Box and Folder Inventory

Box 1: General Correspondence and Papers, 1907-1948: Adams - Foreman.

F 1: Adams, Alva B. (1941). U. S. Senator from Colorado. Thank-you letter on July 3.

F 2: Adams, Arthur B. (1937). Dean, College of Business Administration, University of Oklahoma. Correspondence and speech by Adams.

F 3: Adams, Jeanette L. (1939). Educational Director of Y.W.C.A. in Wilmington, Delaware.

F 4: Adams, Jesse and Katie Ray (1940).

F 5: Adams, O. W. (1934). Vice-president, Utah State National Bank, Salt Lake City. Re: economic policy.

F 6: Albert, Carl (1946). Member of Congress from Oklahoma (1946). Re: election to Congress.

F 7: Alberty, Cecil E. (1940).

F 8: Alexander, Mrs. W. B. (1940). Re: Indian claims.

F 9: Aldrich, Winthrop (1932-1945). Chairman of the Board, Chase National Bank.

F 10: Aldrich, Winthrop.

a. Annual Report - Chase National Bank - January 10, 1933.

b. Articles by Aldrich: 1) "The Reciprocal Tariff Policy and the Proposed Government Spending Programme;" 2) "The University as an Instrument of Social Progress;" 3) "Business Revival and Government Policy;" 4)"The Financing of Unemployment Reliefs;" 5) "Foreign Trade and Our National Interests;" and 6) "The Causes of the Present Depression and Possible Remedies."

c. Reports, re: Australian economic policy.

d. Radio address by Aldrich - February 27, 1938.

e. Address of Leo T. Crowley, Chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

f. Clipping - St. Louis Globe-Democrat - November 19, 1937.

F 11: Allen, W. D. (1939-1940).

F 12: Alston, E. R. (1940-1942).

F 13: Ambrister, C. A.

a. Correspondence (1940-1942).

b. H. R. 7079 (76th Congress, 3rd Session) - Appointment of federal judges.

c. Journal of the American Judicature Society - December, 1939.

F 14: American Enterprise Association (December 6, 1945).

F 15: American First Committee (1940-1941).

F 16: American Foundation for the Blind (1939-1947).

F 17: American Insurance Company (April 25, 1940).

F 18: American Letter.

a. American Letter - May 26, 1945, and July 28, 1945.

b. Business Action - May 21, 1945, and May 28, 1945.

F 19: Anderson, A. B. (1942).

F 20: Anderson, Benjamin M., Jr. (1935-1938). Economist of the Chase National Bank and Professor of Economics, U.C.L.A.

F 21: Anderson, Benjamin M., Jr. (1939-45).

F 22: Anderson, Benjamin M., Jr.

a. Address by Anderson - October 2, 1939.

b. Testimony of Anderson before Senate Finance Committee - August 15, 1941.

c. Address by Anderson - "Governmental Economic Planning."

d. Report - "The Quantity Theory of Money" - S. N. Whitney.

e. "Outline of Dr. Anderson's Criticisms of the 'Quantity Theory of Money.'"

f. Report on H. R. 3835.

g. Memorandum by Anderson - "The Control of Inflation and the Treasury's Borrowing Policy."

h. "A Critical Analysis," by Anderson - pamphlet and galley proofs.

i. "The Farm Problem, the Export Trade, and Our General Industrial Equilibrium," by Anderson - galley proofs.

F 23: Anderson, Benjamin M., Jr.

a. Reprint from Washington Post, July 3, 1939, on monopolies.

b. Reprint from New York Times, November 2, 1930, re: Governor Roosevelt.

c. Address by Senator O'Mahoney of Wyoming on business.

d. Address by Anderson - galley proofs.

e. Bibliography of writings by Anderson.

f. Reports on Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

g. Newsletter from the Temporary National Economic Committee.

h. Memorandum on Sections 8 and 9 of the Gold Reserve Act of 1934.

i. Draft of bill on bank deposit insurance.

j. "Economic Aspects of War" - address by Anderson.

k. Senate documents to create a Temporary National Economic Committee.

l. Handwritten appointment schedule.

F 24: Anderson, John C. (June, 1942).

F 25: Anderson, W. F. (February 8, 1937).

F 26: Andrews, Roy Chapman (January 2, 1945). Custodian, Museum of Natural History, New York. Gore anecdotes.

