Box and Folder Inventory

Box 1

Box 2: General Correspondence and Papers, 1907-1948: Foster - Owens

F 1: Foster, T. F. (1942-1946). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Fox, George D. (February, 1945). Re: solicitation of employment.

Frawley, James David (1937-1945).

Freyer, A. B. (November 30, 1945). Re: address correction.

Fried and Hohler, Inc. (February, 1942). Re: artificial eye.

Frye, Pliny S. (May, 1942). Re: Indian claim.

Fullingin, Ben (1939). Re: job request.

Furlow, G. Willard (October 11, 1940). Re: water meter repair.

Gambrell, Louis (December 6, 1940). Re: trip accommodations.

Gandy, Owen (June 22, 1939). Re: publication request.

Gandy, Robert (1947). Re: trip to Mississippi.

Gannett, Frank (April 29, 1940). Re: publication request.

F 2: Garber, Milton C. (February 1945). Member of Congress from Oklahoma. Re: article of Robert L. Owen and T. P. Gore. Clipping.

F 3: Gardiner, A. S. (June 22, 1942). Re: insurance.

Gardner, P. E. (April 6, 1942). Re: publication request.

Gardner Nursery Company (1940). Re: plants and shrubs.

Garlington, B. F. (December, 1936). Re: real estate.

Garner, E. J. (1942). Re: personal request.

F 4: Garner, John Nance (1939-1941). Vice-president. Re: birthday greeting.

F 5: Garrett, Paul (January 23, 1941). Re: stockholder report from General Motors; report attached.

Gary, Addie (June, 1947). Re: request on Mississippi history.

Geers, W. C. Rube (1923-1941). Secretary, Oklahoma Corporation Commission. Re: Oklahoma politics.

F 6: George, Walter (1938). U. S. Senator from Georgia. Re: campaign.

F 7: Gibson, Ben (May 17, 1940). Re: Chamber of Commerce.

Gifford, Walter S. (November, 1936). Re: American Telephone and Telegraph Company.

Gilbert, Dr. I. M. (1915). Re: personal.

Gill, Heywood (July 1939). Clerk, Select Committee on Investigation of Executive Agencies of the Government. Re: article from Investor America; article attached.

Gillie, George W. (July 25, 1940). Member of Congress, Fourth District, Indiana. Re: compulsory military training.

Girls Vacation Fund (1945). Re: donation request.

Goodspeed's Book Shop (September, 1940). Re: address request.

F 8: Glass, Carter (December 15, 1937). U. S. Senator from Virginia. Re: birthday dinner.

F 9: Gore, Albert (April 1940). Member of Congress, Fourth District, Tennessee. Re: speech.

F 10: Gore, Betty (April 2, 1942). Re: birthday greetings.

F 11: Gore, Dick and Clara (1916-1938). Re: personal and political.

F 12: Gore, Dick and Clara (1939-1947). Clippings.

F 13: Gore, Dawes (May 29, 1947). Re: personal.

F 14: Gore, Dixie (October 25, 1930). Re: court action.

F 15: Gore, Ellis E. (1937-1947). Brother of T. P. Gore.

F 16: Gore, Grady. Re: Gore genealogy.

F 17: Gore, Louise (1916). Re: letter written by Gore's father; letter enclosed, written January 31, 1882.

F 18: Gore, Nina K. (1949). Wife of T. P. Gore. Re: resolution of commendation to Gore.

F 19: Gore, Sue (February, 1947). Re: personal.

F 20: Gore, Thomas Notely, Jr. (1947). Re: personal.

F 21: Gore, Thomas N. (1937-1945). Son of T. P. Gore. Clippings.

F 22: Gore, Weaver E. (1940-1947).

F 23: Gore, Willis (January, 1942). Re: job application.

F 24: Gould, Sallie Stevens (December, 1936). Re: personal.

Goulding, Nannie Lou (1939-1942). Re: legal advice.

Grady, Constance (June 16, 1942). Re: publication request.

Graham, Gid (1939-1940). Re: Animal Outlaws by Graham.

