Box and Folder Inventory

Box 2

Box 3: General Correspondence and Papers, 1907-1948: Palmer - Zweigel.

F 1: Palmer, A. E. (December 17, 1940). Assistant to the Secretary of War. Re: document.

Panafieu, Francois de (May 1, 1942). Re: real estate.

Paris, France (April 18, 1940). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Park, Julia Ann (March, 1945). Re: Gore's contribution and service to Oklahoma.

Parker, G. B. (1939-1942). Re: war.

F 2: Patman, Wright (May 15, 1944). Member of Congress from Texas. Re: oil depletion allowance.

F 3: Patterson, L. E. (1941-1942). Re: national affairs.

F 4: Patterson, R. C. (1937). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Patterson, Mrs. V. H. (1938). Re: campaign support.

F 5: Payne, William Howard (June 14, 1947). Re: Jed Johnson and bar association standing.

Peck, Mrs. Billy (June, 1942). Re: real estate.

Peck, Herbert M. (March, 1940). Re: legal case.

Peddie, Joseph Scott (May 27, 1944). Re: graduation from West Point.

F 6: Peden, Preston (November 14, 1945). Member of Congress from Oklahoma. Re: staff appointments.

F 7: Pegler, Westbrook (October 17, 1940).

Pendleton, John F. (July, 1940). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Perkins, James H. (December 19, 1936). Re: clipping.

Pew, J. Edgar (October, 1945). Re: blindness.

F 8: Phillips, Frank (October 1937). Phillips Petroleum. Re: government supervision of oil industry.

F 9: Phillips, G. T. "Doc" (1938-1942). Lt. Governor of Oklahoma. Re: Oklahoma politics.

F 10: Phillips, Leon C. (1937-1941). Governor of Oklahoma. Re: Oklahoma politics.

F 11: Phillips, Tom (August 11, 1937). Re: clipping on road expenditures.

Photographic Service of Associated News, Inc. (1937-1938). Re: portraits.

Pippin, J. B. (1938). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Pitchford, Harry D. (1940-1947). Re: national and world affairs.

Pitchlynn. Re: loan request to Eleanor Roosevelt.

Pitkin, Walter (July 24, 1942). Re: request for copy of speech.

Pittman, Luticia M. (1947). Re: personal.

Polichnowski, Helena A. (March 3, 1947). Re: information request on William G. Roll.

F 12: Ponder, Merle Hayes (1938-1947). Re: personal.

Poor, D. W. (August, 1937). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Porter, Eloise. Re: Lincoln quotations.

Porter, Frank (1946-1947). Re: oil industry and economics.

Porter, Perry (1937). Re: Indian claim.

F 13: Potter, W. C. (1936). Re: national affairs.

Powell, John (November, 1937). Re: Gore campaign.

Prentice-Hall, Inc. Re: publications.

Pruet, Earl (1936-1937). Re: personal.

F 14: Pruiett, Moman (1936-1946). Gore's attorney in Bond vs. Gore. Re: personal and death of Pruiett. See also account of circumstances of the suit in Moman Pruiett--Criminal Lawyer by Moman Pruiett (Harlow Publishing Corporation, 1944). A copy of this book dedicated to Thomas Gore and signed by Pruiett may be found in the Western History Collections' Library Division.

F 15: Pryor, F. C. (1937-1942). Re: national affairs.

Pryor, W. W. (1937-1942). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Pugh, Elwood (February 23, 1937). Re: Gore retirement from Senate.

Pugh, J. M. (March 20, 1941). Re: real estate.

Pugh, John D. (1937-1940). Re: Oklahoma politics.

F 16: Pyron, Jesse Lee (1945-1946). Re: job request.

Queenan, J. G. (February, 1938). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Quinn, T. D. (January 24, 1941). Re: Indian taxation.

Quiz Kids (1942-1947). Re: questions for radio program.

Rader, J. L. (April, 1941). Re: book request.