F 27: Anson and Jones Press (June 9, 1942). Re: request for constitution.

F 28: Armfield, J. M. (August 13, 1940). Chairman of the Board, Cordell National Bank. Re: political situation.

F 29: Armstrong, James R. (1929-1941). Re: political affairs.

F 30: Armstrong, William J. (1940). Democratic candidate for Corporation Commission, 1940 . Re: campaign support.

F 31: Arnett, George T. (August 17, 1940). Re: Roosevelt third term.

F 32: Arnold, Mrs. Alma (1946-1947).

F 33: Arnold, Frank G. (1936-1937). President, Nebraska Federation of County Taxpayers' League.

F 34: Ashton, J. M. (1938). Chamber of Commerce of the State of Oklahoma. Re: Senate campaign.

F 35: Askew, Jude (April 13, 1938).

F 36: Auchincloss, Gordon (March, 1940).

F 37: Auchincloss, Mrs. Hugh D. (1937-1941). Nina Gore Auchincloss, daughter of T. P. Gore.

F 38: Auchincloss, Thomas Gore (1940, 1945). Grandson of T. P. Gore. Re: birthday greetings, September 17.

F 39: Babson's Reports, Inc. (May 21, 1945).

F 40: Backman, C. E. (April, 1930). Re: photograph request.

F 41: Bacon and Thomas (August 11, 1941). Re: patent.

F 42: Bailey, C. E. (1938-1942).

F 43: Bailey, Joseph W. (1937-1942). U. S. Senator from North Carolina and Chairman, Committee on Commerce and Committee on Claims.

F 44: Baird, C. E. (April, 1942).

F 45: Baker, A. G. (April, 1938). Re: political affairs. Clipping.

F 46: Baker, Newton D. (1936). Secretary of War. Re: Supreme Court case.

F 47: Baker, Robert (January, 1911).

F 48: Baker, William T. (1940). Re: Roosevelt's third term.

F 49: Banks, Martha (June 18, 1942).

F 50: Bankston, Kathleen (1945-1947).

F 51: Barclay, McClelland (June, 1940). Re: sketches of T. P. Gore.

F 52: Barney, Ralph A. (February 14, 1941). Re: Osage tribe.

F 53: Barnhard, Albert A. (August - September 1928). Blind candidate for state's attorney of Wabash County, Illinois.

F 54: Barnsdall Oil Company (1940-1941).

F 55: Baron, Richard (October, 1942). Re: photograph request.

F 56: Beaverbrook, Lord (October 30, 1941).

F 57: Beckhart, B. H. (1939-1940).

F 58: Behrens, Edward J. (March, 1947).

F 59: Berryhill, William A. (July 21, 1947).

F 60: Beyer, H. F. (July 20, 1940).

F 61: Bible Radio Station (April 3, 1942).

F 62: Bierer, A. G. C. (1940-1942). Justice of Oklahoma Territorial Supreme Court.

F 63: Bilbo, Theodore G. (1944-1947). U. S. Senator from Mississippi.

F 64: Billups, Richard A. (1936-1940). Re: federal judgeship.

F 65: Baltimore Industries (February 9, 1942). Re: spring suits.

Bird, Dr. F. W. (August 18, 1939).

Bitting, Eric D. (August, 1940). Re: Veteran's Bureau.

Black, Eugene (1940). Re: Cumberland University Alumni Banquet.

Black, John C. (November 27, 1912). Re: Congressional patronage.

Black, P. M. (September 12, 1945). Re: gift.

Blackwell, B. (February 9, 1947). Flag Oil Corporation. Re: proxies.

Blain, W. W. (1940). Re: Indian Claim.

F 66: Blake, Aldrich (1939-1948).

F 67: Bloys, R. H. (August 6, 1941). Re: manganese deposits.

Boak, Audley (August 23, 1941). Re: farm organization.

Bolen, Hubert (January 3, 1941). Oklahoma Tax Commission. Re: gasoline tax.

Bond, Reford (1940-1941). Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner.

Bonner, W. M. (1940-1942). Letter to Governor Phillips, re: Bonner, February 17, 1940.

F 68: Boren, Lyle (January 20, 1940). Member of Congress from Oklahoma.

F 69: Boswell, S. C. (August 16, 1940). Re: Oklahoma politics.

F 70: Bowman, George L. (1921). Re: Democratic Party.

F 71: Boyd, W. R. (June 11, 1941). Re: defense and oil policy.