Griffin, Ben L. (December 8, 1939). Re: personal.

Guaranty Trust Co. (1940-1941). Re: information request.

Gum, Eugene P. (1937). Secretary, Oklahoma Bankers Association. Re: Oklahoma politics. Clippings.

F 25: Hagan, C. A. (1945). Re: national politics.

Hall, George R. (1937-1939). Re: legal advice.

Hall, T. B. (March 1, 1941). Superintendent, Osage Indian Agency. Re: oil and gas leases.

Hall, Tully (March, 1937). Re: national politics.

Hall, W. A. (1937). Re: taxation.

Hamilton, John (September 30, 1940). Executive Director, Republican National Committee. Re: Willkie-McNary literature.

Hamman, John (June, 1942). Re: publication request.

Hammond, E. D. (July, 1939). Re: job request.

Hampton, Wade E. (December, 1941). Re: personal.

Hanes, R. M. (October 2, 1939). Re: request for copy of speech.

Harbour, Wayne (May 2, 1945). Re: Ripley's "Believe It or Not" column about T. P. Gore and R. L. Owen. Clipping.

F 26: Harding, Warren (May 2, 1947). Re: speech at Fair Grounds auditorium in Oklahoma City, 1920, from Library of Congress Legislative Reference Service. Letter from Service, not Harding.

F 27: Hardy, Rufus (April 24, 1942). Re: personal.

Hardy, Summers (March 1, 1941). Re: request for brief.

Hargrett, Lester (September, 1940). Re: information on Chief Durant.

Harkness, F. E. (1945-1946). Re: world affairs. Clipping.

F 28: Harman, J. W. (1939-1940). Re: veterans claim.

Harper, Margaret (July, 1940). Re: veterans claim.

Harper Brothers (June 4, 1947). Re: book request.

Harper, Robert E. (May 10, 1937). Re: press release.

Harrison, Luther. Re: poem.

Harrison, Walter (August, 1940). Re: national politics.

Hastings, Daniel O. (August, 1937). Re: speech in 1912.

F 29: Hatch, Carl - U. S. Senator from New Mexico. Re: election of 1942.

F 30: Hatcher, O. E. (1940). Re: U. S. Supreme Court.

Hawkins, George L. (March, 1941). Re: information request.

Hawkins, Ira F. (April 4, 1941). Re: information request.

F 31: Hayden, Carl (July 3, 1941). U. S. Senator from Arizona. Re: Klamath Indians.

F 32: Hayes, S. W. (1939). Re: national politics.

Hays, Will (March 29, 1940). Re: daughter's trip to California.

Hazaleus, Forrest (1939-1942). Re: world affairs.

F 33: Hazelet, C. William (March 14, 1941). Re: pamphlet request.

Heflin, Emmett E. (1939). Re: picture request.

Henderson, Jennie L. (1937). Re: pension claim.

Henderson, Nat (August 16, 1937). Re: campaign support.

Henry, Minnie (January 20, 1940). Re: referral.

Herdon, Moselle C. (November 27, 1945). Re: application to increase rent.

Herrington, Dan (1940). Re: Wendall Willkie.

Hervey, John (1939-1940). Dean of Temple University School of Law. Re: speaking engagements.

Hieronymus, Tom (September 9, 1939). Re: pension claim.

Hill, E. P. (April, 1940). Re: personal.

Hill, H. H. (May 3, 1938). Re: campaign support.

F 34: Hill, Jess H. (1937-1945). Re: national politics.

Hillyer, Edward L. (June, 1942). Re: insurance.

Hodges, Caleb (April 24, 1940). Re: copies of speech.

Holcomb, Gene (March 12, 1940). Re: request for biographical material.

F 35: Holliman, John M. (1937-1942). Oklahoma House of Representatives. Re: Oklahoma politics.

F 36: Holmes, Genie Gore (December 12, 1946). Re: personal.

Holmes, Mrs. Mary Courtney (July, 1947). Re: personal.

Home Insurance Company (June 23, 1942). Re: request for annual report.

Homestead Hotel (October, 1945). Re: reservation.

