Glen (1922). Independence of the Philippine Islands.
Boynston, F. L. (1921-1922). Rio Grande Valley, patent on land, taxes, control of industries, agricultural publications.
Bradley, E. M. (1921). Endorsement of candidate for United States District Judge, appointment of two United States Attorneys from El Reno.

F 4: Bradley, John (1921-1922). Road and bridge project, additional judge to United States District Court, Packard bill, endorsement.

F 5: "Bro - Ca"
Brown, Gordon H. (1921). Books lost in the mail.
Brownlee, Ed (1922-1923). Coos Bay, Oregon, project.
Brownlee, J. E. (1922). Promotion in the land office.
Buhler, Charles H. (1922). Agricultural yearbook.
Camp, John H. (1923). Seeds.
Cashion, Farmers State Bank (1921-1922). Deposit of Indian funds.

F 6: "Ch - De"
Charleston, Forrest C. (1922). Forged endorsements, interest on Liberty bonds.
Cole, S. V. (1922). Federal farm loans.
Copeland, Harold (1922). Independence of the Philippine Islands.
Crail, W. W. (1923). Civil War widow's pension.
Dakin, Frank (1921). Endorsement.
Danne, Joseph (1923). Aid to Germany and Austria.
DeLana, Gustavas (1922). Pension.

F 7: Doorley, W. F. (1921-1922). Compensation claim.

F 8: "Doz - E"
Doza, Dora (1922). Oil proposition.
Ehler, Fred B. (1922). Information on Indian Territory history.
El Reno High School Forum Debating Society (1922). Independence of the Philippine Islands.

F 9: "F - Ga"
Fleming, W. F. (1922). Farmers' bulletins.
Foster, T. R. (1923). Volstead Act.
Franks, Joseph (1921). Regulation of grain trading.
Freeman, Mae (1921)., Information on open shops.
Garton, R. E. (1921). Fish-stocking of ponds.
Gasaway, F. E. (1921). Agricultural publications.

F 10: Glessner, F. J. (1921-1922). Farmers' bulletins, canning, dairy industry, hardware business.

F 11: "Go - Ha"
Gorton, Francis (1921). Disarmament, agricultural publications.
Gray, Mr. (1922). Memorial addresses.
Haws, J. F. (1921-1922). Violations in job as Indian farmer.

F 12: "He - Jech"
Hennessey Farmers and Merchants National Bank (1922). Farmers' bulletins.
Hennessey Superintendent of Schools (1921). Education bulletins.
Hogan, S. W. (1921). Agricultural legislation, tariffs.
Ingram, Ed (1922). U.S. map, road and bridge project.
Jech, J. E. (1921). Condition of crops.

F 13: "Jet - Le"
Jett, Faye (1922). Immigration.
Johns, T. J. (1922). Compensation for dependents.
Koch, F. (1921). Farmers' bulletins.
Kubah, J. H. (19221. Petition against revisions of the tariff on coal tar products.
Leddy, Jack (1921). Dictionary of the Choctaw Language.

F 14: Lightner, Nicholas (1922). Illegal possession of liquor, harassment by the sheriff and his deputies, improprieties in arrest.

F 15: "Lin - Lo"
Linder, E. J. (1921). Government publication.
Liston, Sarah (192l). List of teachers, illiteracy in Oklahoma, education bulletins.
Long, George F. (1922). Agricultural publications.

F 16: McCartney, John James (1921-1923). Appointment to the Quartermaster Reserve Corps, location of a man in the Navy, homing pigeons, horses for the National Guard, purchases of livestock by the Mexican government.

F 17: "McCl - Me"
McClure, J. Kelsey (1921). Enforcement of prohibition.
McConnell, J. C. (1921). Position in the Secret Service.
McGann, Frank (1922). Agricultural yearbook.
Meade, J. D. (1921). Enforcement of prohibition.
Meade, W. H. (1921-1922). Agricultural publications, position as field worker in the Indian Service, personal.