Boydston, Tom D. (1942). Re: job request.

Boykin, Hazel Gore (May 16, 1940). Re: Gore genealogy.

Brandon, Ruth (March 13, 1945).

Bratter, Herbert (1937-1938). Clipping.

Breckenridge, G. E. (1938). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Bried, Donald Raymond (May 1940). Re: U. S. Naval Academy graduation.

Broadway, H. H. (February 13, 1948). Re: Mississippi political history.

F 72: Brotton, R. E. (1938). Re: Oklahoma politics. Clippings.

F 73: Browder, Earl. Re: radio address.

Brown, Beatrice (January, 1947). Re: real estate.

Brown, Bennie (May, 1941). Re: Indian claim.

Brown, George E. (April 9, 1937). Re: Veteran claim. "Recognition of Attorneys and Agents, Rules of Practice and Information concerning Fees, Public No. 844, 74th Congress."

Brown, Mrs. George (1941-1946).

F 74: Brown, Russell B. (1937-1945). General Counsel, Independent Petroleum Association. Re: oil.

a. Correspondence.

b. Speech by Brown.

c. Report - "Oil in Trade Agreements."

F 75: Brown University (November 5, 1942). President. Re: speech on security.

Bruner, Felix (May 3, 1940). General Motors Public Relations Department.

Bryan, Malcolm (April 27, 1940). Re: library.

Buck, J. F. (May 14, 1940). President, Federal National Bank, Shawnee, Oklahoma. Re: Oklahoma politics.

Buckley Brothers (December 20, 1946). Re: investments.

Buettner, Anna C. (January 20, 1940). Re: assignment of numbers.

Burdette, Franklin L. (1938-1939). Princeton University Department of Politics. (1938-39). Re: parliamentary procedure.

Burdick, C. L. (1911). Re: postal rates.

Burke, Charles H. (December 24, 1910). Chairman, Select Committee to Investigate Indian Contracts, U. S. House of Representatives. Notice of committee hearings.

F 76: Busby, Orel (1942). Candidate for U. S. Senate, 1942 . Re: Oklahoma politics.

F 77: Buttram, Frank (November 8, 1937). Oil millionaire and candidate for governor. Re: Oklahoma politics.

F 78: Byrd, Harry F. (1938-1942). U. S. Senator from Virginia.

F 79: Byrnes, James F. (1941). U. S. Senator, Justice of the Supreme Court, and Secretary of State.

F 80: Caldwell, S. B. (March 29, 1940). Division Manager, Mid-Continent Petroleum Corporation. Re: employee recommendation.

Cameron, W. J. (April 5, 1940). Re: speech.

Campbell, H. Donald (1939). President, Chase National Bank. Re: memorandum to Winthrop Aldrich.

Campbell, Rev. J. R. (September 18, 1939). Re: involvement in war.

The Runyan Cander Fund (June 26, 1947). Re: contribution.

F 81: Capper, Arthur (February 8, 1940). U. S. Senator from Kansas. Re: bill on the Panama Canal.

F 82: Capper's Farmer (November 19, 1945). Re: subscription for Gore Vidal, Gore's grandson.

Carley, Marion (October-November, 1942). Re: poem by Gore.

Carlisle, H. W. (May 3, 1940). Re: publication.

Carlock, John (1939-1942). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Carson, Burch (August 6, 1941). Re: manganese deposits.

F 83: Carr, Ralph L. (February 17, 1941). Governor of Colorado. Re: Arkansas Valley Authority.

F 84: Cartwright, Wilburn - Member of Congress from Oklahoma. Re: national defense highway bill.

F 85: Carver, Margaret C. (1940-1946).

Casement, Dan (March 28, 1941). Re: speech by Casement.

F 86: Castle, C. E. (1937-1947). Clippings.

F 87: Causey, L. G. (May 9, 1941). U. S. Army. Re: land purchase.

Chicago Tribune (1940-1947).

Chicago University Round Table (January 21, 1941).

Chamberlain, Ernest (1939-1942).

Chambers, John Q. (1942). Re: all-Indian Army units.

Chandler, George B. (October 1939).

Chase, H. B. (February-March, 1940). Re: John Kay.

Chesney, Alan M. October 22, 1942).

Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company (May 5, 1941). Re: bills.

Christopher, H. R. (December, 1941). Re: birthday message.