Hood, Robin (April 21, 1945). Re: personal recommendation.

Horn, Samuel H., Jr. (July 11, 1937). Re: ice cream machine.

Horse, Gray (July 5, 1938). Re: Apache history.

F 37: Huff, Ila (1936-1942). Re: Oklahoma politics and Works Progress Administration. Clipping.

F 38: Hughes, J. G. (May 3, 1938). Re: campaign support.

Hughes, Margaret (1941-1946). Secretary to Victor Wickersham. Re: job recommendation.

F 39: Hull, Cordell (1941-1942). Secretary of State. Re: birthday greetings and anniversary of treaty with France.

F 40: Hunt, Pearson (December 20, 1940). Re: publication request.

Hunter, J. C. (1945). Re: national affairs. Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association Bulletin - December 31, 1945.

Hurst, Irvin (1937-1938). Candidate for State Auditor. Re: Oklahoma politics. Clipping and handcards.

F 41: Hutchins, Robert (April 2, 1941). Re: copy of speech.

Information Please (1939-1942). Re: questions on Presidents and Senators.

Independent Labor Council (June 22, 1940). Re: request for copy of speech.

Independent Petroleum Association (July 24, 1945). Re: report.

Indian Affairs Commissioner (1937-1947). Re: Osage, Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache tribes.

Interstate Bankers Corporation (July 2, 1947). Re: loan.

Jackson Daily News. Re: subscription

Jackson, E. Hilton (June 8, 1938). Re: memorial tribute to members of the Bar Association of the District of Columbia.

Jackson, Robert E. (1937-1946). Re: personal.

F 42: Jackson, Samuel D. (May 14, 1940). Re: bankruptcy of Bass Foundry and Machine Company.

F 43: Jamerson, Pauline (July 8, 1940). Re: information request.

James, William O. (May 6, 1940). Re: damage settlement.

Jarnigan, R. E. (May 7, 1941). Re: veteran claim.

Jarrell, Thomas E., Co. (December 12, 1941). Re: insurance claim.

Jeter, William T. (August 24, 1940). Re: national politics.

Johns Hopkins University (October 20, 1942). Re: medical advice.

F 44: Johnson, Glenn (November 14, 1946). Member of Congress from Oklahoma. Re: recommendation.

F 45: Johnson, Isaac. Re: job request.

F 46: Johnson, Jed (February 6, 1945). Member of Congress from Oklahoma. Re: luncheon remarks.

F 47: Johnson, Luther (July 1, 1942). Member of Congress, Sixth District, Texas. Re: newspaper clipping.

F 48: Johnston, Henry S. (August 1939). Governor of Oklahoma. Re: information request.

F 49: Jones. Re: Oklahoma politics.

Jones, Cornelia P. (1941). Re: neighborhood association.

Jones, C. W. (April 11, 1938). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Jones, J. Wesley (March 3, 1911). Re: McMurray contracts.

Jones, Robert C. (November 25, 1946). Re: sale of stock.

F 50: Jordan, Joseph C. (June 4, 1940). Re: personal. Annual report of the Rio Grande Valley Gas Company, December 31, 1939.

Journal Gazette (1939). Fort Wayne, Indiana. Re: request for copies.

Journal of Health (October 6, 1939). Re: publication request.

Jurney, Chesley W. (1939). Sergeant-at-Arms, U. S. Senate. Re: checks.

Kahle, Harry V. (1938). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Kay, Cameron (April 29, 1942). Re: testimony before Ways and Means Committee.

Kay, John (1941). Re: personal.

Kay, Milton (1942-1945). Re: personal.

Kayler, C. H. (1938). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Kayser, J. W. (January, 1937). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Keenan, Bruce L. (August, 1942). Re: League of Nations.

Kell, Edward J. (August 17, 1939). Re: copy of speech request.

Kelley, William J. (October 9, 1941). Re: farms and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Kelsey Nursery Service (September 17, 1940). Re: request for plants.

Kemmerer, E. W. (1939-1941). Re: request for copy of speech.