Rains, H. L. (1941). Re: personal recommendation and request.

Raleigh Cigarettes (January 14, 1946).

Raley, John Wesley (July 1937). President, Oklahoma Baptist University. Re: Gore's public service.

Ramsdell, Inc. (March 13, 1940). Re: request for copy of proceedings.

Ramsey, George S. (1937). Re: expansion of the Supreme Court.

F 17: Raskob, John J. (1928). Chairman, Democratic National Committee. Re: national politics and Herbert Hoover.

F 18: Rater, Arch (1937). Re: personal.

Ream, R. L. (1939). Re: Chickasaw Governor.

Reber, J. Howard (February, 1940). Re: personal.

Redwine, W. N. (1941). Re: Baxter, Arkansas, and Missouri Railway.

F 19: Reed, James A. (1936-1938). U. S. Senator from Missouri. Re: personal and national affairs.

F 20: Reeser, E. B. (1929-1937). Re: Barnsdall Corporation.

Regar, Ed (December 11, 1937). Re: personal.

Reifsneider, R. (1938). Re: Gore's health.

Resnick, David (June 29, 1939). Re: National Society for the Prevention of Blindness.

Reynolds, Jackson E. (November, 1936). Re: Banking and Currency bills.

Reynolds, Robert R. (June 1938). U. S. Senator from North Carolina. Re: congratulations on election.

Reynolds, Ted (1936-1940). Re: road bond legislation and Oklahoma politics.

Rheam, Floyd (1937-1940). Re: road bond legislation and Oklahoma politics.

Rice, Clarence T. (October 2, 1939). Re: publication request.

Rice, Leo (November 24, 1928). Re: expenses.

Richardson, F. G. (July 27, 1937). Re: personal.

Richardson, Henry J. (November 20, 1936). Re: sale of books.

Riddle, Andrew B. (August, 1937). Re: road bond issue.

F 21: Riddle, F. E. (1937). Co-counsel with Gore in H. G. Roby, et al., vs. Ray M. Dunnett, et_al., in Supreme Court.

F 22: Riddle, George W. (November 28, 1939). Re: publication request.

Riddle, H. K. (January 24, 1938). Re: Wagoner County Democratic Central Committee.

Riggs National Bank (October 15, 1940). Re: deposit of check.

F 23: Rinehart, J. A. (1937-1940). President Pro-Tem of Oklahoma State Senate. Re: road bond issue and national politics.

F 24: Road of Life (November 25, 1939). Re: advertising.

Roberts, Clarence (1937-1940). Editor, The Farmer-Stockman. Re: national politics.

F 25: Roberts, David C. (August 11, 1937). Oklahoma House of Representatives. Re: road bond issue.

Roberts, Mayo (1937). Re: Gore campaign.

Robins, P. K. (January, 1941). Re: job request.

Robinson, Billeye (1941-1945). Re: personal.

Robinson, E. C. Re: date change.

Robinson, Frank (1936-1940). Re: personal.

F 26: Robinson, John A. Re: information request.

Robinson, R. B. (1938-1942). Re: Reconstruction Finance Corporation mortgages and Gore accident.

Rodenberg, Ridgway (May 1, 1942). Re: recommendation.

Rodenberg, William (June 18, 1937). Re: National Committee to Uphold Constitutional Government.

Rodgers, George W. (September 23, 1939). Re: Kiwanis Club meeting.

Rogers, Charles (1937-1940). Re: Oklahoma and national politics.

F 27: Rogers, Will (September, 1936). Re: filing as candidate for Corporation Commissioner.

Rollins, O. T. (April, 1942). Re: campaign support.

F 28: Roosevelt, Franklin D. (1920-1942). Re: Democratic Party. Clipping.

F 29: Roper, Daniel C. (1938-1939). Secretary of Commerce. Re: personal and information request.

Rotenberry, C. A. (1937-1947). Re: personal.

Rowland, Dunbar (June, 1937). Re: information request.