F 18: "Mo - P"
Moore, George E. (1922). U.S. map.
Mosely, R. P. (1923). Extension of mail route, personal.
Nagle, Pat (1921). Training camp at Fort Logan, Colorado.
Orr, Anna (1921). Farmers' bulletins.
Porter, Faye (1922). Congressional Directory, bonus bill, disarmament.
Povlovich, Charles (1922-1923). Geological data, government employment.

F 19: "R - Wic"
Ross, Anna (1922). Migratory Bird Act.
Schiffur, Mrs. H. S. (1922). Farm conditions.
Scott, Milton O. (1922). Farmers' bulletins.
Seney, W. P. (1922). Farmers' bulletins.
Sweetser, W. E. (1921). Government publications.
Walterscheidt, J. H. (1923). Farmers' bulletins.
Walton, A. F. (1921). Farmers' bulletins.
Warren, J. C. (1921). Enforcement of prohibition.
Wells, Cleeta R. (1922). Farmers' bulletins.
Wickmiller, C. P. (1921). Game laws, antiques.

F 20: "Wil - Wo"
Wilcox, Carrie E. (1923). Bursum bill, farmers' bulletins.
Wilson, R. D. (1922). Farmers' bulletins.
Wogan, C. J. (1922). Pardon to restore civil rights.
Woodworth-Abercrombie Hardware Company (1922). Farmers' bulletins.


F 21: Notes on Correspondence.

F 22: "A - Bl"
Atkinson, G. E. (1922). Tariff on broom corn.
Bledsoe, George (1922). Oil and gas leases on Indian allotments.

F 23: Bond, E. H. (1922). Payment of expenses by an Indian woman, personal.

F 24: Bourne, E. A. (1918, 1922-1923). Political news, Post Office at Royal, postmaster at Comanche, bill to enroll three men in the Choctaw Tribe.

F 25: "Boy - Ca"
Boyd, Fred (1921). Map.
Bretschneider, H. E. (1921). Petroleum laws.
Browder, C. M. (1922). Tariff on broom corn.
Bullard, W. H. (1922). Tariff on broom corn.
Calame, Guy (1921). Scholarship to the Columbia Institute for the Deaf.
Campbell, Emmett (1922). Farmers' bulletins.

F 26: "Cl"
Clark, M. E. (1921). Position of Grazing Assistant in the forest service.
Clifton, R. L. (1921-1923). Immigration, geological publications.

F 27: Davis, Hughes B. (1921-1922). Soldiers' compensation claims, visit to Washington, hospitalization of soldiers in Oklahoma, Congressional Directory, bonus bill, Medical Reserve officers.

F 28: "De - Dr"
Dempsey, A. L. (1921-1922). Position in the Census Bureau.
Dobbs, Joe A. (1921). Position in the Secret Service.
Drake, R. C. (1922). Volstead Act.

F 29-30: Duncan, American National Bank of (1921). Organization of bank, national charter.

F 31: Duncan, Security State Bank of (1921). Deposit of Indian funds.

F 32: "E - F"
Edwards, L. A. (1921). Oil and gas lease.
Elliot, James E. (1921). Campaign information.
English, C. L. (1922). Tariff on broom corn.
Ferrall, Guy H. (1921). Passport.
Frensley, Claude L. (1922). Geological publication.

F 33: "G - H"
Grace, C. W. (1923). Agricultural yearbook.
Gray, James V. (1922). Census.
Gibbs, L. J. (1923). Condolences on the election.
Hager, J. H. (1922). Tariff on broom corn.
Harrison, G. A. (1921). Agricultural yearbook.
Hervey, J. G. (1921). Information on the League of Nations.
Hill, Lily (1922-1923). Information for a civics class.
Hill, N. (1922). Immigration.
Hyland, John C. (1922). Honorable discharge.

F 34: "J - Le"
Johnston, P. B. (1921). Congressional Record.
Kayser, J. W. (1921). Political news, personal.
Kennedy, Guy (1922). Farmers' bulletins.
Kephart, F. W. (1922). Position of special agent in the Bureau of Internal Revenue.
Kesey, R. R.; G. C. Kesey; M. V. Kesey; M. C. Woodruff; and J. W. Harreld (1922). Tariff on broom corn.
Lemons, Varah (1922). History of Stephens County.