F 51: Kemp, Edwin (October 18, 1945). Re: article on DDT.

Kendall, Rev. Willmoore (1938-1940). Re: religion and government.

Kennedy, John (1938-1940). Re: campaign support.

Kentucky Host, Inc. (July 14, 1949). Re: whiskey order.

Kerr, Charles H., and Company. Re: book requests.

Kerr, Eugene M. (1937). Re: Oklahoma politics.

F 52: Kerr, Robert S. (1940-1945). Governor of Oklahoma.

F 53: Kerr, W. R. (December, 1941). Re: information request.

Key, George (April 17, 1940). Re: national politics.

Keys, Leon (November 19, 1945). Re: legal case.

Kiker, H. A. (June, 1947). Re: real estate case.

King, A. E. (1939). Re: Supreme Court case.

King, H. Edward (1939). Re: information request.

King, J. Berry (May 7, 1941). Lieutenant-Governor of Oklahoma. Re: speech by Gore.

King, William H. (June 1940). U. S. Senator from Utah. Re: information request.

Knudsen, William S. (April 26, 1940). Re: copy of speech request.

F 54: Knutson, Harold (1938-1939). Member of Congress from Minnesota. Re: invitation and speech.

Korn, Mrs. Anna B. (1939-1942). Re: political affairs.

Kronan, Dr. (October 5, 1940). Re: request for copy of speech.

F 55: LaFollette, Fola (1938). Re: her father, Robert LaFollette, and U. S. entrance into World War I.

F 56: Laidler, Harry W. (February, 1945). Re: biography in Who's Who in America.

Landers, Bob (1940-1945). Re: Oklahoma politics and insurance.

Langston, Ola (1937-1945). Re: personal.

Langwell, John (March, 1941). Re: national affairs.

Lashly, Jacob M. (January 8, 1941). Re: request for copy of speech.

F 57: Lawrence, H. T. (November 8, 1940). Re: defense program.

Lee, Gentry (August 13, 1940). Re: national politics.

F 58: Lee, Josh (April 1942). U. S. Senator from Oklahoma. Re: defense production and labor. Clippings.

F 59: Legislative Reference Service. Re: "Morituri Salutamus."

Lewis, Anna. Re: book request.

F 60: Lewis, Grady (1946-1947). Re: Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache.

Lewis, William C. (1947). Re: Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache.

Linden, Arthur V. (September 19, 1939). Re: publication request.

Little House (January 11, 1941). Re: request for title of book.

Lloyd, Edward L. (1939). Re: personal. The Nielsen Researcher, July, 1939.

Lohnes, Horace L. (June 24, 1939). Re: personal.

Lonewolf, D. K. (August 14, 1939). Re: personal.

Long, Jess (1941-1942). Re: personal.

Longstreet, R. L. (November 14, 1939). Re: information request.

F 61: Lorton, Eugene (1937-1945). President and Publisher, Tulsa World. Re: national politics.

F 62: Lucas, Mildred (1937). Re: job request.

Lucas, Scott W. (June 21, 1939). U. S. Senator from Illinois. Re: regrets invitation.

F 63: Mabie, Janet (1945). Re: Amelia Earhart.

F 64: MacMillan Company (November 20, 1939). Re: book request.

Magan, Elden S. (1941). Re: admission to Supreme Court.

F 65: Makins, C. H. (August 10, 1940). Re: national politics.

Maney, R. M. (March 6, 1940). Re: flour production.

Mapes, Clarel B. (1941-1946). Re: congressional affairs.

F 66: Markham, Biard H. (1940-1946). Re: personal and national affairs.

F 67: Marlow, Grace (October 11, 1940). Re: personal.

Martin, Angie (1946). Christmas card.

Massingale, Mrs. Sam (January 17, 1941). Re: sympathy telegram.

Mather, K. F. (June 15, 1942). Re: request for copy of lecture.

Mathews, John Joseph (November 6, 1946). Re: biography.

Mayes, Cullis (May 29, 1947). Re: personal.

Mayes, Jessy (July, 1942). Re: information request.