Rublee, Mrs. George (1940). Re: personal.

Russell, William F. (1939-1946). Re: publication request.

Rust, H. L. (November 29, 1945). Re: recommendation.

Rutherford, Morton (November 14, 1945). Re: personal.

Ryan, Fanny (November 5, 1941). Re: personal.

Sanders, Everett (June, 1938). Re: luncheon invitation.

F 30: Sanders, J. T. (January, 1937). Re: retirement from Senate.

Sanders, Leo (1937-1947). Re: government contracts and the Grand River Dam Authority.

Sanders, W. A. (September, 1934). Re: depression.

Sandford, Will W. (January, 1938). Re: campaign support.

Sandfort, E. B. (November, 1937). Re: campaign support.

Sandlin, John (February 11, 1937). Re: certificate of title.

Sandford, Vernon T. (December 3, 1937). Re: advertising.

Sarber, P. F. (April 13, 1938). Re: clipping service.

Saunkeah, Jasper (1946-1947). Re: representation of Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache tribes.

Sawyer, J. L. (June, 1938). Re: Elmer Thomas.

Scarritt, Nathan (1937). Re: photograph request.

F 31: Scharberle, G. S. (November, 1939). Re: invention.

Scheirman, W. R. (1937). Re: pension claim.

Scherman, Harry (September 19, 1940). Re: publication request.

Schofield, M. B. (1937-1938). Re: application for appointment.

Schuster, M. Lincoln (1941). Re: gift.

Schwartz, Harry (1937). Re: labor.

Scott. Re: campaign support.

Scott, Isabel Chilton (October, 1941). Re: job request.

Scrivner (February 24, 1937). Re: Robinson-Patman legislation.

Seamans, Ed (April, 1940). Re: Roosevelt third term.

Sellard, E. H. (August 6, 1941). Re: manganese deposits.

F 32: Semple, W. F. (1936-1945). Re: Choctaw and Chickasaw affairs.

F 33: Semtner, J. F. (June, 1940). Re: pension claim.

Sessions, Lillian (1937). Re: job request.

Shaw, E. M. (1940-1942). Re: personal.

Shaw, Virginia (June 19, 1947). Re: personal.

Shaw, Zeke (October 15, 1940). Re: personal.

F 34: Sheppard, Morris (February 17, 1938). U. S. Senator from Texas. Re: personal.

F 35: Shibley, Bill (1938). Re: Gore accident.

Shidler, E. S. (1937). Re: job request.

Shipley, William Craig (1938). Re: assistance request.

Shipstead, Henrik (February 20, 1940). Re: speech.

Shoemaker, Louis P. (January, 1940). Re: rental property.

Siler's Book Store (January 8, 1941). Re: book request.

Silliman, Reuben D. (1947). Re: legal work.

Simms, J. D. (February, 1940). Re: Creek allotments in Alabama.

Simon, Earle (July, 1937). Re: road bond issue and labor.

F 36: Simpson, Mrs. John A. (1938). Re: campaign support.

Simpson, William B. (March 8, 1937). Re: personal.

Sines, Minnie Dupree (1936-1937). Re: probate.

Singleton, Ann (1945-1947). Re: personal.

F 37: Skelly, W. G. (1937). Re: personal.

F 38: Skirvin, William (1937-1940). Re: thank-you letters.

Skougard, T. P. Re: information request.

Sledd, Charles M. (1937). Re: gift.

Sloan, Alfred (1937-1941). Re: Senate resolutions.

Smith, Clint (August 2, 1937). Re: road bond issue.

Smith, C. S. (1947). Re: personal.

Smith, Ed B. (1940). Re: Willkie campaign.

F 39: Smith, Ellison (1937-1938). U. S. Senator from South Carolina. Re: anti-lynching bill and election.

F 40: Smith, F. Bascom (December, 1937). Re: personal.

Smith, Naomi Ruth (January 25, 1940). Re: personal.

