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Series 6: Indian Affairs, 1918, 1921-1922

F 1: Ahdosy, Willie (1921-1922). Peyote, financial aid for Indians, four percent fund, voter registration.

F 2: Akeen, Mrs. Grace (1922). Disbursement of funds.

F 3: Apache Indians, Relief bill (1921-1923). Legislation on the relief of Apache Indians in Oklahoma.

F 4-5: Appraisal of Indian lands (1922). A bill to authorize the appraisal of the taxable value of Indian lands.

F 6: Asenap, Herman (1921-1923). Visit of tribal delegation, treaties, will of deceased Kiowa Indian, voter registration.

F 7: Bert, Willie (1922). Treatment of gunshot wound.

F 8: Big Horse, Pauline (1921). Land allotment.

F 9: Bill, Kiowa (1922). Appropriations for young Kiowa Indians.

F 10: Blackbear, Joe (Sah-Sintz-Pah) (1921-1922). Illegal sale of livestock.

F 11: Bryan County Bar Association (1922). Legislation relating to approval of deeds of restricted Indians to their lands.

F 12: Buntin, J. A. (1922). Registration of Indian voters, personnel at the Kiowa Agency.

F 13: Burgess, Allen M. (1922). Removal of restrictions on allotment.

F 14: Calhoun, Herbert C. (1921). Help in obtaining employment.

F 15: Chadlesone, Sherman (1922). Rainy Mountain Indian School.

F 16: Chah-tar-sy (1922). Estate.

F 17: Chahtay (1921-1922). Visit of tribal delegation, claims regarding the Red River bed, legislation concerning Indians.

F 18: Chalenstin, Apache Ben (1921). Oil rentals.

F 19: Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians (1921). Legislation for the relief of Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes.

F 20: Chippewa Indians (1921-1922). Senate investigation of Chippewa affairs.

F 21: Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations (1922). Claim for tribal citizenship.

F 22: Coyote, Little Chief (1921). Distribution of Cheyenne and Arapaho tribal funds.

F 23: Crawford, William (1923). Sale of tribal timber.

F 24: Dussome, Carl J. Reid (1922). Reservation borders (Red River bed claims).

F 25: Flathead Tribal Council (1922). Legislation on Flathead Indians.

F 26: Haag, Mack (1921). Distribution of Cheyenne and Arapaho tribal funds.

F 27: Hall, Harry (1922). Books.

F 28: Hazlett, Malcolm (1923). Land allotment.

F 29: Hoag, Enoch (1922). Registration of Indian voters.

F 30: Houma Indians (1921). Financial aid.

F 31: Hunt, George (1922). Department of Agriculture.

F 32: Indian Funds (1922). List of banks carrying Indian funds.

F 33: Inman, Edward L. (1921). Appointment as physician at the Segar Agency.

F 34: Kah-cha-cha (1923). Four percent funds.

F 35: Ka-you (1921). George Cable.

F 36: Kerchee, Nino (1922). Information on Indian affairs.

F 37: Kiowa Agency (1921-1922). Investigation of the Kiowa Agency.

F 38: Kiowa and Comanche Indians (1921). Funds from the sale of the "Big Pasture Land", individual funds on deposit, land allotments, delegation to Washington.

F 39: Kiowa Indians (1921). Questions about Indian affairs, release of school children's funds to parents.

F 40: Koybitty, Millett Hoy (1921). Appointment of Commissioner of Indian affairs.

F 41: Lefthand, Roy (1921). Restriction of social affairs.

F 42: Lookingglass, Bayard (1921-1922). Oil leasing restrictions.

F 43: Lookingglass, Bernice (1922). Payment for sale of land.

F 44: Mahseet, Walter (1922). Land allotment.

F 45: Martinez, Crose (1922). Oil rentals and royalties.

F 46: Moetah, Frank (1921-1923). Land allotment, peyote.

F 47: Moran, Mary (1921-1922). Land allotment.

F 48: Osage Indians (1922-1923). Jurisdiction of courts in Osage Indian matters.

F 49: Oyebi, Thomas (1921). Will and estate of mother.

F 50: Pahdocony, Frank (1921). Monthly allowance, lease rentals, payment for sale of land.

F 51: Pah-Ke-Ku-Diah, Richard (1921). Use of inheritance to purchase cattle.

F 52: Parker, Alice (1921-1922). Removal of restrictions on land allotment.

F 53: Parker, Baldwin (1921). Removal of restrictions on land allotment.

F 54: Parker, Nora (1922). Monthly allowance.

F 55: Peawo, Wilbur (1921-1922). Peyote, Red River bed legislation, visit to Washington, four percent fund.

F 56: Penoi, Mark (1922). Promotion to lease clerk.

F 57: Perchy, Mary (1921). Annuity payments for children.

F 58: Per-con-nic (1921-1922). Inheritance.