Mayes, Jewell (January, 1941). Re: Colonel Coniphan.

Mayes, W. L. (June 9, 1947). Re: political support.

Maynard, S. B. (October 10, 1938). Re: loan rates.

McClelland, Barclay M. (December 24, 1940). Re: personal.

McCollom, Sue (1941). Re: biographical sketch by Gore.

McCormack, Eleanor H. (March 28, 1945). Re: thank-you letter.

F 68: McCormick, Robert (April 29, 1940). Re: request for copy of speech.

McCurtain, D. C. (1910-1911). Attorney for Choctaw Nation. Re: Indian affairs.

F 69: McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc. (June 12, 1947). Re: book request.

McGuire, C. Lincoln (December 17, 1941). Re: Indian claim.

F 70: McIntosh, W. E. (1937-1942). Re: Oklahoma politics.

F 71: McIntyre, M. H. (January 20, 1937 and December 1941). Secretary to the President. Re: letter of introduction and volunteering services to Roosevelt.

F 72: McKeel, J. F. (March, 1938). Re: Oklahoma politics.

McKeown, Tom D. (1940-1947). Member of Congress from Oklahoma. Re: Oklahoma politics.

McNeill, Edwin R. (October 3, 1940). Re: legal case.

McNeill, Robert H. (June, 1947). Re: real estate taxes.

Menzie, C. E. (May, 1940). Re: oil.

Merchant, Madeline G. (1947). Re: New Mexico development.

Merigold, Marguerite (August, 1939). Re: Hawkins family genealogy.

Meriwether, Lee (May 1938). Re: Italy-Ethiopia question. Address - "Carrying Civilization to Ethiopia."

F 73: Michener, D. W. (1937-1939). Assistant Economist, Chase National Bank. Re: Congressional activities.

a. H. R. 7531 (76th Congress, 1st Session).

b. S. 844 (76th Congress, 1st Session).

c. H. Res. 306 (76th Congress, 2nd Session).

d. S. J. Res. 188 (76th Congress, 2nd Session).

e. Public Resolution No. 52 (76th Congress).

f. Public No. 278 (76th Congress).

g. Public No. 381 (76th Congress).

h. Public No. 385 (76th Congress).

i. Public No. 387 (76th Congress).

j. Committee on Banking and Currency, U. S. Senate - "Legislative Calendar" - 76th Congress - November 9, 1939. 2 copies.

k. Payment stubs from Chase National Bank - 1937-1939.

F 74: Michener, D. W. (1939-1941). Associate Director of Research, Chase National Bank. Re: Congressional actions.

F 75: Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association (December 31, 1943). Bulletin.

Midwest Book Company (March 14, 1947).

Migel, M. C. (1937-1947). President, American Federation for the Blind. Re: Silk Guild and Helen Keller.

Miles, Charles (January 7, 1940). Re: book request.

Miller, Daisie and Claude (1945-1946). Re: Christmas message.

Miller, Thomas M. (July, 1939). Re: academy appointment.

F 76: Miller, W. H. (March 13, 1947). Re: book request.

Molding, Walter H. (April 24, 1941). Re: book request.

Monnet, Claude (May 17, 1947). Son of Dean Julien C. Monnet. Re: adjusting to loss of vision.

Monocany Broadcasting Station (November 10, 1939). Re: request for copy of program.

Montgomery, O. J. Re: desk space.

Moon, Charles A. (August 12, 1940). Re: national politics.

F 77: Moore, Edward H. (1937-1945). U. S. Senator from Oklahoma. Re: Oklahoma and national politics.

F 78: Moore, E. (1938). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Moore, Floyd (August 31, 1939). Re: personal.

Moore, L. L. (1937). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Moran, Dan (October 1937). President, Continental Oil Company. Re: personal.

Morgan, Charles Carroll (June 19, 1939). President, Washington Lighthouse for the Blind. Re: activities.

Morgan, John (December 20, 1945). Re: surplus property.

Morgan, William Fellowes - President, National Society for the Prevention of Blindness. Re: invitation.