F 88: Civil Aeronautics Commission (December 30, 1941). Re: students license.

Clark, Appleton P. (March 1, 1941). Re: National Library for the Blind.

Clark, W. A. (1903).

Clarke, R. B. (June 23, 1942). Re: picture request.

Clayton, Will (1938-1940).

Cleary, John K. (April 19, 1938). Re: Oklahoma politics.

F 89: Cleveland, J. L. (1936-1941).

F 90: Colbert, Walter (1937-1940). Re: coal.

F 91: Colby, Bainbridge. Telegram.

Cole, David L. (1946-1947). Re: travel reservations.

Cole, Redman S. (March 1, 1941). Re: U. S. vs. Gulf Oil Corporation.

Collector of Internal Revenue (1929-1942). Re: taxes.

College, Emmitsburg, Maryland (November 10, 1939). Re: radio broadcast.

Collins, Raymond (1941).

Columbia University Press (1939-1942). Re: publications.

F 92: Commager, Henry S. (1939). Re: biography of Senator Bronson Cutting of New Mexico.

F 93: Commandant, U. S. Marines (June 6, 1942). Re: recommendation of Charles Henderson.

Commissioner of Highways, State of Virginia (November 8, 1941). Re: roads.

Commissioner of Indian Affairs (1941-1947). Re: taxes paid to Indians.

Commissioner of Land Office, Austin, Texas (September 9, 1941). Re: sale or lease of mineral deposits.

Comstock, Mrs. Hazel (1940). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Comstock, Paul A. (February, 1937). Re: contract with T. J. Leahy.

Library of Congress. Re: Copyright, statement of Abraham Lincoln.

F 94: Connally, Tom (1935-1939). U. S. Senator from Texas; Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee.

F 95: Continental American Life Insurance Company (1939-1942). Re: insurance premiums.

F 96: Convention Hall Company (1939-1947). Re: business reports.

Cook, B. E. (1937). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Cook, R. W. (1940). Re: progress of bill.

Cooper, Mrs. Mary Gore (February-March, 1940). Re: personal.

Cope, Owen L. (1938-1947).

F 97: Cornell University Press (July 25, 1940). Re: publication.

Corner Book Shop (January-February, 1941). Re: book orders.

Corrigan, James (November 16, 1939). Re: radio address.

Cosden, J. S. (May, 1940). Re: Internal Revenue Service collector.

Louisville Courier-Journal (January 13, 1940). Re: editorial.

Craig, J. M. (August 10, 1940). Re: national politics.

Crim, John (1938). Re: Gore campaign.

Cropley, Charles Elmore (June 3, 1937) Clerk of the U. S. Supreme Court. Re: petition in case of H. G. Roby, et al., vs. Ray McDunnett, et al.

Crump, George C. (1940-1942). Re: national politics.

Cumberland University Law School (March 23, 1940). Re: alumni.

Cummings, Matilda (June, 1947). Re: personal.

Daily Oklahoman (February 14, 1941). Re: subscription.

Daily Worker (June 11, 1940). Re: subscription.

F 98: Danaher, John A. (August 29, 1940). U. S. Senator from Connecticut. Re: speech.

F 99: Darden, Colgate (August 14, 1941). Governor of Virginia. Re: congratulations.

F 100: Daugherty, Lee (1938-1940). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Davenport, Mrs. Byrd (1940-1947). Re: books.

F 101: Davenport, James S. (1937). Presiding Judge, Oklahoma Criminal Court of Appeals.

F 102: Davies, Owen (October, 1940). Re: publication.

Davis, Claude (December 18, 1947). Re: personal regards.

Davis, John H. (June 27, 1939). Re: printing.

Davis, Marie Wingo (November, 1939). Re: job recommendation.

Dawson, Roy (March, 1938). Re: Oklahoma politics.

DeForest Book Shop (1942). List of books for sale.

DeMoss, W. F. (April 22, 1938). Re: campaign support.

Denton, J. C. (March, 1941). Re: court brief.

Deweese, E. M. (August 24, 1937). Re: letter to editor. Clipping.

Dewey, Thomas E. (1940). Governor of New York and candidate for President. Re: Request to headquarters for Dewey speeches.

Dickinson, L. D. (July 20, 1939). Governor of Michigan. Re: request for copy of address.

F 103: Disney, Wesley E. (August 5, 1940). Member of Congress from Oklahoma. Re: campaign.