F 35: Lindsey, D. L. (1921-1922). Tariff on broom corn, agricultural publications, peace treaty, local political news, campaign news, Post Office at Marlow.

F 36: "Lo - Marlow Chamber"
Lockett, E. B. (1922). Fish from the Bureau of Fisheries.
Loco, State Bank of (1921-1922). Deposit of Indian funds, National Banking Act, agricultural yearbook.
Marcum, J. P. (1921). Farmers' bulletins.
Marlow Chamber of Commerce (1922). Tariff on broom corn.

F 37: Marlow, Guaranteed State Bank (First National Bank in Marlow) (1921-1922). Nationalization, revenue bill.

F 38: Marris, Mart (1922). Oil and gas leases on allotment.

F 39: "Mc - Moo"
McArthur, C. L. (1922). Supreme Court decision on Red River case.
McArthur, Joe R., and Stout, N. U. (1921). Peace Resolution.
McGehee (1921-1922). Position of teacher in the Philippine Service.
McKinney, W. T. (1921). Oil and gas lease on Indian allotment.
Moore, Ralph (1922). Agricultural publication.

F 40: "Mor - Po"
Morgan, Willis (1922). Federal Reserve Act.
Morris, E. E. (1922). Oil tariff, political news. Post Office Department, personal.
Nance, Jim (1921). U.S. map, memorial address, correspondence with John Nance.
Nixon, Byron E. (1922). Honorable discharge.
Nixon, E. B. (1922). Discharge of son.
Pickman, B. B. (1922). Patent attorneys.
Portschy, Henry J. (1923). Farmers' bulletins.

F 41: Pritchard, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. (1922). Desertion of son from the U.S. Navy, court-martial, release from detention.

F 42: "R - Sa"
Rice, Augustus S. (1921). Public health.
Rock Island Pipe Line and Refining Company (1921). Congressional Record.
Samples, W. A. (1921). Federal aid for school.
Sandlin, J. M. (1922). Passport, letter of introduction.

F 43: "Sh - Sm"
Shelton, Jack (1921). Farmers' bulletins.
Shimkowitz, Joseph (1921). Violation of immigration laws, deportation.
Smith, Frank (1921). Information on open shops.

F 44: "Sp - Tali"
Spivey, C. L. (1921). Geological publications.
Stevenson, L. R. (1923). Seeds.
Stewart, C. C. (1921). Cotton census taker.
Taliaferro, J. D. (1923). Agricultural publications.

F 45: "Tall - Wh"
Talla, Thomas (1921-1922). Diseased family, information on the Veteran's Bureau.
Tapp, O. L. (1923). Copy of discharge.
Tucker, W. T. (1921). Geological information.
Vestal, C. S. (1922). Tariff on broom corn.
Wever, R. T. (1922). Discharge of son from the U.S. Army.
White, Omer (1923). Congressional Record.

F 46: "Wi - Wr"
Wilkinson, O. P. (1921). Sweet bill.
Wilkinson, Mrs. U. G. (1923). Seeds.
Williams, Mrs. Joseph (1923). Pension.
Winans, A. L. (1921). Position of Assistant United States Attorney, patent for homestead land.
Wood, Guy M. (1921). Migratory Bird Act.
Wright, J. T. (1922). Tariff on broom corn.

Series 4: U.S. Naval Academy Appointments, 1921-1923

F 47: Blaine County (1921-1922). Jesse Carter, John Thomas Kelley, Charles Thompson.

F 48: Caddo County (1921-1923). Raymond M. Bristow.

F 49: Caddo County (1921-1923). Robert V. Brennan, Roy A. Davis, Merl D. Robertson, Kinney Youngblood.

F 50: Comanche County (1922-1923). Chadwick Colclasure, Eugene Johnson, Lindsay L. Runnels.

F 51: Cotton County (1921-1922). James Skillman Dugan, Ralph C. Wilson.

F 52: Grady County (1922-1923). Harry J. Brownson, Jr., Edwin B. Duncan, Earl C. Mendenhall, Forest Neville.

F 53: Jefferson County (1921-1922). Ted G. Arner, James Hardin Ballard, John K. Dean, Robert Easterling.