F 79: Morgenthau, Henry, Jr. (January 24, 1942). Secretary of the Treasury. Speech before the Forum of the City Club of Cleveland.

F 80: Morrell, D. E. (September 12, 1937). Re: Washington representative of the National Association of Storekeeper-Gaugers.

Morris, D. C. (August 13, 1940). Re: Lyle Boren.

Morris, James W. (July 14, 1938). Assistant Attorney-General. Re: tax immunity.

Morris, Lewis (November 13, 1942). Re: communist activity in the South.

Morris, Mary Kinney (November, 1940). Re: job request.

Morris, Perry J. (1937). Re: national affairs.

F 81: Morris, Toby (1945-1946). Member of Congress, Sixth District, Oklahoma. Re: Congressional affairs.

F 82: Morris, William D. (1940-1947). Re: investments in Whaley Company.

Morrow, Walter (November 10, 1937). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Morse, Stanley F. (1937-1942). Re: national affairs.

Moss, Breck (1937-1938). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Moss, J. C. (1940). Re: Indian claim.

Mousell, Eleanor. Re: invitation.

Muldrow, O. F. Re: addresses.

F 83: Mullen, C. S. (November 13, 1941). Re: survey in Virginia.

Mullen, J. S. (1947). Re: real estate costs in early Oklahoma.

Murdock, Victor (April 1938). Editor-in-Chief, Wichita Eagle. Re: newspaper article.

Murphy, Jerry L. (October 30, 1945). Re: military discharge.

Murray, Cicero (1937). Re: subscription to the Blue Valley Farmer.

F 84: Murray, Mary Alice Hearrell (1938). Wife of William H. Murray. Memorial pamphlet - "Alice."

F 85: Murray, William H. (1937-1938). Member of Congress and Governor of Oklahoma. Re: publication of book and politics.

F 86: Nahlik, C. J. (1936-1945). Re: clothing.

F 87: Nash, C. H. (1937). Re: government programs.

National Association of Manufacturers (December 11, 1939). Re: request for copy of speech.

National Economic Council (November 21, 1946). Re: publication request.

National Economy League (February 20, 1941). Re: publication request.

National Industrial Conference (1937-1938). Re: American industry.

National Library for the Blind (1938-1945). Re: library programs.

Naval Office Procurement (June, 1942). Re: recommendation.

F 88: Neary, Anthony G. (1940). Re: Roosevelt campaign.

Nelson, Douglass, and Company (December, 1945). Re: stocks.

Nesbit, Fred Thorpe (1925). Re: Congressional activities.

Newman, Azadia (1938). Re: Gore portrait.

New Mexico Secretary of State (June 26, 1947). Re: publication request.

News-Sentinel (October 30, 1942). Fort Wayne, Indiana. Re: clipping request.

News Service Department (April 11, 1940).The News. Re: census questions.

New York Mirror (June 12, 1942). Re: copy request.

Nichols, R. C. (April, 1936). Re: National Youth Administration.

Noah, B. F. (1936). Re: Veterans Administration.

Noble, J. H. (September 18, 1939). Re: indigent aid.

Norris, P. A. (1936-1938). Re: Gore law practice.

Northfield Schools (May 26, 1936). Re: school progress.

F 89: Nunez, Ernesto (May, 1940). Re: request for aid.

Nutty Brown Mills (July 13, 1939). Re: nutrition information.

O'Bryan, Carey Law, Jr. Re: invitation.

O'Connor, John (July 24, 1940) Former Chairman, House Rules Committee. Re: 1940 presidential election.

Oklahoma Historical Society (1936-1937). Re: Congressional records.

Oklahoma Publishing Company (1940-1948). Re: information request.

Oklahoma Tax Commission (1942-1946). Re: tax information.

F 90: Olds, Mrs. Robert - daughter of T. P. Gore.

F 91: Owen, Robert L. (January 1938). U. S. Senator from Oklahoma. Re: Federal Reserve Act.

F 92: Owen, R. R. (February, 1947). Re: real estate.

Owens, J. F. (1940). Re: personal.

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T. P. Gore Collection Description

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