F 59: Perschy, Allred (1921-1922). Sublease of daughter's lands.

F 60: Peyote (1921-1923). Correspondence and legislation pertaining to peyote.

F 61: Photographs (1921-1922). Correspondence relating to pictures of Indians at the White House.

F 62: Po-hoc-su-cutt, Henry (1921-1922). Reappointment as Indian farmer.

F 63: Po-mum-sky, Jack (1921). Leasing of land.

F 64: Quassy-yah (1921). Delegation to Washington.

F 65: Quetone, G (1921). Payment for deceased child.

F 66: Rainy Mountain School (1922). Correspondence relating to appropriations for the school

F 67: Red Nose, Albert (1921-1922). Removal of daughter from boarding school.

F 68: Red River Bed (1921-1923). Correspondence pertaining to the claim of the Kiowa, Comanche and Apache Indians to the bed of the Red River.

F 69: Rowlodge, Jesse (1921-1922). Reappointment as Indian farmer.

F 70: Sankadota, Jack (1922). Rainy Mountain School, Red River bed dispute.

F 71: Squirrel, Oldman (1922). Lease money.

F 72: Stevens, Thomas (1923). Deed by wife.

F 73: Stinchecum, C. V. (1921-1922). Correspondence relating to C. V. Stinchecum and is job as Superintendent of the Kiowa Agency.

F 74: Sunrise, Charlie (1921). Leasing of father's land.

F 75: Tafeperdy, Mary (1921). Land allotment.
Tah-choy (1923). Oil and gas mining lease.

F 76: Tayervitty, Orion (1922). Land allotment.

F 77: Tenequah (1922). Voter registration.

F 78: Tooahnipah, Tony (1922-1923). Land allotment.

F 79: Treat, Harry H. (1921-1922). Public highway on Indian lands, disarmament, Rainy Mountain School, agricultural bulletins.

F 80: Wah-We-Yea-Cumig (1922). White Earth Indians.

F 81: Ware, Lewis (1921-1922). Contract with Indians.

F 82: Wells, Alfred (1922). Appointment as teacher in the Indian Service.

F 83: Wells, Otto (1921-1922). Children's funds, agent at the Anadarko Agency.

F 84: White Bear, Levi (1921). Public lands in Wyoming, compensation.

F 85: Whitewolf, Wayne (1921). Oil royalties.

F 86: Wichita and Affiliated Bands of Indians (1922). H.R. 6044 (A bill authorizing the Wichita and affiliated bands of Indians of Oklahoma to submit claims to the Court of Claims).

F 87: Wichita and Affiliated Bands of Indians (1918, 1921-1922). Government Documents.
"For the Relief of the Wichita and Affiliated Bands of Indians." (1918).
"In Re: Claim of the Wichita and Affiliated Bands of Indians vs. the United States." (1918).
"The Choctaw Nation and the Chickasaw Nation vs. the United States and the Wichita and Affiliated Bands of Indians: Memorandum of Items of Evidence Offered by the Defendant Indians." (1921). "The Wichita Nation in Oklahoma: A Review of Indian Rights as Recognized by the Peoples of All Nations as Having Certain Rights to the Lands Possessed by the Aboriginal Inhabitants of the Country Before Visited by White Men." (1922).
"Brief of Wichita and Affiliated Bands of Indians." In support of H.R. 6044 by Gensman(1922).

F 88: Wichita and Affiliated Bands of Indians (1921-1922). Correspondence to and from C. Ross Hume pertaining to claims of the Wichita and Affiliated Bands of Indians.

F 89: Wichita and Affiliated Bands of Indians (1921-1922). Petition to J. W. Harreld, letter from Sid C. Roach pertaining to sub-committee report on H.R. 6044.

F 90: Wichita and Affiliated Bands of Indians (1922-1923). General correspondence on the claims of the Wichita and Affiliated Bands of Indians.

F 91-96: Wichita and Affiliated Bands of Indians (April -December1921, 1922-1923). Correspondence to and from delegates of the Wichita Nation Association (C. H. Pratt, W. L. Cleveland, and John Tatum) pertaining to the claims of the Wichita and Affiliated Bands of Indians.

F 97: Wichita, et al. (1921). Statements of the claims of the Wichitas and Affiliated Bands of Indians.

F 98: Wilde, R. A. (1922). Petition for claims of the California Indians.

F 99: Wilson, Samuel P. (1921). Restrictions on land allotment.

F100: Wolf, Bob Tail (1922). Payment for sale of land, Indian voter registration.

F101: Woodard, Lynn (1921-1922). Funds from lease.

F102: Wook-sook, Tobin (1922). Legislation pertaining to Indian affairs.

F103: Wook-vitty (1922). Deed to land allotment.

F104: Yelloweyes, Joe (1922). Payment for sale of land.

F105: Yellowfish (1921). Selection of committeemen.

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