F 54: Jefferson County (1921-1922). Sevier Evans, Herman Murphy, Jessie Emry Phelan, Charles Thompson.

F 55: Kingfisher County (1922). Roy A. Davis.

F 56: Stephens County (1921-1923). Clifford Crosno, Ralph P. Kinzey, William F. Raborn, Jr., Ray Rankin.

F 57: Stephens County (1921-1923). Nicholas Berkheart Stanley, Clair N. Weakly.

F 58: Correspondence (1921-1923). Positions available at the Naval Academy, acceptance or rejection of candidates.

F 59: Printed Material (1921-1923). Application forms, regulations on admissions, scholastic examinations for the Naval Academy.

Series 5: Veterans' Affairs, 1921-1923


F 60: Bohr, Henry (1922). Compensation.

F 61: Brown, R. C. (1922). Pension.

F 62: Burk, Catherine (1922-1923). Widow's pension.

F 63: Casper, Stark M. (1921-1922). Rehabilitation.

F 64: Cavett, Benjamin O. (1922). Compensation.

F 65: Chapman, Augusta C. (1922-1923). Widow's pension.

F 66: Cooper, Bedford F. (1922). Compensation.

F 67: DeMunbrun, Charles (1922). Compensation.

F 68: Dunlap, Edward S. (1922). Compensation.

F 69: Escoe, Clarence E. (1922). Compensation.

F 70: Fee, Pearly Daniel (1922). Compensation.

F 71: Fry, Charles E. (1922). Compensation.

F 72: Fullbright, Andrew Floyd (1922-1923). Compensation.

F 73: Garnes, S. F. (1921). Pension.

F 74: Graalman, Theodore (1921). Redemption of War-Savings Certificates owned by a deceased veteran.

F 75: Graham, Pleasy J. (1921-1922). Pension.

F 76: Higgins, Edgar (1922). Compensation.

F 77: Hinkle, Leland (1922). Compensation.

F 78: Hogland, Ace (1922). Compensation.

F 79: Kerkendall, Margaret (1922-1923). Widow's pension.

F 80: Keyser, George W. (1922). Compensation.

F 81: King, Venus B. (1921). Widow's pension.

F 82: Kinney, Ray W. (1921-1922). Compensation.

F 83: Lawyer, Elizabeth (1923). Widow's pension.

F 84: Lowe, Clarence, T. (1921-1922). Compensation.

F 85: May, S. R. (1922). Pension.

F 86: McCartney, Edward P. (1921). Pension.

F 87: McDowell, Wilds H. (1921-1922). Compensation.

F 88: Mullendore, Lawrence (1923). Pension.

F 89: Oxley, Titus X. (1922). Compensation.

F 90: Padgett, Carl Montford (1922). Compensation.

F 91: Popplebaum, Clarence (1921). Pension.

F 92: Rackley, General L. (1921-1922). Pension.

F 93: Reynolds, Frederick E. (1921-1922). Compensation.

F 94: Reynolds, Presley (1921-1923). Pension.

F 95: Rogers, Benjamin (1920, 1922). Pension.

F 96: Rose, Sheridan G. (1922-1923). Pension.

F 97: Schlechter, J. F. (1921-1922). Compensation.

F 98: Smith, George W. (1922). Compensation.

F 99: Snow, John H. (1922). Pension.

F100: Solley, Susan J. (1923). Pension.

F101: Stains, Earl A. (1922). Pay due.

F102: Stewart, Jerdon (1922). Pension.

F103: Talkington, W. C. (1921-1922). Pension.

F104: Thurman, Harvey A. (1922). Compensation.

F105: Thurman, Robert N. (1922). Compensation.

F106: Uerkvitz, Robert (1922). Compensation.

F107: Van Brunt, Edwin Wright (1922). Pension.

F108: Van Gurdy, Tillman I. (1922). Compensation.

F109: Weber, Henry E. (1921-1922). Pay due.

F110: Whitaker, F. A. (1922-1923). Pension.

F111: Winchester, Haywood George (1923). Compensation.

F112: Winchester, Thomas J. (1922). Compensation.

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