Smith, Stafford (1940). Re: Congressional activities.

Smith, Tom K. (1936). Re: American Bankers Association.

Smith, Tom L. (May 3, 1938). Re: campaign support.

Smith, T. P. (February, 1938). Re: Gore accident.

Sneed, L. B. Re: Ax Handle Brigade.

F 41: Sneed, R. A. (December, 1910). Re: Gore scandal.

F 42: Snow, D. R. (July 28, 1941). Re: finance.

Solliday, H. N. (July, 1937). Re: request for copies of letter.

Sorrells, Fred (August, 1937). Re: road bond issue.

Spahr, Walter E. (July 3, 1939). Re: publication request.

F 43: Spates, H. J. (May 21, 1913). Re: Gore scandal.

F 44: Speakman, Fred A. (August 16, 1937). Re: personal.

Stanford, R. C. (1939). Re: Cherokee claim.

Stark, G. C. (1942). Re: Naval Reserve.

Starrett, Ida G. (1947). Re: personal.

State of Oklahoma (1941). Re: letters to several administrative heads.

State Street Investment Trust (July 2, 1942). Re: information request.

Stauffer, Grant (February, 1938). Re: Grand River Dam.

Stein Brothers and Boyce (1947). Re: investments.

Stephens, Ron. Re: promotion to Works Progress Administrator for Oklahoma.

Stephenson, Fred M. (1937). Re: campaign support.

Stewart, Warren (January 21, 1947). Re: information request.

F 45: Stigler, W. G. (1945). Member of Congress from Oklahoma. Re: H. R. 2754 on Five Civilized Tribes.

F 46: Stinnett, Ed (August, 1937). Re: road bond issue.

Stockburger, A. E. (October 1, 1936). Director of Finance California. Re: tidelands in California.

Stone, Joseph C. (1940). Re: job recommendation.

Storms (1937). Editor, Waurika News-Democrat. Re: editorial. Clipping.

Story, Joe (August 23, 1941). Re: information request.

Stough, D. F. (1937). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Stuart, Larry (July 25, 1940). Re: book request.

F 47: Stuart, R. T. (1939-1943). President, Mid-Continent Life Insurance Company. Re: John Nance Garner Campaign for President.

F 48: Sukdol, Otto (June, 1937). Re: mortgage foreclosure.

Sullivan, Paul (1939-1940). Re: map request.

Summers. Cleon A. (1937). U.S. Attorney, Eastern District of Oklahoma. Re: legal case against Jacob Hughes.

F 49: Sumners, Hatton (1937-1938). Member of Congress from Texas, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Re: re-election.

F 50: Swain (May 25, 1942). Re: recommendation of Isaac Johnson.

Swan, F. P. (November, 1937). Re: campaign support.

Swindoll, Thomas H. (September, 1945). Re: recommendation.

Swing, Raymond (1945-1947). Re: foreign policy and world government.

Swofford, Jewell W. (1937). Re: compensation claim.

Synnott, J. H. (April, 1942). Re: personal.

Tallman, Clay (1937-1941). Re: national affairs.

F 51: Talmadge, Eugene (September 14, 1940). Governor of Georgia. Re: request for copy of campaign speeches.

F 52: Tansel, Matha R. (February 22, 1937). Re: publication request.

Taylor, Edward T. (July 3, 1941). Re: Klamath Indians.

Taylor, J. E. (1937). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Taylor, Myron C. (1936). Chairman, U. S. Steel Corporation. Re: future relations between government and business.

Taylor, Myron C. (November 1936). Chairman, U. S. Steel Corporation. Re: future relations between government and business.

Taylor, W. M. (1938). Re: copyright.

Technocracy, Inc. (October 15, 1945). Re: publication request.

Terry, Benjamin H. (1940). Re: job request.

F 53: Terry, T. L. (1945). Re: Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and J. Edgar Pew.

F 54: Testerman, Tom (1937-1941). Re: national affairs.