F 104: District Unemployment Compensation Board (July 1, 1942). Re: J. Roy Thompson.

Dixie Business Book Shop (1940-1941).

Dixon, G. J. (November, 1939).

Doak, Samuel (September 6, 1941).

Dobson, Harry M. (January, 1941). Re: veteran claim.

Donahoe, D. J. (November 21, 1939).

Doolittle, Addie Parker (1946). Re: personal.

Dorough, Dr. John L. (March 16, 1945). Health Officer, Heflin, Alabama.

Dorrance, W. H. (May, 1937). Re: publication.

Dottery, Thomas Gore (1939). Re: Tombigbee River.

F 105: Dougal, William M. (December 8, 1940). Re: blind state senator from South Carolina. Clipping.

Douglas, Lewis W. (1940). Re: anti third term for Roosevelt.

Douglas, Nelson (December 27, 1945). Re: stocks.

Doyle, J. H. (1936).

Dreeben, Morris L. (1945). Re: real estate.

Drennan, John C. (1938-1940). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Duck, Donald (February 13, 1947). Re: book request.

F 106: Dunlap, E. (July - August, 1942). Re: committee assignments of Paul Stewart.

F 107: Dunn, Jesse (April 11, 1938).

Dunn, Joe (January 30, 1937).

Dunn, Joseph (February 1947). Oklahoma Tax Commission. Re: taxes.

Dunn, Katy (April 6, 1945). Re: real estate.

Dunn, Thomas H. (1937). Re: question on legal claim and Oklahoma politics.

Durant, Will (1940). Principal Chief of the Choctaw Nation. Re: picnic.

Duvall, Felix (April 10, 1940). Re: national politics.

Dutton, E. P. (November 14, 1946). Re: publication request.

F 108: Eaks, J. W. (May 31, 1947). Re: personal.

Earley, J. O. (July, 1937). Re: introduction of William B. Matney.

F 109: Easley, John (November 23, 1943). Re: Gore and Wilson Administration.

F 110: Economists National Committee on Monetary Policy (1939-1947).

Economy Book Store (1940-1941). Re: book orders.

Edie, Lionel D. (July 2, 1940). Re: publication request.

F 111: Edmondson, Robert E. (1939-1940). Publications: 1) "Proof of Conspiracy to Communize U. S. A.;" 2) "Court Dismissal Follows Jewish Backdown;" 3)"Roosevelt's Jewish Ancestry;" 4) "The Patriotic Defense-Crusade;" and 5)"Edmondson Jew-Exposure Patriotic Bulletins."

F 112: Einstein, Albert. Publication: "Only Then Shall We Find Courage."

F 113: Eischen, N. E. and Francis (1942-1943). Re: personal.

F 114: Elliott, William A. (November 22, 1939). Re: real estate.

Elmore, A. A. (July, 1941). Re: magnesium.

Emerick, J. L. (June 14, 1940). Re: civil service examinations for postmasters.

Erwin, R. B. (December 15, 1939).

Evans, R. L. (August 13, 1940). Re: national politics.

Ewin, Lucy H. (July, 1939). Re: Mississippi history.

Falstaff Brewing Company (1939-1942).

Faris, Cora Smith (July, 1939). Re: personal.

F 115: Farley, James A. (1938-1949). Postmaster-General. Re: Saint Patrick's Day speech.

F 116: Faulkner, Cooleela (March 29, 1947). Re: Cherokee history.

Faull, Edwin J. (December 2, 1939). Re: slum clearance.

Fawks, C. H., Jr. (August 14, 1940). Re: national politics.

Fenerty, Clare G. (November, 1939). Re: request for copy of address.

Ferguson, Mrs. Walter (1940). Re: Pro-America.

F 117: Ferris, Scott (1928). Member of Congress from Oklahoma. Re: Oklahoma politics.

F 118: Flagg Oil Corporation (1946). Re: stock.

Flight, John E. (1940-1941). Re: insurance benefits.

Flint, M. Lenore (1943-1947). Re: personal.

Follin, G. W. (April 8, 1940). Re: catalogue for Mrs. Auchincloss.

Ford Motor Company (1939-1941). Re: publication requests.

Foreign Policy Association (1940-1942). Re: publication requests.

F 119: Foreman, Grant (1936-1937). Re: history of National Cemetery at Fort Gibson.

Box 2
T. P. Gore Collection Description

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