Thomas, Claude O. (1947). Re: real estate.

F 55: Thomas, Elmer - U.S. Senator from Oklahoma.

a. Letters from Herbert Hoover concerning Gore appointment to International Joint Commission.

b. Oklahoma politics.

c. Clippings.

F 56: Thomas, Francis D. (October 26, 1945). Re: patent.

Thomas, William M. (March 3, 1937). Re: Supreme Court.

Thompson, Betty (1941). Re: job request.

Thompson, Grady (November 25, 1937). Re: appreciation of campaign support.

Thompson, Roy (1940-1945). Secretary to Gore. Re: miscellaneous.

Thorstenberg, Elise (1947). Re: personal.

Thrift, J. E. (May, 1942). Re: Board of Veterans Appeals.

Tilden Gardens, Inc. (March 1, 1940). Re: real estate.

F 57: Tinker, George E. (January, 1938). Re: campaign support.

Toma, Bob (October, 1937). Re: campaign support.

Tomerlin, John (1935-1936). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Torbet, Patsy D. (1938). Re: personal.

Torrey, Florence N. (1937). Re: recommendation from R. P. Hill and from Gore to Sol Bloom.

Town Hall Meeting of the Air (1939-1942). Re: publication requests.

Townsend, Fanny F. (November 14, 1946). Re: personal.

Tracy, Joseph (January 9, 1937). Re: personal.

Trammell, Charles M. (January 18, 1937). Re: partnership proposal.

Travis, Cecil (1947). Re: personal.

Treasurer, Comanche County (1940-1945). Re: property taxes.

Treasury Department (1937-1945). Re: tax policy and Indian claims.

F 58: Tribble, R. A. (1947). Re: legal affairs of G'eye Foundation.

F 59: Trice, A. W. (March 3, 1937). Re: Supreme Court.

Triplett, John C. (February, 1937). Re: veteran insurance claim.

Tripp, T. P. (1940). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Troutt, Virginia K. (October 24, 1941). Re: Gore library.

Tuberculosis Association (November, 1945). Re: Christmas seals.

Tuck, William (August 9, 1945). Re: congratulations on nomination as Governor of Virginia.

Tucker Laboratory (October 31, 1941). Re: questionnaire request.

Tulsa Tribune (February 3, 1937). Re: editorial.

Tulsa World (1939). Re: speaking engagement.

F 60: Tumulty, Joseph P. (1938-1941). Secretary to Woodrow Wilson. Re: recommendation and Gore accident.

F 61: Turner, Edgar D. (1939-1945). Re: real estate.

F 62: Turner, Roy (1947-1948). Governor of Oklahoma. Re: race relations. Clippings.

F 63: Tydings, Millard E. (1938). U. S. Senator from Maryland. Re: re-election campaign. Brochures.

F 64: Unidentified Correspondence.

F 65: Union Library Association (1945-1946). Re: book requests.

U. S. Experiment Station (1937). Re: discontinuation.

University of Chicago (1939-1942). Re: publication requests.

University of Economics Foundation (December 6, 1940). Re: request for copy of letter.

University of Minnesota Press (August, 1939). Re: publication request.

Utterback, W. E. (1936-1940). Re: Oklahoma politics and personal.

Vandament, P. B. (1937). Editor, Yukon Sun. Re: clipping.

F 66: Vandenberg, Arthur H. (1937-1938). U.S. Senator from Michigan. Re: personal.

F 67: Vaughan, George (June 15, 1937). Re: moral outlook of nation.

Veasey, James A. (1937-1938). Re: state and national affairs.

Veterans Administration (1937). Re: claims.

F 68: Vidal, Gore (1939-1947). Grandson of T. P. Gore.

F 69: Viking Press (December 13, 1939). Re: publication request.

Virginia, Treasurer of (June, 1937). Re: state bonded indebtedness; includes letter from U. S. Senatory Harry F. Byrd.

Volz, Olittie (1937). Re: settlement of an estate.

Voorhees, John H. (September 10, 1941). Re: American Bar Association dues.

Vorst, Frank (January, 1937). Re: ice cream vending machine.

Wachovia Bank (October 3, 1939). Re: request for copy of speech.

F 70: Waid, Perry E. (1937-1946). Re: personal.

F 71: Walker, E. A. (1945). Re: national affairs.

Walker, Francis (July 22, 1938). Re: information request from Federal Trade Commission.

Walker, George H. (July 10, 1937). Re: graduation from West Point.

Walker, Harold W. (1937-1938). Re: personal.

Walker, Paul A. (1942). Re: Oklahoma State Society.

F 72: Wallace, Henry A. (1933-1936). Secretary of Agriculture. Re: administration policies.

F 73: Wallace, Phil E. (January 28, 1938). Re: veterans claim.

Wallace, Tom (1937-1940). Re: Oklahoma State Democratic Chairman.

Wallace, W. R. (1937-1938). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Wallaces Farmer (August 7, 1940). Re: subscription.

Wallbank, Stanley T. (April, 1941). Re: recommendation of John M. Young.

Wallrapp, James J. (1938). Re: campaign support.

Walnut Book Store (1940-1941). Re: book requests.

Walsh, M. J. (September 13, 1940). Re: books.

Wamel, Louise (June 13, 1947). Secretary to Governor of New Mexico. Re: information request.

Wamsley, Grover C. (1937-1940). Re: Supreme Court and Willkie campaign.

F 74: Warburg, James P. (1935). Re: Congressional Committee activities.

F 75: War Department (January 17, 1940). Re: Panama Department.

Warner, Charles T. (March, 1937). Re: pension.

Warren, Ed (April 9, 1936). Re: personal.

Warren, Fannie (1937). Re: information request.

Warren, G. E. (1937). Re: labor.

Wasson, James O. (1936). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Wasson, Ralph (1940). Re: master's thesis on Gore.

Watkins, William R. (1940-1941). Re: job request.

Watson, Callie (1938). Re: information on liberty bonds.

F 76: Watson, James S. (May 19, 1936). Re: job recommendation.

Watts, Noah V. (March 24, 1936). Re: trip to Oklahoma City.

Wayside Gardens Company (1940-1941). Re: request for plants.

Weaver, Frank (November 28, 1939). Re: publication request.

Webb School (April 6, 1940). Re: catalog request.

Webster, Norman C. (June 23, 1938). Re: information request on public speaking.

Weems, Ray O. (April 1940). Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner. Re: 1940 presidential campaign.

Weil, Robert (May,1941). Re: aid for the blind of Palestine.

Wells, Frederick Brown (November, 1936). Re: government and business.

Wells, J. K. (1937-1940). Re: Oklahoma politics.

F 77: Wenchel, J. P. (1938). Re: brief before U. S. Board of Tax Appeals.

Wernig, Anthony J. (1939). Re: disabled firemen.

West, Millard F. (November 15, 1945). Re: announcement of association.

West, Walter (1938). Re: Works Progress Administration Project of Braille.

Wever, Carl (March, 1938). Re: Oklahoma politics.

WFMD Radio (1941-1942). Re: publication requests.

WGN Radio (1941-1942). Re: publication requests.

What Price America (June 24, 1939). Re: information request.

Wheatley, Thomas W. (April, 1938). Re: campaign support.

Whitaker, E. W. (May 28, 1915). Re: blindness.

Whitbeck, Frank (1938-1942). Re: personal.

F 78: White, Sid (1937-1942). Re: miscellaneous.

White, U. L. (1936-1937). Re: Indian tax cases.

Whittemore, Robert (April 3, 1937).

Wickam, Thomas Y. (1936). Re: government and business.

F 79: Wickersham, George W. - (May 1910). U. S. Attorney-General. Re: contracts between McMurray and Choctaw and Chickasaw tribes.

F 80: Wiggin Committee (1931). Re: Report of the Committee Appointed on the Recommendation of the London Conference, 1931, report included. Clippings.

F 81: Wilcox, James (February, 1938). Re: personal.

Wilkerson, Dan C. (January 5, 1937). Re: labor relations.

Wilking, K. Z. (August, 1942). Re: testimony before House Ways and Means Committee.

Wilkins Fact Finder (December 8, 1945). Re: information request.

F 82: Wilkinson, E. L. (1940). Re: Indian affairs - includes bills on utilization of public lands.

F 83: Wilkinson, Eugene (1938-1942). Re: personal.

Wilkinson, Hugh G. (November 10, 1942). Re: poem.

Wilkinson, Sam F. (1930-1940). Re: local and national politics.

Williams, C. D. (November 13, 1942). Re: beer.

Williams, J. F. (1938). Re: war.

Williams, Lorren (February, 1938). Re: appreciation of article.

F 84: Williams, R. L. (1937-1940). Oklahoma Supreme Court Justice, Governor of Oklahoma, and Federal Judge. Re: appointment to Circuit Court of Appeals.

F 85: Williams, T. B. (1937-1940). Re: publication of book.

F 86: Williams, T. M. (1938-1940). Re: Resettlement Administration.

F 87: Williamson, F. B. (June 17, 1942). Re: hotel reservations.

Williamson, Joe T. (1941). Re: Associated General Contractors of America, Inc.

Willis, Dorothy (1941-1942). Re: personal.

F 88: Willkie, Wendall (1940). Re: campaign for president. Tickets to 1940 Republican Convention.

F 89: Wilson, Charles L. (1937-1940). Re: Oklahoma politics.

F 90: Wilson, Jimmie (1937-1938). Re: Oklahoma politics.

Wilson, Sally (June, 1947). Re: personal.

Wilson, W. A. (January 15, 1940). Re: amendment to Code of Laws of the United States.

F 91: Wilson, Woodrow (May, 1917). Re: establishment of a Controller-General of Supplies. Series of articles in Liberty (1932) by George Viereck.

F 92: Wimbish, Robert J. (January, 1937). Re: securities.

Wingate, J. C. (1937-1938). Re: patent.

Winters, Joe W. (November, 1937). Re: old-age pension.

Withington, E. D. (1937-1940). Re: job request.

Wittrin, Mrs. Albert (January, 1942). Re: alien registration.

WMAL (January 7, 1942). Re: publication request.

Wood, Edwin O. (July 12, 1916). Re: notification of address.

Wood, Owen (1927-1939). Re: oil business.

Woodrum, Clifton A. (July 2, 1941). Re: attorney fee in Indian affairs.

Woods, Eileen (September, 1940). Re: national affairs.

Woodward, W. A. (1937). Re: taxes on cotton goods.

F 93: Workers Library Publishers (August 14, 1940). Re: book request.

Worten, Jesse J. (1941). Re: Hampton case.

Worthington, Henry W. (August 1937). Oklahoma Representative. Re: road bond issue.

F 94: Wyatt, Mary Gore (1937-1942). Re: national affairs and personal.

F 95: Wyvell, Manton M. (January, 1911). Re: political intrigue.

F 96: Young, John M. (1920-1942). Re: business and personal.

F 97: Young, Maurice (1937-1941). Re: personal.

Young Mens Christian Association (November 21, 1939). Re: youth survey.

Young, Miss (October 27, 1937). Re: personal.

Young, Owen D. (November 20, 1939). Re: publication request.

Zacks, I. Pike (December 26, 1945). Re: job request.

Zaneis, Kate Galt (May, 1937). Re: Southeastern Teachers College.

Zerr, E. M. (July, 1937). Re: Supreme Court.

Zirpel, Irving (July 3, 1947). Re: office rent.

Zweigel, A. (1937). Re: personal.

Box 4
T. P. Gore Collection Description

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